STAR POKER: Bain bags another slice of history as first APT Sydney champ

Tristan Bain’s strike-rate in major poker tournaments is pretty respectable. His modest return of five tournament cashes includes victories in a WPPT Main Event on the Gold Coast last year for almost $85,000 and now features a cash for $281,685 after he took out the Star Poker Summer Series Main Event at The Star.

It took a 15-hour day and a final table that lasted the best part of eight hours but Bain managed to grind it out to be crowned the inaugural champion of the event that was co-sanctioned by the Asian Poker Tour and National Poker League for the first time.

With the clock just about to tick past 5am, Bain struck a fatal battle in the heads-up battle against Brent Nichols, who shoved with Q-10 and found himself up against the A-3 of Bain. The flop came 5-4-A to have him inching to victory and when no running cards came for Nichols he was left with just 900,000 while Bain held 17 million with the blinds at 200,000/400,000! The last of the chips went in with Nichols holding 5-9 and Tristan Bain 4-8. The board ran out 3-3-7-7-8.

The final table kicked-off late on Sunday evening with the line-up comprising Jim Collopy (4,100,000), Brent Nichols (3,200,000), Tristan Bain (2,700,000), Glenn McConnell (2,400,000), Amir Minagar (2,300,000), Trevor Saunders (2,000,000), Daryl Hussey (1,800,000), Luca Borreggine (700,000) and Tony Sama (700,000).

By far the most aggressive player at the final table, Bain took no prisoners with ruthless raising and re-raising helping him go all the way – although it took one phenomenal piece of good fortune along the way to ensure his ultimate triumph. With eight players remaining, Bain raised from the hijack and was three-bet from the button by the only player with a bigger stack than his, Jim Collopy. Undeterred, Bain shoved with Collopy snap-calling holding pocket kings.

Bain was in trouble holding J-6, but a Jack on the flop and another on the turn saw him eliminate his main danger man and establish a huge chip lead on the rest of the field. Ironically, Bain found himself repeatedly attacked by the short stacks over the next few hours but after a seesawing heads-up battle with Nichols he eventually emerged victorious.

No doubt Bain was relieved as much as anything to finally get the job done. At the start of the day the field still comprised 43 players remaining and it took a marathon effort to navigate his way through the minefield. Nevertheless, he now holds a special place in history, having outlasted a record Sydney main event field of 648 starters to be the very first champion of APT Sydney.

Congratulations to Tristan on a stunning achievement, as well as to the three co-organisers –Star Poker, the Asian Poker Tour and the National Poker League – for running such a hugely successful tournament.

2013 Star Poker Summer Series $2000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event (648 players, 63 players paid) results

1 Tristan Bain $281,685

2 Brent Nichols $176,127

3 Daryl Hussey $95,645

4 Luca Borreggine $72,900

5 Tony Sama $59,486

6 Amir Minagar $47,823

7 Glenn McConnell $36,160

8 Jim Collopy $25,660

9 Trevor Saunders $18,080

10 Ronnie Shabtay $13,997

11 Andrew Li $13,997

12 Tony Kambouroglou $13,997

13 Edward Isaac $11,664

14 Ivan Ong $11,664

15 Ricky Lim $11,664

16 Ron Faul $9915

17 John Thomson $9915

18 Nicky Lungar $9915

19 Henry Tran $8748

20 Errolyn Strang $7582

21 Zeljko Pejasinovic $7582

22 Andrew Scarf $7582

23 Paul Tartak $7582

24 Jonathan Karamalikis $7582

25 Sasha Davidovic $6415

26 Alexander Antonios $6415

27 Jianguo Ruan $6,415

28 Sheldon Mayer $6415

29 Michael Malki $6415

30 Russell Smith $6415

31 Sam Vakili $6415

32 Hao Li $6,415

33 Ling Liu $5832

34 Kahle Burns $5832

35 Sam Capra $5832

36 Graeme Putt $5832

37 Phillip Dong $5832

38 Minh Nguyen $5832

39 Toan Nguyen $5832

40 Michael Webb $5249

41 Nicholas Lee $5249

42 Habib Bassam $5249

43 Tony Kondevski $5249

44 Alan Wilson $5249

45 David Dong Ming Yan $5249

46 Royce Lui $5249

47 Kyra Hutchison $4665

48 Joseph Russo $4665

49 Kamyar Ekrami $4665

50 David Allan $4665

51 Brendan Dunstan $4665

52 Sean Todd $4665

53 Andrew Lock $4665

54 Thomas Yam $4082

55 Martin Kozlov $4082

56 Mel Judah $4082

57 Teresa-Ann Natoli $4082

58 Adam Picker $4082

59 Laurence Hall $4082

60 Colin McCamley $4082

61 Stewart Scott $3500

62 Peter Simpson $3500

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