2013 ANZPT Sydney – $2200 ANZPT Main Event / Day 2

12am: Divkovic leads field after Day 2

Day 2 of ANZPT Sydney circa 2013 is done and dusted and after 10 long hours of play we’re down to just 21 survivors that will return tomorrow to play down to our winner.

Having begun the day with 175 players still in the hunt, the elimination came thick and fast from the outset with 50 players sent packing in the first two hours alone. The action slowed briefly as the money bubble loomed but once Sebastian Pagana became our bubble boy the field quickly sped up again.

Among those to make the money but fall short were Brendon Rubie, Dale Marsland, Martin Kozlov, Michael Kanaan and Sam Capra with Marsland’s exit particularly noteworthy.

One of the big stacks at the time, he entered into a pre-flop raising war with Dejan Divkovic which saw all the chips go in with Divkovic’s A-K crushing Marsland and his A-Q. No Q arrived to save the day and Marsland was eliminated soon after.

For Divkovic, however, the evening just kept getting better and he heads into Day 3 as a clear chip leader with a whopping 1,434,000 – more than twice as many as his nearest rival.

Incredibly, he won ANZPT Perth only last month and will not only be looking to go back-to-back but also to become the first player to ever win two ANZPT titles.

It won’t be easy though. Among those also in contention are young American phenom Dan djk123 Kelly, Victor Teng, Gary Benson, Amanda De Cesare and Michael Faderson.

Join us again tomorrow from 2pm as we count crown our latest ANZPT Sydney champion live at The Star.

The top 5 stacks are:

Dejan Divkovic – 1,434,000
Donald Jones – 689,000
Alt Dinesh – 595,000
Dominik Nitsche – 555,000
Ioro Yogo – 551,000

11.40pm: Three more hands

The tournament staff has just announced that there will be three more hands played tonight before we call it quits.

11.30pm: Rubie rubbed out

Brendon Rubie’s run has come to an end after he shipped it in with K-10 and was called by Michael Faderson holding A-Q. The board ran out J-high and Rubie is the latest casualty to join the growing list.

11.05pm: Divkovic crushes another

David Hirst has been among the tournament chip leaders for most of the afternoon and was still very healthy when he clashed with Dejan Divkovic just a moment ago, but in a flash he is gone.

We caught the action on a 2h-Kc-10h board as Divkovic shoved and Hirst snap-called.

Divkovic sheepishly turned over Ah-3h for the nut flush draw against Hirst’s A-K. Hirst would need to avoid a heart to stay alive but the dealer quickly ended his hopes with the 9h arriving on the turn.

Divkovic is on a huge heater as the night draws to an end and is the first player to pass the million chip mark with 1,250,000.

11.05pm: Rubie fighting back

Brendon Rubie was down to just 25,000 in chips a few hours back after running his Kings into the A-A of Dale Marsland but he has fought his way back and now boasts around 220,000. Much of that is courtesy of a handy double just moments ago when he got it in with A-K against the Q-J of Rasmus Buer.

The board ran out K-10-6-3-2 and Rubie is back in contention. Buer, meanwhile, has 100,000 remaining.

10.55pm: Ante up

We’ve just started our final level of the night with blinds now at 4000/8000 with a 1000 ante.

10.55pm: Marsland eliminated

After being crippled in a hand with Dejan Divkovic a while back, Dale Marsland has worked his stack back over the 100,000 mark but his run has come to an end at the hands of Aziz Youssef. Marsland held A-6 and would need an Ace to run down Yousseff’s 9s but the 9-2-5-2-8 board wasn’t what he wanted and he heads to the cashier to collect his winnings.

10.45pm: Kelly in contention

We missed the pre-flop action but caught an all-in involving Dan ‘djk123’ Kelly.

Kelly held A-Q for his tournament life but would need help against both of his opponents who held Q-Q and K-K respectively.

The dealer sorted the chip counts and dealt the flop. Just like that, an Ace in the window put Kelly in great position for a triple-up and when no Q or K arrived he moved into a great position ro make a run at the final table with around 450,000.

10.35pm: Marsland crippled,  Divkovic chip leader

ANZPT Perth winner Dejan Divkovic could well be on his way to winning back-to-back ANZPT titles after scooping the biggest pot of the tournament so far from one-time chip leader Dale Marsland.

The action all went down pre-flop with Marsland opening in early position and Divkovic 3-betting to 34,000 out of the blinds. Marsland returned fire to 73,000 before Divkovic bumped it up again to 134,000.

Marsland didn’t waste too much time before announcing he was all-in – leaving Divkovic with a tough decision to make for his remaining 300,000. But call he did and was in great shape with A-K against Marsland’s A-Q.

The board ran out J-10-6-3-2 and Divkovic shoots up to 850,000 while Marsland has one foot out the door with just 50,000 left.

10pm: Kozlov KO’d

Martin Kozlov had been asking us a few minutes earlier if any player had ever won two ANZPT titles. The answer is no and Kozlov won’t be the first – not yet anyway – after busting on the first hand back from the break.

The short-stacked Kozlov, who won ANZPT Melbourne in 2010, shipped the button with A-2 and was called by David Hirst holding 8s. The board ran out K-high and we’re down to 35. Hirst currently sits on 400,000.

9.55pm: We’re back

We’re into our second last level of the night with blinds at 3000/6000 with a 1000 ante.

9.45pm: Break it up

Players are on their last 10-minute break of the day’s play. When they return we will play two more one-hour levels before calling it quits for the night.

Moments before the break another table was broken down as we hit 36 players remaining and another pay jump for the survivors.

9.15pm: Rubie crippled

Great poker minds Brendan Rubie and Dale Marsland are seated right next to one another and just tangled in a monster pot which saw Rubie drop down to just 25,000.

With blinds at 2500/5000 with a 500 ante, Rubie raised his button when action folded to him, but was met with a 3-bet from Marsland in the small blind. Rubie responded with a 4-bet and Marsland called.

The two took a flop of 9-7-5, Marsland led out and Rubie moved all-in. Marsland snap-called tabling A-A to be dominating Rubie’s K-K. The flop and turn blanked and Rubie was crippled.

9.10pm: Standing tall

Iori Yogo – 650,000
Adam Carlton – 560,000
Dale Marsland – 475,000
David Hirst – 450,000
Donald Jones – 380,000

9pm: Like a yoyo

Rasmus Buer has endured quite the rollercoaster today – from being a monster chip leader just a few hours back to coming out on the wrong end of the ‘muck-gate’ scandal, as we’ve decided to call it and now hitting a miracle runner-runner to stay alive.

All in for his last 81,000 holding 9-9, Buer was called by an opponent’s J-J and was in terrible shape when the flop came out Jh-Kh-6c. But running hearts have his tournament and he is back in the mix with 170,000.

8.40pm: Controversy strikes!

There has just been a major controversy with the clock stopped for a good 20 minutes as a decision was made on the events of truly bizarre hand.

It all began when Ryan Freeman opened on the button and was called in the small blind by Rasmus Buer.

The flop came down Ad-4c-9d, Buer shipped and Freeman snap-called but the cards weren’t turned over as the turn and river came running diamonds to put four diamonds on the board.

Buer then threw his cards out face-down in front of him and the dealer mucked them with Freeman showing Ac-Qs for a pair of Aces.

But this is where it got interesting with Gary Benson demanding to see Buer’s hand. The dealer retrieved the cards and showed 5s-5d for what was in-fact the best hand.

Benson immediately demanded staff be beckoned and accused the two players of collusion. The clock was stopped and the 51 remaining players all gathered around as tournament director Danny McDonagh reviewed footage of the incident.

Adding fuel to the fire was Buer’s insistence that he hasn’t actually been putting his cards out to be mucked. In the end, however, the ruling was made that while the staff did not believe collusion had taken place, Buer had by the laws of the game mucked and the 265,000 pot was awarded to Freeman. Buer is down to 80,000 and we’re back underway.

8pm: The bubble bursts!

And just like that we’re in the money! The title of bubble boy goes to Sebastian Pagana who was literally down to a single 500 chip when he got it in with 9-9. Two players called and when one of them flopped a pair of Kings it was all over in a flash for Pagana while the rest of the room celebrated.

7.50pm: Bubble looming

We’re rapidly approaching a landmark moment in the tournament with the money bubble now just three spots away from bursting.

That obviously means that the short-stacks are going to be doing all they can to hold on, but it should make for an interesting time for the rest of us because by our count there are 10 players sitting on around 10 big blinds or less.

7.45pm: Rubie goes to value town

Brendon Rubie just demonstrated how to extract thin value from an opponent in an interesting hand over on Table 5.

When we caught up with the action on the turn, there was already around 60,000 in the middle and Rubie had led into Daryl Hussey on the button to the tune of 17,500 on a board of Kc-6c-5h-3c. Hussey called.

The river was the 8d and this time Rubie led for 31,000. This sent Hussey deep into the tank but he eventually made the call only to muck when Rubie showed Q-Q. We heard Hussey mention to the players closest to him that he had held Js.

Rubie is sitting right on 300,000 after that hand.

7.25pm: We’re back!

Play is back underway with blinds at 2000/4000 with a 500 ante.

6.50pm: Dinner break

We’re just moments away from the dinner break and with 62 players remaining the bubble is looming in large in the minds of the remaining players – particularly the smaller stacks who must now be looking to hold on just a little bit longer.

They’ll have 30 minutes to ponder their situation before returning to face their destiny.

6.45pm: Cohen keeps goin’

Hugh Cohen has just put a significant dent in Ivan Zalac’s stack in a blind v blind confrontation on Table 2.

Zalac raised pre-flop from the small blind and received a call from Cohen in the big with the two seeing a flop of As-6h-5s. Zalac fired 8,000 and Cohen called.

The turn brought the Js and this time Zalac check-raised Cohen’s 17,000 vet to 40,000. Cohen called and then called again when Zalac bet 40,000 at the Ad river.

Zalac showed 10-6 for complete air while Cohen showed 8s-4s for the turned flush to rake in the 180,000 pot.

Cohen is up to 270,000 after that hand with Zalac slipping to 120,000.

6.20pm: The big stacks

Michael Faderson – 420,000
Adam Carlton – 350,000
Iori Yogo – 300,000
Dale Marsland – 300,000
Dan Kelly – 270,000
Ramus Buer – 260,000
David Hirst – 255,000
Victor Teng – 250,000
Rick Solomon – 240,000
Ben Gilholme – 220,000
Dominik Nitsche – 200,000

6.15pm: Hirst on a high

A monster hand has just taken place over on Table 7 between ‘djk123’ Kelly and David Hirst with Hirst coming out on top.

We caught the action on the flop with the board reading A-J-8 rainbow. Hirst checked to Kelly who bet 8,700. Hirst responded with a raise to 22,500 which Kelly called. The two saw the turn fall a 10 which Hirst then led for 33,000. After asking Hirst for a rough chip count Kelly announced ‘All-in.’ Hirst called and tabled 7-9 to have Kelly’s A-10 drawing dead. Kelly’s stack was halved, leaving him with about 120,000 while Hirst joins the big boys with 255,000.

5.50pm: Blind rise

Blinds are up! We’re into Level 14 with blinds at 1500/3000 and a 500 ante.

5.10pm: Buer storms to chip lead

We’ve just witnessed by far the biggest pot of the tournament so far with Rasmus Buer jumping up way over the 400,000 chip mark and eliminating Jeff Lisandro from the tournament.

The action went down on a 8h-4h-7s flop with Lisandro leading out for 15,000, Buer raising to 30,000, Lisandro bumping it up to 60,000 and Buer shoving over the top.

Lisandro, with around 200,000 behind, made the call and tabled 9h-10h but wasn’t a fan of the Qh-7h that Buer showed.

The turn and river both bricked and a monster pile of chips was pushed Buer’s way. He is now a clear chip leader in this tournament with 470,000.

4.50pm: New level

Players are taking their seats again after stretching their legs for 10 minutes for the second time today. Now four levels down for the day, we’ve managed to lose 91 players in just four hours which leaves us with 84 starting to think about the money bubble (54 players to be paid).

4.50pm: Benson lets off some steam

Day 1A chip leader Gary Benson hasn’t been having a great time of it here today and he was just involved in a bit of a slanging match with both the floor staff here at The Star and fellow WSOP bracelet winner Jeff Lisandro.

It all began when Benson bluffed the river of a mid-sized pot and was called down by Lisandro. Benson instantly mucked his cards but when Lisandro slid his cards towards the dealer Benson insisted he show. Lisandro refused.

The floor staff agreed that Lisandro wasn’t obligated to show his hand once Benson had mucked, which sent him into a mini-tirade on the rules of the game.

It didn’t get him anywhere and Lisandro was having none of it either, stating loudly ‘He’s just angry because he lost a hand’.

Lisandro is up to 175,000 while Benson is struggling with 60,000.

4.30pm: Lam gets a leg-up

Patrick Healy, best known for reaching the final table of the 2012 Aussie Millions, has just been eliminated thanks to a huge pot against Robert Lam.

It all began with Lam opening to 4,200 and finding a lone caller in Healy on the button. The two saw a flop of 10s-9h-2s with two spades. Lam continued but was faced with a re-raise from Healy. Not concerned, he shipped over the top with Healy making the call.

It was Healy’s As-Qs up against Lam’s Qh-Js but when the turn and river fell the Jd and Jh respectively, the monster pot was headed Lam’s way.

Healy took the loss graciously, shaking hands and wishing everybody at the table luck before he realised he still had a few thousand remaining. They didn’t last long and he was headed to the rail a few hands later. Lam now sits on around 250,000.

4.10pm: ANZPT rolling along

When we arrived earlier today to kick off Day 2, the thought of having to get through the vast bulk of our 175 player field was daunting.

But it’s been a hectic afternoon here at The Star and by the time the first three levels of the day had been played we had dipped under the 100-player mark. In-fact with 96 players remaining we’ve culled almost half the starting day field!

We’ve been told by tournament director Danny McDonagh that the plan is to play 10 levels today in order to finish before midnight – the hope being that we’ll be down to the final two tables by that stage.

4pm: Divkovic doubles

ANZPT Perth winner Dejan Divkovic has just scored a big double-up at the expense of Ivan Zalac. It was Divkovic’s Qs against the A-K of Zalac, with the board running out 8-6-2-8-Q to boost Divkovic’s stack to 125,000

Zalac, who reached the final table of the Star Summer Series last December for a touch over $30,000, is still in decent shape with 110,000.

3.40pm: Blinds are up!

Blinds are now at 1000/2000 with a 300 ante.

3.10pm: Kelly culling

If you want to know how to become one of the top tournament exponents on the planet, it’s as simple as running like God! Just ask Dan Kelly. The American powerhouse just shoved over the top of a short-stacked opponent with 5-2 and was called by a dominating A-5.

But never fear – the board ran out 9-4-Q-6-3 to give Kelly a straight and send his opponent to the rail. He still has plenty of work to do with around 45,000 in front.

3pm: Solomon’s minefield

Rick Solomon has just scored a huge double-up after a pre-flop clash with Ebon Bokody to surge towards the 200,000 chip mark.

It began with Bokody opening to 3,600 in the cut-off and Solomon 3-betting in the big blind. Bokody then came back over the top with a 4-bet to 26,000 with Solomon thinking briefly before announcing all-in. Bokody nodded and the cards were flipped.

It was the classic showdown of Bokody’s A-K against Solomon’s Qs and when the board ran out 8-9-J-10-4, Solomon was stacking up his newfound wealth.

He sits on 190,000 while Bokody is on life support with just 20,000.

2.45pm: New level

Players have just returned from their first 10-minute break of the day with blinds now at 900/1800 with a 200 ante.

2.35pm: Mason clipped

Start of Day 2 chip leader Ashley Mason and poker young gun Dominik Nitsche have collided in a huge pot, resulting in a masisve double up for Nitsche. The two have been tangling in hands since the start of the day and this time it was Nitsche coming out a clear winner.

Action folded to Mason in the small blind who raised to 3,300. He was met with a 3-bet from Nitsche to 7,400. Mason responded with a 4-bet to 14,400 and Nitsche quickly 5-bet to 23,700. Mason shoved and Nitsche snap-called tabling K-K while Mason reluctantly revealed his 2-2.

The board ran out 4-8-10-Q-A and the dealer begun to count out and confirm Nitsche’s stack. He now sits on 205,000.

2.35pm: Marsland marching ahead

Dale Marsland has emerged as one of the monster stacks in the room after clashing with former big stack Paul Gogia in a 110,000 pot.

Marsland, of course, knows exactly what it takes to go deep. Late last year he did the unthinkable by winning five live poker tournaments in the space of two weeks including the 2012 Western Classic Poker Championship for $61,000.

We caught the action on the river with approximately 35,000 in the middle and the board reading J-6-8-5-8 and a bet of 21,000 from Marsland being raised to 41,000 from Paul Gogia. Marsland thought for roughly 30 seconds before tossing in the chips to call. Gogia turned over 5-8 but was disgusted to see he had been coolered by the 6-8 of Marsland.

2.30pm: Some South American flavour

Last night it was the NRL clash between Parramatta and Wests Tigers that had the nearby crowd in the Sports Theatre ramping up the atmosphere, today it’s the South American World Cup qualifier between Chile and Peru.

We don’t speak Spanish and it’s a good thing that the staff here at The Star don’t either or we reckon there would have been a few evictions for bad language by now!

2.10pm: Table of death?

We can’t help but feel for Rick Solomon. About a minute after being bluffed off a sizeable pot by Victor Teng, the empty seat to his immediate left has been filled by none other than Brendon Rubie. And to make matters worse, Dale Marsland sits to Rubie’s left.

It should make for an interesting day’s play.

2pm: Top Teng

Victor Teng has enjoyed great success here at The Star, having won last year’s NPL500 III for a cash and prize package worth around $200,000, and he is making his presence felt again today.

We just witnessed an interesting pot he played against Rick Solomon that saw him open to 2,800 on the button with Solomon defending in the big blind.

The flop came 9-10-2 and Sarkis led for 3,500. Teng called. The turn was a 7 and this time Sarks led for 7,500 before Teng re-raised to 20,000.

Solomon thought briefly before calling.

The river 8 put four cards to a straight on the board and when Solomon checked, Teng bet 25,000. This sent Solomon deep into the tank as he ruffled his chip and laid out 25,000 in front of his stack before eventually folding.

Teng instantly slammed his K-Q down on the table, having blanked completely with his gut-shot draw and over-cards. He is up to 120,000 and progressing nicely.

1.45pm: Cabret crashes

A post-flop all-in hand has seen Jozef Ricciardello scoop a hefty 85,000 pot.

Ricciardello raised pre-flop to 3,300 and found two callers including 2013 Aussie Millions runner-up Joe Cabret. When the flop fell Q-4-5, Ricciardello led out for 8,000. One player folded but Cabret moved all-in.

Ricciardello wasted no time calling, tabling K-K to be well in front of the Q-9 of Cabret. The turn and river fell a 10 and an Ace, sending the large pot to Ricciardello.

Cabret was left with a tiny stack and was eliminated a few hands later.

1.35pm: Level up

We’ve reached the end of our first level of the day, having lost 27 players in the past hour.

The field now stands at 148 players remaining with blinds up to 700/1400 with a 200 ante.

1.30pm: Hinrichsen hangs on

One of the elite group of Australian players to boast a WSOP bracelet following his victory in a WSOPE No Limit Hold’em event in 2011, Andrew Hinrichsen has been grinding a short stack for most of his ANZPT Sydney experience but just managed to double-up and keep his hopes of a deep run alive.

Hinrichsen was all-in with 6s against the A-J of Alexander Lynskey and managed to push his stack up to 41,000 when the board ran out 4-Q-9-4-4.

1.25pm: Good Bize

Claudio Godoy Bize has a rough seat draw today with Brendon Rubie on his immediate left and we’ve already seen Rubie successfully 3-bet him a few times today, so Vincent Rubianes thought it was a good time to do the same.

Unfortunately Godoy Bize held Qs this time around and when the board ran out K-high, Rubianes was eliminated from the tournament. Godoy Bize now sits with 77,000.

1.05pm: Burns among early casualties

We’ve had a flurry of early action as the small stacks get it on hoping for a double-up with 15 players already heading to the rail in the first 30 minutes of play.

One of them is Kahle Burns who was more than a little unlucky to be eliminated by Phillip Willcocks.

The two got it in pre-flop with Burns’ J-J dominating Willcocks’ 10s. The A-9-9 flop was harmless but the 10 on the turn was a dagger to the heart for Burns and when a 4 landed on the river his day came to a premature end.

Willcocks moves to around 80,000 after that hand.

12.35pm: Level 9

The average stack as kick off proceedings here is $52,571 with blinds starting at 600/1,200 with a 100 ante.

Day 2 underway

It’s a glorious day in Sydney with the mercury tipped to hit 31 degrees but here at The Star all eyes are the poker room where Day 2 of this year’s ANZPT main event is about to get underway.

After an impressive field of 460 starters took to the felt over the past two days, 175 players have returned this afternoon with the goal of making the money and, hopefully pushing further on to the final table.

And there is plenty of incentive to go deep too with a hefty $226,340 first prize awaiting this year’s champion.

A total of 54 players will win a minimum of $3,680 when the money bubble finally bursts and there are plenty of big names still eyeing a deep run including Aussie Poker Hall of Famer Gary Benson – who sits second in chips with 193,000 as well as Brendon Rubie, Jeff Lisandro, Dan ‘djk123’ Kelly, Michael Kanaan, Andrew Hinrichsen, Tom Rafferty, Daniel Neilson, Amanda de Cesare, Danny Chevalier, Patrick Healy, Victor Teng and Martin Kozlov.

It remains to be seen whether we will make it all the way to our final table tonight given the size of the field although we do know that it is going to be a long day of poker here at The Star.

Stick with us as we bring you all the live reporting action here at PokerMedia Australia.

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