AM TODAY: Jan 31; Obst tops a million on Main Event day two

Aussie Millions daily wrap – January 31, 2013

Day two of the 2013 Aussie Millions Main Event ended with 69 of the 629 starters remaining and just five players set to miss a slice of the $6.29 million prizepool.

One of Australia’s best known and most successful online players, Adelaide’s James Obst sits atop the chip count with the only stack in seven figures – 1,061,000. Close behind is Scott Wilson, who took down a huge pot just before the end of play to finish with 933,500.

The list of internationals still in contention for the title include poker royalty Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius (pictured) along with Lee Markholt, Dan Shak, Brandon Adams and Elliot Smith.

The sole past champion still in the field is Tyron Krost, and he’ll be joined by fellow Aussies Daniel Neilson, Stevan Chew, Dylan Honeyman, Daniel Laidlaw, Sean Keeton, Didier Guerin, Bill Jordanou, Joe Cabret and Gary Benson.

Day one overall chip leader Brian Payne was KOed on day two, and he was joined on the rail by guest player Nate Silver, Annette Obrestad, Jonathan Karamalikis, Graeme Putt, Mike Watson, Jesse Sylvia, Jackie Glazier, Sam Trickett, Kenny Tran and Joe Hachem were all eliminated.

Aussie Millions Event 8: $10,600 No Limit Hold’em Main Event (629 players; 64 players paid; total prizepool $6,290,000) end of day two chip count

James Obst 1,061,000
Scott Wilson 933,500
Mervin Chan 774,500
Jay Tan 633,000
Ping Chan 630,500
Daniel Neilson 508,000
Ang Pang Leng 491,000
Zoltan Szabo 486,000
Minh Nguyen 480,500
Man Hei Lam 469,500
Mark Betts 464,500
Kenny Wong 459,000
Stevan Chew 427,000
Phil Ivey 390,500
Lee Markholt 356,000
Ray Ellis 350,500
Patrik Antonius 332,000
Dylan Honeyman 327,000
Sam Cohen 324,000
Jan Collado 300,500
Paul O’Brien 296,500
Jan Suchanek 282,500
Nazih Sibaei 274,500
Frank Rusnak 267,500
Daniel Laidlaw 267,500
Sean Keeton 263,500
Brandon Adams 263,000
Shoshiro Karita 263,000
Matthew Ginn 259,500
Adam Carlton 254,000
Jeremy Simon 251,500
Dan Shak 243,500
Rob Fenner 243,000
Elliot Smith 236,000
David Boyaciyan 232,500
David Garcia 229,000
Joey Lovelady 220,000
Tony Da Costa Silva 219,500
Christopher Haywood 214,500
Steve Goodridge 210,500
Phares Bouya 208,000
Yifan Zheng 201,500
Jamie Beer 199,000
Omar Nanai 193,500
Michal Teren 185,500
Ying Kit Chan171,500
Kishore Kumar 166,000
Mark Vetsavong 165,000
Michael Kane 159,000
Didier Guerin 158,000
Wei Low 157,000
Bill Jordanou 156,000
Jarrod Glennon 145,000
Kitty Kuo 144,500
Stuart Kerr 141,000
Adam Schmidt 135,500
Joe Cabret 131,500
Kevin Rabichow 126,000
David Yan 122,500
Damian Baldi 101,000
Tyron Krost 92,500
Ryan Hong 81,500
Gary Benson 80,500
Craig McCorkell 75,000
Michael Harrison Ford 71,500
Nick van Engelenburg 69,500
Antonino Cascio 64,000


1 $1,600,000
2 $1,000,000
3 $600,000
4 $400,000
5 $290,000
6 $220,000
7 $150,000
8-9 $120,000
10-12 $95,000
13-15 $70,000
16-18 $55,000
19-24 $40,000
25-30 $35,000
31-36 $30,000
37-40 $25,000
41-48 $20,000
49-64 $15,000

• More results are starting to flow through as the Aussie Millions schedule continues into week two.

The $2500 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event attracted 37 players with Aussie-based German Siyu Sha ($35,000) defeating Jarrad Graham heads-up for the title. John Dalessandri, Jason Gray and Billy Argyros also cashed.

Hun Lee defeated 2012 Aussie Millions Main Event winner Oliver Speidel for the $1100 No Limit Hold’em Mix-Max title, which drew a line-up of 109 players.

One of the few schedules anywhere in the world to feature a Chinese Poker tournament, the Aussie Millions Championship ring for this $5000 buy-in event went to Canadian Kevin Ng, who also pocketed $43,700. Aussie Poker Hall of Famers Jeff Lisandro and Gary Benson finished second and fourth respectively.

It was an all-European finish to the $1100 No Limit Hold’em Terminator, with Poland’s Maciey Rynkiewicz earning $22,000 for his victory over Hungary’s Zoltan Szabo. Robert Bechara was the highest placed Aussie in third.

A field of 25 turned out for the $2500 H.O.R.S.E. event, with Mel Judah claiming victory over Dan Kelly from the US. This win means Judah joins Lee Nelson and Michael Guttman as an equal record holder for the most Aussie Millions titles (four).

Fast fact

The first $250,000 buy-in Super Roller event at the 2011 Aussie Millions rewrote the record books. A staggering field of 20 turned out, with Erik Seidel claiming the inaugural win worth a mind-blowing $2.5 million!

What’s on today

12.15pm Event 18 $550 Australian Poker Hall Of Fame Classic

12.30pm Event 8: $10,600 No Limit Hold’em Main Event day 3

4pm $250,000 Challenge

6.15pm Event 19: $5000 No Limit Hold’em Mix Max

• Special thanks to Crown Poker for supplying information used in this report, photography Shannon Morris – 2013 Aussie Millions Poker Championship

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