STAR POKER: Kanaan leads final table in ANZPT Sydney PMA event

The Final Table has been decided for the latest edition of the PokerMedia Australia $1k Six-handed Special Event as part of the ANZPT Sydney series at The Star. A field of 113 players created a prize pool of $113,000 with the final seven returning this afternoon to decide the champion.

Former ANZPT Sydney champion Michael Kanaan is the man to catch. Play commenced at 2.15pm sharp and the action over the first few levels wasn’t as quick as we expected.

As the day drew on the level of activity and energy gathered momentum as the chip leaders quickly slipped from contention or hit the rail. After eight hours of play, more and more players fell by the wayside and the eliminations continued at a breakneck pace.

The title of bubble boy fell to Marco Ng, whose pocket kings could not hold up to the A-6 of Michael Kanaan. With that elimination the final 12 players were decided with their chip counts reading:

Michael Kanaan 297,900
Dean Blatt 260,000
James Sekhas 227,000
Alessio Maisano 198,000
George K 158,000
Craig Blight 155,000
Victor Teng 90,000
Osama Hasaan 83,000
Eva Docekalova 79,000
Alex Fallon 63,400
Milan Gurung 51,000
James O’Brien 30,000

Those 12 took their seats again a little after 2am. After almost 12 hours of play blinds were 2000/4000 with a 400 ante and the average stack was 141,250.

It wasn’t long until the next elimination when James O’Brien couldn’t get anything happening with his short stack and a three outer on the river finished up his tournament. By 3.10am the final table had been decided after the following players had been eliminated:

12th – James O’Brien $2825
11th – Eva Docekolova $2825
10th – James Sekhas $2825
9th – Milan Gurung $4235
8th – Craig Blight $4235

The remaining seven players will compete for the lion’s share of the $113,000 prize pool and one of these seven will walk away with $30,800. The table draw and chip counts are:

Seat 1 – Michael Kanaan 373,500
Seat 2 – Victor Teng 127,000
Seat 3 – Osama Hasaan 247,500
Seat 4 – George K 181,000
Seat 5 – Alessio Maisano 372,000
Seat 6 – Alex Fallon 151,500
Seat 7 – Dean Blatt 245,500


1st – $30,800
2nd – $20,635
3rd – $15,820
4th – $10,735
5th – $7910
6th – $5930
7-9th – $4235

Play will resume at 4pm today with four minutes remaining on the clock with blinds at 3000/6000 with a 500 ante. PokerMedia Australia will be back to bring you all the action as we crown the champion of the PokerMedia Australia six-handed event for ANZPT Sydney.

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