2012 Star Poker Summer Series – PokerMedia Australia NLHE Special $1100

8.45pm: Sayed Jabbour wins PokerMedia Australia $1k Special! ($26,400)

It took just a touch over four hours of final table play for Sayed Jabbour to be crowned champion of the PokerMedia Australia $1k Special – Event 3 of this year’s Star Summer Series.

Having worked his way through a field of 88 players yesterday to reach today’s final table second only to Nabil Edgtton in chips, Jabbour quickly went to work rising to the top of the pile – busting four of his opponents personally on his way to victory.

And while Thang Truong was the only player to be eliminated in the first 90 minutes of play, once the action heated up there was barely a moment to catch a breath!

Short stacks Andrew Michael and John Thompson eventually succumbed to the rising blinds, Peter Natoli chipped up before his attempt to steal the blinds were thwarted when he ran into Jabbour’s A-K and overnight chip leader Edgtton was also sent packing when he lost a huge race to Jabbour.

Andrew Scarf and reigning Sydney Championships main event champion Dean Yuen were both holding out for the other to be eliminated first and once Scarf ran out of time, Yuen followed him straight out the door just a few hands later.

And so it was Jabbour and Joel Cohen heads-up – their battle also lasting only a few minutes before a deal was done and they agreed to ship it in blind.

Sadly for Cohen, the dealer dealt him a cruel 7-2 while Jabbour woke up with A-K for the umpteenth time in the day.

The board ran out A-9-6-2-A and Jabbour celebrated a superb victory.

That brings our coverage of the PMA $1k Special to a close, but make sure you join us for the Star Summer Series Main Event from Thursday.

Final table placings and payouts

1 Sayed Jabbour $26,400
2 Joel Cohen $17,600
3 Dean Yuen $12,760
4 Andrew Scarf $8360
5 Sheldon Mayer $6160
6 Peter Natoli $4620
7 Nabil Edgtton $3960
8 John Thompson $3300
9 Andrew Michael $2640
10 Thang Truong $2200

8.15pm: Joel Cohen eliminated in 2nd ($17,600)

So much for lengthy heads-up battles! Joel Cohen had asked Sayed Jabbour if he was interested in a deal when heads-up play first began but as a better than 5:1 chip leader Jabbour obviously declined.

That all changed after Cohen won a series of pots to just about draw level. The pair agreed to split the $44,000 prize pool for first and second and two hands later also decided to ship blind.

Ironically, Jabbour woke up with A-K while Cohen held a polar opposite 7-2!

There were to be no surprises as the board ran out A-9-6-2-A to give Jabbour a deserved win and send Cohen home in second.

8pm: Cohen doubles

Heads up play began with Sayed Jabbour a huge chip leader with just over 1 million compared with Joel Cohen’s 220,000 although Cohen has quickly scored a double-up after getting it in with K-Q to Jabbour’s A-4.

The flop came K-Q-J and when no 10 arrived Cohen was back in the game.

Sayed Jabbour – 870,000
Joel Cohen – 440,000

7.55pm: Dean Yuen eliminated in 3rd ($12,760)

And just like that we’re down to two! With Andrew Scarf gone, Yuen immediately turned up the aggression but the 7-5-3 flop proved disastrous for the Sydney Championships winner who found his 10-7 dominated by Sayed Jabbour’s K-7. We are now heads up!

7.45pm: Andrew Scarf eliminated in 4th ($8360)

Andrew Scarf did a remarkable job of holding on with less than 10 big blinds for the best part of two hours but he finally had to put his two remaining big blinds into the middle holding Q-3.

He needed a miracle, or a 3 at least, to stay alive against Sayed Jabbour’s Q-J but the 4-5-9-J-10 board saw his day come to an end.

As we enter three-handed play the chip stacks are as follows:

Sayed Jabbour – 770,000
Joel Cohen – 250,000
Dean Yuen – 240,000

6.50pm: Blinds up

Blinds are up to 8000/16,000 with a 1000 ante

7.15pm: Sheldon Mayer eliminated in 5th ($6160)

Sheldon Mayer’s deep run has come to an end at the hands of Joel Cohen after he was the victim of a fairly standard cooler.

Cohen raised to 30,000 from the cut-off and Sheldon announced that he was all-in for 180,000 total. Cohen quickly nodded to acknowledge the call and flipped over A-K to have Sheldon’s A-Q in bad shape.

The board ran out 7-4-5-8-2 and Mayer is our latest casualty. Cohen has moved into the chip lead with 490,000!

6.50pm: Blinds up

Blinds are up to 6000/12,000 with a 1000 ante

6.45pm: Peter Natoli eliminated in 6th ($4620)

Sayed Jabbour continues to cut a swathe through this final table with Peter Natoli his latest victim.

Natoli shoved from the small blind for just over 100,000 and was snap-called by Jabbour who again held A-K. Natoli needed help with his Q-9 but the 2-K-9 flop wasn’t exactly what he was after and when the board completed with 2-4 he was off to the payout desk.

6.15pm: Nabil Edgtton eliminated in 7th ($3960)

The table is still in somewhat of a state of shock following the sudden elimination of Nabil Edgtton – our chip leader at the start of the day’s play.

Sayed Jabbour opened the action with a raise to 27,000 from early position with Edgtton then announcing all-in for 180,000. Jabbour shrugged and said ‘I call’, turning over A-K for the biggest race of the tournament so far.

The flop was superb for Edgtton as it fell Q-10-4 but a Jack on the turn changed all of that and when the river blanked Edgtton was gone.

Jabbour rockets over the 500,000 chip mark with that hand.

6.10pm: Cards are in the air

Players have returned from their break with blinds now at 5000/10,000 with a 500 ante.

6pm: Break time

Players are about to head off on their first 10-minute break of the day. After three levels of today’s final table, the chip stacks are as follows:

Sayed Jabbour – 360,000
Peter Natoli – 200,000
Nabil Edgtton – 190,000
Dean Yuen – 190,000
Joel Cohen – 180,000
Sheldon Mayer – 110,000
Andrew Scarf – 60,000

5.45pm: John Thompson eliminated in 8th ($3300)

Having sat quietly for the first hour-and-a-half waiting for a hand, John Thompson was forced to put his final 50,000 in the middle with 2-2 and was called by Peter Natoli holding A-Q.

Sadly for Thompson, it wasn’t a race for long as the dealer spread a brutal A-Q-A flop and Thompson quickly follows Andrew Michael out the door.

5.30pm: Andrew Michael eliminated in 9th ($2640)

He tripled early but the rising blinds eventually proved too much for Andrew Michael as he shoved his remaining 39,000 holding 7-7 and found a caller in Dean Yuen who was priced in with his Q-10.

The board ran out 8-3-Q-3-2 and Michael, who likes to be known as ‘Drez’, falls in ninth – not a bad effort for a bloke playing his first $1100 buy-in tournament.

5.30pm: Next level

Blinds are up to 4000/8000 with a 500 ante.

5.25pm: Cohen climbing

Joel Cohen has been quiet at this final table but he just increased his stack significantly after clashing with Sheldon.

The action started with Cohen opening to 14,500 with Sheldon calling in position. The dealer dealt a Q-J-4 flop with Cohen continuing for 12,000. Sheldon called.

The turn brought a K with Cohen check-calling a bet of 22,500.

The river brought paired the King and Cohen threw out a tiny bet of 10,000. This prompted Sheldon to come over the top for 25,500 with Cohen tanking before announcing he was all-in for another 69,000 on top.

Sheldon could only grimace as he slid his cards into the muck. Cohen is now right in the mix with 215,000.

4.55pm: Michael doubles

Andrew Michael shoved his last 21,000 into the middle from the small blind and was called by Nabil Edgtton in the big blind. Michael showed Ac-6d and was praying to hold against Edgtton’s 9-7. The dealer spread a Kc-3c-4c flop to increase Michael’s equity and when a fourth club appeared on the turn he was up to 46,500.

4.40pm: Blinds are up

Blinds are up to 3,000/6,000 with a 500 ante

4.20pm: Thang Truong eliminated in 10th ($2200)

Crippled after his confrontation with Peter Natoli, Truong got the last of his chips in with K-10 and was up against the J-Q of Sheldon.

The K-9-7 flop was a good one for Truong, as was the 3 turn, but a 10 cruelly landed on the river to give Sheldon the nut straight. Truong is the first to be eliminated from today’s final table.

4.15pm: Natoli doubles early

Peter Natoli desperately held on to crawl his way to the final table as one of the short stacks yesterday but he has wasted no time shoving during the early stages of the final table and has just scored a huge double up at the hands of Thang Truong.

Truong opened UTG to 10,500 only for Natoli to shove for 53,500. The action folded back around to Truong who called and it was a classic race with Natoli’s Q-Q up against Truong’s A-K.

The board ran out J-high and Natoli now has a stack to make his presence known at this final table.

Final table underway

Welcome back to The Star and our coverage of the final table of the PokerMedia Australia $1k Special at this year’s Star Summer Series.

An exciting day’s play yesterday saw 88 players hit the felt with the goal of winning both the trophy and a handy first place prize of $26,400 But only 10 players return this afternoon with that dream still in their sights.

Leading the way is young gun Nabil Edgtton who dominated the latter stages of the tournament last night to bag up 241,000 in chips, although hot on his heels is Sayed Jabbour with 239,500 and Andrew Scarf with 209,000.

Also in contention is Dean Yuen who is in the middle of a hot streak following his victory in the Sydney Championships main event in this very room just a few short months ago.

Stay tuned to PokerMedia Australia as we bring you all the action on our way to crowning our 2012 Star Summer Series PMA $1k Special.

The seating draw and starting stacks are as follows:

Seat 1: Peter Natoli – 36,500
Seat 2: Sayed Jabbour – 239,500
Seat 3: John Thompson – 118,000
Seat 4: Joel Cohen – 154,000
Seat 5: Sheldon Mayer – 91,500
Seat 6: Dean Yuen – 109,500
Seat 7: Andrew Michael – 20,000
Seat 8: Thang Truong – 94,500
Seat 9: Nabil Edgtton – 241,000
Seat 10: Andrew Scarf – 209,000

Edgtton heads tough final table

It has taken the best part of 13 hours but the final table of the 2012 PokerMedia Australia $1k Special at this year’s Star Summer Series has been set!

It has been an interesting mix of young and old, rookies and past champions but when we return to the Star poker room at 4pm tomorrow to play down to the winner it will be 20-year-old Nabil Edgtton that boasts the chip lead with a hefty stack of 241,000.

Edggton will no doubt prove quite a handful given the impressive manner in which he took control as the day progressed – chipping away at his rivals and gradually working his way into a dominant position.

He won’t have it all his own way though. Among those to also make it through to the final table are reigning Sydney Championships winner Dean Yuen, Sheldon Mayer and the always crafty Andrew Scarf.

The remaining 10 players ware all guaranteed a minimum payday of $2,200 but no doubt their eyes are firmly set on the $26,400 top prize.

The latest running of the popular PokerMedia Australia $1k Special attracted a qualify field of 88 players today including the likes of former APPT Sydney grand final champions Grant Levy and Aaron Benton, Daniel Neilson, Tony Kambouroglou, Milan Gurung, Alec Smith and Barry Forrester.

None of those names made it through to tomorrow’s final table, while it will be a long a painful night for our bubble boy Brett Murtagh who held on for as long as he could before committing his last 20,000 holding A-5 against Thang Truong’s 6-7.

Truong nailed a 6 on the flop and when no ace arrived we were down to our final 10.

The final table chip counts are as follows:

Nabil Edgtton – 241,000
Sayed Jabbour – 239,500
Andrew Scarf – 209,000
Joel Cohen – 154,000
John Thompson – 118,000
Dean Yuen – 109,500
Thang Truong – 94,500
Sheldon Mayer – 91,500
Peter Natoli – 36,500
Andrew Michael – 20,000

Join us here at PokerMedia Australia from 4pm tomorrow as we bring you all the action from the final table of the PMA $1k Special live from The Star.

12am: Break time

Players are now on a 10-minute break. With 12 players remaining, we’re just two eliminations away from our final table. Incredibly, four players (all seated at the same table) are currently sitting with less than 10 big blinds yet none has put themselves at risk in the past hour as they desperately try and make it to the money.

Despite their best efforts, these four gallant souls will return to find the blinds up to 2,000/4,000 with a 500 ante. Inevitably the end is nigh for some.

11.15pm: Slow as she goes

Play has temporarily stalled with 15 players remaining. A number of the short stacks have managed to score some fortunate double ups, including Joel Cohen who ran A-J into aces but rivered Broadway to stay afloat.

The rest of the field is clearly well aware of the fact that the money bubble is looming with no-one willing to get out of line.

10.45pm: Edgtton edging up

Nabil Edgtton is the first player to reach 200,000 in chips after a bizarre confrontation with one of the many French players to have taken part in today’s event.

The hand began when Edgtton opened to 5,000 and was 3-bet to 14,000. Edgtton then shoved over the top with his opponent snapping him off for the remainder of his 70,000-chip stack with just 2-2.

He would need plenty of help to survive against Edgtton’s 8-8 and when it didn’t arrive it was the latter sitting behind the biggest stack in the room.

10.40pm: Level up

We’ve just started Level 14 with blinds at 1200/1400 and a 400 ante. With the official word that we will definitely be returning tomorrow for the final table, that means we need just five more bust-outs before we call it a night.

10pm: Jabbour the Glut

Sayed Jabbour (pictured) is staking his claim for a shot at the title, having joined the chip leaders with close to 150,000 in chips.

Jabbour was the man responsible for our most recent elimination when Geoff Mooney shoved for his last 38,000 holding 9-9 and was called by Jabbour with A-K.

A King on the flop and another on the turn was enough for Mooney to exit the tournament area while Jabbour took a giant step towards tomorrow’s final table.

9.30pm: Time to shine

With 20 players remaining, it’s remarkable just how many ‘average’ stacks remain across the two tables. While Andrew Scarf and Sheldon remain best positioned to secure themselves a spot at the final table, it is still too early to tell who will join them and who will fall by the wayside. One big hand could certainly make or break the tournament for more than a dozen of those remaining.

Among those to have chipped up considerably over the past hour is Dean Yuen (pictured), who won the Sydney Championships main event just a few months back for $127,133. Yuen recently eliminated Greg Cook and after sitting on a short stack for most of the day has now moved above the average with 75,000.

9pm: Sheldon shining

Sheldon continues to progress and has just eliminated yet another opponent to jump into the chip lead with around 150,000.

It proved to be the perfect time to pick up the pocket rockets for Sheldon who had engaged in a recent battle with his young opponent. This time, after Sheldon 3-bet on the button, his opponent came back over the top for almost all of his chips. Sheldon quickly announced all-in and his opponent threw in his few remaining chips only to see that his A-J was in all sorts of trouble.

There were no miracles and the Sheldon show keeps on rollin’.

8.40pm: Big stacks getting cosy

With the number of players remaining cut to just 27, we recently saw another table broken and can’t help but feel sorry for players at Table 3 – there are currently just two players in the field with over 100,000 in chips, Andrew Scarf and Sheldon, and they happen to now be seated right alongside one another.

8.20pm: Scarf warming to the task

Andrew Scarf has been on somewhat of a heater over the past 10 minutes and has rocketed over the 100,000 chip mark. Scarf eliminated Michael Tran in a big pot not so long ago when he called Tran’s check-raise shove on a 9-3-3 board holding 8-8 and held on against the latter’s A-K.

Just a few minutes ago it was former big stack Nurlen Boobekov all-in for his tournament life holding A-7 against Scarf’s 7-7 and when no Ace came Scarf found himself with a very healthy 123,000 and aiming for yet another final table appearance.

Scarf boasts a remarkable record in The Star’s weekly Monday and Wednesday night tournaments and also reached the final table of both ANZPT Adelaide in 2009 and ANZPT Canberra in 2010.

8.00pm: AJ takes control

Alexander James (pictured), who wants to be known simply as ‘AJ’, has crept into the chip lead and is looking particularly ominous given the calculating fashion in which he has accumulated his chips. Now sitting on around 80,000, James most recently eliminated inaugural NPL500 winner Terry Tserdanis when he tank-called the short-stacked Tserdanis’ shove holding J-J on a Q-Q-7 board.

AJ was in great shape against Tserdanis’ 8s and when the board blanked he continued his rise up the leaderboard.

7.40pm: Tonight’s game plan

With 36 players remaining, poker manager Stephen Ibrahim has informed us that the plan at this stage is to call a halt to tonight’s proceedings when we reach our final table of 10 which should hopefully have us packing up for a good night’s rest by around midnight.

That plan could change, of course, should things happen a bit quicker. At the PMA during the recent Sydney Championships, the final table was reached after midnight and the decision was made to play through until a winner was crowned.

However, we have been assured that staff are unlikely to do the same this time around.

Blinds are now at 500/1000 with a 100 ante so with an average stack of $36,666 we’re expecting plenty of action from this point onwards.

7.40pm: We’re back

The cards are back in the air!

6.55pm: Dinner!

The remaining 37 players are about to go on a 40-minute dinner break. We’ll be back at 7.40pm to bring you all the action as we play down to our final table.

6.55pm: Payouts

We’ve just been handed the official payouts with 10 players set to head home with some extra cash in their hands.

1st – $26,400
2nd – $17,600
3rd – $12,760
4th – $8,360
5th – $6,160
6th – $4,620
7th – $3,960
8th – $3,300
9th – $2,640
10th – $2,200

6.25pm: Benton busto

Aaron Benton has just been eliminated after fighting his way back from the brink earlier in the day. Benton was crippled when he ran his Kings into the Aces of Sheldon Mayer but had managed to build his stack to over 20,000. It didn’t last long as he lost a race holding 10s against an opponent’s A-K.

We’ve rapidly dropped down to 40 players remaining with the blinds having just risen to 400/800 with a 100 ante.

6.05pm: The field falls

We started the day with seven tables and 18 reserves waiting for bust-outs to take their place in today’s PokerMedia Australia $1k Special. Now halfway through Level 8 we’ve not only worked our way through the reserve list but also broken down two tables.

Among those to have hit the rail in the past 20 minutes are Daniel Neilson, Michael O’Grady and Michael Tran. We now have 47 players remaining.

5.45pm: Flying high

Sheldon Mayer – 72,000
Geoff Mooney – 70,000
Peter Natoli – 65,000
Nurlen Boobekov – 55,000
Jonathan Gamerov – 55,000
A.J. – 53,000
Andrew Scarf – 41,000

5.20pm: Drezzed for success

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Milan Gurung today and after chipping up not so long ago he now sits on one of the short stacks after he was rivered in a huge pot against ‘Drez’ (who asked very politely if he could go by his nickname today).

No doubt ‘Drez’ is in a particularly good mood after picking up J-J and seeing a J-K-4 flop. It was checked around but when the Ace arrived on the turn the chips began flying  and after a whole heap of re-raising ‘Drez’ was all-in and needing to pair the board to beat Gurung’s turned Broadway straight.

Not to worry – the dealer did just that with a 4 on the river to see Gurung slip right back down the leaderboard while ‘Drez’ has pushed up over 30,000.

4.55pm: Break it up!

We’re on a 10-minute break. When players return blinds will be at 200/400 with 64 players remaining.

4.50pm: Aces v Kings

Star Poker ambassador Aaron Benton has just been crippled after running K-K into the Aces of Sheldon Mayer (pictured). Benton couldn’t believe his luck when Mayer showed the bullets and his goose was quickly cooked when an Ace appeared in the window.

Benton is down to loose change now while Mayar shoots up to just under 30,000.

4.35pm: Hall falls

Laurence Hall won’t be adding another final table to his resume today after a particularly rough day at the office. Hall finished seventh at the recent NPL500 here at The Star for a handy $15,000 payday but couldn’t get anything going this time around and has hit the rail.

Down to his last 5,500, he was cut down to just 3,000 when he lost a race with 9s against the A-Q of the even shorter-stacked Adi Dahari then lost the rest when he shoved the button with K-8 and ran into the 10s of Milan Gurung.

Incidentally, it was Gurung that played a significant role in the downfall of Dahari earlier on.

Dahari was one of our early chip leaders until he recently ran his Queens into the K-K of Gurung. Gurung has edged his way up to 25,000.

4.10pm: Levy’s laydown

Grant Levy had just been telling us that it had been an hour since he last raked in a small pot but at least his frustrations haven’t eroded his ability to make a big lay down.

We watched on as Levy and Tang Truong took a flop of A-3-7, the former leading out for 650. Truong bumped it up to 1,300 only for Levy to 3-bet to 3,100.

It wasn’t enough to slow Truong down as he raised it up again to 5,300. Levy eventually folded and later revealed to us that he had flopped a set of 3s but we may never know whether Truong really did hold pocket 7s.

Either way, his stack has now been bumped up to 25,000 while Levy has dropped down to around 10,000.

4.00pm: Take your seats!

We’ve finally managed to work our way through the reserves list with all 88 players to have entered today’s event now either in their seats or busto. Notably, the very last reserve was none other than Jason Pritchard who enjoyed a deep run at the recent NPL500 here at The Star. His new table mates include Andrew Scarf and Michael ‘Poker Life’ Tran.

There are currently 69 players remaining as we near the end of Level 4 with blinds currently at 100/200.

3.35pm: Scarf necking them

After a slow start to the day, the action has certainly heated up of late with the number of reserves waiting to take their place in today’s event down to five after sitting at 15 just under an hour ago.

Among the notable movers has been Andrew Scarf (pictured), who has rocketed into the overall chip lead after disposing of Ali Ghezelbash. Scarf is renowned as a particularly tough opponent on the local circuit due to his unusual bet sizing and ability to baffle opponents with his unique and varied style.

It certainly proved the undoing of Ghezelbash who pushed all-in with 7-7 on a J-9-9 board and found Scarf calling him down with A-J. The turn 9 left Ghezelbash drawing dead while Scarf moved up to 44,000 and change.

3.25pm: The big stacks

John Thompson – 43,000
Andrew Scarf – 40,000
Peter Natoli – 33,000
Adrian Taufik – 32,000
Adi Dahari – 25,000

2.25pm: Borreggine out, Toothpick in

‘Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou has just sat down after biding his time on the reserves list following the unlucky elimination of Luca Borreggine in a big three-way confrontation that has seen Adrian Taufik (pictured) take the overall tournament chip lead.

It was all nice and friendly pre-flop with three players coming along for the ride but it was the Ad-Ks-Jd flop that saw the table explode into action.

The UTG player led out for 900 with Taufik calling before Borreggine bumped it up to 7,500. The UTG player tank-called but Taufik shoved over the top for another 12,000.

Borreggine snapped him off with Q-10 for the nut straight as the UTG player open-folded A-J. Taufik would need help with his Kd-8d and the dealer obliged with the turned 3d giving him his flush.

Borreggine could only shake his head in disbelief as he collected his jacket from his chair and wandered off to the rail. Taufik is up to 31,000.

2.05pm: Crawling along

The bad news for the reserves waiting to take their place in today’s field is that there has been very little significant action during the early stages – no cries of all-in, no screams of excitement or the typical ‘Oooooh’ you hear when someone suffers a brutal beat.

We are currently midway through Level 3 with blinds at 75/150. 89 players are currently registered with Michael O’Grady and Sheldon Meyer amongst the reserves.

1.25pm: Standing room only

There has been some heated discussion going on between tournament staff and players following the decision to cap the event at 7 tables with room for 70 players to be seated.

However, we currently have 80 entrants which means the extra players have been told to wait until another player busts before they can move into the available seat. That news hasn’t gone down particularly well with some as the eight remaining reserves who aren’t too keen on having to wait their turn.

With the going predictably slow during the early levels, it could prove to be quite a wait for those at the back of the queue.

1.00pm: Natoli draws first blood

We’ve lost our first player with barely 30 minutes of play underway and it is Star Poker regular Peter Natoli stacking up a healthy 30,000 to take the early chip lead.

We caught the action on the turn as Natoli announced he was all-in and was snap-called on a 5-7-J-4 board. His opponent flipped over A-J but quickly raced out the door when he saw that he was drawing dead against Natoli’s set of 7s.

12.50pm: Off and racing

Play is underway here at The Star with 74 entrants currently listed on the tournament clock. The PokerMedia Australia live reporting desk is situated directly under the big screen today and we have a very interesting table situated directly in front of us with inaugural APPT Sydney champion Grant Levy, 2012 Sydney Championships winner Dean Yuen, Alec Smith, Barry Forrester and Greg Cook all seated alongside one another.

Other notables in today’s field include Daniel Neilson, Andrew Scarf, Laurence Hall and Tony Kondevski, while we have just noticed ‘Toothpick’ Tony, Aaron Benton and Michael Kanaan arriving late to take their seats.

Welcome to the Star Poker Summer Series, & PMA Special Event!

PokerMedia Australia (PMA) is proud of our association with Star Poker so we’re pumped for today’s third running of the $1100 buy-in PMA No Limit Hold’em Special Event, which will again be reported live by PMA’s Ben Blaschke throughout the day.

The PMA Special Event was first played at ANZPT Sydney earlier this year with Blaze Scott-Hutchinson taking home the first prize of $29,400 after accounting for a classy field of 98 players.

Then at the recent Sydney Champs, local poker legend Antonis ‘Toothpick Tony’ Kambouroglou (pictured above) collected a first prize of $25,800 having outlasted another noteworthy line-up of 86 players.

Today’s $1100 PMA event will start at 12.30pm, with a start stack of 15,000 and levels of 40 minutes. Good luck to all players competing. There will be a $550 Summer Series Mega Satellite from 6.30pm tonight (Sunday).

After more than 15-and-a-half hours of poker, the final table for the Star Poker Summer Series Opening Event has been decided with nine players in line for a shot at the $55,107 first prize.

Local player Chad Awerbuch is the man to catch with a stack of almost 1.9 million, and he’ll start the final table at 4pm today with the second biggest stack, that of Rhys Gould, on his immediate left.

The other seven players still in contention for the title are Ben Zhang (965,000), Matt Rolfe (741,000), Tam Truong (740,000), Daniel Parsonage (544,000), Thanh Ta (525,000), George Boustani (526,000) and Joe Sargon (424,000).

The first champion of the Star Poker Summer Series has already been decided after the $500 buy-in Late Night Poker No Limit Hold’em event has run and won on Friday night.

Tolly Sakellariou added a second Star Poker title (he won the High Roller event at the 2009 Sydney Champs) after taking out the $4500 first prize. Tony Daoud ($2700) and Stefan Post ($1800) filled the minor placings in the field of 20 players.

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