ADELAIDE CHAMPS: Carlton continues rich run to lead Main Event day 1A field

It’s been a massive 48 hours for Adam Carlton at the Adelaide Poker Championship. After finishing runner-up to Long Tran (pictured left, with thanks to Adelaide Casino) in the $450 Thanh Do Triple Chance event and to Frank Tripodi in the Jonathan Karamalikis Cup, Carlton topped the chip count on day 1A of the $1500 Main Event.

A total of 64 players signed up for the opening flight of the Main Event and 35 secured a seat for day two, with Carlton topping the chip count on 228,200 ahead of Todd Butcher (164,200), Ray Aoukar (160,400), David Tam (153,600) and Simon Beshara (136,500), who was runner-up in the Adelaide Casino Autumn Classic earlier this year.

Day 1B was played last night with 30 entrants taking the total field to 94, and 16 joining the 35 day 1A survivors in the Poker Zone for today’s (Friday’s) day two. Nick Morales led the way on 143,700 which placed him fifth overall.

$1500 Adelaide Poker Championship Main Event day 1 chip count

Adam Carlton 228,200
Todd Butcher 164,200
Raymond Aoukar 160,400
David Tam 153,600
Nick Morales 143,700
Simon Beshara 136,500
Russell Gibbie 126,800
Allan Rye 112,700
Enzo Demizio 109,600
Nino Micic 109,300
Frank Tripodi 103,400
Andrew Heitmann 101,300
Matthew Pearson 97,100
Ramil Martin 94,700
Jonathon Karamalikis 88,500
Emmanuel Seal 88,300
Ut Tran 87,200
Gabby Xiourouppa 84,800
Andrew Michael 84,700
Roy Agreste 84,500
Amin Chehade 76,400
Robert Goodwin 75,500
Clifford Qwah 69,800
Tito Viravouth 67,900
Peter Dietrich 67,500
Rick Clarke 66,700
Simon Merritt 65,800
Tat Hung Wong 64,800
Stefan Stojkovic 59,500
Andrew Dales 57,900
George Dimitriadis 54,700
Fred Chaptini 52,800
Stephen Bee 52,300
James Bills 49,500
Ross Lepro 44,000
Chris Cavallars 41,500
Maria Tsakrios 40,300
Russell McDonald 39,800
Ben McDonald 39,800
Sam McLeod 38,600
George Vassilopoulos 37,800
Luis Chiquipiondo 35,100
Joe Zupancic 34,400
Sandy Retallick 33,900
Andy Kemmler 31,400
Mark Ostapenko 26,700
Serg Fusco 24,900
Matthew Kildea 23,600
Rik Surace 20,500
Matthew Wicks 13,500
Johnny Wong 13,000

• Returning for the second year to the Adelaide Champs calendar, the $2200 buy-in Jonathan Karamalikis Cup attracted an elite field of 18 players. After almost 12 hours of play, it was left to Frank Tripodi and Adam Carlton to battle for the victory.

With blinds at 5000/10,000 Tripodi made it 25,000 pre-flop. Carlton pushed all-in and Tripodi made the call and showed As-Kc. Carlton held Ac-9h, and hit the flop of 8c-9s-6h but the Kd on the turn was enough to deliver the title and $17,500 to Tripodi (along with the $1000 bounty on Jonathon Karamalikis). Adam Carlton took home $10,500 as runner-up while Stevan Mann earned $7000 for third.

• In other results from the Adelaide Poker Championship, the Triple Chance event regularly held as part of major Adelaide Casino tournament series will once again carry the name of Long Tran after his second win in this $450 buy-in tournament.

In addition to the $6120 first prize, the event traditionally honours the winner with naming rights the next time the tournament is played. The $1000 bounty on the scalp of the last winner, Thanh Do, was collected by Brett Daphne.

$450 Thanh Do Triple Chance results

1 Long Tran $6120
2 Adam Carlton $3540
3 Tat Hung Wong $2410
4 Vince Moro $1770
5 Steve Parker $1290
6 Joe Sandaev $970

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