SPSS TODAY: Dec 7; Zhang leads Main Field into day 2

An enthralling day of action at The Star saw 89 players take their seats for day 1B of the Star Poker Summer Series Main Event with 64 surviving to progress to day two, bringing the total number returning tomorrow to 99.

Among the mass of high profile players to take their seats on day 1B were former Aussie Millions champions David Gorr and Tyron Krost, online guns Brendon Rubie, Tom Grigg and Michael Kanaan, Tony Hachem, Leo Boxell, Aaron Benton, Tom Rafferty and AFL star Adam Goodes with some faring better than others.

Gorr, Krost, Hachem, Boxell, Benton and Goodes will all return tomorrow but there was no such luck for Grigg, Rubie or Rafferty who were all eliminated early in the day.

The big winner from this flight however was Benjamin Zhang (pictured) who won a monster pot at the expense of Daniel Martin with around 30 minutes remaining in the day’s play to soar to the overall chip lead with 159,550.

As reported on PokerMedia Australia, “we caught the hand between Martin and Benjamin Zhang on the turn with the board reading 8d-8h-7d-4h and round 20,000 the middle.

Zhang checked to Martin who bet 12,500, with Zhang then re-raising to about 50,000, which was enough to put Martin all-in. The bet was enough to send Martin deep into the tank as he pondered whether to make the call and for certain it seems that he must have held an over-pair.

However, when he eventually tossed in a chip and announced call it was the Jd-10d in his hand. That still gave him plenty of outs against the 6-7 of Zhang but when the river bricked (3h), Martin’s day was suddenly over. The hand caused mass hysteria at the table as every player jumped out of their seat screaming ‘How can you call, how can you call?’”

Zhang is well clear of day 1A chip leader Ray Gebrale (122,200) and in a great position to launch a deep run on day two. This year’s Star Poker Summer Series Main Event attracted a total of 135 entrants, creating a prize pool of $634,500.

Sunday’s champion will take home a tidy $176,344 with the top 15 players guaranteed $11,222. Join us again at PokerMedia Australia from 12.30pm on Saturday as we continue our live coverage of this year’s Star Poker Summer Series Main Event.

Star Poker Summer Series $5000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event (135 players, 15 players paid, total prizepool $634,500) start of day 2 chip counts

Benjamin Zhang 159,500
Raymond Gebrael 122,200
Joel Feldman 104,550
Sayed Jabbour 97,950
Chad Awerbuch 95,750
Daniel Neilson 95,000
Peter Milazzo 90,125
Joel Cohen 84,800
Alan Taylor 84,375
Kwong Phung 78,800
Andrew Scarf 72,200
Jackson Zheng 65,250
Tam Truong 65,175
Robert Spano 63,350
Mohammed Elkassir 60,800
Zac Boustani 58,950
Mathew Rolfe 57,450
Brian Brannigan 56,875
Martin Kozlov 55,400
Aaron Benton 54,700
Adam Ratten 54,025
Emanuel Seal 53,675
Ivan Zalac 52,975
Alexander Antonios 52,325
Reza Vakili 52,225
Joe Cabret 51,200
Hauman Darbani 50,700
Jay Kinkade 48,175
Stefan Post 47,575
Michael Frydman 45,925
Andrew Michael 45,725
Roy Vandersluis 45,425
Camil Debsia 45,050
Leo Boxell 45,000
Darren Rispen 42,925
Chris Ayoub 42,700
Alec Smith 41,975
Sheldon Mayer 41,625
Cuong Le 40,600
Mark Wright 39,850
Jason Pritchard 39,650
Nurlan Boobekov 39,425
Billy Argyros 39,150
Ovidiu Simionescu 38,875
Michael Ryan 38,650
Luke Edwards 37,550
Jonathan Karamalikis 37,500
David Sanis 37,350
Lawford Edwards 37,075
Oliver Grujic 36,625
Milan Gurung 36,325
Adam Goodes 35,700
Wei Zhu 35,400
Luis Arrilucea 35,325
Patrick Lui 35,000
David Gorr 34,800
Jeremy Simon 34,175
Martin Benda 31,775
Antonis Kambouroglou 31,600
Luke McLean 31,500
Ali Ghezelbash 31,500
Alan Bird 31,150
Manuel Hansimikali 30,700
Michael Kanaan 30,625
John Apospolidis 30,000
Dan Ginnane 29,775
Dejan Boskovic 29,300
Andrew Hinrichsen 28,675
Edgar Montenegro 28,500
Thibaut Klinghammer 27,275
Michael Mayar 27,125
Mike Ivin 25,200
Tony Hachem 25,100
Patrick Healy 24,950
Kent Hunter 23,750
Stephen Buchanan 22,700
Tyron Krost 21,850
Trent Mcclanaham 21750
Tom Pongrass 20,225
George Karageorge 20,150
John Thomson 19,975
Jamal Ishac 19,575
Barry Forrester 19,425
Dean Yuen 18,800
Graeme Putt 18,800
Errolyn Strang 18,650
Michael Egan 17,650
Goran Srejic 16,050
Louie Elias Srour 15,650
Ashley Warner 15,525
Nicholas Polias 14,600
Michel Bouskila 14,200
Donald Civic 13,700
Michael O’Grady 12,875
Tolly Sakellariou 12,125
Aharon Shabtay 9925
Vuong V Le 9150
Mitchell Carle 7775


1 $176,344
2 $112,219
3 $65,728
4 $54,506
5 $44,887
6 $36,872
7 $30,459
8 $24,047
9 $19,238
10-12 $14,428
13-15 $11,222

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