APL/888PL/Pub Poker – The Main Event II / Day 3 / Final Table


Place First Name Last Name State PAYOUT (package)
1st Olivier Baux NSW $101,800
2nd John Mouawad NSW $61,800
3rd John Saratsopoulos NSW $46,800
4th Dave Brownlee VIC $36,800
5th Craig Ivey SA $31,800
6th Aaron Purdue NSW $21,200
7th Adi Dahari NSW $14,200
8th Con Diakovasilis NSW $14,200
9th Marianne Crane NSW $11,200
10th Rebecca Catterwell SA $11,200
11th James Meem NSW $6,000
12th Rene Bischoff NSW $6,000
13th Nicole Ferrett SA $4,500
14th Gary James NSW $4,500
15th Ryan Hunter SA $4,500
16th John Snelson NSW $4,500
17th Jack Beynon QLD $3,500
18th Yousif Yousif NSW $3,500
19th Daniel Kidd NSW $3,500
20th Ben McDonald SA $3,500
21st Russ McDonald SA $2,500
22nd Paul James SA $2,500
23rd Khalil Shnoudi NSW $2,500
24th Neil Evans VIC $2,500
25th Jeremy Guiheux VIC $2,500
26th Zac Durkin TAS $2,500
27th Mark Wallis VIC $2,500
28th Kodie Drew WA $2,500
29th Mitchell Gallard NSW $2,500
30th Michael Pambos NSW $2,500
31st Paul Ayre NSW $2,200
32nd Paul Sayers VIC $2,200
33rd Paul Rich VIC $2,200
34th Toby Giles NSW $2,200
35th Alex McConaghy-Basley $2,200
36th Jason Wright WA $2,200
37th Mark Allerby NSW $2,200
38th John Wilson WA $2,200
39th Calum Wilson NSW $2,200
40th Saviour Agius VIC $2,200
41st Walter Haare NSW $1,900
42nd John Jolly QLD $1,900
43rd Colleen McCloskey NSW $1,900
44th Dean Goodwin SA $1,900
45th Alex White NSW $1,900
46th Scott Dumay NSW $1,900
47th Gail Jackson NSW $1,900
48th Bill Allen QLD $1,900
49th Peter Gruyters VIC $1,900
50th Tony Moss NSW $1,900

Olivier Baux claims MAIN EVENT title

Olivier Baux is the winner of the second edition of the MAIN EVENT. He takes home a massive prize package worth $101,800 ($85,000 cash plus Bracelet, Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event Entry valued at  $16,800).

After 10 hands of heads-up play during which Baux’s opponent John Mouawad failed to make any impact, the final hand started with a raise to 750,000 from Mouawad with a call from Baux.

The flop fell Ah-4d-8d, which both players checked. After the turn 7c, Baux announced he was all-in, with a call from Mouawad. He held A-Q for top-pair and looked poised for a timely double-up against the 10-5 of Baux.

Needing a 6 to fill a gutshot straight draw, Baux’s wishes were granted as the 6s landed on the river to ensure victory. It may have taken a long time to get there, but Baux’s victory was richly deserved as he was clearly the most poised and considered player at the final table.

For second, John Mouawad (pictured below) earned $61,800 ($50,000 cash plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800).

After four long and highly enjoyable days of poker, we’d like to congratulate Olivier Baux on his victory and the other 460 players who contested the MAIN EVENT, and the team at Full House Group for another world class poker event. We look forward to returning early in 2013 for MAIN EVENT III. Good night from the PMA team!

Final table – level 33 (150,000/300,000, ante 30,000)

The heads-up duo for the second edition of the MAIN EVENT has been decided after the elimination of John Saratsopoulos (pictured below) in third place, good for $46,800 ($35,000 cash plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800). John Mouawad took down hands 73 and 74 while Saratsopoulos claimed hand 75 before putting his tournament on the line with a shove for 1.35 million in hand 76. Olivier Baux called and showed Jc-8s to trail the Ac-3d of Saratsopoulos. Sure enough, there’s a jack in the window as the board runs out Js-9c-5c-Kh-Kd. Baux starts the heads-up battle holding 10,500,000 and a 3:1 chip lead over Mouawad (3,330,000).

After scooping the blinds and antes in hand 70 (Saratsopoulos did the same in hand 71), Olivier Baux was back in the action in hand 72 with a raise to 850,000. Dave Brownlee called all-in but his Jh-9h was in bad shape against the As-Jd of Baux. The board of K-K-10-5-7 sent the pot to Baux while Brownlee, the final Victorian in the field, finishes fourth for $36,800 ($25,000 plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800).

Final table – level 32 (100,000/200,000, ante 20,000)

South Australia’s great run in the MAIN EVENT has ended with Craig Ivey’s elimination in fifth place for $31,800 ($20,000 plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800). After taking down hand 66 (Mouawad won hand 67 and Saratsopoulos hand 68 are both making big pre-flop raises), Ivey (pictured below) called the all-in of Oliver Baux with Ad-10c. Baux revealed Kd-4d and watched his hand catch up on a board of Jh-10d-2c-9d-Jd for a flush.

Hand 60 went to Craig Ivey while an all-in pre-flop shove was enough for John Saratsopoulos to take hand 61. John Mouawad received a walk in hand 62 and also claimed hand 63 when he made it 650,000. Baux took hand 64, then Mouawad folded to Ivey’s pre-flop all-in push of 1.4 million in hand 65. We should also mention that the top five finishers are all assured a 2013 Aussie Millions Main Event package as part of their prize.

On hand 59, Oliver Baux bet 400,000, Aaron Purdue pushed all-in and Baux called. It was A-J for Purdue and pocket deuces for Baux, which held up on a board of 3-10-4-Q-4. Purdue (pictured below) departs in sixth for $21,200 ($20,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200). No significant action in hands 56-58 with the blinds and antes twice scooped by John Mouawad with John Saratsopoulos taking hand 58.

Olivier Baux (NSW) 6,700,000
John Mouawad (NSW) 2,950,000
Dave Brownlee (VIC) 1,850,000
Craig Ivey (SA) 1,740,000
John Saratsopoulos (NSW) 900,000
Aaron Purdue (NSW) 780,000

John Saratsopoulos doubled up in hand 55 when his Kh-9h improved to a straight on a board of Qd-Jd-6s-Js-10s against the Qc-2c of Dave Brownlee. Saratsopoulos is back to almost 900,000.

John Saratsopoulos is in a world of hurt after hand 54, which kicked-off when he announced he was all-in. John Mouawad called the 1.45 million and flipped over pocket jacks. Saratsopoulos held Ac-6h, but the board of 2-3-K-3-8 missed his hand to give Mouawad a pot worth almost 3 million. Saratsopoulos is down to 350,000.

The next level started on hand 53 with an all-in shove for 555,000 from John Mouawad and a call from the sole Victorian at the final table, Dave Brownlee. He turned over As-Qh while Mouawad held Kd-4d, which hit both the flop and river to make two-pair (Kc-Qc-Jc-5h-4h). That took Mouawad to 1.3 million and Brownlee back to 1.45 million.

Final table – level 31 (80,000/160,000, ante 20,000)

Hand 49 went to Aaron Purdue after a pre-flop raise to 410,000, with a walk for John Mouawad in hand 50. Craig Ivey took down hand 51 after shoving all-in, but he folded to Purdue after he’d pushed all-in for 700,000.

Olivier Baux (NSW) 6,540,000
Dave Brownlee (VIC) 2,200,000
John Saratsopoulos (NSW) 1,900,000
Craig Ivey (SA) 1,750,000
John Mouawad (NSW) 750,000
Aaron Purdue (NSW) 750,000

No major action in hands 44, 45, 46 and 47 with uncontested pots for Ivey, Baux, Saratsopoulos and Purdue. On hand 48, Craig Ivey declared he was all-in for 820,000 – John Mouawad called and showed Q-J to trail Ivey’s As-7s. The board ran out Ks-9s-3c-9d-Js to make Ivey’s flush.

Oliver Baux was again at the heart of the action in hand 43 after raising to 430,000, with a call from John Mouawad. The flop was dealt Jh-7d-3 – check, check – before the turn 2h. Mouawad bet 325,000, Baux called they saw a river Kh. Both checked, with Baux’s A-Q playing against the A-8 of Mouawad.

On hand 42, Dave Brownlee popped it to 400,000, Oliver Baux pushed all-in and Brownlee called. Baux revealed pocket 10s to lead Brownlee’s pocket eights, but an eight on the flop (Kh-8h-2s-4s-Qh) was a soul crusher for Baux.

After two cheap pots to Aaron Purdue (hand 39) and John Mouawad (hand 40), Craig Ivey shoved his short stack of 380,000 pre-flop with a call from Purdue. He showed Qs-6s while Ivey’s Kh-2d led slightly. That was until the flop landed K-K-Q, with the turn 7 and river 2 improving Ivey’s hand to a full house.

Olivier Baux (NSW) 6,800,000
John Saratsopoulos (NSW) 1,955,000
John Mouawad (NSW) 1,800,000
Dave Brownlee (VIC) 1,300,000
Aaron Purdue (NSW) 1,200,000
Craig Ivey (SA) 800,000

The remaining six players are taking a brief five-minute break.

Final table – level 30 (60,000/120,000, ante 10,000)

The pivotal hand of the tournament has just been played between John Saratsopoulos and Olivier Baux. On hand 38, Baux raised to 300,000, Saratsopoulos called and they saw a flop of Qs-2h-8h. Saratsopoulos bet 680,000, Baux made it 1.55 million total, Saratsopoulos declared all-in and Baux called. Ouch – Saratsopoulos showed 3c-4c while Baux turned over Ah-Qh. The turn 6s and river 2c sent Baux a pot worth 6.8 million while Saratsopoulos is down to 1.975 million.

Earlier, Saratsopoulos (hands 32, 35 and 37), Baux (hand 33), Mouawad (hands 34 and 36) claimed the blinds and antes uncontested.

On hand 31, Aaron Purdue pushed all-in for 645,000 before John Mouawad also announced all-in. Purdue meekly showed J-4 while Mouawad’s A-K looked in great shape. But a four on the river of the 10-3-9-8-4 board gave him a much-needed double-up.

Two more pots to John Saratsopoulos after pre-flop raises to 300,000 (hand 29) and all-in for 4.5 million (hand 30).

Olivier Baux filled the big blind to start hand 28, Craig Ivey raised to 200,000 and Baux called. The flop came 8c-6c-Jd, which both players checked, then the turn showed 10s. Baux bet 260,000 and Ivey called.

The river fell 9h – this time Baux bet 370,000 and Ivey called after some deliberation. Baux showed K-Q for the nuts, while Ivey’s Q-10 had also filled a straight. Baux bolts to a huge chip lead after taking down that pot worth three million.

John Saratsopoulos received a walk on hand 26 and again snared the blinds and antes with a pre-flop raise to 220,000 in hand 27.

John Saratsopoulos (NSW) 4,200,000
Olivier Baux (NSW) 2,660,000
John Mouawad (NSW) 2,150,000
Craig Ivey (SA) 2,125,000
Dave Brownlee (VIC) 1,850,000
Aaron Purdue (NSW) 850,000

Final table – level 29 (50,000/100,000, ante 10,000)

John Saratsopoulos kicked-off hand 26 with a raise to 500,000. Adi Dahari popped it an extra 525,000 and Saratsopoulos called. He called and showed pocket sevens to trail the pocket 10s of Dahari. The flop came 4s-6s-8s – Saratsopoulos held the 7s to give him a straight flush draw. The Kh on the turn eased Dahari’s nerves until the 5d sailed down the river to eliminate Adi Dahari (pictured below) in seventh for $14,200 ($13,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200).

Hands 23-25 were all decided after pre-flop raises with Olivier Baux, Craig Ivey and Aaron Purdue taking down the blinds and antes.

On the 21st hand of the final table, John Mouawad bumped it to 200,000, John Saratsopoulos called, Con Diakovasilis declared all-in, Mouawad also shoved all-in and Saratsopoulos folded. It was a race – pocket sevens for Diakovasilis and Ah-10h for Mouawad. The board came Ad-Jh-6h-2d-8d to eliminate Con Diakovasilis (pictured below) in eighth for $14,200 ($13,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200).

John Saratsopoulos (NSW) 3040000
Olivier Baux (NSW) 2825000
Craig Ivey (SA) 2050000
Dave Brownlee (VIC) 1930000
Aaron Purdue (NSW) 1280000
John Mouawad (NSW) 1200000
Adi Dahari (NSW) 1120000
Con Diakovasilis (NSW) 495000

Hand 20 started with John Saratsopoulos calling from the button, Con Diakovasilis pushed all-in for 385,000 then Saratsopoulos folded after tossing a coin! Both players flashed an ace.

Craig Ivey collected another set of blinds and antes on hand 18. Next hand, Aaron Purdue pops it to 230,000 pre-flop, John Saratsopoulos shoves all-in before Purdue folds.

Craig Ivey popped it to 300,000 to get hand 17 off and running before Aaron Purdue shoved for 1.2 million. Ivey called and both players showed A-K! No flush draw on the board of As-Ah-8s-5d-7c, so chop it up.

In a battle of the blinds on hand 15, Aaron Purdue and John Mouawad saw a flop of 9s-3c-4c. Check-check and the turn comes 9d. A bet of 115,000 from Purdue was enough to take the pot. Purdue won the next pot with a pre-flop raise of 225,000 from the button.

Final table – level 28 (40,000/80,000, ante 5000)

A single pre-flop raise has been enough to earn the pot in hands 12-14, with Aaron Purdue, Adi Dahari and John Mouawad picking up the blinds and antes.

The two female players at the final table have been the first two players eliminated. Marianne Crane raised under-the-gun for 240,000 before Dave Brownlee shoved over the top for 1.1 million. Crane called and showed pocket queens to have Brownlee’s pocket jacks dominated. That was until the dealer spread a board of 7c-Js-3c2d-4h.

Brownlee is up to 2.2 million. Crane earns $11,200 for ninth ($10,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200), although she may have to put that Main Event seat on hold as she’s due to have a baby in January!

On the final hand of the first orbit, Adi Dahari continued his aggressive play with an all-in shove with everyone else getting out of the way. With so many chips up for grabs in each pot, he’s no longer the shortest stack (click here for counts).

On hand 7, Bec Catterwell shoved all-in for 850,000 from the button. Olivier Baux shoved all-in over the top from the small blind. It’s Ks-8c for Catterwell against Ac-Ks for Baux. The board runs out 10c-5h-Js-7d-6h to send Rebecca Catterwell out in 10th for

$11,200 ($10,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200). Baux is up to more than 3 million.

No major action on hands 2-4, with a pre-flop raise enough to take down the 170,000 in blinds and antes.

Play is underway with the dealer button on seat 8 (Dave Brownlee). On the second hand of play, Adi Dahari shoved from the hijack for 730,000 with a fold from Con Diakovasilis in the big blind. He accidentally showed the Ac.

Full House Group final table supremo Daniel Milford has taken to the microphone to introduce the 10 final table participants, all of who were accompanied to the tournament area by three stunning promos girls representing Tia Maria. Players are seated and patiently awaiting the order to shuffle up and deal.

The final countdown

We’re only a few minutes away from the start of the MAIN EVENT final table with scores of friends, family and followers amassed around the feature table in the Crown Poker room. Blinds are being wound back to level 28 (40,000/80,000 with an ante of 5000) for the start of play, with an average stack of 1.383 million among the 10 players.

Saratsopoulos takes narrow lead into final table

The second MAIN EVENT final table will start with an incredibly even spread of chips among the 10 players. John Saratsopoulos is a narrow chip leader ahead of Olivier Baux, but with the blinds starting at an astronomic 60,000/120,000 with an ante of 10,000, it’s anyone’s title.

The field comprises seven players from NSW, two South Australians and one Victorian. The odds for the title, with thanks to bookmaker.com.au, are John Saratsopoulos ($4), Craig Ivey ($4.50), Olivier Baux ($4.50), John Mouawad ($7.50), Con Diakovasilis ($8), Marianne Crane ($8.50), Aaron Purdue ($9), Dave Brownlee ($9), Rebecca Catterwell ($10) and Adi Dahari ($14).

Structure available for the final table

Level 31: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)
Level 32: 100,000/200,000 (ante 20,000)
Level 33: 150,000/300,000 (ante 30,000)
Level 34: 200,000/400,000 (ante 30,000)
Level 35: 250,000/500,000 (ante 50,000)
Level 36: Tournament director’s discretion

Final table prizepool

1 $101,800 ($85,000 cash plus Bracelet, Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event Entry valued at  $16,800)
2 $61,800 ($50,000 cash plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
3 $46,800 ($35,000 cash plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
4 $36,800 ($25,000 plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
5 $31,800 ($20,000 plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
6 $21,200 ($20,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
7 $14,200 ($13,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
8 $14,200 ($13,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
9 $11,200 ($10,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
10 $11,200 ($10,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)

Meem eliminated in 11th; final table decided

James Meem has been sent to the rail in 11th place, meaning the final table for the second MAIN EVENT has been decided. After leading in the early stages of day three, the end came for Meem after Olivier Baux bet 400,000, he raised to 740,000 and Baux called. Meem showed A-5 to trail the pocket jacks of Baux. The board fell 4d-7s-6d-Qc-Kc assuring Baux second chip position heading into the final table and Meem a payout of $6000.

The MAIN EVENT final table comprises:

Seat 1: Con Diakovasilis (NSW) 1,215,000
Seat 2: Rebecca Catterwell (SA) 960,000
Seat 3: Olivier Baux (NSW) 2,025,000
Seat 4: Craig Ivey (SA) 2,100,000
Seat 5: Aaron Purdue (NSW) 1,015,000
Seat 6: John Mouawad (NSW) 1,245,000
Seat 7: Adi Dahari (NSW) 740,000
Seat 8: Dave Brownlee (VIC) 1,070,000
Seat 9: John Saratsopoulos (NSW) 2,320,000
Seat 10: Marianne Crane (NSW) 1,115,000

Bischoff bows out 12th

We’re on the final table bubble after Rene Bischoff was KOed in 12th place, worth $6000. With almost 250,000 in the pot just in blinds and antes, Bischoff shoved all-in for around 500,000 and received a call from another short stack, John Saratsopoulos.

Bischoff showed pocket sixes but was well dominated by the pocket queens of Saratsopoulos, which duly held sway. Just prior to that hand, John Mouawad scored a timely double-up though James Meem with A-K against A-Q, with a king on the turn improving Mouawad’s hand.

Catterwell’s on the climb

An even dozen players have just left the tournament area for their third break of the day. One other player – Nicole Ferrett (pictured above) – is on her way to the cash out desk after being KOed in 13th spot worth $4500.

Ben Catterwell started the action with a shove for 690,000 with Ferrett, to her immediate left, announcing all-in for her last 550,000. Catterwell showed J-9 while Ferrett held A-10. A nine in the window (9s-3s-5s-2c-5d) was enough to ship the pot to Catterwell, who climbed to 1.46 million after that hand.

Blinds will be up to level 30 (60,000/120,000 with an ante of 10,000) when players return in the next 10 minutes. The chip average is up to 1.15 million.

Join the world’s best at the WSOP in Melbourne!

On August 1, Full House Group launched a Player of the Month (POTM) promotion into its poker network. This promotion will see a WSOP APAC package (Melbourne) being awarded each and every month to one lucky player from the network!

The prize consists of a WSOP APAC Main Event seat valued at $10,600 plus flights and accommodation for seven nights. These seats are going to be highly sought as we get closer to the event, which will be held in April next year.

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James out in 14th, Ivey leads

The MAIN EVENT field is down to 13 after the elimination of Gary James (pictured above). It was Dave Brownlee’s pocket sevens that improved to a set on the river against the Ac-8c of James. He earns $4500 for 14th. Ticking into the final stages of level 28, the chip count reads:

Craig Ivey (SA) 1,750,000
James Meem (NSW) 1,650,000
Olivier Baux (NSW) 1,550,000
Con Diakovasilis (NSW) 1,250,000
Nicole Ferrett (SA) 1,150,000
Rebecca Catterwell (SA) 1,025,000
Adi Dahari (NSW) 900,000
Marianne Crane (NSW) 855,000
Dave Brownlee (VIC) 850,000
John Mouawad (NSW) 750,000
Aaron Purdue (NSW) 725,000
Rene Bischoff (NSW) 675,000
John Saratsopoulos (NSW) 550,000

Hunter becomes the hunted

After almost an hour, since the last elimination, John Snelson has been KOed in 16th place, worth $4500. After several pots where short stacks doubled-up, Snelson was in reasonable shape with K-Q against the 6d-7d of James Meem. That hope disappeared by the turn, after the board flowed 4d-5c-6d-3s, before the river 9d turned his straight into a flush.

We’ve also just farewelled Ryan Hunter after a massive hand with Craig Ivey. Nursing almost identical stacks, it was Ad-7s for Ivey, who called Hunter (As-8d). Hunter’s lead lasted to the turn where the 7d landed. Ivey’s stack is now up to 1.6 million, while Hunter is out in 15th place, good for $4500.

The price of poker is gettin’ expensive

OK, now there might be some action with blinds up to level 29 (50,000/100,000 with an ante of 10,000). With an average stack of 860,000, the majority of players are going to start feeling the pinch with each orbit. The chip count at the start of this level reads:

Con Diakovasilis (NSW) 1,525,000
Olivier Baux (NSW) 1,500,000
James Meem (NSW) 1,400,000
Nicole Ferrett (SA) 1,050,000
Rebecca Catterwell (SA) 1,025,000
Craig Ivey (SA) 850,000
Marianne Crane (NSW) 755,000
Ryan Hunter (SA) 725,000
John Mouawad (NSW) 650,000
Dave Brownlee (VIC) 650,000
Adi Dahari (NSW) 625,000
Aaron Purdue (NSW) 625,000
Rene Bischoff (NSW) 575,000
John Saratsopoulos (NSW) 550,000
Gary James (NSW) 550,000
John Snelson (NSW) 200,000

You’ve gotta laugh

With very little action to report (there was a recent double-up for James Meem through John Mouawad with queens over 10s), attention has turned to the gentleman on the rail who is keeping the 16 survivors entertained with a laugh that sounds like a distressed walrus. A very distressed walrus. There are about 20 minutes to play in level 28 (40,000/80,000 with an ante of 5000), and we’re six players short of the final table.

Sunset for Sunshine State

It’s Victoria versus NSW versus South Australia for the MAIN EVENT title after Jack Beynon (pictured above) of Queensland was eliminated at the hands of Nicole Ferrett. Beynon’s last bet of almost 400,000 came pre-flop with pocket kings, but Ferrett snap-called and turned over pocket aces. The board ran out queen-high leaving Beynon high and dry in 17th place, good for $3500. The next four players to be knocked out will all receive $4500.

Market update

Latest odds for the MAIN EVENT from bookmaker.com.au are Olivier Baux $5.80, Ryan Hunter $7.50, John Mouawad $9.50, Craig Ivey $10, Rebecca Catterwell $11, Con Diakovasilis $13, James Meem $13, John Saratsopoulos $13, Marianne Crane $13, Adi Dahari $15, Aaron Purdue $17, Nicole Ferrett $17, Dave Brownlee $21, Gary James $21, Rene Bischoff $21, Jack Beynon $26 and John Snelson $26.

Catterwell’s 10s poison for Ivey

It was Craig Ivey (pictured below) who kicked off betting with a raise to 175,000 before Bec Catterwell shoved over the top for 560,000. The blinds stepped aside, Ivey asked for a count then called. It was pocket 10s for Catterwell against pocket eights for Ivey, with the board of Ah-3c-5h-Qc-5c doubling Catterwell to more than one million.

Meanwhile, Yousif Yousif has limped from the tournament in 18th after being crippled at the hands of John Mouawad. Yousif’s Kd-8s hit the flop of Kc-5h-3d, but Mouawad’s Ac-Jc caught up with runner-runner clubs to take the pot. Mouawad then finished the job with Ac-Qh against Yousif’s 10c-9h, with the dealer spreading a board of Jc-Jd-4s-5c-2c.

Approximate chip count (at start of level 27, 18 players remaining)

Olivier Baux (NSW) 1,650,000
Ryan Hunter (SA) 1,300,000
Craig Ivey (SA) 1,175,000
Con Diakovasilis (NSW) 1,100,000
Marianne Crane (NSW) 950,000
John Saratsopoulos (NSW) 945,000
James Meem (NSW) 900,000
Adi Dahari (NSW) 775,000
Aaron Purdue (NSW) 660,000
Nicole Ferrett (SA) 650,000
Yousif Yousif (NSW) 640,000
John Mouawad (NSW) 550,000
Rebecca Catterwell (SA) 525,000
Dave Brownlee (VIC) 505,000
Rene Bischoff (NSW) 490,000
Gary James (NSW) 375,000
Jack Beynon QLD 320,000
John Snelson (NSW) 220,000

Another string to the Baux

The remaining 18 players in the MAIN EVENT are taking a well-earned 30-minute break after the departure of Danny Kidd (pictured above). He was all-in pre-flop for 305,000 before Olivier Baux called. Kidd’s Ad-4d was up against pocket eights, and the duo watched the board run out 3d-Js-9c-2s-8h.

Baux’s set of eights took the pot leaving Kidd out in 19th-place for $3500, which his mates appear keen to add to their bar tab this afternoon! Blinds will be up to level 27 (30,000/60,000 with an ante of 5000) when play resumes, just eight short of the final table.

Ben’s join bro on the sidelines

Just minutes after the elimination of his brother, Ben McDonald (pictured above) has followed Russ to the rail in 20th position. In a battle of three South Australians, Craig Ivey bet 160,000, Nicole Ferrett called, McDonald shoved for an extra 70,000 and both players called.

After a flop of Kc-Qd-9c, Ivey declared all-in, Ferrett folded and the cards were turned over – A-K for Ivey and A-3 or McDonald. The turn 8d and river Jd kept Ivey in the lead while McDonald became the first player to collect $3500 in the next pay bracket.

Russ hits the dust

Marianne Crane has quietly played herself into the top 20 and claimed another scalp to consolidate her spot in the top half of the chip count. South Australia’s Russ McDonald (pictured above) had struggled with a short stack for much of the day and was again all-in, this time with 9-8.

However, Crane woke up with pocket aces and McDonald was cooked as the board ran out 3-2-9-Q-K. He wins $2500, with the next four players (17th-20th) set to take home $3500. We’re also just 10 spots away from the final table.

Down to 21

Three eliminations in quick succession have slashed the MAIN EVENT field to a blackjack-sized field of 21. Neil Evans (24th) made a pair of nines on the river but his Kd-9h had been overtaken by Ks-Jd, which filled a straight on the board of Q-10-3-8-9.

Khalil Shnoudi’s MAIN EVENT ended in fairly tough circumstances when Craig Ivey’s A-8 landed a river 8 against A-Q after the board fell 3c-6s-7d-Kd-8s. He was confirmed as the 23rd-place finisher.

Paul James (pictured above) departed just minutes later when the A-K of namesake Gary James landed an ace on the river against pocket queens. James headed for the cashier’s desk to collect his $2500 along with the other two players.

Approximate chip counts (start of level 26, 24 players remaining)

James Meem (NSW) 1,500,000
John Saratsopoulos (NSW) 1,000,000
Ryan Hunter (SA) 920,000
Nicole Ferrett (SA) 920,000
Adi Dahari (NSW) 880,000
Con Diakovasilis (NSW) 810,000
Ben McDonald (SA) 620,000
Rene Bischoff (NSW) 600,000
Olivier Baux (NSW) 590,000
John Mouawad (NSW) 590,000
Marianne Crane (NSW) 570,000
Aaron Purdue (NSW) 566,000
Dave Brownlee (VIC) 530,000
Daniel Kidd (NSW) 470,000
Rebecca Catterwell (SA) 460,000
Yousif Yousif (NSW) 370,000
John Snelson (NSW) 362,000
Russ McDonald (SA) 350,000
Craig Ivey (SA) 300,000
Neil Evans (VIC) 290,000
Jack Beynon (QLD) 280,000
Khalil Shnoudi (NSW) 140,000
Paul James (SA) 110,000
Gary James (NSW) 100,000

Adieu to Guiheux

After leading at numerous points on day two, Victorian Jeremy Guiheux (pictured above) is out of the MAIN EVENT in 25th (for $2500). He announced “all-in” under-the-gun with Qd-9d with the call coming from Marianne Crane, holding Ac-Kc. The dealer spread a board of 2h-8h-5c-9h-Kd.

We’re 20 minutes into level 25 (20,000/40,000 with an ante of 4000) with 24 players remaining – less than half who took their seats at 10am this morning. The chip average is 576,250. On bookmaker.com.au, the favourites are James Meem ($7), John Saratsopoulos ($10), Ben McDonald ($13), Con Diakovasilis ($13), Adi Dahari ($15), Olivier Baux ($15) and Ryan Hunter ($15).

Title hopes over for Tassie and WA

With five minutes played at level 25 (20,000/40,000 with an ante of 4000), the last West Australian in the MAIN EVENT field – Kodie Drew – has been eliminated. Drew’s A-J started and stayed behind the A-Q of Dave Brownlee with the board flowing Q-10-6-J-5. He takes home $2500 for 28th.

Mark Wallis finished 27th followed shortly after by the final Tasmanian player in the field, Zac Durkin (pictured above). His stack was crippled when Ryan Hunter’s As-Qh made a four-card flush against pocket queens, then found pocket jacks awaiting his final shove with 7-5. He becomes the highest placed Tasmanian player in either of the MAIN EVENT tournaments played in 2012.

28 players remain

Play has noticeably tightened up for the first time today although two eliminations in quick succession have cut the MAIN EVENT field to 28. Michael Pambos collected $2500 for 30th after walking K-J into the pocket kings of Ben McDonald. A board of Qc-2s-2d-6d-8s did not help cause.

Then Mitchell Gallard shoved the last of his chips with Q-10 but watched the A-9 of Dave Brownlee improve to trips with nines on the flop and turn. Gallard also takes home $2500 as the 29th-place finisher.

Approximate chip count (start of level 24, 30 players remaining)

James Meem NSW 1,360,000
John Saratsopoulos NSW 955,000
Nicole Ferrett SA 945,000
Yousif Yousif NSW 725,000
Con Diakovasilis NSW 712,000
Olivier Baux NSW 692,000
Daniel Kidd NSW 660,000
John Mouawad NSW 634,000
Craig Ivey SA 617,000
Rene Bischoff NSW 610,000

Pauls fall just outside top 30

A pall has fallen over Paul Ayre and Paul Sayers after they were KOed in 30th and 31st places respectively. It was As-3c for Ayre against the pocket queens of John Saratsopoulos, with a queen on the flop ending the MAIN EVENT for Ayre, who’d been well fancied in the bookmaker.com.au market.

Paul Sayers was in trouble from the start when he found his pocket nines dominated by the pocket 10s of Zac Durkin. The board ran out eight-high to add an extra 180,000 to the stack of the Tasmanian.

As players take their first break of the day, there are 30 players still chasing a spot at the final table, with the chip average at 481,000. When play resumes, blinds will be at 15,000/30,000 with an ante of 3000.

Meem has a head full of steam

James Meem (pictured below) is the new chip leader midway through level 20 with a stack of more than 1.2 million. Nicole Ferrett is second, with just one million.

In contrast, Toby Giles has just been eliminated in 34th place after being caught with his hands in the cookie jar. He made a move to steal the blinds, but Rebecca Catterwell was poised with pocket jacks against his 10s-6s. A board of 8c-8h-Kh-6h-Qc delivered Catterwell the pot and the scalp.

Victoria’s Paul Rich had been one of the more aggressive players in the early stages of today’s play and had just doubled his stack through Ryan Hunter with a set of sevens against pocket kings. But he went to the well once too often after his A-9 ran into the pocket kings of Olivier Baux, who turned a full house to leave Rich out in 33rd for $2200.

Three more depart

Mark Allerby barely held enough chips for a single orbit when he announced “all-in” with Kc-3s. His cards were live against the As-Qh of Zac Durkin but neither hand connected the board of 10c-7c-4h-4s-5h. Allerby departs in 37th.

Jason Wright was the next player sent to the rail – he was KOed in 36th after shoving with the flop showing Ks-Js-4h. His A-3 needed help against the K-2 of James Meem, which made two-pair thanks to the river 2c.

Another player set to collect $2200 for their efforts was Alex McConaghy (35th) – he was all-in pre-flop with As-Qc against the Kc-Js of Yousif Yousif. The board came 5-K-5-7-Q, delivering the pot to Yousif.

Wilson 38th, Wilson 39th

Calum Wilson looked in good shape to double through James Meem after moving all-in on a flop of A-8-J with A-Q, with Meem making the call and showing 8-6. But an 8 on the turn made trips for Meem and sent Wilson to the rail in 39th for $2200.

Another Wilson – WA’s John – was next out after committing the last of his chips with A-9 after a flop of 2d-Qs-9d. Craig Ivey called and showed A-Q with the turn 3h and river Jh assuring him the pot. Blinds are now up to level 23 (12,000/24,000 with an ante of 2000).

Ferrett on the fly

Nicole Ferrett is close to breaking through the one-million chip mark after sending Saviour Agius out in 40th. The South Aussie called the all-in of the Gippsland player with Ah-10h, which made a pair of aces on the river against the unpaired Qs-Jc of Agius.

On the market supplied by bookmaker.com.au, Nicole Ferrett ($7.50), Con Diakovasilis ($8), Kodie Drew ($9.50), Jeremy Guiheux ($10), James Meem ($11), Aaron Purdue ($13) and Rene Bischoff ($15).

Haare cut from the field

You’d be happy to put your tournament life on the line with pocket aces but even that wasn’t enough to stop Walter Haare hitting the rail in 41st. After some frenetic pre-flop action, it was the pocket aces of Haare up against the Qd-Jd of Mark Wallis. The flop of 3h-4d-10d kept Haare ahead, but the turn 8c and river 9d delivered Wallis a straight and the pot.

Haare headed off to collect $1900 for 41st, with the next 10 players to be eliminated will earn $2200. There are 14 minutes remaining in this level (10,000/20,000 with an ante of 2000), with the chip average at 345,750.

Down to 41

It’s taken less than 30 minutes of play to cull another nine players from the MAIN EVENT field to leave just 41 in contention for the title. Alex White was out 45th-placed finisher after his J-10 failed to connect against the pocket eights of John Mouawad against a board of 6-3-2-4-A.

Dean Goodwin and Colleen McCloskey were KOed on the same hand after Aaron Purdue flopped quad fours, then John Jolly departed in 42nd after Craig Ivey’s A-J found a jack on the flop against pocket nines. All four players earned $1900 for their efforts. Blinds are now up to 10,000/20,000 with an ante of 2000.

… and three more

Three minutes, three more eliminations – John Saratsopoulos has cracked the top 10 chip counts after sending Bill Allen to the rail in 48th. The A-5 of Saratsopoulos turned two-pair against Allen’s pocket kings.

Gail Jackson’s last stand came with pocket 10s but she waltzed into the pocket kings of Rene Bischoff. Jackson also takes home $1900 for 47th.

The highly rated South Australian Craig Ivey claimed his first scalp of the day when the short stacked Scott Dumay was forced all-in from the big blind with 10-8. Ivey showed K-Q and only strengthened his hand when the board was dealt A-A-7-4-K. Dumay is out in 46th.

Two down

James Meem is now among the top three counts after KOing Tony Moss in 50th place. It was A-K for Meem against Qd-8d, with the board of 2d-5d-5s-10d-10s assuring Moss a payout of $1900 as the first player eliminated today.

In a battle of two short stacks, Peter Gruyters followed a couple of minutes later in 49th when his A-3 failed to improve against the A-K of Saviour Agius as the board flowed 9-7-9-6-2.

Today’s structure

Cards are in the air on the final day of the MAIN EVENT. Play starts with blinds at 8000/16,000 with an ante of 2000, and there are just over 17 minutes remaining. The structure available for today is:

Level 21: 8000/16,000 (ante 2000)
Level 22: 10,000/20,000 (ante 2000)
Level 23: 12,000/24,000 (ante 3000)
Level 24: 15,000/30,000 (ante 3000)
Level 25: 20,000/40,000 (ante 4000)
Level 26: 25,000/50,000 (ante 5000)
Level 27: 30,000/60,000 (ante 5000)
Level 28: 40,000/80,000 (ante 5000)
Level 29: 50,000/100,000 (ante 10,000)
Level 30: 60,000/120,000 (ante 10,000)
Level 31: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000)
Level 32: 100,000/200,000 (ante 20,000)
Level 33: 150,000/300,000 (ante 30,000)
Level 34: 200,000/400,000 (ante 30,000)
Level 35: 250,000/500,000 (ante 50,000)
Level 36: Tournament director’s discretion

Let the battle begin

Whether it’s the gourmet breakfast buffet at the Conservatory or a Bacon and Egg McMuffin at Maccas, the remaining 50 players in the second running of the MAIN EVENT are currently fuelling up ahead of today’s final day.

Welcome to the world famous Crown Poker room for the final day of one of Australia’s most prestigious poker festivals. Play is scheduled to start in the next 15 minutes, with all starters guaranteed at least $1900 having reached the bubble on the final hand of day two.

Chip leader Con Diakovasilis of NSW carries a stack of 798,000 into day three – he’s currently holding court with a big support group who’ve set their alarms to cheer on the Sydneysider throughout the day.

It’s also a big day for Nicole Ferrett (pictured below), who starts the day just 30,000 behind the chip leader. She’s hoping to become the first South Australian to final table the MAIN EVENT and, of course, to become the first female champion.

Follow the action throughout the day here at PMA – we’ll be here until the winner of the first prize package of $101,800 (including $85,000 in cash, Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March MAIN EVENT seats and a bracelet) is decided.

Start of day 3 chip count

Con Diakovasilis (NSW) 798,000
Nicole Ferrett (SA) 768,000
Jeremy Guiheux (VIC) 628,000
Kodie Drew (WA) 609,000
James Meem (NSW) 524,000
Dave Brownlee (VIC) 517,000
Ryan Hunter (SA) 486,000
Rene Bischoff (NSW) 451,000
Aaron Purdue (NSW) 431,000
John Saratsopoulos (NSW) 426,000
John Wilson (WA) 405,000
Ben McDonald (SA) 378,000
Daniel Kidd (NSW) 375,000
Calum Wilson (NSW) 351,000
Jack Beynon (QLD) 340,000
Adi Dahari (NSW) 335,000
Yousif Yousif (NSW) 320,000
Paul Ayre (NSW) 315,000
Dean Goodwin (SA) 300,000
Tony Moss (NSW) 288,000
Alex McConaghy-Basley 285,000
Craig Ivey (SA) 280,000
Rebecca Catterwell (SA) 273,000
Paul Rich (VIC) 269,000
Neil Evans (VIC) 260,000
Russ McDonald (SA) 258,000
Marianne Crane (NSW) 229,000
John Jolly (QLD) 214,000
Zac Durkin (TAS) 213,000
Gary James (NSW) 203,000
Mark Wallis (VIC) 192,000
Mitchell Gallard (NSW) 187,000
Olivier Baux (NSW) 176,000
Mark Allerby (NSW) 160,000
Toby Giles (NSW) 150,000
Gail Jackson (NSW) 148,000
John Snelson (NSW) 146,000
Khalil Shnoudi (NSW) 123,000
Bill Allen (QLD) 121,000
John Mouawad (NSW) 117,000
Walter Haare (NSW) 102,000
Paul Sayers (VIC) 99,000
Michael Pambos (NSW) 84,000
Alex White (NSW) 82,000
Colleen McCloskey (NSW) 79,000
Saviour Agius (VIC) 70,000
Scott Dumay (NSW) 65,000
Jason Wright (WA) 65,000
Paul James (SA) 61,000
Peter Gruyters (VIC) 52,000


1 $101,800 ($85,000 cash plus Bracelet, Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event Entry valued at  $16,800)
2 $61,800 ($50,000 cash plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
3 $46,800 ($35,000 cash plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
4 $36,800 ($25,000 plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
5 $31,800 ($20,000 plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
6 $21,200 ($20,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
7 $14,200 ($13,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
8 $14,200 ($13,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
9 $11,200 ($10,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
10 $11,200 ($10,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
11-12 $6000
13-16 $4500
17-20 $3500
21-30 $2500
31-40 $2200
41-50 $1900

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