2014 ANZPT Sydney – $2200 Main Event / Day 3

2014 ANZPT Sydney Main Event Final Table.

Today saw 37 hopefuls take their seats playing for the glory of the final table. We have reached this point of the day where we can now report who our final table participants will be.
The seating draw and chip counts will be provided shortly but for now our final table is made up of the following players; Jazz Mathers, Josh Redhouse, Nathan Sawyers, Peco the Magician, Rory Young, Milan Gurung, Yibo Zhou, Oliver Gill and Brent Taunton.

Play has come to an end and the final table (pictured above) will kick off tomorrow at 2pm. We look forward to you joining us as we report live from the Star Poker Room and we see who will be the triumphant champion of this esteemed event.

Final Table is formed.

Andrew Michael has around 10 big blinds and open ships his stack holding Jx-Jx but finds Jazz holding Kx-Kx and receives a call.

The flop isn’t an entirely safe one for Jazz as he hits his set but it igves Andrew a gutshot draw. The board however runs out Tx-9x-Kx-8x-Ax to give Jazz the win and we have our final 9 players.

Rory Young doubles up another short stack!

Milan Gurung pushed his remaining 250,000 into the middle and would be eventually called by Rory Young.

Gurung –  8h-8s
Young –  Kc-Qc
Flop 4c-Jc-8c

Rory flopping a flush but with Gurung flopping a set this one was not over yet!

Turn 9c and much to Young’s dismay the river card is the 9s completing Gurung’s full house and a much needed double up on the Final Table Bubble!

Final Table bubble – Walker out in 10th.

John Parker was riding the short stack and decides to move all in holding Ah-Kh (what better time really?) and finds a caller holding 8c-8s. We are off to the races and unfortunately for walker the board bricks out completely and we now find ourselves on the final table bubble.

Yibo Zhou doubles!

We missed the action but find Yibo Zhou all in preflop holding Qs-Qd and at risk against the call of Rory holding Jc-8c.
The flop is scary for Yibo as it drops 4d-5c-7s giving Rory a gutshot draw.

The turn is the 7h and the river bricks out at the 5f giving the hand and pot to Yibo and moving his stack just north of 600000.

And now Adrian is eliminated

Adrian Attenborough had built up quite the bit of momentum on his table but it has come to a screeching halt now after he and Jazz Mathers got into a raising war and find themselves all in preflop.
Adrian is racing for his tournament life holding Qx-Qx up against the Ax-Kx of Jazz.

The flop is the 8x-4x-9x and then Jazz wins the pot with the Kx on the turn and a blank river.

Adrian doubles again

Adrian Attenborough decides it’s time to double up and moves all in for roughly 300,000. His all in is met with a very quick call from Rory Young who quickly tables his Qc-Qh.

Attenborough tables his Ah-9h and we’re off to the flop.

Flop 4h-5h-Kd

Turn Jh leaving Young drawing dead and Attenborough doubles his stack.

Dinner Break

Players are now on a dinner break. There are 12 players remaining and when play resumes the blinds will be 8000/16000 with a 2000 ante.
Below are our current chip stacks.

Josh Redhouse – 1590000
Rory Young – 1427000
Jazz Mathers – 1094000
Brent Taunton – 1030000
Nathan Sawyers – 765000
Andrew Michael – 703000
John Parker – 510000
Oliver Gill – 446000
Yibo Zhou – 420000
Mulan Gurung – 393000
Adrian Attenborough – 330000
Peco the Magician – 257000

The Star Poker Team have just confirmed that we will play down to the final 9 tonight and return tomorrow at 4pm to find our champion.

Adrian Attenborough doubles up.

With 12 players remaining Adrian has found a crucial double up. Adrian raises under the gun to 25000 and is met with a call from the big blind.

The flop 9s-Ah-3h and the big blind opponent leads at the flop with Adrian moving all in almost immediately. Just as fast his opponent calls and tables Jh-4h for the flush draw but Adrian is holding Ax-Kx for top top. The turn and the river are the 2s and Kc to give Adrian a deserved double up to just over 300000.

The Magician’s Aces cracked!

John Parker had a little magic trick of his own for Peco “The Magician” Stojanovski!

With both players all in the cards are on their backs.

Peco – Ad-As
Parker – Ah-Kd
Flop  Js-Qs-2d
Turn  3h
River 10s

Parker doubles through The Magician by spiking his 10 on the river and keep him alive in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. 12 Players remain.

Spano exits. Sawyer chips up.

We are called over to the table where we see a board of 2-K-K-J-J.

Action started with Nathan Sawyer who lead out on th river followed by Robert Spano pushing all in with both players having full houses!

Spano – J-3
Sawyer – K-7

Sawyer’s Kings full is too good and Spano is eliminated in 13th place.

Bahi comeback comes to a screaming halt!

After being severely short stacked and doubling twice Karam Bahi has been eliminated in 14th place as Josh Redhouse continues to build a huge stack after he called Bahi’s all in pre flop.

Bahi – Ac-10c
Redhouse – Qc-4h
Flop 10h-2h-Qh
Turn 6h

Leaving Bahi drawing dead.

John Parker doubles.

Rory Young opens on the button and is three bet all in from the big blind by John Parker.
Rory is quick to call and finds himself behind holding Jc-Jh to John’s As-Ac.

The board rolls out Th-8d-Kh-7s-Qh and John doubles up to 314000

Gill takes down Baars.

We are called over to the table with Oliver Gill and Peter Baars heads up with Baars at risk.
Baars – 10s-10c

Gill – As-Qd
Flop 6-5-7
Turn 2

Gill is calling for an Ace on the river but instead spikes a Qc to take down the pot and eliminate Baars in 15th Place.

Josh Redhouse vs. Murray Roach.

There has been a lot of heavy preflop action on this table and in this hand we see Josh Redhouse raise to 26000 on the button. Murray raises to 71000 and Josh will four bet to 141000.
Murray moves all in and is snapped off by Josh who is holding Ah-Ad. Murray will need a miracle as he is behind with Qh-Qd.
All of his suits are covered and he is hoping for a queen on the board.

The board runs out 8h-8d-3c-2s-3c and Josh will move over the one million chip mark and send Murray to the rail in 16th spot.

Polias’ Rockets not enough!

Nick Polias is the next player to depart getting it all in on a rainbow board of 8-6-4 with his As-Ac. Unfortunately it was not good enough with Andrew Michael flopping a set of 4’s with his 4c-4s.

Turn and river draw blank for Polias and he will join the rail.

18 players remain.

As we comnmence the third blind level of Day 3 we arrive at the final two tables of play. Here are the remaining players and their chipstacks.

Rory Young – 1300000
Jazz Mathers – 1200000
Josh Redhouse – 828000
Peco The Magician – 775000
Murray Roach – 752000
Malan Gurung – 750000
Brent Thornton – 650000
Yibo Zhou – 600000
Nathan Sawyers – 378000
Adrian Attenborough – 360000
Nick Polias – 238000
JohnParker – 230000
Andrew Michael – 214000
Karan Bahi – 205000
Peter Baars – 177000
Oliver Gill – 102000
Robert Spano – 89000
Sean Knight – 78000

Recent Eliminations.

We have reached the first break of Day 3 and our starting field of 37 has been more than halved to 18. There were more eliminations than expected over the first 2 hours of play and it was hard for this reporting team to keep up with the action.

Here are the eliminations thus far from Day 3.

19th – Minh Phuc Nugyen
20th – Alex Lee
21st – Muhammad Khan
22nd – Daniel Nielson
23rd – Jim Doumit
24th – Nathan Glase
25th – Eva Docekalova
26th – Swaran Chand
27th – Jie Gao
28th – John Naiman
29th – Mel Judah
30th – Katie Sekhas
31st – Alf Martinsson
32nd – Jason Tompkins
33rd – Anthony Aston
34th – Tania Vujanic
35th – Barainko Siers
36th – Michael Frydman
37th – Phillip Dong.

Alex Lee off to the rail.

Our chip leader at the start of play has now been eliminated in 20th position after he got his Jx-Jx all in against Roach’s Ax-Kx. The board ran out a fairly harmless 6x-4x-Tx-Tx but the river was the Ks finishing up Alex’s run in the last hand before break.

Jazz the Eliminator Chapter 2

Jazz has again eliminated another player after he and Muhammad Khan get it all in pre flop.
Jazz is holding Kx-Qx and Muhammad is slightly ahead with his Ax-Jx. Muhammad hits the flop of 7x-Jx-4x but Jazz takes the hand on the turn with the Qx and the river is the 5x.

Jazz is well over 1,000,000 in chips now and is our dominant chip leader.

Break is in a minute and we will bring you a listing of all chip stacks and all eliminations since the start of play.

Blind versus blind again.

We see a big pot building pre flop when Josh Redhouse five bets pre to 98000 and finds a call from his opponent in the big blind. The flop is the 4h-3h-8c and both players check to the turn of Jc. At this stage Josh will bet 72000 and find a call again and the river will drop the 8h. Josh will lead for 120000 and after some time his opponent moves a stack into the middle big enough to put Josh All in and Josh will snap it off.

Josh tables the 4s-4d for the flopped set and his opponent will muck his cards and Josh will double up to over 500000.

Jazz the eliminator.

Jazz has just sent another to the rail when Jazz and Nathan Glase got active in a blind vs blind situation. In a raised pot the flop is the 5d-Kd-Qd and both players manage to get it all in with Nathan holding Kh-Qs and Jazz holding the flush with the 9d-6d. The turn and river brick for Nathan and send him out in 24th spot.

Chand two outed on the river!

Swaran Chand has hit the rail after a small moment of excitement! Peter Baars opened the betting for 16,000 from the hijack. Chand would then shove the remainder of her stack into the middle which was met by a very quick call from Baars.
Chand Ah-10s
Baars Kh-Kd
Flop –  6-6-4
Turn – A

The rail cheered but it would be short lived as the Ks would hit the river and poor Swaran would be forced to join the rail.

Eva Docekalova out in 25th

Eva will open ship her entire 80000 stack from under the gun and finds a caller from the big blind who tables 7c-7d and Eva will be off to the races holding Kd-Jh.

The flop is the 9h-3d-8h and Eva is hoping for a King, Jack or some straight or flushing cards on the turn but the turn is the 3s and the river bricks with the 4d.

Young’s Bullets too good.

Rory Young’s day is also off to a good start adding another 100k to his stack after picking up AA on the button. Young opened the betting to 12,000, (Blinds 3000/6000/1000) only recieveing one call from Baraniko Siers in the small blind.

Flop Q-10-4

Siers checks from the small blind followed by Young see betting 14k on the button. Siers jams his remaining 98,000 all in with K-J off. The turn and river would not help Siers and he would hit the rail leaving Young to add more chips to his already massive stack.

Quick and easy double up for Andrew Michael.

Andrew will push all in holding Kc-Ks and is called by Jazz holding Ad-Qs. The board runs out 6c-6s-2c-9d-7h to give Andrew and gets a pretty easy double up!

Anthony Aston out in 32nd.

In a four way pot the flop is the 2h-4s-8h and Anthony, the preflop aggressor, fires out 24000 into a 52000 pot. Action folds to the big blind who raises to 61000 and Anthony’s all in bet over the top is quickly called.

Anthony is in front holding Tc-Ts but is up against a big hand in the form of the 3h-4h of his opponent. The turn seals Anthony’s fate when the flush is completed with the 5h and to rub salt into the wound the Th hits the river.

Does broadway always win here?

Mel Judah opens to 14000 on the button and the small blind re pops to 29000 and gets a quick call from Mel. The flop is the Th-Kc-Jc and Mel’s bet of 22000 is check called and then both players check the turn of the Ks.

The river is the Ts and Mel’s opponent leads for 31000 and tables Ah-Qd for the broadway straight when Mel makes the cal.

Lee caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

Peco”The Magician” Stojanovski came over to tell us about a hand involving Alex Lee. Lee opened preflop UTG + 1 with Peco and 2 others calling.
Lee barrelled every street on a board of A-K-7-10-8.

Peco would call a massive 130k bet on the river with his A9 which was more than enough in the end with Lee rolling over nothing but Queen high!

Tanja Vujanic eliminated in 34th spot.

Tanja will three bet from the big blind to 36000 and her opponent in the hijack will four bet to 147000 effectively putting Tanja all in. Tanja makes the call and tables the Ad-Kc and finds herself racing for her tournament life against 9s-9c.

The flop gives Tanja additional outs when it falls the Jd-8h-Qd. Chasing any Ace, King, Ten or repeating cards the turn and river present the 4c and Js and Tanja is eliminated and heads to the rail.

Zhou doubles. Doumit crippled.

We caught the action late with the board already run out and Zhou counting his chips.

From what we have been told both players have got their money in on the a flop of Jc-5h-8s.

Doumit with an over pair Qh-Qc Zhou with a set holding 8c-8d

Turn is the 9h and the river the 9c completing a full house for Zhou and giving him a handy little double up in the first 15 minutes of play!

Three way all in!

Again we find Jazz Mathers involved in a hand when he calls an all in from the early position player totalling 69000. The player in the small blind then goes all in for 130000 and Jazz makes the call as well.
Jazz tables Ad-Js to be behind both players with the small blind holding Ac-Qd and the first all in is well in front with Ac-Ks

The board runs out 5s-5h-8d-2s-4s and the all in player will triple up with the nut flush and the small blind player will win the side pot. Jazz’s stack decreases to around 800000

Second nuts no good!

Andrew Michael raises to 12500 from the cutoff and receives a call from Jazz Mathers in the big blind. Both players check the flop of Th-2d-5h and again there are checks all round when the Jd hits the turn. The river is the 9c and Jazz leads for 17000 and is quickly raise by Andrew to 50000. Jazz makes the call and Andrew tables the Ks-Qh for the nut straight and Jazz mucks his hand stating he had the second nuts.

Katie Sekhas doubles up.

In the first hand to be played today Katie Sekhas moves all in from early position with Ac-8c and runs into a call from another player holding As-Ks. The flop drops the miracle 8 when it rolls out 8h-Td-9s and the turn delivers the Ah meaning Katie needs to dodge a T, 9 and a K for the win. The river is the 3s and Katie is off to a flying start doubling her stack to well over 120000 in the first hand.

Day 3 is about to begin.

Welcome back to the Star Poker room and Day 3 of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. There are 37 players remaining and we are well into the cash. We are expected to play down to the final table of 9 tonight.

Blinds will commence at 3000/6000 with a 1000 ante and Alex Lee has the chip lead with 755000 in chips.

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Play will commence at 2pm AEDT on Sunday March 23 from The Star, Sydney.

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