2014 ANZPT Sydney – $2200 Main Event / Final Table

Joshua Redhouse – 2014 ANZPT Sydney Main Event Champion.

The action started on Thursday with Day 1 commencing at 6pm and by close of registration on Friday there was 448 entries into the 2014 ANZPT Sydney Main Event.
The payouts started on Saturday evening when the field was reduced to 54 players and from there we played through Sunday until we reached our final nine at 8pm.
Today we commenced with nine players all vying for the championship and the last man standing was Joshua Redhouse. Joshua showed some amazing skill and seemed to time his aggression very well at the final table.

Congratulations from all of us here at PokerMedia Australia on your well -deserved winner Josh! Well Played!

We would also like to thank the staff and management of the Star Poker Room for their hospitality and for once again providing one of the best poker environments to play poker in Australia. We were blown away by the level of professionalism all dealers and tournament supervisors displayed and most importantly the efforts they went to make us and all of the players feel welcomed and accommodated.

That’s a wrap from the Star City Poker room and we hope you enjoyed our coverage.

We have our champion.

Peco the Magician (pictured above) moves all in for 1.3million holding Ax-6x and is quickly called by Josh Redhouse holding 8x-8x.
The flop is the 9x-4x-7, the turn is the repeat 7x and the river is the Qx.
Josh’s pair of eights hold and is our ANZPT Sydney Main Event Champion.

Peco will finish runner up.

Josh takes a big lead.

Peco raises to 250000 on the button and Josh will re raise to 700000, Peco will make the call and the flop will come down Ad-4d-2c and Peco will quickly fold when Josh leads for 650000.

Peco has 1.3million in chips to Josh’s 7.7million

We came so close!

We almost had a champion… The crowd and this reporter jumps to its feet as the words “All in and Called” are heard emitting from the final table area. However it was not to be as both players table Ax-Jx and the board runs out very dry. Let’s chop that one up!

Heads up is fun!

These two competitors are having a good time of it with jokes and banter galore. Even the rail is joining in on the fun. However don’t let their looks or demeanour deceive you; both of these players have said since there was four left that they both want the trophy and title more than the money.

We are now heads up!

Yibo Zhou (pictured above) and Peco the Magician get it all in pre flop with Yibo holding As-Jh and in front of Peco’s Ac-4c. The flop moves Peco towards a win and heads up when it drops the Qc-4h-8d.
The turn helps Yibo out as it reveals the Qh and now Yibo needs any 8 or J to win or an Ace to chop.

The river is the 2c and Yibo is eliminated in 3rd spot.

Peco the Magician and Josh Redhouse are now heads up for the trophy!

Zhou doubles again!

Zhou took another oppourtunity to push all in after initially flat calling on the button. Peco made a substantial raise of 250,000 in the small blind and Zhou decided he wanted this pot and moved all in for 1,185,000. Peco quickly calls and once again Zhou’s tournament life is on the line.

Zhou 3-3

Peco A-K

It would be bad news for Peco….


Zhou doubles and is back in the game!!

Zhou not done yet!

First hand back from the break and when Josh Redhouse raised on the button for 140,000, Yibo Zhou decided timing was perfect to get it all in, pushing for 615,000. After a short moment Redhouse announced “Let’s gamble. I call” and cards were one their backs.

Zhou 7-7
Redhouse K-10
Board ran out J-4-6-5-9

Redhouse’s gamble didn’t pay off this time and Zhou doubles.

Current chip counts:

Josh – 5400000
Peco – 3000000
Yibo – 600000

Josh takes the chip lead.

Josh has just played a couple of pots and walked away with the win both times. In Hand 1 Yibo makes it 125000 and Josh makes the call. The flop is Jc-Qc-3h And Josh will check call Yibo’s bet of 150000. The turn is the Qd and Josh will again check call 280000 from Yibo.
The river is the 4c and both players check. Josh tables As-3s for two pair and Yibo mucks his hand in disgust.

In Hand 2 Peco makes it 100000 from the button and Josh three bets to 250000 and Peco will make the call. The flop is the 5d-7h-Jh and Josh leads for 280000 for Peco to make the call. The turn is the 8h and Josh moves all in putting Peco to the test.

Peco stands and eventually folds showing the 9h for the gutshot straight flush draw and Josh tables Kc-Ks to claim the pot.

Peco chipping up.

Peco and Yibo have clashed in a hand after Peco raised on the button for 125,000. Yibo calling and we’re off to the flop.

Flop Kh-Qd-8d

Yibo checks to Peco on the button. Peco fires another 125,000 into the pot. Yibo is quick to call.

Turn 8c.

Yibo checks to Peco once more. Peco making it 275,000 this time and after short deliberation Yibo makes the call.

River As

Yibo checks to Peco again and Peco is quick to move a stack of 25,000 chips into the middle making the bet 500,000. Yibo knowing this would be an important call takes his time and eventually calls.

Peco tables Ad-9d and Yibo shakes his head as he throws his cards into the muck.

Mathers busts in 4th.

Jazz Mathers’ (pictured above) amazing run throughout the ANZPT Sydney Main Event has come to end. Jazz has moved all in for 420,000 from the cutoff with Yibo Zhou snap calling his all in.

Mathers – Ks-10s

Zhou – As-Kc

Flop Js-Jd-4c

Turn Qh (Just for a sweat)

River Jh.

Jazz was one of the chip leaders from day 1 through till final table and has played some amazing poker over 4 days of play. Very impressive. Well played Sir!

The deal has been struck!

With play now at four handed the ICM calculator has come out and a deal has been struck. All four will now play for the trophy and a further cash prize of $17,360. Here are the locked in payout for the remaining players.

Peco – $155,000
Yibo – $120,000
Josh – $116,000

Jazz – $105,000

Yibo goes on a tear.

After a brief pause to discuss chopping up the pot play resumes when Yibo on the shortstack says he wont take anything less than 100000. Play continues and Yibo moves all in on the first hand for 445000. Peco will make the call and table As-9c but find himself behind to the Ac-Kc of Yibo.

The board will run out 3s-Ks-Jc-8d-8s and Yibo doubles up to 900000.

The very next hand Yibo will raise to 190000 from under the gun and again Peco makes the call from the button. The flop is the Qd-9s-Jc and Yibo moves all in for 745000. Peco snap calls and again finds himself behind holding Ks-Qc and Yibo has another premium hand in the form of the As-Ad.

Yibo now moves beyond the 2million mark and Peco drops down to 3.5million

Young cops a 1-2 knockout!

With the blinds at 20,000/40,000 with a 5000 ante and the average stack a touch over 2.2million Rory Young decides its time to get himself back into the the game pushing all in for just shy of 750,000 UTG+1. Mathers agonises about calling but says “I have to call..” making the call and we’re off to the races with Mathers in for his tournament life.

Young – Ac-Kc

Mathers – 10h-10s

Flop 10d-9s-3h

The flop is not good news for Young. With Mathers flopping a set and Young now needing running cards or face being crippled in a big way!

Turn 7c leaving Young drawing dead and furious, leaving him with just 20,000 in change after the Mathers doubles up.

The following hand Young straddles all in for his remaining 15,000 after paying his ante of 5,000.

Mathers calls the small blind and Zhou checks in the big blind. Action is checked down.

Board Qs-5c-Jh-10h-7h

Zhou tables Qd-9d. Mathers mucks and Young mucks his cards and will be eliminated in 5th place and walks away with $48000

Rory doubles through Peco.

In a very intriguing hand Josh Redhouse raises from under the gun to 80000 and Rory Young will move all in from the button for 325000. Peco, in the Big Blind, will make the call and Josh makes the pained decision to fold and flashes the Ac.
Rory tables the Kc-Qc to be ahead of the 6h-8c of Peco. Peco expected Josh to all and not fold.

The board runs out Qh-5h-2c-Ad-7s and Rory doubles up to 750000.

Break Time!

Peco now has the table dominated and is a 4 – 1 chip leader over his nearest opponent. When we return to play the blinds will be 20000/40000 with a 5000 ante.
Here are the current chip counts:

Peco the Magician – 5910000
Josh Redhouse – 1480000
Jazz Mathers – 825000
Yibo Zhou – 545000
Rory Young – 330000

Young crippled.

Rory Young starts the action off with a button raise to 75,000. Recieving just the one call from Peco in the small blind.

Flop 9s-2h-4c

Peco checks to Rory who throws in a continuation bet of 75k. Peco quickly calls.

Turn 8c

This time it would be Peco who would kick off the action making it 125,000. Rory contemplates his next move and decides that raising to 275,000 is his best option. Peco deliberates for a short time before calling.

River 10s

Both players take their time before checking. Peco announces “You win.” and tables 9c-7s. Rory slams down his cards into the muck in disgusts and walks over to his railbirds to discuss what went wrong.

Peco the unbeatable.

Peco is just unbeatable at the moment and he keeps on building his stack. In this most recent hand he will three bet from the big blind to 130000 and extract the call from Yibo Zhou.

The flop is the 9s-4d-5h and Yibo will call Peco’s bet of 125000. The turn is the Kc and Yibo will quickly fold when Peco fires out 200000

Rory Young runs good!

Rory Young opens to 60000 and is met by calls from Peco and Josh in the blinds. The flop is the Ad-9h-Td and all players check to the turn of 8s.
Action will check to Rory who will lead for 80000 and after some deliberation Josh raises to 180000 and Rory will move all in and Josh will insta-call.

Josh tables Js-Qd for the nut straight and Rory is holding the Jh-7d for the second nut straight.
The river is the 2s.

Now you may be wondering where does Rory’s run good kick in? After learning he had ran into a cooler at such a crucial stage in the tournament Rory threw his glasses quite violently across the poker room and they crashed rather heartily against a table. The glasses were retrieved and not one bit of damage could be viewed on his glasses. Now Ray Bans are expensive so boy that Rory can run good!

Blind leading the Blind.

After action was folded around to our small and big blind Jazz Mathers called the small blind and after Yibo Zhou looked as though he was contemplating raising he decides to check and see a flop.

Flop 7-K-3

Check. Check.

Turn J

Mathers checks. Zhou fires 65k. Mathers snaps it off.

River 6

Mathers again checks to Zhou. Zhou gives it another go with a big bet this time of 230k. Mathers calls immeadiately and Zhou tables J-3 two pair. Mathers mucks and Zhou picks up another handy pot.

Mathers gets some back.

Joshua Redhouse kicks off the action this hand raising to 60,000 in the cutoff. Mathers would be the only caller and we would see a flop.

Flop Jh-4h-5s

Redhouse would make a continuation bet of 60,000 and again Mathers would quickly call.

Turn 5c

Redhouse bets a little more this time making it 130,000. Jazz again would not hesitate and calls.

River Kc

Redhouse ponders shortly before checking. Mathers would then stack up his remaining chips and push them all forward.

Redhouse folds and Mathers picks up another pot.

Current chip counts

It hasn’t been a great first session for Jazz Mathers as he has tumbled to the bottom of the leader board and drops below the million chip mark. On the other end of the scale is Peco the Magician who now has almost half of the chips in play in his stack.

Peco the Magician – 4.37 million
Rory Young – 1.62million
Josh Redhouse – 1.1million
Yibo Zhou – 850000

Jazz Mathers – 850000

Yibo and Rory have a chat – whilst playing a big pot.

Josh Redhouse makes it 65000 to go and Yibo will three bet to 155000 which is followed up by a four bet from Rory Young to 300000. Josh gets out of the way and Yibo makes the call after asking Rory how much he is playing behind.
The flop is the 2d-As-7h and both players check. The turn is the Qs and before any action is taken Yibo asks Rory whether he has a set. Rory responds that he only has eight high here. The banter continues back and forth for some time before Yibo check calls the 205000 bet from Rory.

The river is the 3d and again there are some questions back and forth before Yibo checks and insta mucks when Rory leads out for 350000.

Peco showing Jazz who’s boss.

Peco has managed to add over 600,000 to his already massive stack shortly after Gill after getting in a betting war with Jazz Mathers.

Peco would open for 65,000 which would be quickly re-raised by Jazz to 130,000. Peco would fire again to 275,000. Jazz does not hesitate and bumps it up to 525,000.

Peco would question how much Jazz has left behind his bet before announcing he was all in. Jazz decides that now it not the time and quickly mucks his hand.

The Magician makes Gill disappear!

Now you see him. Now you don’t! Oliver Gill (pictured above) has been eliminated by Peco “The Magician” Stojanovski. After being crippled Oliver decided it was an oppourtune time to chip up by shoving all in for 231,000 preflop after players had folded around to him in the small blind. It was an easy call for Peco who snapped off quickly tabling his J-J. Gill with Q-10.

Board ran out 8c-Ah-5d-7h-2s.

Oliver Gill would hit the rail with Peco’s Jacks more than enough to take down the pot and eliminate another player! Oliver walks away with $38,900 for his sixth place finish

Peco the Magician stacking the deck in his favour.

Peco has taken a commanding lead on the final table with his chip stack now sitting at 3.3million.
Peco has been playing and winning a lot of hands recently and he has now all but crippled Oliver Gill in this hand.
Oliver will raise on the button to 50000 and Peco will three bet from the small blind to 110000 and Oliver will make the call. The flop is the Js-7d-Jd and Peco will lead for 75000 and Oliver calls.
the turn is the 9d and Peco leads for 125000 and Oliver again makes the call.
The river is the Td and Peco will lead for 200000 and Oliver will snap call.

Peco tables the Th-Ts for the boat and Oliver flashes an 8 for the bottom straight but Peco wins the pot and Oliver is left with 350000

Gill and Zhou in a battle of wits.

The always entertaining Oliver Gill couldn’t talk his way out of this one! Action begins with Yibo Zhou raising from the button to 53,000 after it had been folded round to him, leaving the blinds to either make way or make a stand.

Young quickly folds in the small blinds however after another wiity remark Gill would look down at his cards and fire back at Zhou raising it to 140,000. Zhou would call and we were off to the flop.

Flop 5s-6h-6d

Gill opens on the flop for 155,000 and Zhou followed by Zhou taking his time before raising to 327,000. Gill would call shortly after.

Turn Qc

Both players check.

River 2d

Gill tried his hardest to get as much information out of Zhou as possible but it wouldn’t work. Zhou would eventually call time on Gill after a couple of minutes and Gill couldn’t pull the trigger in time and his hand was folded.

Sawyers finishes in 7th

As previously reported Nathan Sawyers (pictured above) was very active at the table in the early goings and this has had a detrimental effect on his chipstack.
Oliver Gill makes it 48000 on the button and Peco raises to 125000 in the small blind. Nathan will move all in for 239000 and Oliver will move out of the way (telling this reporter he folded eights).
Peco snaps off the all in bet and tables the Qd-Qh to be well in front of Nathan’s Ah-Jc.

The flop is a brilliant one for Peco as it reveals a Queen in the window; 4d-Qs-2s. The Kd on the turn gives Nathan some hope as he is looking for a Ten to fill his broadway straight. However the river is the Ks and Nathan is sent home in 7th but $29,750 richer

Is Yibo a genius?

That question was just asked at the final table. It’s hard to tell as he’s play style is unorthodox and sometimes he seems like he is confused and doesn’t realise he is playing poker at all. In a recent hand we find Nathan Sawyers raising from middle position to 62000 and Milan mistakenly raises to 99000. The dealer quickly enforces the legal raise to 100000 and Nathan will call the bet.
The flop is the 2h –Kc0- Ac and both players will check the turn and the river, 3c and 8s.
Action is checked to Yibo on the river and he throws out a 25000 chip for his bet.

It seems to be a good play as Nathan will fold his hand and award the 200000+ pot to Yibo for the smallest of values.

Sawyers involved again.

Sawyers has got himself involved in the very next hand after doubling up Oliver Gill. This time he would tangle with Joshua Redhouse.Redhouse would raise UTG to 50,000 and would only be called by Sawyers in the big blind.

Flop Qs-Qc-5d

Sawyers would check to Redhouse where he would fire again. This time to 55,000. Sawyers quickly calls and we’re off to the turn

Turn 9d

Sawyers again checks to Redhouse who makes it 130,000. Sawyers thinks briefly before calling the 130,000 bet.

River 3s

Sawyers would lead this time for 250,000 which is snapped off by Redhouse. Sawyers tables Ad-Kh. Redhouse with K-Q would take another big stack of chips from Sawyers.

Milan exits in 8th.

Joshua Redhouse will open for 50000 and action will fold to Milan Gurung (pictured above) who ships it all in for 258000. Josh will make the call with Kc-Qd and be slightly behind to Milan’s Ac-Ts.
The flop falls in favour of Josh; &h-Ks-6c and the turn and the river are both blanks for Milan and he is sent to the rail in 8th spot.

Milan is awarded $23,350 for his 8th place finish in this event.

Gill doubles through Sawyers

Nathan Sawyers remains very active and has tangled with Oliver Gill that featured a cameo from Jazz Mathers.

Sawyers opened the action with a raise to 57,000 from UTG. Mathers would call from the hijack. After a short deliberation Gill would re-raise to 164,000 from the small blind. Sawyers calls and Mathers after discussing the stack sizes of the players in the hand would call also.

Flop Jd-5h-7h

Gill opens on the flop for 150,000 in the small blind. Sawyers would carefully consider his options before re-raising to 300,000. Mathers quickly made way for Sawyers and Gill to battle it out. Gill quickly pushes his remaining 160,000 all in and Sawyers calls the small difference.

Gill quickly tables his Qc-Qs

Sawyers – 9d-9c

Turn 3h meaning he needs a 9 on the river to eliminate Gill but it wasn’t to be with the Ad falling on the river and Gill takes his stack to over 1,000,000.

Peco keeps on accumulating

Peco will raise from the button to 50000 and receives a call from Yibo in the big blind. The flop is the Jc-8c-6s and both players check the board and we the Ts hits the turn and Yibo will check call the 85000 bet from Peco. The river is the 2s and again Yibo will check call the bet of 125000.

Peco will table Kc-Jd and Yibo will fold and Peco will increase his stack to 2.46 million.

Sawyers very active – Oliver takes advantage!

Nathan Sawyers has been active in the early goings using the three bet to his advantage wherever possible. However in this hand Oliver Gill will raise to 45000 and Sawyers will call and they will see the flop of 9c-7s-9d. However action ceases when Oliver leads for 75000 and Sawyer quickly mucks.

The 2000000 mark has been reached.

Peco is the first at the table to accumulate more than two million in chips after he raised to 50000 pre flop. He was met by a re raise from Nathan Sawyers to 125000 and at this point Peco four bets to 250000 which extracts the fold from Nathan and moves Peco’s stack to north of 2 million.

Brent Taunton – 9th

Brent Taunton opes the action with a raise to 50000 and is met by calls from Peco the Magician and Milan Gurung in the big blind.
The flop is the 6s-Qs-Td and the action is checked to Peco who makes it 125000 to go.
Brent will re raise to 400000, leaving almost 180k behind.
Peco checks his opponents stack and then moves all in and is snap called by Brent.
Brent tables the As-9s for the nut flush draw and Peco has flopped top two with his Qh-Ts.
The turn is the 2c and the river does not bring the spade Brent is hoping for.

Brent finishes in 9th spot and walks away with $17,400 for his efforts.

ANZPT Sydney Main Event Final Table

The ANZPT Sydney Main Event is set to go and dealing will commence shortly.  Jazz Mathers has led this tournament the whole way taking the chip lead from Day 1 into Day 2 and he now takes the lead heading into the final table with a chip count of 1837000.

Here are our final table contestants and their chip counts.
Seat 1 – Peco Stojanovski – 1167000
Seat 2 – Nathan Sawyers – 1318000
Seat 3 – Joshua Redhouse – 994000
Seat 4 – Milan Gurung – 283000
Seat 5 – Jazz Mathers – 1837000
Seat 6 – Yibo Zhou  – 1117000
Seat 7 – Rory Young – 1124000
Seat 8 – Oliver Gill – 536000
Seat 9 – Brent Taunton – 637000

Players are now taking their seats and play will commence very shortly.

Event reporting brought to you by

If required, play will commence at 2pm AEDT on Monday March 24 from The Star, Sydney.

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