OPINION: Gaming landscape and how it may affect you

PokerMedia Australia Co-founder and ex Editor-in-Chief Sean Callander has an extensive background in sports and poker journalism, publishing and management. He’s been involved in gaming since poker began to take off in Australia and has experienced the highs and lows of the industry.
Over the past few years he’s been working on trying to educate our politicians about online poker, in-play betting and other parts of the Interactive Gambling Act. However, there have been many hurdles, a few struggles and quite a lot of ignorance.

Thanks to a podcast recorded with Champion Picks, Sean shares his insider knowledge and view about the future of gaming in Australia.

Points of discussion include:

·      The quickly changing betting landscape and how it affects you.

·      Why casinos don’t have any vested interest in helping the lobby groups.

·      One example of why the battle is a difficult one.

·      What needs to happen for online gambling (and in-play gambling) to be legalised.

·      When the biggest changes will be coming.

·      What separates professional poker players from the rest?


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