PUB POKER: NPL seeks new Licensees in Victoria

One of Australia’s premier pub poker leagues, the National Poker League (NPL), are seeking Expressions of Interest from Victorian-based entrepreneurs, to become NPL Licensees, to run their own poker business with the support of the NPL. They are seeking people with a passion for poker, who may have worked or played poker and want the opportunity to join in the success of NPL.

The NPL has been operating in NSW, Queensland and South Australia since 2006. Their growth has been considerable with more than 35 Licensees, more than 300 venues hosting some 500-plus Texas Hold’em Poker tournaments every week. More than 350,000 poker players are registered with the NPL.

In September 2013, Joe Hachem, 2005 WSOP champion, was announced as Brand Ambassador for the NPL. Joe was born in Victoria and calls Melbourne home. He is a major investor in the NPL business enterprise and supports the move into his home State. Hachem is involved with the NPL VIP Club that helps raise the game of league players.

To complete an Expression of Interest visit or for more information visit

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