STAR POKER: Final table looms as Opening Event at 2014 Sydney Champs approaches conclusion

The 2014 Sydney Poker Championships at The Star began with 825 players entering the Opening Event $330 NLH Repecharge over three Day 1 flights.

Those that made it through to the final table will begin play today at 4pm on Sunday August 3. The table is made up of big stacks Tam Truong and Jason Quarmby while Collin Tran will need some luck to make it deep on this final table.

Seat and chip counts are as follows:

Seat 1: Tam Truong (2,256,000)

Seat 2: Martin Comer (965,000)

Seat 3: Jason Quarmby (1,127,000)

Seat 4: Greg Cook (1,466,000)

Seat 5: Jason Sarkis (432,000)

Seat 6: Collin Tran (365,000)

Seat 7: Adam Schmidt (502,000)

Seat 8: Danny Ayoub (845,000)

Seat 9: Alex Lam (377,000)

The event was held amongst some controversy as each Day 1 flight was locked at a maximum of 275 players. Some players had to be turned away. The repechage format allowed the total number of entries to climb above 800 but the limit made it difficult to reach the total of 914 that was achieved last year.

Star Poker Manager Stephen Ibrahim was realistic about situation and said that while some missed out they were somewhat restricted by the number of tables available to them.

“We are down at least four tables from last year and we have a responsibility to our players by providing some cash play opportunities. We actively announced the limitations for the tournament ahead of time and given the compromises made, we finished with a really good field and total prize pool,” he said.

A prize pool of $247,500 provided for the following payout structure:

1st $57,915
2nd $36,506
3rd $18,653
4th $14,602
5th $11,880
6th $8,910
7th $6,435
8th $4,950
9th $3,589
10th-12th $2,599
13th-15th $2,351
16th-18th $2,104
19th-21st $1,856
22nd-24th $1,609
25th-32nd $1,361
33rd-39th $1,238
40th-46th $1,114
47th-53rd $990
54th-60th $866
61st-67th $742
68th-72nd $619
73rd-80th $495

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