2013 Star Poker Summer Series – APT Sydney Main Event NLH / Day 3 / Final Table

5.00am: Tristan Bain wins APT Sydney main event ($281,685)

It took a 15-hour day and a final table that lasted the best part of eight hours but Tristan Bain has managed to grind it out to be crowned the inaugural champion of APT Sydney.

By far the most aggressive player at the final table, Bain took no prisoners once we reached the business end of the tournament with ruthless raising and re-raising helping him go all the way – although it took one phenomenal piece of good fortune along the way to get him there.

With eight players remaining, Bain raised from the hijack and was 3-bet from the button by the only player with a bigger stack than his, Jim Collopy. Undeterred, Bain shoved with Collopy snap-calling with pocket Kings.

Bain was in trouble holding J-6, but a Jack on the flop and another on the turn saw him eliminate his main danger man and establish a huge chip lead on the rest of the field.

Ironically, Bain found himself repeatedly sucked out on by the short stacks over the next few hours but after a seesawing heads-up battle with Brenton Nichols he eventually emerged victorious when his A-3 held firm against Nichols’ Q-10 in an all-in pre-flop battle (finishing the crippled Nichols off next hand).

No doubt Bain was relieved as much as anything to finally get the job done. At the start of the day we still had 43 players remaining and it took a marathon effort to navigate his way through the minefield.

Nevertheless, he now holds a special place in history, having outlasted a record Sydney main event field of 648 starters to be the very first champion of APT Sydney.

Congratulations to Tristan on a stunning achievement, as well as to the three co-organizers –Star Poker, the Asian Poker Tour and the National Poker League – for running such a hugely successful tournament.

We look forward to coming back next year for an event that we expect will only get bigger and better.

Top 10 payouts:

1   Tristan Bain    $281,685
2   Brent Nichols    $176,127
3   Daryl Hussey    $95,645
4   Luca Borreggine    $72,900
5   Tony Sama    $59,486
6   Amir Minagar    $47,823
7   Glenn McConnell    $36,160
8   Jim Collopy    $25,660
9   Trevor Saunders    $18,080
10   Ronnie Shabtay    $13,997

4.35am: Brent Nichols eliminated in 2nd ($176,127)

With Brent Nichols (pictured above) desperately short, the chips went in with Nichols holding 5-9 and Tristan Bain 4-8.

The board ran out 3-3-7-7-8 and Bain is finally crowned the inaugural APT Sydney champion!

4.30am: Bain wins monster, closes in on victory

And just like that, Tristan Bain has taken a stranglehold on the title. Brent Nichols shoved pre-flop and Tristan quickly called, tabling A-3 to be basically racing against Nichols’ Q-10.

The flop came 5-4-A to have him inching to victory and when no running cards came for Nichols he was left with just 900,000 while Bain has 17 million!

4.30am: Slow going

Well, we can tell you a deal has been done between the two heads-up players, but not much else has happened during the last 35 minutes of heads-up play. For the most part it has been limp on the button, check the option, check it down or bet-fold.

Perhaps the next blind jump – to 200,000/400,000 will do the trick?

3.55am: Nichols doubles

With the blinds at 200,000/400,000, Tristan Bain shoved the first hand after the break with J-9 and was called by Brent Nichols with K-Q.

The flop missed both players although it gave Nichols the flush draw and a K on the turn sealed the deal as the stacks suddenly levelled out at around 9 million each.

3.45am: Break time

The two remaining players, Tristan Bain and Brent Nichols, are enjoying a brief five-minute break.

It will be interesting to see how much longer their heads-up battle continues once they resume – blinds will double to 200,000/400,000 with a 30,000 ante!

3.30am: Daryl Hussey eliminated in 3rd ($95,645)

The very next hand after being left short, Hussey (pictured above) shoved with 6-6 and was called by Tristan Bain who held a dominating 7-7. The board ran out 3-9-J-K-7 and Bain spikes a set just for good measure on the river to send us to heads-up play!

Going into the head’s up battle, Bain has 14million in chips to Nichols’ 5million.

3.30am: Bain calls down Hussey

After a long, long time of very little happening, Tristan Bain and Daryl Hussey have just played out a mighty interesting hand that has seen Bain scoop a very healthy pot.

It began with Hussey completing from the small blind and Bain bumping it up from the big blind. Hussey called.

The flop came 3-3-2 and Hussey checked to Bain, who bet 325,000. Hussey check-raised to 700,000 and Bain called.

The turn was a K and this time Hussey led for 600,000. Bain called.

The river was an Ace and Hussey bets 1 million. Bain called and Hussey instantly mucked, with Bain now up to 12 million again and Hussey battling with 2 million.

3.00am: Chip counts

Latest chip counts:

Daryl Hussey – 7,200,000 4,000,000
Tristan Bain – 6,800,000 -1,150,000
Brent Nichols – 5,150,000 500,000

2.50am: Luca Borreggine eliminated in 4th ($72,900)

It’s been a long time since we lost a player but finally Luca Borreggine’s (pictured above) brave run has come to an end. Borregine shoved with A-8 and was called by Daryl Hussey with A-J. The board ran out 2-3-2-4-7 and Borreggine headed to the rail.

2.45am: Blinds are up

The action has slowed to a snail’s pace over the past 30 minutes – probably because everyone is trying to avoid busting in fourth – but with the blinds now going up to 100,000/200,000 it might kick things along a little.

If not, the players are in for a rude shock next level with the blinds due to double every level from now on. That means if we don’t lose any players in the next hour, the average stack size will be 10 big blinds!

2.15am: No deal?

We wonder if Brent Nichols is going to regret being the one player who refused to do a deal. With some huge jumps between the last four places on the pay scale, Tristan Bain, Luca Borreggine and Daryl Hussey all wanted to do a deal and had worked out some figures, but Nichols refused.

Two hands after play resumed, he got it in with 6s against the 3s of Hussey.

All looked good for Nichols as the board blanked to the turn, but a 3 on the river sent the rail into raptures as Hussey scooped the 5.7 million chip pot.

Hussey drops to 2.4 million.

1.30am: Blinds are up

Blinds are up to 80,000/160,000 with a 10,000 ante.

Latest chip counts:

Tristan Bain – 7,950,000 -3,250,000
Brent Nichols – 4,650,000 2,410,000
Luca Borreggine – 3,850,000 2,750,000
Daryl Hussey – 3,200,000 620,000

1.15am: Bain’s A-K no good again

This could well be the never ending final table. Tristan Bain opened on the button to 250,000 and Luca Borregine shoved for around 1.3 million from the small blind.

Bain called and turned over A-K yet again, with Borreggine revealing Q-J. Incredibly, the flop fell Q-J-J to give Borreggine a lock on the hand.

Bain could only shake his head in disbelief as he doubled an opponent up yet again.

Latest payouts

5  Tony Sama  $59,486
6  Amir Minagar  $47,823
7  Glenn McConnell  $36,160
8  Jim Collopy  $25,660
9  Trevor Saunders  $18,080
10  Ronnie Shabtay  $13,997
11  Andrew Li  $13,997
12  Tony Kambouroglou  $13,997
13  Edward Isaac  $11,664
14  Ivan Ong  $11,664
15  Ricky Lim  $11,664
16  Ron Faul  $9,915
17  John Thomson  $9,915
18  Nicky Lungar  $9,915

12.55am: Hussey doubles through Bain

Daryl Hussey has just scored a big double through Tristan Bain thanks to some luck on the river.

Hussey shoved from the small blind holding Q-9 but ran into Bain’s A-K. The 10-J-flop kept plenty of interest in the hand as a 5 landed on the turn. The 9 on the river was a great card for Hussey, however, as he double through to over 4 million in chips.

12.45am: Tony Sama eliminated in 5th ($59,486)

Tony Sama (pictured above) was down to four big blinds before he scored a double to take him back up to almost 10 big blinds, but when he shoved for the third hand in a row with K-Q he ran smack bang into the A-A of Tristan Bain.

The board ran out Q-9-2-2-4 and Sama is out the door!

12.35am: New level

Blinds are up to 60,000/120,000 with a 10,000 ante

11.55pm: Minagar’s run comes to an end, eliminated in 6th ($47,823)

Tony Sama opened for 200k, Amir Minagar (pictured above) pushed all-in and the big stack Tristan Bain also announced all-in. Sama gets out of the way and we see Minagar show a pair of sixes against the queens of Bain. The board comes 10 10 3 4 8 so we lose the overnight chip leader in 6th position while Bain motors on with over 12 million in chips.

11.30pm: Back to it

Players are back from their break to face Level 29 with blinds 50000/100000 with an ante of 10000.

11.20pm: Break time

Players are now on a 10-minute break.

Chip counts are as follows:

Tristan Bain – 11,200,000
Daryl Hussey – 2,580,000
Brent Nichols – 2,240,000
Tony Sama – 1,170,000
Amir Minagar – 1,100,000
Luca Borreggine – 1,100,000

11.20pm: Glenn McConnell eliminated in 7th ($36,160)

The superb run of Glenn McConnell (pictured above) has finally come to an end. McConnell qualified for this event through an NPL freeroll and has turned that into more than $36,000!

His final hand came when he shipped his short stack with K-Q and was called by Daryl Hussey with 7-7. The board ran out J-A-J-2-6 and McConnell heads to the cage to collect his winnings!

11.15pm: Jim Collopy eliminated in 8th ($25,660)

Did that just happen? We’ve just witnessed a stunning and most unlikely clash of the big stacks which has seen Collopy sent to the rail in remarkable fashion. And while Bain is known to be wildly aggressive, even he would know the poker Gods have certainly shined on him in this one.

The hand began with Bain opening to 160,000 and being met with a 3-bet from Jim Collopy (pictured above) on the button to 425,000. Bain then shoved and was snap-called by Collopy, who turned over K-K.

Bain sheepishly showed J-6. The flop landed J-8-Q, which kept Collopy in the lead, but another J on the turn was the miracle Bain needed. To rub salt into the wound, a 6 landed on the river to fill him up while a stunned Collopy went from the second biggest stack at the table to the rail in a matter of seconds.

Bain moves to a hugely commanding 12 million in chips – almost four times more than his nearest challenger!

11.05pm: Borreggine finds miracle double

Luca Borreggine (pictured above) has just scored a crucial double-up, albeit in fairly fortunate circumstances. Borregine shoved his last 550,000 with A-s of spades and was called by Brent Nichols with Q-Q.

The flop came 8-4-4 rainbow and it wasn’t looking good for Borreggine, but the 7 of spades on the turn gave him a lot more outs and when the J of spades landed on the river he had managed a miracle survival.

He remains short, however, with 1.2 million.

10.55pm: Bain wins monster to take chip lead.

We’ve just witnessed a huge hand between Tristan Bain and Glenn McConnell which has seen Bain scoop in the monster pot despite having a terrible difficult decision to make on the river.

It began with Bain opening UTG and McConnell calling in the big blind. The flop came K-J-4 with two diamonds and McConnell donked for 200,000. Bain called.

The turn was the 6d and this time McConnel checked to Bain who bet 375,000. McConnell called. When a 10 landed on the river, McConnell again checked to Bain who bet 745,000.

McConnell then check-raised all-in, sending Bain into the tank for a full five minutes.

“How do you keep doing this to me?” Bain asked. “You know I’ve got a flush, right?”

Eventually Bain made the call with the Qd-8d for the flush and was pleased to see McConnell’s set of Jacks. Bain is up to 6.3 million while McConnell has less than 500,000 to his name.

10.25pm: Blind rise

Blinds are up to 40,000/80,000 with a 5,000 ante.

10.25pm: Minagar slipping

Overnight big stack Amir Minagar (pictured above) is now finding himself in a bit of strife following a hand played against Brent Nichols.

It began with Nichols opening the button and Minagar calling in the big blind. The flop came Q-J-3 and Nichols continued for 175,000. Minagar called.

The turn was an 8 and this time Minagar check-called a bet of 285,000. When the river came a repeat J, Nichols bet 385,000, sending Minagar deep into the tank. He eventually folded and is now down to 1.3 million.

10.05pm: McConnell makes his move

Glenn McConnell has just won a sizeable chunk from chip leader Jim Collopy. The hand began with Collopy opening to 120,000 and McConnell calling from the big blind.

The flop came A-8-8 and Collopy bet 150,000. McConnell called.

The turn was a 10 and McConnell led this time for 200,000. Collopy called. The river was a 7 and McConnell checked to Collopy who bet 375,000. McConnell then check-raised to 1 million.

Collopy eventually called but folded with a shake of the head when McConnell showed K-8 for flopped trips. McConnell is up to 3.3 million after that hand while Collopy falls to 3.6 million.

9.55pm: Trevor Saunders eliminated in 9th ($18,080)

Trevor Saunders (pictured above) was the short stack at the table when he opened to 140,000 from UTG. Tristan Bain asked how much he had behind, which was about 700,000, and re-raised enough to put him all-in. Saunders called and tabled A-J but would need to spike an Ace to beat the J-J of Bain.

None came on the 10-4-2-Q-9 board and Saunders is the first member of our final table to fall by the wayside.

9.30pm: Sama doubles

Tony Sama has just doubled through to 1.4 million on the first hand of the final table, courtesy of Trevor Saunders. With blinds at 30,000/60,000 with a 5,000 ante, the short-stacked Sama shoved for 700,000 with 2s and was called by Saunders who held A-J.

Saunders whiffed the board and Sama hit a set on the river for good measure to get himself back in the mix at 1.4 million.

Saunders drops down to 1.3 million.

9.25pm: Final table redraw

The players have just redrawn for the final table of the inaugural APT Sydney main event and play is about to get underway.

The seating draw and chip counts are as follows:

Seat 1: Glenn McConnell – 2,400,000
Seat 2: Daryl Hussey – 1,800,000
Seat 3: Tristan Bain – 2,700,000
Seat 4: Luca Borreggine – 700,000
Seat 5: Jim Collopy – 4,100,000
Seat 6: Brent Nichols – 3,200,000
Seat 7: Tony Sama – 700,000
Seat 8: Amir Minagar – 2,300,000
Seat 9: Trevor Saunders – 2,000,000

9.05pm: Ronnie Shabtay eliminated in 10th ($13,997)

Our final table has been set! On the last hand before players disappeared on a 10-minute break, Amir Minagar opened to 105,000 and Glenn McConnell called on the button.

Ronnie Shabtay (pictured above) then shoved for 700,000 with Minagar making the call. When the cards were flipped it was Shabtay’s 8s against the A-K of Minagar, who spiked a K on the K-9-4 flop.

Shabtay was yelling for a miracle but it didn’t arrive as the board ran out 3-J to give us our final 9!

8.55pm: Andrew Li eliminated in 11th ($13,997)

Tristan Bain raised to 100,000 UTG and it was folded around to Andrew Li (pictured above) in the big blind. He thought briefly before announcing he was all-in for his last 600,000.

Bain quickly called and turned over 8-8 to be well ahead of Li’s A-6.

The board ran out 4-5-Q-3-J and Li is our latest casualty. Bain is up to 2.7 million.

8.40pm: Tony Kambouroglou eliminated in 12th ($13,997)

What a ride it’s been for Tony Kambouroglou (pictured above) over the past hour or so. Having gone from a big stack to a short stack to an average stack again, he forced a fold from Jim Collopy with a pre-flop 3-bet but it didn’t work out so well the next.

Collopy again opened to 120,000 and Kambouroglou shoved for 1.3 million. Collopy called with 10s and was racing against Kambouroglou’s A-K. The board ran out 2-9-4-7-J and “Toothpick” Tony is eliminated while Collopy now has a whopping 3.7 million.

8.30pm: Edward Isaac eliminated in 13th ($11,664)

Edward Isaac (pictured above) raised in late position and was called by Brent Nichols in late position. The flop came 4-6-4 and Isaac bet 100,000. Nichols called.

The turn was a J and Isaac shoved. Nichols thought briefly before making the call with K-J to be well ahead of Isaac’s 6-9. The river 4 filled both players up but it was Nichols raking in the pot as Isaac disappears into the ether.

8.20pm: The Toothpick that could

Tony Kambouroglou was very short-stacked not long ago but he has just doubled through twice in consecutive hands – both times against Amir Minagar – to move back to around 900,000.

The first saw him shove with 10-8 and get called by K-Q, with Kambouroglou spiking a 10 on the river. Next hand he picked up A-K to Minagar’s Q-Q and an Ace on the flop was enough to keep him alive.

8.15pm: Ivan Ong eliminated in 14th ($11,664)

Luca Borregine raised on the button, which was easily enough to put Ivan Ong (pictured above) all-in. Ronnie Shabtay also made the call as they looked to send Ong packing.

The flop was all low cards and after the hand was checked all the way, Shabtay looked satisfied that his 10-7 for top two was the winning hand, but Borregine showed 8-2 of spades for the flush.

Ong mucked without showing and we’re down to 14.

8.10pm: Ricky Lim eliminated in 15th ($11,664)

Having had very little go his way today, Ricky Lim (pictured above) shoved with A-10 and typically ran into the A-Q of Andrew Li. The board blanked and Lim hits the rail in 15th.

8.05pm: Next level

And with that the blinds are up to 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante.

8.05pm: Ron Faul eliminated in 16th ($9,915)

Ron Faul (pictured above) is the latest casualty of a hectic little period here at The Star, getting it in with A-K for his last 707,000 and finding a call from Brent Nichols, who held pocket 8s.

The flop was a disaster for Faul as it came 3-6-8, leaving him drawing dead and down to his last 50,000 – which lasted just one more hand before his time had come to an end.

8.00pm: All gain for Bain

A huge hand has been played out on Table 4 which has seen Tristan Bain jump to over 2 million in chips while Tony Kambouroglou is down to just over 200,000.

The hand began with Kambouroglou opening to 85,000 and Bain calling on the button. The flop came J-3-5 and both players checked. The turn was an 8 and Kambouroglou bet 160,000 with Bain re-raising to 380,000. Kambouroglou called.

When the river came a 4, Kambouroglou checked to Bain who shoves for 847,000. Kambouroglou tanked for a full five minutes and eventually called, but mucked without showing when Bain turned over J-8 for top two!

7.55pm: John Thomson eliminated in 17th ($9,915)

There was a three-way all-in on Table 3 as Ivan Ong shipped from UTG and John Thomson (pictured above) did the same with his short stack from late position.

Luca Borreggine then announced he was all-in as well from the blinds and when the cards were turned over it was Borreggine looking good with A-A against the A-J of Ong and 8-8 of Thomson. The board ran out 7-10-3-K-9 and Boreegine rockets up to 1.6 million while Ong is now on life support.

Thomson was the short stack and is off to the cage.

7.35pm: Collopy enjoys the free ride

Jim Collopy is now nursing a monster attack after playing a huge pot against Tony Sama. The hand began with Sama opening to 85,000 and Collopy 3-betting to 185,000.

Sama called and they saw an A-10-8 flop. Sama checked to Collopy who bet 200,000, before Sama shoved over the top. Collopy snap-called with A-10 to have Sama drawing virtually dead with A-3.

Another 10 on the river filled Collopy up as he moved to 2.3 million, while Sama drops to 600,000.

7.30pm: Nicky “Lungar” Predescu eliminated in 18th ($9,915)

Short stack Nicky Lungar (pictured above) had doubled up on the first hand back from the break after getting in with Aces to Ricky Lim’s 8-8, but the tables were turned soon after when he shoved with 2-2 and was called by Tony Sama with Kings.

The board ran out 8-3-A-5-Q and Predescu is eliminated in 18th.

7.15pm: Chip counts

Amir Minagar – 2,300,000
Tony Kambouroglou – 1,900,000
Daryl Hussey – 1,745,000
Trevor Saunders – 1,500,000
Tony Sama – 1,420,000
Tristan Bain – 1,200,000
Glenn McConnell – 1,180,000
Brent Nichols – 1,120,000
Ronnie Shabtay – 1,100,000
Jim Collopy – 1,100,000
Ron Faul – 975,000
Edward Isaac – 850,000
Anthony Li – 850,000
Luca Borreggine – 740,000
Ricky Lim – 630,000
Ivan Ong – 610,000
John Thomson – 350,000
Nicky Lunga – 300,000

7.00pm: Back from the break

We’re back from dinner and ready to play down to our final table!

6.15pm: Dinner break

With the final two tables now redrawn, players are on a 45-minute dinner break. We’ll see you back here just before 7pm local time as we look to play down to our final table and then, presumably, on to a winner.

Latest payouts:

19  Henry Tran  $8,748
20  Errolyn Strang  $7,582
21  Zeljko Pejasinovic  $7,582
22  Andrew Scarf  $7,582
23  Paul Tartak  $7,582
24  Jonathan Karamalikis  $7,582
25  Sasha Davidovic  $6,415
26  Alexander Antonios  $6,415
27  Jianguo Ruan  $6,415

6.10pm: Trouble for Tran

Henry Tran (pictured above) has quickly followed Errolyn Strang out the door after shoving with A-K and being called by Tristain Bain with A-Q. The 6-3-6 flop was good for Tran but a Q on the turn was a disaster and his day is over.

With Tran’s elimination we are down to 18 and the floor staff are re-drawing for the final two tables.

6.00pm: Strang strikes out

Errolyn Strang (pictured above) has been eliminated after picking the wrong time to try and push Ron Faul off his hand. It was a blind v blind battle as Faul raised to 95,000 from the small blind and Strang re-raised to 320,000 from the big.

Faul quickly announced he was all-in, leaving Strang with no choice but to sheepishly call with 10-7. Faul showed J-J and when the board ran out A-8-8-A-5, Strang was left crippled. She was eliminated next hand.

5.35pm: Pejasinovic sent packing

Errolyn Strang shoved the button for just over 300,000 and was called by Zeljko Pejasinovic (pictured above) in the big blind.

Strang held Q-J to be racing against Pejasinovic’s 10s. A Jack on the flop and a Q on the turn were more than enough to see her double through, while Pejasinovic was left with just two big blinds and was sent to the rail next hand.

5.25pm: Toothpick hits 2 million

Tony Kambouroglou’s stack continues to climb as he becomes the first player to reach 2 million. He did so following a hand against Zeljko Pejasinovic, which saw Kambouroglou bet 120,000 on the turn of a 7h-10d-3d-5h board. Pejasinovic called.

The river was the 7d and this time Kambouroglou bet 280,000. Pejasinovic called but mucked at the sight of Kambouroglou’s Ad-5d for the nut flush.

5.20pm: Scarf necked

We caught the action on a 7-Q-J flop with a bet of 225,000 in front of Tristan Bain. Andrew Scarf (pictured above) then shoved and overnight chip leader Amir Minagar came over the top, eventually forcing a fold from Bain.

Incredibly, Scarf showed A-10 and Minagar A-K. The board ran out 3-5 and Bain let out a cry, announcing he had seriously considered calling with his pocket 2s.

Scarf is our latest casualty with Minagar up to 1.95 million and Bain on 600,000.

5.10pm: Blind rise

The blinds are up to 15,000/30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

5.10pm: Tartak tarmac-ed

After Andrew Li opened in the cut-off, a short-stacked Paul Tartak (pictured above) shoved on the button for 175,000 and for the second time today ran straight into the big pair of Trevor Saunders who shoved over the top.

Li folded and it was Tartak’s K-9 against the Q-Q of Saunders. The board ran out 7-4-8-6-A and Tartak’s great run finally comes to an end.

5.05pm: Karamalikis KO’d

Having copped a brutal beat a few minutes earlier to leave himself short, Jonathan Karamalikis found himself in a hand with Daryl Hussey on a board reading A-A-8. Karamalikis shoved but Hussey snap-called to have a lock on the hand with A-Q to Karamalikis’ Q-8.

Just like that the field becomes a lot softer as the most feared player in the room heads to the cage.

4.55pm: Two more out the door

We’ve lost both Alexander Antonios and Sasha Davidovic in the past 15 minutes as we drop down to 24 players remaining.

Davidovic called a shove from Andrew Li on the turn of a board reading A-6-4-5 but was in trouble with 4-5 against the A-6 of Li. A 10 on the river sealed his fate.

4.35pm: Payouts so far

28 Sheldon Mayer $6,415
29 Michael Malki $6,415
30 Russell Smith $6,415
31 Sam Vakili $6,415
32 Hao Li $6,415
33 Ling Liu $5,832
34 Kahle Burns $5,832
35 Sam Capra $5,832
36 Graeme Putt $5,832
37 Phillip Dong $5,832
38 Minh Nguyen $5,832
39 Toan Nguyen $5,832
40 Michael Webb $5,249
41 Nicholas Lee $5,249
42 Habib Bassam $5,249
43 Tony Kondevski $5,249
44 Alan Wilson $5,249
45 David Dong Ming Yan $5,249
46 Royce Lui $5,249
47 Kyra Hutchison $4,665
48 Joseph LoRusso $4,665
49 Kamyar Ekrami $4,665
50 David Allan $4,665
51 Brendan Dunstan $4,665
52 Sean Todd $4,665
53 Andrew Lock $4,665
54 Thomas Yam $4,082
55 Martin Kozlov $4,082
56 Mel Judah $4,082
57 Teresa-Ann Natoli $4,082
58 Adam Picker $4,082
59 Laurence Hall $4,082
60 Conin McCamley $4,082
61 Stewart Scott $3,500
62 Peter Simpson $3,500

4.30pm: Sama soars

Tony Sama is our new chip leader after eliminating Jianguo Ruan (pictured above) – affectionately known here at The Star as “The Uncle”.

We’re not sure about the pre-flop action, but we did see the monster pot building on the turn with the board reading 6-4-7-A. Both players managed to get it in with The Uncle showing A-J to be drawing dead against Sama’s 6-6.

Sama now has 1.7 million and we’re down to 26 remaining.

4.15pm: We’re back

Cards are back in the air with blinds at 12,000/24,000 with a 5,000 ante.

We are now down to 27 players remaining following the elimination of Sheldon Mayer on the first hand after the break, with the average stack sitting right on 30 big blinds.

4.05pm: The big stacks

Amir Minagar – 1,600,000
Tony Kambouroglou – 1,400,000
Ricky Lim – 1,000,000
Jonathan Karamalikis – 980,000
Jim Collopy – 950,000
Ronnie Shabtay – 950,000
Brent Nichols – 950,000
Zeljko Pejasinovic – 900,000
Ivan Ong – 900,000

4.00pm: Break time

The remaining 28 players are on their first 10-minute break of the day

4.00pm: Blind v blind

Paul Tartak was pretty pleased to look down at J-J in the small blind and happily put Trevor Saunders all-in. Unfortunately for Tartak, Saunders held Aces and the board blanked to move the latter to just over 300,000.

Tartak has about the same.

3.55pm: Strang doubles

Errolyn Strang has just doubled thanks to an error by Edward Isaac. Strang shoved in the cut-off for 186,000 but Isaac didn’t notice in the small blind and announced call – meaning to complete.

Instead, he was forced to call Strang’s shove. Strang held A-J to Isaac’s A-4 and the board ran out 3-J-10-5-7 to move her up to around 400,000.

3.45pm: Malki bites the dust

Michael Malki’s (pictured above) efforts to eliminate himself have finally paid off at the hands of Tony Kambouroglou.

Having recently risen above a million then dropped a large chunk of it again, he and Kambouroglou went to a 9-8-Q flop with Kambouroglou betting 85,000. Malki shoved over the top for another 437,000 and Kambouroglou eventually made the call with Aces.

Malki showed the monstrous 9-2 and when the board ran out J-6, Malki’s bizarre but entertaining run was over. He collects $6,415 for his efforts.

3.30pm: Vakili vanquished

Sam Vakili (pictured above) shipped his last 400,000 with K-Q and was called by Michael Malki who held A-5.

The board was no help to Vakili and just to rub salt into the wound, Malki made a straight on the river as it ran out 3-2-J-6-4.

“I’ve had enough, I just want to go home,” Malki commented after sending another to the rail. He is now back up over 1 million.

3.10pm: Burns blindsided

It might be fair to say that our one-time chip leader Michael Malki has lost the plot, but sometimes that can work in your favour in the game of poker. Having called off a heap against Tony Kambouroglou with J-10, he just called a shove from Kahle Burns (pictured above) holding 4-5 to Burns’ A-K.

Cruelly for Burns, the flop came 6-7-8, giving Malki the straight and sending the youngster to the rail.

Malki is back up to 620,000.

3.05pm: Blinds are up

Amidst all the chaos, the blinds have just jumped to 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante.

We lost nine players in the first hour, with 34 remaining. Among those to hit the rail are Tony Kondevski and Graeme Putt.

3.05pm: Pejasinovic rises, rollercoaster for Toothpick

Zeljko Pejasinovic has enjoyed a stunning rise so far today, coming from the third shortest stack in the room at the start of play with just 132,000 to over a million.

Having moved to 550,000, he just won a massive pot against Tony Kambouroglou. On a Q-J-6 board, Kambouroglou bet 110,000 with Pejasinovic announcing he was all-in. Kambouroglou eventually made the call with A-Q but was in trouble against Pejasinovic’s J-J.

That hand dropped Kambouroglou down to 290,000 but the very next hand he picked up Q-Q, got it in against Michael Malki’s J-10 and saw the board run out A-J-3-8-4 to move back over 600,000.

2.55pm: Sheldon soars

Sheldon Mayer has just scored a crucial double up and more. Sheldon opened to 32,000 from the button and was met with a 3-bet from Errolyn Strang from the small blind to 85,000.

Ron Faul then shoves for 500,000 from the big blind with Sheldon snap-calling. Strang folded.

It was Sheldon’s K-K v Faul’s A-K and the board ran out Q-9-3-6-K to propel Sheldon to 450,000 while Faul drops back to 150,000.

2.40pm: Luca likes what he sees

Luca Borreggine mentioned to us at the end of Day 2 that although he was glad to be alive, he could really do with a few big hands early today. Well, he has already had Aces twice and Kings once so it seems his wish has come true.

His A-A were also responsible for our latest elimination with Toan Nguyen (pictured above) sent packing. Nguyen got it in with 9s and the 8-4-8-5-7 wasn’t what he needed to stay in the hunt.

2.30pm: Webb whacked

Mick Webb’s deep run has come to an end at the hands of Tristan Bain. Webb got it in for his last 160,000 with A-10 but ran into the J-J of Bain. The board ran out 8-2-6-6-10 and one more player hits the rail.

2.35pm: Collopy taking it to them

Jim Collopy has been particularly busy this morning. We caught him in a hand with Edward Isaac a few minutes ago with 160,000 in the middle and Issac facing a 150,000 bet from Collopy – half of Isaac’s stack – on a Q-J-6-3 board. Isaac tank-folded.

Next hand Isaac raised UTG and received calls from both Glenn McConnell and Collopy in the blinds. McConnell donked from the small blind on a 3-3-5 flop and was met with a re-raise from Collopy. Both players folded.

Collopy is up to 1.1 million

2.30pm: Lee out of luck

Nicholas Lee has just been eliminated despite flopping a set of 7s. It was an easy decision for the short-stacked Lee to get it in pre-flop, with Ivan Ong making the call with J-J. For a moment, Lee thought he was good too when a 7 appeared on the flop, but so too did a J and Lee is our third player eliminated this morning following Tony Kondevski’s exit a few minutes earlier.

2.10pm: First player gone

Habib Bassam’s (pictured above) stay didn’t last too long this afternoon. He was the unfortunate victim of a pretty standard cooler, running his A-K into the K-K of Ronnie Shabtay.

The board ran out Q-J-6-K-9 and he was off to the cage to collect his prize money. Shabtay, meanwhile, is off to a great start with around 720,000 in chips.

2.05pm: Chip counts

Amir Minagar 1,318,000
Mourad Malki 1,086,000
Alexander Antonios 1,022,000
Tristan Bain 902,000
Antonis Kambouroglou 829,000
Brenton Nichols 821,000
James Collopy 811,000
Jonathan Karamalikis 648,000
Errolyn Strang 634,000
Ivan Ong 606,000
Tony Sama 605,000
Daryl Hussey 600,000
Jianguo Ruan 535,000
Ricky Lim 530,000
Glenn McConnell 492,000
Ron Faul 469,000
Andrew Scarf 465,000
Edward Isaac 450,000
Ronnie Shabtay 437,000
Sasha Davidovic 433,000
Michael Webb 426,000
Phillip Dong 366,000
Nicholas Lee 343,000
Toan Nguyen 332,000
Hao Li 328,000
Sam Vakili 319,000
Nicholae Predescu 305,000
Sam Capra 301,000
Sheldon Mayer 299,000
Bassam Habib 298,000
Kahle Burns 291,000
John Thomson 275,000
Graeme Putt 274,000
Todor Kondevski 221,000
Trevor Saunders 188,000
Minh Hau Nguyen 188,000
Russell Smith 185,000
Henry Tran 168,000
Luca Borreggine 139,000
Ling Liu 136,000
Zeljko Pejasinovic 132,000
Andrew Li 130,000
Paul Tartak 122,000

2.00pm: Day 3 underway

It’s Day 3 here at APT Sydney in what may or may not be the final day (but probably won’t be) of this year’s main event.

From a huge starting field of 650 players, we’re down to our final 43 with all players now in the money.

Among them are some big names, too, including Jonathan Karamalikis, Jim Collopy, Tristan Bain, Tony Kambouroglou, Errolyn Strang, Sheldon Mayer and Sam Capra.

Leading the way is Amir Minagar with 1,318,000 while a total of three players start the day with over 1 million in chips.

Out first point of order today will be to play down to a final table and from there, depending on what time it is, a decision will be made on whether to play through or come back tomorrow to determine a winner.

Either way, PMA will be here to bring you all the action from the inaugural APT Sydney!

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