NPCVIII: More winners crowned in the lead-up to the PMA Main Event

The Newcastle Poker Championships have continued to flourish with decent fields and fanfare, held at the home of the Newcastle Poker Championships, Club Macquarie. Aussie Hold’em Poker’s Managing Director Marty Wooster has acclaimed this year as the best so far. “We’ve been working towards a truly great series and I think we’ve reached it this year,” he said.

With seven events now complete and the NLH Shootout being played tonight, this weekend is sure to be a cracker. Saturday June 14 will see the PokerMedia Main Event start at noon followed by the High Roller Event, Open Face Chinese Poker event and the NLH Freeroll to complete the series on Sunday June 15.

Be sure to follow event updates of the main event at, and the both the PMA and AHP facebook pages.

Thanks to Aussie Hold’em Poker, here’s a summary of the results of events held so far:

Event #1 – NLH Freeroll with Rebuys
Winner: Nathan Bevan
See event summary here.
Event #2 – NLH Bounty Event
Winner: Aaron Bolton
See event summary here.
Event #3 – NLH 2-Player Teams Event
Winners: ‘The Chicken Brothers’ David Bryde and Michael Evans
See event summary here.

Event #4 – NLH Deepstack
Winner: Josh Christie
See event summary here.

Event # 5 – Pot Limit Omaha
46 players started event #5 of the NPCVIII which took place from 7pm on Tuesday June 10. After over eight hours of play, Micheal Marzella was the victor, becoming the NPCVIII Pot Limit Omaha Champion after surviving a tough final table and eventually taking out 2nd placed finisher Scott Clarke. In the final hand, Clarke found himself crippled so shoved for around 70k pre-flop. Marzella decided to call with Ac10sJhQd as Clarke tabled Kc5s4s7s. Unfortunately for Clarke, the board ran 8h6dAd8c2h for Marzella to hit a two pair to win and take home the grand prize of $1500.00

2nd – Scott Clarke $850.00
3rd – Shane Fitzsimmons $600.00
4th – Matthew Hughes $400.00
5th – Daniel Skelton $260.00

Event # 6 – NLH Turbo Lifeline
Event #6 of the 2014 NPCVIII, the ‘Turbo Lifeline’ event saw a final table that included a large number of past champions; Barry Parton (pictured): Player of the Championships 2013 and Team AHP’s assault on the 2014 Aussie Millions; Jamie Redding: winner of the Teams Event in 2012; Stan Barker: Heads up Champion and Player of the Championships in 2012; Steve Cockerill: winner of the very first Newcastle Poker Championships Main Event in 2007; and Denise Gallen: mother (that qualifies her of some fame) of 2012 Main Event winner Mick Gallen!

However, after 5 hours of play and a field of 43 players dwindled down, it would be Barry Parton that would add to his poker resume by being crowned the 2014 Turbo Lifeline Champion. Parton had hit the chip lead with 15 players remaining after he took down a massive hand to eliminate two players. With just four left, Parton created further havoc after he eliminated Steve Cockerill by shoving his big stack and forcing Cockerill all-in. The race was then on as Cockerill tabled JhQh against Parton’s Ah6s. The flop was potentially helpful for both players as 6hAd8h hit. However, it wasn’t to be as the Js was turned and the 10c hit the river to leave Parton sitting pretty.

Parton then continued his dominance when his Aces held against Stan Barker’s Kings who finished in 3rd place, and he was able to negotiate his way to the win after eliminating Jamie Redding in 2nd place for the crown and $1400 prize.

2nd – Jamie Redding $600.00
3rd – Stan Barker $400.00
4th – Steve Cockerill $250.00
5th – Denise Gallen $110.00

Event #7 – NLH 6-Max
The 6-Max event had been won by ex-AHP staffer and semi-pro (just ask him) Ryan Nichols twice before. Was he going to clean up for a third time this year? It wasn’t to be!

Instead, it would be Rhys Edwards who would stand atop the mountain of 55 starters to be crowned the 6-Max champion for the NPCVIII. The final hand involved once chip-leader Tony Marchant who shoved for 82k pre-flop. Edwards called, showing Ad9d. Marchant tabled 1010s but the board ran 10dJs8s2cQs for Edwards to river a straight to win the title and the $1600 prize.

Of note, Steve Cockerill had another good run to back up his 4th place in the Turbo Lifeline event, until the eventual winner, Edwards, sent him to the rail in 5th place with Queens holding strong over AK. Shane Fitzsimmons also played true to form finishing in 4th place to go with his 3rd in the PLO.

2nd – Tony Marchant $800.00
3rd – Nick Kalliafas $600.00
4th – Shane Fitzsimmons $400.00
5th – Steve Cockerill $250.00

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