2014 ANZPT Sydney – $2200 Main Event / Day 1 / Flight 1

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End of play, day 1 flight 1

Flight 1 of the ANZPT Main Event has now been completed and for sure the story of the day is Jazz Mathis who finishes Flight 1 as the unofficial chip leader on 195200. We saw a few great reads from Jazz and he certainly has a tale to tell now that he has gone from 1400 in chips to the chip leader in the matter of hours. 217 players took to the felt today and only 74 have progressed to day 2 and they will come back to play on Saturday with some stiff opposition. We have several players who have already cracked the 100,000 mark and below are our unoffical chip leaders from flight 1.

Jazz Mathis 195,200
Danny Zhong (pictured above) 164,500
Alex Lee 148,000
Buster Morris-Denby 128,500
Eugene Zanozin 124,600
Anthony Aston 113,000
Jordan Westmorland 111,600

A detailed listing of all flight 2 particpants and their chipcounts will be available later today. Be sure to check back here from 12.30pm today as we continue our live coverage of the ANZPT Main Event with Day 1 Flight 2 set to kick off.

Allen makes a good call

On a board reading Kd-6c-3d-Jh-6s David Allen is faced with a bet from Danny Zhong large enough to put him all in. After some considerations David resigns himself to a call and is greeted by a ‘nice call’ from Danny Zhong as he tables his Ace high. David holds the Qs-Qc which is good and he doubles up to over 50,000.

Almost done for the night

The clock has wound down to 10 minutes remaining; at this point the Tournament Director pauses the clock and then draws to see how many hands will be dealt. There will be another 3 hands to go and that will be the end of Day 1 Flight 1 for the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

Stefanic finds his double up

The board reads Qd-9d-8c and we have one player all in for a locked pot of over 20000. Andrew Stefanic has just moved all in for an additional 18800 and eventually gets the call from the only other live player in the hand.

All players table their hands and Andrew Stefanic has the lead holding 9s-9c for a flopped set and finds himself at very minimal risk against As-Qs however the first all in player holds Kd-4d for the flush draw.

The turn and the river are both blanks and Andrew Stefanic will more than double up to over 55,000.

So that Jazz bloke …

… is certainly giving me a bit to write about. We join the table with the board showing Qs-Jd-6c-7c-Tc, the pot is worth around 7000 and Jazz is facing a river shove of 21900 from his opponent.

Jazz makes the call and his opponent immediately mucks his hand and Jazz claims the pot with a 9x-Tx hand. With that hand Jazz increases his chapstack to over 150,000 and is looking to finish the day in a very strong manner.


Makin’ sweet music

The story of the tournament thus far has to be the play of Jazz Mathis (pictured above); not only did he make a fantastic call with ace high when his tournament life was on the line but earlier in the day Jazz was reduced to just 1400 in chips. As we approach the end of the day Jazz is our current chip leader sitting on well over 120,000. There are 50 minutes of play left and we are positive the story of Jazz will continue to develop over the weekend.

Final level

We have just moved into the last level of the night. Blinds are 500/1000 with a 100 ante and there are 99 players remaining.

Three times the fun

We arrive at the table to find some heavy pre-flop action. The action was opened by the player in the hijack who raises to 1600. The player in the cutoff moves all in for a little over 22000 and action folds to the big blind who moves all in for 15,425. After some deliberation the first aggressor makes the call as well.

HJ – Ah-QH
CO – Ad-Kd
BB – Ks-Kh

The board is run out very quickly to read 5h-9s-5d-7s-9c and our all in player with Ks-Kh will triple up whilst the players holding an ace get to chop the side pot.

Slow’s the go

We are halfway through the penultimate blind level for Day 1 and it seems that play has slowed up and the majority of the field are now playing a much more passive game as they look to make it to Day 2.

In the home stretch

We have the finish of flight one in our sights! Players have gone on their final 10-minute break of the night and they will return to complete the final two blind levels of Day 1.

Currently we have 115 players remaining and the average stack is 37739. We have quite a few big stacks around the room and here is the unoffical list of most of our chip leaders.

Alex Lee 103,000
Amin Chehade 97,500
Jazz Mathis 92,000
Dave Allen 79,000
Peter Dykes 78,250
Phillip Wilcocks 77,850
Panayotis Flourentzou 67,950
Nick Polias 60,700

Play will resume shortly with new blinds of 400/800 antes of 75.

Lee involved again

We are preflop and the action is opened by the UTG player who raises to 1200. Alex Lee in middle positon flats as do two other players in later position.

The flop comes down Jh-Th-Jc and all players check to a middle position player who fires out 3200. All players fold to Alex Lee who makes the call and the turn card is the Kd. Both players check here and see the river fall the 4h. Alex Lee bets 12000 and after going into the tank his opponent makes the call. Alex immediately tables Ks-Kh for the nut full house and scoops the pot.

Three hours to go

The Tournament Director has just announced that blinds have increased to 300/600 with an ante of 50. And with that announcement we are into the final three levels of play today. 217 players started the day and we now have exactly 130 remaining. The average stack is now 33,384.

Lee takes a hit

Alex Lee finds himself in the big blind with action folded to him after the under the gun player raised to 1100. Lee completes and both players go to a flop of 6c-Jc-2c and Lee checks.

His opponent leads at the poit for 1600 which Alex check raises to 3600. There is a call and both players check the Ah turn card. Alex fires out 4125 and is promptly called. His opponent tables Ax-Tx to win the pot. Alex flashes a J to show he was good on the flop.

Double-up for Danny Zhong

On a board of Td-Ah-Kd Danny Zhong is facing a bet of 4200 from Keith Walker. Danny moves all in for 11075 and is quickly called. Keith tables Kc-Tc for two pair whilst Danny is holding Ad-8d for top dair and the nut flush draw.

Danny hits a great turn card when the 2d drops and only needs to avoid any K or T on the river. The river lands the 9c and Danny Zhong survives and double up. to over 30,000.

That’s a solid read

Billy the Croc opens the action on the button and raises which is met by a call from Jazz Mathis in the small blind. Croc has almost 30K behind him and Jazz has just over 20K. The flop falls 8s-7s-2d and Jazz leads at the pot which is promptly called by Croc. The turn card is the 8h and Jazz leads for 2400 which is raised by Croc to 6400 and Jazz makes the call again.

The river is the Jc and Jazz checks his action and Croc bets out 8800. Jazz has just over 9000 behind in his stack but amazingly makes the call and tables Ax-9x for Ace high. Ace high is good here and Croc mucks his hand. That’s an amazing read in that situation and the best call I have seen in a while.

Halfway through play

We have reached the halfway mark of tonight’s play and players have just vacated the room to take their second break of the evening. Of the 217 players who started today we have 160 left. Below are the approximate chip counts for our chip leaders and some of the more notable players from around the room.

Saliendra Sha 85,100
Alex Lee 79,350
Anthony Aston 74,250
Josh Jicu 66,000
Sam Kennedy 64,500
Dave Allen 55,000
Antonis ‘Toothpick Tony’ Kambouroglou 33,450
Mel Judah 32,000
Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros 26,250
Aaron Benton 23,650

Play will resume at 200/400 with 50 antes.

All-in; suck and re-Suck – cue: big cheer!

Lorinda Johnson was holding rockets and found herself all in against cowboys. However the board ran out 9x-Jx-4x and then the Kd landed on the turn. Lorinda was walking away from the table when a loud roar from the table errupted as the Ah spiked the river! Lorinda doubled up and moves her stack to just above start with 22275.

Who likes baseball?

It would seem just about everyone in the poker room right now! Apart from all of the talk about the poker being played a big topic of conversation is the Major League Baseball opening the seasons this weekend. The Arizona Diamondabacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers have bothe travelled to Sydney and for the first time in history the MLB season will be opened with games being played on Australian soil.

Early chip leader

Adam Lee (pictured above) has taken the early chip lead with a stack of 75000. That’s quite the feat considering the average is currently 24,519.

Action table

As you can see from the picture above we were drawn to a table that had drawn quite a crowd of spectators. We arrived to find the board reading 4x-6x-3x-2x with one player, on the button, all in and the pot worth in excess of 15,000. A player in the blinds moves all in over the top of the all-in player and after some deliberation a third player in early position makes the call for his tournament life.

Our first all in player was holding the nuts with 5x-7x and his two opponents in the hand had Qx-Qx and 7x-7x. The river landed the Qh and the player with the 7x-7x is eliminated and one player triples up.

Kerr and his kings

A player in early position raises to 425 and finds three callers until we move to Scott Kerr in the Big Blind who re raises to 2100. Scott finds one caller in the hijack and both players see a flop of 4h-8s-Qc. Scott leads for 2500 and his opponent makes the call.

The turn is the 3s and and Scott leads for 4000 and his opponent promoptly shifts his stack into the middle for a further 5775. Scott makes a quick call and tables Kc-Kd to be well ahead of his opponents Ah-Qh. The river is a complete blank and Scott builds his stack and eliminates a player from the tournament. 

Multi-way pot

The pot was worth 2750 and the board read Tc-Ah-5s. Both players in the blind check and the early position player bets 1200 and finds three other callers. The table checks the Ts turn card and we proceed to the river which is the 5h. All players check to the middle position player who moves all in for 22000 and all other players promptly fold.

Get it in and win!

We missed the action but were bought over to the table to some celebratory cheering from Sam Russell-Anderson. The board read 2h-9s-Ah-2s-7h and Sam’s opponent in the hand was leaving the tournament area quickly. It would seem that Sam’s 9s-9d had outflopped his opponent Qc-Qh to take down a big all in pot.

Dinner break

The first two blind levels have now come and gone and we can confirm that there were a total of 213 runners in this flight and we currently have 206 remaining. When players return play will commence with 100/200 blinds and all players will ante up 25. Currently we have a few stacks above the average but here are some of the larger stacks in player:

Anthony Aston 49,300
Samuel Kennedy 47,300
David Mayor 41,050
Bradley Bower 39,200
David Allan 34,400,
Hasib Younan 33600

Cowboys cracked

In some heavy pre-flop action we will see an early position player limp and then the button player raise to 600. Yusif Dib in the small blind will make the call and Mihal Birbu, in the big blind, will raise it up to 2600. The early position player makes the call, the button player folds and Mihal will make the call to see a flop of Ah-Qs-6c.

All players will check and go to the turn which reveals the Jd. Yusif checks and Mihal fires out 1800 which forces the early position player to fold but Mihal will make the call. The river is the 3h and both players check. Yusif shows down As-3s for the win over Mihal’s Kh-Ks.

Blinds are up

Our first blind level has passed rather quietly with few eliminations. We currently have 206 entries confirmed for tonight’s flight and have 204 players remaining. There is an expectation that this blind level will see a few more players buy in and take their seats. Registration for Flight 1 will be closed at the end of this blind level.

It’s a cooler

Over on table 12 we see a board of 6s-3s-8s-8d and a pot worth almost 700. Hung Tu Wang checks the turn and Benjamin Williams bets out 375 in chips. Hung goes into the tank and eventually makes the call to see the river which is an Ac. Again Hung will check his option and Benjamin leads at the pot for 1000 in chips.Hung now fumbles with his stack and moves out 2500 for a raise.

Benjamin quickly makes the call and Hung will table Js-7s for the Jack high flush but Benjamin tables As-2s for the nut flush and scoops the pot. We are sure this won’t be the first cooler we see this tournament and at least this one didn’t cost any player their tournament life in the early going.

Cards are in the air!

Play has commenced in flight 1 of the ANZPT Main Event. The tournament information screens are showing that there are currently 161 players registered in this flight.

Each player sits down to a 20,000 stack and blinds are 60 minutes. Blinds commence at 50/100 tonight. There will be 8 levels played tonight and those that are skilled enough will make it through to play day 2 which commences on Saturday. Stay tuned to PokerMedia Australia as we bring you all of the action from the wonderful Star Poker room.

Play to start soon

Play will commence at 6.15pm AEDT on Thursday, March 20 from The Star, Sydney.

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