NCPO: Teva Tavita wins inaugural NCPO Main Event

After an intense eight days of poker, local New Caledonian Teva Tavita has been crowned the inaugural New Caledonia Poker Open champion. Highest placed Australian was Mark Rubinstein who finished in 5th place for AUD$26k followed closely by Australian Poker Hall of Famer Billy “The Croc” Argyros who finished in sixth place for AUD$22k. Locals from New Caladonia filled the top three places.

New Caledonia Poker Open Results

*approximate payouts, converted from XPF to AUD

1st Teva Tavita – XPF 6,000,000 (~AU$77,000)
2nd Olivier Moyon – $46,520
3rd Ben Benoit – $33,500
4th Henry Wang – $29,775
5th Mark Rubinstein – $26,000
6th Billy Argyros – $22,300
7th Hamza Bennabi – $18,600
8th Sophie Auger – $14,900
9th Carlos Tehuiotoa – $13,000

10th J.Claude TAOFIFENUA – $9300

11th Véronique CHOMARD – $9300

12th Olivier PATAUD – $9300

13th Emmanuel SEAL – $7450

14th Reda MOUTAWAKKIL – $7450

15th Judikael Nee – $7450

16th J.Pierre THEVENNY – $5600

17th Guillem ROUSSEAU – $5600

18th Alex FERRAND – $5600

19th Vincent N’GUYEN – $3700

20th Mathieu BRANDROWSK – $3700

21st Cirylle DARMON – $3700

22nd Akash MAZUMBAR – $3100

23rd Noël CALE – $3100

24th Robert SAGGIO – $3100

25th Gwenael TOULLIOU – $3100

Organisers deemed the NCPO a tremendous success, which attracted around 50 international players including prominent regular Australian players Jackie Glazier and Graeme ‘Kiwi G’ Putt. With 250 players in the main event, a significant AUD$350,000 prize pool was generated.


Congratulations to the top 25 players in the Main Event, as well as victors in the side events. Well done too to the organisers. We look forward to an even bigger event in their 2nd year in 2015.

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