2013 Sydney Championships – Main Event ($3000) NLHE / Day 2

2:10am: Daniel Laidlaw leads field into Day 3

And that brings us to the end of Day 2 of the 2013 Sydney Championships main event. With 11 players still remaining, we haven’t quite reached the final table although it shouldn’t take too long to get there once we return tomorrow to play down to our winner.

Leading the way heading into Day 3 is highly respected pro Daniel Laidlaw (pictured below) who stacks up a whopping 728,000. He can thank a hand played against David Yan for much of that stack. Late in the day, Yan bet the flop and river before shoving the river with J-7 on a J-high board, but Laidlaw had rivered the nut straight and raked in a huge pot. Yan was eliminated soon after.

Also still in contention are Aaron Benton, Michael Kanaan and “Toothpick” Tony Kambouroglou who will all be looking to add to their impressive poker resumes.

It’s been a long day here at The Star. Play began at 12.30pm with 102 players remaining and although we cut a swathe through the field early with well over half the field eliminated within the first four levels, play naturally slowed at the money approached.

Among those to fall before the bubble were Brendon Rubie, Jonathan Karamalikis, Michael Guzzardi, Jordan Westmorland, Ricky Kroesen, Sam Capra, Tam Truong and overnight chip leader Martin Rowe.

Others made the money but couldn’t convert it into a big score, including Leo Boxell, Didier Guerin and Phillip Willcox.

The remaining players will return at 2pm later today to play down to our champion and the $165,256 first prize. Be sure to join us here at PokerMedia Australia as we bring you all the final table action live from The Star Poker room.

Day 3 chip counts:

Daniel Laidlaw – 728,000
Michael Weiss – 682,000
Kwong Phung – 662,000
Aaron Benton – 652,000
Phi Yuu – 361,000
Michael Kanaan – 340,000
Sailendra Sa – 296,000
Tony Kambouroglou – 282,000
Michael Doodson – 222,000
Brad Fowler – 191,000
Robert Spano – 127,000

1:10am: David Yan eliminated in 12th ($11,123)

Daniel Laidlaw has just won a huge pot at the expense of David Yan (pictured below) which crippled the one-time chip leader and sent him to the rail soon after.

On a flop of 5c-2h-2c, Yan bet 50,000 and Laidlaw made the call. The Jd landed on the turn and this time Yan bet 82,000. Laidlaw called again.

The river was the 4c and when checked to Yan shoved for around 260,000. Laidlaw called and tabled Ac-10c for the nut flush while Yan showed J-7 for top pair.

Yan was eliminated next hand when he shoved his few remaining chips with Q-10 and couldn’t out-run Aaron Benton’s K-J.

Meanwhile, Laidlaw now boasts a whopping stack of 935,000.

1am: Final level

The clock has just ticked over into our final level of the night with blinds at 5000/10000 and a 1000 ante.

12:55am: Michael Roth eliminated in 13th ($9534)

Michael Roth (pictured below) had waited patiently for the right time to shove and thought he had found it when he shipped the button with 10s. He was called in the big blind by Michael Weiss with 7s.

The flop was an interesting one as it came 10-7-2 but all spades, giving Roth top set but Weiss a flush draw. Cruelly, the 4s arrived on the turn and when the river didn’t pair the board Roth was sent to the rail.

12:45am: Stack sizes

Stack size for the 13 players remaining are:

Sailendra Sa – 600,000
Daniel Laidlaw – 500,000
Brad Fowler – 470,000
Robert Spano – 420,000
Aaron Benton – 400,000
David Yan – 400,000
Tony Kambouroglou – 350,000
Kwong Phung – 280,000
Michael Weiss – 260,000
Michael Kanaan – 200,000
Phi Yuu – 180,000
Michael Roth – 150,000
Michael Doodson – 145,000

12:25am: Edison Nguyen eliminated in 14th ($9543)

A short-stacked Edison Nguyen (pictured below) got his chips in with Q-J and was called by the A-K of Brad Fowler. The board ran out K-5-2-2-9 and all of a sudden we’re down to 13!

12:25am: Andrew Miller eliminated in 15th ($9543)

Tony Kambouroglou opened to 21,000 in the cut-off and was met with a shove for around 120,000 from Andrew Miller (pictured below) in the big blind. He quickly called and tabled A-A to be way ahead of Miller’s 9s.

An Ace on the flop sealed the deal as the board ran out A-5-7-Q-5.

12:20am: Nguyen sinking

Edison Nguyen has just been crippled by Robert Spano in a blind v blind confrontation. On an innocent looking Q-2-4 flop, Nguyen bet 21,000 and was check-raised by Spano to 42,000.

Nguyen thought briefly before shoving but knew he was in trouble when Spano just about beat him into the pot. It was Spano with A-Q against Nguyen’s Q-6 and when no 6 arrived, Nguyen was left with just 42,000 in front.

12:05am: Didier Guerin eliminated in 16th ($7945)

Moments after Brad Bower’s elimination, a short-stacked Didier Guerin (pictured below) got it in with K-7 against the A-K of Michael Roth. The board ran out 4-9-10-2-6 and Guerin is our 16th-place finisher.

12:05am: Brad Bower eliminated in 17th ($7945)

Brad Bower (pictured below) shoved from the button with K-4 and was called by Brad Fowler with K-J. The board ran out 10-8-5-A-J and Bower hits the rail.

12:00am: Two more levels

We’ve just been informed by the floor staff that we will play two more levels tonight – unless we reach the final nine first – then bag and tag with whatever is left. At this stage it looks highly unlikely that we will reach the final table in that time. Blinds are now up to 4000/8000 with a 500 ante.

11:50pm: Break time

It’s been painfully slow going for the past 40 minutes with little major action to speak of. Twice we’ve seen two players getting it in only for both to turn up with A-K, so no-one has been at any risk. Players are now on a 10-minute break.

10:45pm: Zac Boustani eliminated in 18th ($7945)

Zac Boustani (pictured below) had about 60,000 left when he woke up with K-10 and quickly got it in. Unfortunately for him, Edison Nguyen held K-K and when the board ran out 9-Q-10-7-A he was off to the cage to collect his winnings.

10:40pm: Daniel Abadee eliminated in 19th ($6356)

Perhaps Sailendra Sa should be known as the Terminator from now on. Just moments after eliminating Michael O’Grady, he has also sent Daniel Abadee (pictured below) packing.

Abadee was quick to get his remaining 120,000 in with A-K but ran into the K-K of Sa. The board ran out Q-high and Abadee kills off another to move to just under 700,000!

10:30pm: Michael O’Grady eliminated in 20th ($6356)

Michael O’Grady (pictured below) has been eliminated. Holding K-J, O’Grady shipped the turn for around 120,000 after Sailendra Sa had bet the flop and turn on a 5-7-2-7 board with two clubs.

Sa called with the J-9 of clubs and hit one of the cards he needed when the 9 spiked on the river. He soars to 550,000 and is our new chip leader.

10:20pm: Peter Skouteris eliminated in 21st($6356)

It was the battle of the short stacks as Daniel Abadee shoved with K-Q and was called by Peter Skouteris (pictured below) with 5s. Unfortunately for Skouteris a K landed on the flop and he is the latest player to hit the rail.

10:10pm: O’Grady crippled

Players have just returned from a 10-minute break. The blinds are now at 2500/5000 with a Michael O’Grady has been crippled in a hand with Kwong Phung.

The action began with Phung opening to 11,000 and O’Grady 3-betting to 27,500. Phung called. The flop came K-4-9 all diamonds. Phung check-called a bet of 18,000 as the dealer burned and turned the 5h.

This time O’Grady bet 35,000 with Phung check-raising all-in for another 55,000 on top. O’Grady thought long and hard before making the call.

It was Phung’s set of 5s against O’Grady’s A-J with him needing a diamond to steal the pot. Instead the 6c landed as Phung rockets back up to 290,000. O’Grady now sits with just 60,000.

9:50pm: New level

Players have just returned from a 10-minute break. The blinds are now at 2500/5000 with a 500 ante.

9:40pm: The big stacks

Daniel Laidlaw – 350,000
Sailendra Sa – 340,000
Michael Roth – 310,000
Brad Fowler – 295,000
David Yan – 290,000
Aaron Benton – 280,000

9:30pm: Leo Boxell eliminated in 22nd ($5720)

The short stacks are heading out the door in a rush with Leo Boxell (pictured below) the latest casualty. Boxell was all-in with A-J on a 6-2-J flop but found himself well behind the Q-Q of Michael Kanaan. The turn and river bricked and another deep run from Boxell comes to an end.

9:25pm: John Apostolidis eliminated in 23rd ($5720)

Just as Willcocks was departing the poker room, John Apostolidis (pictured below) was also sent packing by Edison Nguyen. The chips were all-in pre-flop with Apostolidis looking good with A-Q against Nguyen’s Q-J, but the latter turned Broadway to send his opponent home early.

9:20pm: Phillip Willcocks eliminated in 24th ($5720)

Extreme short stack Phillip Willcocks (pictured below) did a great job to survive to the money but he didn’t last long once the bubble burst. Willcocks got it in with J-J against the K-Jss of Sailendra Sha.

The flop spelled trouble for Willcocks when it fell 2-5-6 with two spades and when the 8 of spades landed on the turn his day was done.

9:10pm: The bubble has burst

Former Aussie Millions champion Tyron Krost (pictured below) is our bubble boy. Krost has just been eliminated which means we are now officially in the money! Krost led for 16,000 on a board of A-K-A-4-J and was re-raised by Brad Bower to 40,000.

After tanking for a good two minutes, Krost eventually put the remainder of his chips in but mucked instantly once Bower showed A-9 for trips.

Bower is up to 190,000 while the remaining 24 players are all guaranteed $5,720.

8:50pm: Lots of chips

While two of our remaining three tables have a number of short stacks trying to survive, Table 3 is hosting a lot of chips with David Yan (370,000), Aaron Benton (300,000), Daniel Laidlaw (300,000) and Michael Doodson (250,000) all seated there.

Dider Guerin and Tyron Krost also happen to be at that table so it should make for some interesting viewing.

8:40pm: Blinds are up

The blinds are up to 2000/4000 with a 400 ante.

8:30pm: Yan the man

David Yan and Minh Nguyen (pictured below) had been having quite the battle over the past hour or so but Yan eventually got the better of his opponent to move back into the overall chip lead.

The hand began with Yan opening to 6,000 and Nguyen re-raising to 12,700. Yan 4-bet to 30,500 and Nguyen shoved. Yan snap-called and tabled K-K and was in good shape against the A-K of Nguyen.

The board ran out J-high and Nguyen hits the rail. Yan is up to 370,000 after that hand.

8:20pm: Bubble looming

With 29 players remaining and 24 set to be paid, we’ve reached that critical stage where the short-stacks are trying to hold on, the big stacks are trying to bully and everyone is hanging on the prospect of every elimination.

We lost five players very quickly upon the resumption of play after dinner but the last 20 minutes has been much quieter.

8:00pm: Bower survives

Brad Bower (pictured below) has scored a crucial double against Didier Guerin to stay alive in this year’s event.  Down to around 65,000, he got it all-in pre-flop with Q-Q against Guerin’s K-Q. The board ran out A-9-9-7-2 and he moves up to 140,000. Guerin is back down to 100,000.

It’s bad news too for Henry Sun and Luke Spano with both eliminated in the past few hands.

7:55pm: Truong trounced

Tam Truong is our latest casualty, falling at the hands of Michael Kanaan. The action started with Tony Kambouroglou opening to 6,000 and Kanaan 3-betting from the small blind to 25,000. Truong then shoved from the big blind for about 17,000 more.

Kambouroglou tanked for a minute before making the call with Kanaan easily priced in to the pot. Kanaan and Kambouroglou checked down the 2-9-2-9-3 board with Kanaan’s 6s scooping the lot against the A-K of Truang and the A-Q of Kambouroglou.

He is now up to 235,000 while Kambouroglou slips to 120,000. We have also lost Graeme Putt in the past 15 minutes.

7:35pm: We’re back

Players are taking their seats again after dinner. Blinds will be 1500/3000 with a 300 ante.

6.55pm: Who’s hungry?

On the last hand before the dinner break David Yan and Toothpick Tony had built a healthy pot with a board of 9-9-J. The turn brought another 9, Tony bet 50k, David called and we saw the river, a Q. Tony bet again, basically putting David all-in, which he did. David then turned over 9-7 for quads. Tony to his disgust showed K-K, agonising over his rare pairs. We suspect David will enjoy his dinner a little more than Tony. Players are on a 45-minute dinner break. 34 players remain.

6:45pm: Bubble not too far away

We’re about 10 minutes away from the dinner break and the floor staff has just broken down another table. We’re down to our final four tables now with 36 players remaining and there is no doubt that with 24 players making the money the looming money bubble will be starting to weigh heavily on everyone’s minds.

We do have four or five very short stacks at the moment including one player who is down to about five big blinds. It will be interesting to see if they try and cling to life or gamble it up a bit to try and build their stack.

6:00pm: The big stacks

Kwong Phung (pictured below) – 315,000
Michael Doodson – 265,000
Michael Weiss – 210,000
Michael Roth – 200,000
Tony Kambouroglou – 200,000
Brad Fowler – 178,000
Daniel Laidlaw – 165,000
Michael Kanaan – 155,000
Edison Nguyen – 150,000

5:50pm: Blinds are up

We’re about to start our sixth level of the day. With 43 players remaining, blinds are now at 1200/2400 with a 300 ante.

5:45pm: More casualties

John Caridad and Peco Stojanovski were seated at the same table today but they have become our two most recent casualties. Stojanovski was all-in for his tournament life with 9s against the A-Q of Phi Luu and when four spades arrived to give Luu the winning hand it was all over for the 2010 APPT Sydney final tablist.

5:35pm: Lots of action, not much outcome

The chips have been flying on Table 5 located right in front of our reporting desk and we’ve just witnessed a tense hand that ended with a split pot and Andrew Miller ruing his decision to fold.

The action began with Miller opening to 4,500 and Brad Bower re-raising to 9,000. John Apostolidis then shoved for 25,000 with Miller calling before Bower shoved over the top for an extra 55,000.

Miller went deep into the tank before eventually folding as he announced he folded 8s. He wasn’t thrilled to see that both Bower and Apostolidis held A-K and even less happy when the flop came 8-4-4! After all of that the pot was split with Bower up to 90,000 and Apostolidis around 40,000.

5:15pm: Daniel lays down the law

Daniel Laidlaw (pictured below) has just eliminated Ismail Ismail to move to around 190,000 in chips. It was Laidlaw’s J-J against the 9s of Ismail and the board didn’t change anything as it ran out 3-8-5-7-Q.

4:50pm: Break time

Players are on a 10-minute break.

4:45pm: Rowe goes

Overnight chip leader Martin Rowe had endured a horrible day and it has come to a quick and painful end at the hands of Brad Fowler. We caught his final hand on a flop of 3-7-9 with Rowe all-in with 10s but in need of help against Fowler’s 7-9. The turn and river bricked and Rowe is our latest casualty.

4:35pm: Carnage

With a rush of short stacks heading to the rail over the past 10 minutes, we’re now down to 49 players remaining. That means that in less than four hours we’ve gone through more than half of the 102 players that began the day’s play. Not bad going!

4:20pm: Slow down, dude!

Former employee here at Star Poker, Michael Doodson (pictured below), is our tournament chip leader after enjoying a wonderful start to the day and he just added a bit more to his stack at the expense of Bernard Vu.

We caught the action on a flop of J-7-5 with two spades and Doodson check-calling a bet of 5,000. The turn was the As and this time Doodson check-called a 10,000 bet. Both players checked the 10s river with Doodson tabling A-J as Vu mucked his cards. Doodson has 260,000.

3:55pm: Guerin rising, Rowe falling

Didier Guerin (pictured below) was down to just 8,000 a few hours back but he has been on a heater of late and has moved all the way up to 95,000. He was just involved in a decent sized pot with overnight chip leader Martin Rowe. With around 50,000 already in the middle, Guerin shoved for 33,600 on a board of 2-3-6-7. Rowe went deep into the tank before eventually folding. He is down to 60,000.

3:40pm: Benton doubles

Aaron Benton is back up to 85,000 after a big pre-flop confrontation with Phillip Willcocks. It was Benton’s A-K v the J-J of Willcocks and the 2009 APPT Sydney Champion looked to be on his way out the door when the flop came A-J-10. The 9 turn changed nothing but the river brought a miracle Q and Benton rivers Broadway to stay alive. Willcocks is down to 22,000 after that hand.

3:35pm: Former friends fall

We’ve lost a few of the big names in the past hour or so with both Brendon Rubie and Jonathan Karamalikis unable to get anything going today. Others to fall include Suzy Khouiss, Nabil Edgtton and Jason Gray.

3:20pm: The big stacks

Kwong Phung – 248,000
Michael Doodson – 170,000
Michael O’Grady – 170,000
Brad Fowler – 163,000
Martin Rowe – 142,000
Andrew Miller – 130,000
Michael Kanaan – 115,000

3:15pm: Kanaan doubles

Michael Kanaan (pictured below) is making a move up the leaderboard after scoring a huge double-up at the expense of Peco Stojanovski.

Stojanovski had opened the pot but was faced with a 3-bet by Kanaan. Stojanovski 4-bet with Kanaan shoving over the top for around 55,000. Stojanovski made the call with Q-Q and was racing against the A-K of Kanaan, but the K-10-10 flop saw Kanaan take the lead and he held to move to around 115,000.

 2:55pm: The payouts

A quick reminder of the payout structure for this year’s Sydney Championships with the top 24 players to make the money.

1 $165,000
2 $104,875
3 $59,110
4 $47,670
5 $39,725
6 $33,370
7 $27,013
8 $20,657
9 $15,980
10-12 $11,123
13-15 $9,543
16-18 $7,945
19-21 $6,356
22-24 $5,720

2:45pm: Players back from a break

Players are filtering back to their tables after enjoying their first 10-minute break of the day.

It was quite a hectic first two levels of the day with 28 players eliminated and 74 remaining. Blinds will be at 600/1200 with a 100 ante for Level 10.

2:30pm: Players on a break

Players are on a 10-minute break. 74 players remain.

2:05pm: Lee eliminated

Inaugural Star Summer Series champion Andy Lee has been eliminated by Peco Stojanovski (pictured below) who exhibited a remarkable ability to call cards.

Lee was short-stacked when he shipped over Stojanovski’s open for 9,000 with A-J and was called by A-4. The flop came 6-7-9 and Lee was looking good for the double.

“How about a 5 – to make things interesting,” Stojanovski quipped. The dealer obliged as the 5 arrived on the turn. “And now a 3.” Just like that, the dealer burned and turned a 3 and Lee was eliminated after succumbing to the dreaded runner-runner.

1:50pm: Rowe keeps moving on up

Our overnight chip leader, Martin Rowe (pictured below), continues to build his stack after eliminating another player from the tournament. Faizal Nazarali was all-in for his tournament life holding 5-6 of hearts on a 10-7-2 flop with two hearts. However, he would need plenty of help against the K-9 of hearts held by Rowe.

The 9 turn left Nazarali needing a non-heart 8 for the win but the 6 wasn’t what he was looking for. Rowe moves up to 170,000 after that hand.

1:30pm: Level up

We’re one level down with blinds up to 500/1000 with a 100 ante. We lost 14 players in that first level with 88 remaining.

1:25pm: Benton applies the pressure

Aaron Benton continues to climb, forcing a tough fold from Michael “PokerLife” Tran.

Tran opened to 2,200 from middle position and received a call from Benton. The flop came 4-5-8 with two hearts and Benton called Tran’s continuation bet. The turn was the Jh and Tran took his time before betting 8,000. Benton wasted no time in announcing he was all-in.

Tran went deep into the tank but eventually folded.

1:15pm: Yan-tastic

We caught the action on Table 7 on the turn with the board reading 7-8-9-6 and three players all-in. Robert Bachara held 5-8 for the bottom end of the straight while Tony Iervasi tabled A-10. But they were both in serious trouble against the nut srtraight held by David Yan (pictured below) and his J-10.

The river was a K, meaning Yan eliminates two and moves to 130,000 in chips.

1:05pm: Benton busts Shabtay

Ronnie Shabtay has just hit the rail and he’s not too happy about it, although Aaron Benton (pictured below) isn’t complaining after adding around 30,000 to his stack.

Benton opened the button to 1,800 and was faced with a 4-bet from the blinds by Shabtay to 4,000. The flop came 5-6-7 and when Shabtay led for 5,000, Benton raised to 12,500. Shabtay shoved and Benton called.

It was Shabtay’s J-J against the A-8 of Benton and when the river brought a 4, Benton has made his straight to eliminate Shabtay from the tournament.

It took Benton a long time to find any momentum yesterday but after a late rush and a great start to Day 2 he is now up to 90,000.

12:55pm: Big stacks set to collide

The seating draw for Day 2 has thrown up some interesting tablemates – none moreso than two of the big stacks in Thomas Bilby and Bernard Vu who are seated next to each other on Table 3. Bilby, who won the Opening Event for around $60,000 last week, came into today second in chips with 118,525 while Vu sits fourth on 105,875.

Unluckiest draw of the day goes to Peco Stojanovski who has Andy Lee, Michael Kanaan and John Caridad all to his left.

12:40pm: O’Grady gets chatty

Michael O’Grady (pictured below) loves a bit of chat and he was quick to give Ricky Kroesen the once over in the first hand of the day. O’Grady called us over to see all of his chips in the middle on a Q-4-9-8 board and Kroesen contemplating a call.

“They think they can bully me these internet kids, well let’s put the pressure back on them,” O’Grady said.

“You don’t know what I’ve got,” Kroesen replied.

“Yes I do, you’ve got a big hand,” O’Grady fired. Kroesen eventually mucked as O’Grady builds on his overnight stack.

12:30pm: Cards are in the air

And we’re underway on Day 2 of the Sydney Championships with blinds at 400/800 with a 75 ante. For the record, the top 24 will make the money with a guaranteed payday of $5,720 for those that make it that far.

Welcome to Day 2!

Welcome back to The Star and Day 2 of this year’s Sydney Championships main event. After two eventful opening flights that saw a total of 227 players take their seats, 102 will return today hoping to make a run for the title and a hefty $165,526 first prize.

Our chip leader with 146,525 is former APPT Sydney champion Martin Rowe although he has a host of quality players lurking not too far behind including the likes of Daniel Laidlaw, Tam Truong, John Caridad and 2010 Aussie Millions champ Tyron Krost. Also returning today are Aaron Benton, Brendon Rubie, Michael Kanaan, Jonathan Karamalikis, Leo Boxell, Andy Lee and Didier Guerin. The full table draw is listed below.

It is hoped that we will play down to our final table of nine tonight although we have been informed that play is unlikely to continue past 2am, so there is a chance we won’t quite make it that far in the time frame.

However, with blinds set to start at 400/800 today we’re expecting plenty of action early as the shorter stacks try and score that crucial early double-up.

Stay with us here at PokerMedia Australia as we bring you all the action from this year’s Sydney Championships main event!

Seating assigments for Day 2:

Sydney Champs Main Event DAY 2  10/8/13 12:30 PM – $0
Last Name First Name Table Seat Chip Count
Guzzardi Michael 1 1 62400
Davis Andrew 1 2 22900
Kambouroglou George 1 3 18550
Doering Michael 1 4 22050
Papouilas Athan 1 5 31200
Stojanovski Peco 1 6 35000
Lee Hun Wei 1 7 40025
Kanaan Michael 1 8 45325
Caridad John 1 9 91950
327263 Unknown 2 1 22500
Karamalikis Jonathan 2 2 48925
Khoueis Suzy 2 3 35375
Hong Ryan 2 4 60325
Flourentzou Panayotis 2 5 96375
Gray Jason 2 6 8650
Ekrami Kamyar 2 7 42325
Ayoub Chris 2 8 12625
Abadee Daniel 2 9 64925
Bahi Karam 3 1 73225
Ismail Ismail 3 2 33950
Seymour Michael 3 3 18550
Doodson Michael 3 4 47825
Abrahim Mark 3 5 34575
Wesmorland Jordan 3 6 33350
Vu Bernard 3 7 105875
Bilby Thomas 3 8 118525
Le Nam 3 9 14250
Cohen Joel 4 1 15050
Roth Nicholas 4 2 24925
Williams Martin 4 3 56725
Selwyn Joseph 4 4 37500
Kroesen Ricky 4 5 46375
Skouteris Peter 4 6 98025
O’grady Michael 4 7 74150
Antonios Alexander 4 8 14200
Nguyen Minh Hau 4 9 39775
Psaros Dimitrios 5 1 41100
Kennedy Samuel 5 2 91675
Kondevski Todor 5 3 32775
Maclean Cale 5 4 8050
Nazarali Faizal 5 5 12000
Guerin Didier 5 6 25425
Rowe Martin 5 7 146525
Miller Andrew 5 8 65625
Bower Bradley 5 9 18750
Attenborough Adrian 6 1 63875
Hayden Ricky 6 2 47300
Spano Luke 6 3 12500
Green-gibson Vince 6 4 27725
Roth Michael 6 5 15525
Frydman Michael 6 6 17350
Sun Henry (hong Yi) 6 7 48700
Quach Ashleigh (thuy) 6 8 28725
Illuminato Rocco 6 9 70850
Hirst David 7 1 36550
Burns Kahle 7 2 24200
Spano Robert 7 3 52200
Yan David Dong Ming 7 4 72375
Bechara Robert 7 5 15250
Edgtton Nabil 7 6 47150
Hibbott David 7 7 45150
Iervasi Tony 7 8 28375
Gurung Milan 7 9 40600
Shabtay Aharon (ronnie) 8 1 44200
Sharpe Ciaran 8 2 20550
Laidlaw Daniel 8 3 97650
Kambouroglou Antonis 8 4 54250
Martino Frank 8 5 20575
Tran Michael 8 6 43175
Rolfe Mathew 8 7 15375
Benton Aaron 8 8 52150
Willcocks Phillip 8 9 57950
Apospolidis John 9 1 61975
Krost Tyron 9 2 71850
Monaghan Adam 9 3 49900
Pongrass Matthew 9 4 33100
Pejasinovic Zeljko 9 5 60675
Fowler Bradley 9 6 65900
Putt Graeme 9 7 20975
Nguyen Minh Phuc 9 8 65900
Gould Rhys 9 9 55150
Weiss Michael 9 10 46275
Sha Sailendra 10 1 51575
Ta Nhon 10 2 20450
Luu Phi L 10 3 33925
Khouiss Samir 10 4 22950
Kochan Daniel 10 5 23325
Pappas Steve 10 6 34825
Rubie Brendon 10 7 27800
Fraser Michael 10 8 7175
Boustani Zac 10 9 58925
Hovsepian Narbeh 10 10 21975
Boxell Leo 11 1 46125
Pizanias Jim 11 2 15500
Phung Kwong 11 3 110925
Capra Sam 11 4 23550
Holt Dean 11 5 24425
Boyd Stephen 11 6 81775
Ishac Jamal 11 7 24000
Lewis Warren 11 8 72450
Casas Alan 11 9 29225
Truong Tam 11 10 96100

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