APL/888PL/Pub Poker – The Main Event II / Day 1 / Flight 2

Wilson tops day 1B, Lynton leads overall

The day may have started slowly, but day 1B in the MAIN EVENT finished with a flurry as the field of 301 players was whittled down to 183 after 11 levels of 30 minutes in the poker room at Crown Melbourne.

The excitement was palpable as qualifiers from APL and 888PL venues throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia converged for their shot at MAIN EVENT glory.

The two players who finished 1-2 in the inaugural MAIN EVENT – Nathan Gauci and Marion Fisher – were among the notables in action. Gauci bowed out after a tough start to the day, but Fisher remains in the race for a slice of the $461,000 prizepool after the field was confirmed at 461 players.

There may have been twice as many chips in play today compared to day 1A, but the day 1B chip leader John Wilson (171,700, pictured above) lies only fifth overall heading into day two. Indeed, a staggering 273 players of the 461 starters will be back for the start of day two. Play kicks-off at 10.10am.

MAIN EVENT day 1 overall chip count

Ben Lynton 196,300
Russ McDonald 192,500
John Yianni 189,400
Michael Breheny 180,300
John Wilson 171,700
Alexandre Samarian 163,300
Peter Kassiotes 141,800
Stephen Long 134,000
Ryan Hunter 128,600
Colleen McCloskey 127,400
Alan Casas 126,000
John Mouawad 123,700
Matthew Muir 118,800
Frank Lovato 117,000
Matthew Luketic 110,900
Gail Jackson 107,800
Paul Rich 107,600
Dean Goodwin 105,500
Saviour Agius 105,400
John Saratsopoulos 105,000
James Meem 104,300
Craig Ivey 103,100
Joshua Parsons 103,100
Rene Bischoff 100,600
Troy Valentini 98,300
Geoff Eason 97,100
Alexandre Averianov 96,600
Alya Manji 94,100
Fady Alam 93,800
George Venianakis 91,400
Michael Pambos 91,100
Joshua Matthews 87,700
Michael Richardson 87,300
Peter Stathakis 85,300
Constantine Gatis 84,300
Abrahim Daoud 84,300
Vic Duncan 83,100
Shaun Dredge 82,400
Frank Laoulach 80,000
Sabine Randall 77,600
David Logan 77,400
Bradley Rowland 77,000
Raymond Griffin 76,500
Stephen Day 76,100
Ian Dalidowicz 75,700
Fadi Shnoudi 75,500
Paul Collings 74,900
Rebecca Catterwell 74,700
Khalil Shnoudi 74,400
Larry Adams 74,100
Mohamed Taleb 73,800
Shivan Abdine 73,100
Grant Meyer 73,100
Jamie Farley 72,000
Kenneth Skinner 71,700
Alexander Pitty 71,400
Mitchell Gallard 71,000
Troy McMillan 70,800
Corey Blazely 69,700
Neil Evans 67,900
Sandra Soper 67,600
Darren Schneider 67,500
Huo Phan 67,200
Billy Allen 66,200
Mala Kita 65,900
John Degiambattista 65,600
Sonia McCabe 64,700
Adrian Hodge 63,600
Con Diakovasilis 63,500
Justine Camilleri 63,200
Paul Sayers 63,000
Ben McDonald 62,300
Jason Wright 62,100
Arthur Davis 61,100
Joshua McNaughton 61,000
Anthony Moss 60,600
Adnan Muarem 60,600
Michael Kearin 60,600
Marion Fisher 60,400
Jeffrey Szeto 59,400
Quin James 59,300
Matthew Winter 59,100
Jason McDonald 58,800
Alex Keshishian 58,600
Michael Doumani 58,600
Tristan Pace 58,300
Mark Wallis 58,000
James Nonnenenmacher 57,900
Christopher Vale 57,600
Jason Featherstone 57,100
Paul McIntyre 57,000
Kahle Burns 56,500
Lauren Brownlee 56,400
Joel Wealands 56,200
George Palermo 56,000
William McBride 55,700
Christopher Byrne 55,000
David Snelson 54,900
Maria Garcia 54,700
David Heycott 54,600
Nicole Ferrett 52,000
Emmanuel Svourenos 51,900
Jesse Chung 51,200
Jeff Vallance 51,000
Phillip Dong 50,000
Archie Logan 50,000
Dean Yuen 49,600
Mario Puglisi 49,400
Richard Hutchens 48,400
Alex McConaghy-Beasley 47,500
Tobias Giles 47,300
Alex White 46,900
Annemaree Friederichs 46,000
David Brownlee 45,900
Karen Shilleto 45,600
Jeremy Guiheux 45,600
David Collins 45,200
Peter Matthews 45,100
Thomas Cooper 45,000
Andres Poblet 43,600
Richard Allen 43,500
Colin Lee 43,300
Gavin Thorpe 42,900
Paul James 42,200
Konstantinos Kapsalis 42,200
Daniel Kidd 42,000
Vicki Sylvester 41,900
Adi Dahari 41,500
Damien Stanley 41,200
Michael Annells 41,200
Gloria Tyas 41,200
Ross Davies 41,000
Justin Ghattas 40,800
Desmond Zahl 40,600
Yousif Yousif 40,600
Nicole Summerside 39,900
Wete Haare 39,800
Brad Dohlberg 39,500
Mohammad Shalbaf 39,000
Mark Beckett 38,800
Rob Campbell 38,800
Alex Wayne 38,500
Allan Russell 38,300
John Dearie 38,100
Matthew Presland 37,400
Paul Whitehouse 36,800
Stephen Harmon 36,800
Justin Watson 36,700
Kelvin Wu 36,200
Scott Webster 35,500
Phillip King 35,400
Darrell Kerr 35,200
Sam Sainsbury 35,000
Casey Alexander 33,500
Caleb Evans 33,200
Stephen Smith 33,200
Keith Walker 33,100
Pauline Kennedy 32,900
Zoran Stanojevic 32,600
Glenn Bennet 32,200
Stephen Tognolini 32,100
Nathan Purton 31,900
Matthew Hanna 31,400
Linda Gilmore 31,300
Peter Gruyters 31,200
Scott Murrin 30,900
Mark Allerby 30,700
Sean Bermingham 30,600
Michael Subacius 30,400
Mitchell Oates 30,200
John Jolly 29,900
Mathew Hampton 29,300
Emil Dannaoui 29,100
Cody Edwards 28,900
Aaron Young 28,600
Garry James 28,000
Michael Rogers 28,000
Christopher Paewai 28,000
Kushlani Sitsabesan 27,800
James Mace 27,300
Michael O’Connell 26,900
Hunter Clavan 26,600
Aaron Purdue 26,600
Tina Kennedy 26,400
Olataga Tafea 26,400
Olivier Baux 26,200
Melissa Hawker 26,200
Robert McKim 26,100
Troy Pathon 26,100
Shaun Elliott 26,000
Peter Alber 25,700
Clay Bremner 25,400
Randy Gibson 25,100
Connie Diakovasilis 24,800
Jack Beynon 24,600
Matthew Free 24,600
Mark Detering 24,300
Brett Johnson 24,300
Mark Tuainepare 24,000
Brian Sockalingum 23,900
Andrew McCracken 23,600
Scott Dumay 23,400
Carmino Desciscio 23,200
Tony Grosso 23,200
Dean Schneider 23,000
Harry Manikas 22,800
David Taylor 22,700
Zachary Durkin 22,200
Craig Micallef 22,200
Gary Waddell 21,900
Joshua Klaer 21,600
Alan Lane 21,400
Jean Close 20,900
John Erikson 20,800
Amanda Brient 20,500
Louie Elias Srour 20,400
Steven McMahon 20,100
Sean Henderson 19,900
Kirsty Wisby 19,700
Sergio Kacanas 19,100
Melissa Bolger 18,900
Graeme Cutler 18,800
Gary Ross 18,700
Joseph Giaquinta 18,200
Daniel Keast 18,100
Dora Sarantakos 17,000
Kimberley Gibbs 16,800
David Mathieson 16,400
Marius Wytenburg 16,300
Barbara Gibson 16,000
George Elias 15,700
Mark Reay 15,500
Dorothy Bagshaw 15,500
Alec Luke 15,300
Barry King 14,700
Gregory Hopkins 14,600
Carly Cox 14,500
Jonas McDonald 13,800
Phillip Hansen 13,700
Adam Berry 13,400
Tony Allen 13,000
Pat Dillon 12,900
Stephen Gordon 12,700
Geoffrey Sparkes 11,100
Kodie Drew 10,400
Ergun Behattin 10,000
Kevin Tufnell 10,000
Steven Ramsey 10,000
Manoj Kapoor 10,000
Daryl Lee 10,000
James White 10,000
Peter Read 10,000
Alexander Parisi 10,000
Cheryl Allerby 10,000
David Camilleri 10,000
Marianne Crane 10,000
Sarah Gatt 10,000
Alexander Johnston 10,000
Paul Ayre 10,000
Hagop Keshishian 10,000
Minhhai Tran 10,000
Robert Relph 10,000
Tony Mosca 9900
Shane Peart 9900
Achim Weissegger 9800
Roberto Fratti 9500
Jack Mears 8800
Adam Watts 8300
Mohamed Ismail 7600
Calum Wilson 5600
Michael Craig 1600
Joanne M Furner 1400
Roy Adams 1000

Wilson stays under the radar

Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing – John Wilson has been sitting quietly on pocket 12 all day steadily amassing chips and, bar some bad luck, the West Australian is certain to finish the day among the chip leaders. He currently holds more than 180,000.

The steady stream of eliminations has increased to a torrent with the latest departures including Phillip Wilson, Jim Kekatos, Joanna Findlay, James Holmes, Christopher Azzopardi, Jackie Bailey and one of the top fancies according to bookmaker.com.au, WA’s Chris Chamoun.

We’re now into the final 20 minutes of play on day 1B and it looks as if the field of 301 will be whittled down to approximately 160 by the end of play.

Short stacks under attack

The chips are finally flying thick and fast as the clock has ticked into the penultimate level on day 1B of the MAIN EVENT. The field is down to just over 200 with recent eliminations including Trent Miller, Shane Voller, Pam Morris, Norah Greer, Josh Allan, Dave Curtis, Matt Kozole, Tom Rusnak, Tamer Salama, Josh Clinton, Ahmed Eid, Jordan Johnson, Amy Haddad and co-host of The Rail, Daryl Westley (his partner-in-crime Ben McDonald is still in the hunt for a day two berth).

Elise Brown’s hopes of back-to-back final table finishes have also ended. She elected to make a last stand with A-10 and found herself in a race with the pocket eights of Leno Icaca. The pocket pair improved to a straight, sending Brown on her way with less than an hour of play left.

Con, meet Connie

Blinds are at 500/1000 with an ante of 100 but the short stacks – and there are plenty of them – are hanging tough with numerous double-ups in the past few minutes. However, Ben Cain, Michael Shepparbottom, Jacob Smith, Joshua Howard and Jasmina Kasic have succumbed in the early stages of level nine.

Meanwhile on the feature table where Con Diakovasilis has been seated all day, he’s just been joined by wife Connie to his immediate right. “Oh no, she’s gonna put me on tilt – where are those free drink cards,” he joked with the assembled rail.

Yousif sends two packing

Players in the MAIN EVENT are taking their second and final break of the day. Yousif Yousif will have a good story to share with his mates after KOing two players on the same hand when his pocket queens picked off pocket sixes and pocket sevens after the board rolled out Ad-3d-Jc-10h-10s.

Heading into the final three levels and 90 minutes of play, Peter Kassiotes retains the chip lead on 150,000 ahead of Cody Edwards (110,000), Jason Wright (105,000), Matthew Muir (95,000) and Alex Falon (85,000). With less than 40 players eliminated so far today, the next hour-and-a-half should be lively, to say the least!

Casas claims two

Barely 30 players have been eliminated almost four hours into day 1B of the MAIN EVENT but Andrew MacFarlane and Cohen Adams have just joined that list. MacFarlane was all-in pre-flop, and the last of Adams’ money went in on a board that was dealt 7h-Kc-8c-6d.

He showed pocket queens but was in a world of hurt against the pocket kings of Alan Casas. The river 7 sent both players to the rail with less than 20 minutes to play before the second break of the day.

Browned off

Elise Brown finished sixth in the first MAIN EVENT back in February but is currently AWOL from the tournament area after some extraordinary drama at her table.

With a flop showing 5c-6c-8c, Brown bet 3300, George Venianakis called and a third player announced all-in for 11,000. Brown went into the tank before Venianakis called time. With the clock ticking down to the final seconds, Brown folded Jc-4c face-up.

Venianakis then snap shoved and flipped over pocket eights, much to Brown’s disgust. The all-in player held pocket sixes and headed for the exit when the board ran out 9h-Ad. The hand took almost 10 minutes to play out!

Market update, with thanks to bookmaker.com.au

Midway through the seventh level (300/600, ante 50) of day 1B in the MAIN EVENT, the latest odds on bookmaker.com.au for the winner are: Ben Lynton ($41), Keith Walker ($41), Paul Ayre ($41), Barbara Gibson ($51), Bruce Muggleton ($51), Daniel Kidd ($51), David O’Connell ($51), Debra Armstrong ($51), Matt Muir ($51) and Troy Valentini ($51).

Gauci is gone

The second running of the MAIN EVENT is assured a new champion after the departure of Nathan Gauci. Having nursed a short stack for the past couple of hours, Gauci called the all-in of Greg Stuart. It was a flush draw for the Ad-4d of Gauci while Stuart held a set of eights with the flop showing 8d-Qd-6s. The turn 5h and river 9c missed both players, as Gauci gathered his personal items and made the short trip to the rail.

Kassiotes gets straight to the point

After a slow and steady 45 minutes, the action is starting to come thick and fast. Peter Kassiotes is the new chip leader on 120,000 after taking down a big pot when he rivered a straight with A-J against the turned trip sixes of Fiona Coelho, who was left with just over 1000 in chips.

Close behind Kassiotes is John Mouawad after he flopped a seven-high straight with 6s-7s and a board of 3d-5c-4h against Tony Grosso’s set of fours. The turn Js and river 10h left Grosso down to 4500 and Mouawad up to just over 100,000.

Prizepool announced

With players carefully manoeuvring their way through level five without any further eliminations, we can take this opportunity to announce the prizepool for the MAIN EVENT, with the winner assured a package valued at $101,800.

1 $101,800 ($85,000 cash plus Bracelet, Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event Entry valued at  $16,800)
2 $61,800 ($50,000 cash plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
3 $46,800 ($35,000 cash plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
4 $36,800 ($25,000 plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
5 $31,800 ($20,000 plus Aussie Millions Main Event and Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $11,800)
6 $21,200 ($20,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
7 $14,200 ($13,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
8 $14,200 ($13,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
9 $11,200 ($10,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
10 $11,200 ($10,000 cash plus Feb/March Main Event entry valued at $1200)
11-12 $6000
13-16 $4500
17-20 $3500
21-30 $2500
31-40 $2200
41-50 $1900

Dong on song in opening session

Approximately a dozen players have been KOed so far on day 1B of the MAIN EVENT after the first four 30-minute levels. Some of the bigger stacks in the room belong to Phillip Dong (80,000), Mitchell Gallard (78,000), Jackie Bailey (70,000), Glenn Bennet (65,000), Rosalinda Etheridge (64,000), Mario Puglisi (62,000) and Shivan Abdine (62,000). When players return, the blinds will be up to 150/300 with an ante of 25.

Gauci on life support

The first break can’t come quick enough for the inaugural MAIN EVENT champion Nathan Gauci, who holds less than 4000 of his starting stack of 30,000. He lost most of his chips in surprisingly simple circumstances – A-K versus A-Q on a board that fell 4-A-9-5-A.

Speaking of winners, we also just caught up with Dean Yuen, who pocketed almost $130,000 last month after taking out the Sydney Poker Champs Main Event title. But he’s just another face in the crowd today as he grinds away on table he described as “pretty tight”.

Greetings to Marius from the US of A!

We’re just about to enter the fourth level of the day (100/200 with an ante of 25) with five players sidelined in the first 90 minutes of play to leave 296 still seated heading towards the first break of the day.

We’ve also just received a message from Elizabeth Knowles, who resides in North Carolina in the United States, wishing her brother Marius Wytenburg all the best for the MAIN EVENT. Marius won his seat via a Woodstock promotion in Ipswich.

Hunter is a gatherer

You’d rather be lucky than good any day of the week, as Hunter Clavan just discovered when he announced all-in with the board showing 9s-3s-2h-Ks-Qs. He received a call from WA’s Nick Gribble, who showed the As for a but flush. However, Clavan held Js-10s for a rivered straight flush! He’s up to 47,000 but Gribble lives to fight another day.

Khalil Shnoudi also rode his luck when he shoved his short stack pre-flop and after two other players stepped aside, found his bottom set of nines up against the middle set of queens held by Brad Livermore. Sure enough, the case 9 came sailing down the river to end Livermore’s MAIN EVENT in brutal circumstances.

Ron’s on the run

Ronald Andrade has just been confirmed as the first player to be eliminated on day 1B after flopping two-pairs, queens and 10s, only to find that NSW State Champs qualifier Michael Richardson had flopped a straight. That makes Richardson our chip leader on 55,000 while Andrade wins an X-Box 360 for less than an hour’s work!

The official numbers have just been confirmed for the MAIN EVENT with 301 players in action today, making a total of 461 and a prizepool of $461,000. We’ll have a breakdown of the payouts and prizes soon.

Nines for Nathan?

Defending champion Nathan Gauci has just displayed that he’s lost none of the wild aggression that characterised his game back in the first running of the MAIN EVENT in February. With the board showing 9-7-6-9-7, Gauci declared he was all-in despite barely 1000 in the pot. His opponent thought long and hard before folding a 7 face-up for a full house. Did Gauci have a 9 or pocket nines?

We’ve also just confirmed that an extra $2000 will be up for grabs for the overall day one chip leader. If the player who leads the field into day two has opened an account with bookmaker.com.au, and placed a bet on the MAIN EVENT, then they’ll leave the Crown Poker room tonight with $2k!

Findlay’s fighting spirit

Blinds have just ticked up to level two (75/150) with the entire field having successfully negotiated their way through the first 30 minutes of poker.

Among the players here today is Joanna Findlay, who was recently diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. The mother of three is one of only 1400 Australians suffering from this terrible degenerative disease. Upon hearing of her illness Joanna’s friends rallied around her, organising a poker tournament to raise money for Joanna.

When the team at APL Sydney found out about the fundraiser they rallied behind Joanna and her husband Ian, both long time APL players, to help organise the tournament and supply a MAIN EVENT ticket to the winner.

The tournament was dubbed “Joanna’s Bucket List” and the funds raised went towards sending Joanna on a holiday. A field of 137 people turned up at St John’s Park Bowling Club on Saturday, August 4 to support Joanna and her family (pictured below).

After $17,000 was raised Joanna’s daughter Menka expressed her family’s gratitude: “To say we are overwhelmed by the response would be an understatement, we have met so many wonderful and generous people who have not only opened their wallets but opened their hearts.

“On behalf of my sister Nellie, my brother Nick and stepfather Ian we would love to thank everyone who participated and made this night possible. Mum can now go on a holiday and forget about this disease for a little while,” Menka said.

Fittingly, Alex Parisi, a great friend of Joanna who had already scored entry into The MAIN EVENT, won on the day and promptly donated his MAIN EVENT ticket to Joanna.

The wonderful spirit shown by the poker community for this fundraiser is further evidence of the universal appeal of the game and everyone involved in The MAIN EVENT is thrilled to welcome Joanna to Melbourne. We wish her the best of luck for the tournament.

State pride on the line

Cards are in the air on day 1B of the MAIN EVENT after the field of 310-plus were officially welcomed by Full House Group duo Brayden Haynes and TD Garth Kay. Such is the size of the field today that the majority of the tables on the main floor of the Crown Poker room are occupied by players from 888PL and APL communities in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Everyone’s getting into the spirit of the interstate rivalry, including the boys from bookmaker.com.au. They’ve just posted a market for the state of origin of the winner. NSW is favourite at $2.20 followed by Victoria ($4.80), Tasmania ($6.50), Queensland ($7), South Australia ($7.50) and Western Australia ($9). As we say in the PMA offices, get on board here!

A festival atmosphere

Plenty of colour and excitement in the Crown Poker room this morning as we count down to the first hand on day 1B of the MAIN EVENT. The blackjack and roulette tables are doing a roaring trade, as is the Vegas Bar where more than a few punters are sinking an ale or two for luck.

State pride is also out in force, with the blue polo shirts of NSW, maroon and gold of Queensland along with the gold and black of Western Australia clearly evident. Next to our media desk are the East Sydney contingent, who won’t be hard to find today in their bright green shirts. Cards will be in the air at 12.10pm.

Countdown to October State Champs

As we approach summer, the temperature is not the only thing that will be heating up! The APL & 888PL team are putting the finishing touches on the October State Championship series. With games held all over Australia and at a venue near you, the State Championships give you a chance to check out why MAIN EVENT tickets are so sought after.

How do you qualify?  See your TD at your next event to find out all the different ways you can secure your seat. You’ll have just over three weeks to qualify, so make sure you check out www.playapl.com and www.888pl.com.au to find our closest event near you!

Huge field sails into town for day 1B

Welcome to a wild and windy Melbourne for day 1B of the MAIN EVENT at Crown Casino. Yesterday, the poker room was packed with almost 160 qualifiers from Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

Today, we’re expecting almost double that number as qualifiers from New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia take to the felt. The line-up will include the two players who filled the top placing in the first MAIN EVENT – Nathan Gauci (pictured below) and Marion Fisher – along with the man for who the big money flowed on bookmaker.com.au, Keith “The Dentist” Walker.

Others in action today include the hosts of Australia’s leading poker podcast The Rail – Daryl Westley and Ben McDonald – along with many of the nation’s most respected pub poker performers such as John Azzi and Shivan Abdine.

As was the case on day 1A, players will start with 30,000 in chips and will play 11 levels of 30 minutes, starting at 12.10pm:

Level 1: 50/100
Level 2: 75/150
Level 3: 100/200
Level 4: 100/200 (ante 25)


Level 5: 150/300 (ante 25)
Level 6: 200/400 (ante 50)
Level 7: 300/600 (ante 50)
Level 8: 400/800 (ante 75)


Level 9: 500/1000 (ante 100)
Level 10: 600/1200 (ante 100)
Level 11: 800/1600 (ante 200)

MAIN EVENT players (day 1 flight 2 list by name/how qualified/bookmaker.com odds as at 5pm on 5/9)

New South Wales

Shivan Abdine (NCS MAIN EVENT Satellite) $201
Fred Alam (Play for a Cure 2012) AOP
Siosifa Alatini (NOW Pro Series Cup) $101
Casey Alexander (Venue winner Penrith RSL-Fri Pro) $151
Josh Allan (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $101
Cheryl Allerby (April Regionals) $251
Mark Allerby (March Regionals) $201
Ronald Andrade (Venue winner St Marys Band – Wed) $501
Alec Averianov (NOW Main Event Invitational) $201
Gavin Awyzio (NIN) $151
Paul Ayre ($135 Maroubra Seals Satellite) $41
John Azzi (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $251
Christopher Azzopardi (Venue winner Workers B’town – Wed) $301
Olivier Baux (NCS Open) $201
Mark Beckett (NOW MAIN EVENT Invitational) $301
Ergun Behattin (NSW Qualifier) $151
John Bell (Open Regional Final Feb 2012) $251
Glenn Bennett (NWW Qualifier) AOP
Sean Bermingham (Pro Open Bonus ME seat for NCC Player) $81
Rene Bischoff (NOW Pro Series Cup) $71
Michael Bower (Online Phase 3) AOP
Clay Bremner (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $126
Elise Brown (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $151
Lauren Brownlee (Venue winner (St Marys Band – Tues) $301
Chris Byrne (NOW Pro Series Cup) $126
Ben Cain (NNE Region Qualifiers) $201
David Camilleri (NOW $10K Challenge – July) $151
Alan Casas (Transfer) $101
Jesse Chung (Davistown RSL top four on leaderboard) $101
Michael Cincotta (Region winner Jan-Mar 2012) $126
Hunter Clavan (Venue winner Penrith RSL – Sun) $101
Josh Clinton (NOW Qualifer) $71
Jean Close (Last Chance Satellite Penrith RSL) $301
Fiona Coelho (NIN) $251
Paul Collings (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $151
Michael Cooper (NOW Main Event Invitational) $201
Tom Cooper (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $401
Carly Cox (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $126
Michael Craig (NIN) $151
Marianne Crane (NCS Open) $101
Adi Dahari (Venue leader Briars Apr-June 2012) $101
Mark Damoiseaux (NIN Qualifier) $201
Emil Dannaoui (Bankstown Sports Wed end of season) $201
John Dearie (NHD Regionals) $201
Chris Demetriou (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $151
Gary Di Paola (NSS Qualifier) $401
Con Diakovasilis (CTB NSW – NSS) AOP
Connie Diakovasilis (July Regionals) $251
Richard Dilkes (NOW Main Event Invitational) $126
Bradley Dohlberg (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $67
Phillip Dong ($110 Sit ‘n’ Go) $401
Shaun Dredge (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $251
Scott Dumay (NNB ME Satellite) $251
Aaron Egan (Wests Group Seasonal Leaderboard Challenge) $126
Ahmed Eid (Revesby Workers Sat $22 Pro) AOP
George Elias (Play for a Cure 2012) $101
John Erickson (South West Regional Final – August) $401
Rosalinda Etheridge (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $251
Caleb Evans (Davistown RSL top four on leaderboard winner) $151
Jason Ewing (NNB Regionals) $151
Alex Falon (transfer) $251
Phillip Faux (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $67
Blake Fell (NIN) $71
Carmen Fenech (Bankstown Sports TOC) $201
Joanna Findlay (Joanna’s Bucket List – Special Event) $401
Marion Fisher (MAIN EVENT BUCKs) $201
Frank Fodera (NOW $10K Challenge – April 2012) $351
Anna Fodera Venue Winner (Workers B’town – Sun) $301
Roberto Fratti Venue Winner (St Marys Band – Wed) $401
George Freelingos (Wests Leagues Club Mar Regional Final) $201
Joanne Furner (NOW Main Event Invitational) $501
Richard Gacad (Rooty Hill RSL Pro Series – Monday night) $501
Mitchell Gallard (May Pro Open) $301
Sarah Gatt (July Pro Open) AOP
Nathan Gauci (NIN Qualifier) $81
Peter Gerakiteys (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $401
Toby Giles (Parra Workers Mon end of season $151
Linda Gilmore (NOW Best of the Best) $201
Steve Gilmore (Venue winner Penrith RSL – Sun Pro) $151
Ray Griffin (Diamond Series) $301
Walter Haare (Wests Leagues Club Mar Regional Final) $201
Amy Haddad (NOW Main Event Invitational) $201
Matthew Hanna (Parramatta Workers Mon end of season) $126
Stephen Harmon (NSH Qualifier) AOP
David Harragen (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $201
Kathleen Healy (Revesby Workers Sat $22 Pro) $151
David Heycott (NIN) $151
Justin Hojel (NCS Open) $151
James Holmes (NSS Qualifier) $251
Greg Hopkins (July Pro Open) $201
Nick Hormouas (NOW Main Event Invitational) $401
Joshua Howard (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $301
James Hynd (NNB Regionals) $151
Roger Ibisate (NOW Main Event Invitational) $251
Magdeleno Icaca (Venue winner Workers Sports – Thurs) $201
Kim Ioakimaros (NSS Qualifier) $151
Moh Ismail (Wenty Leagues end of season) $301
Gail Jackson (MAIN EVENT Bucks) $401
Gary James (NNB ME Satellite) $251
Quin James (June Pro Open) $151
Danny Jassar (Pro Open June) $101
David Jeffery (NOW Main Event Invitational) $301
Heath Jeffries (NOW Main Event Invitational) $251
Brett Johnson (Diamond Series) $151
Bill Jordanov (Canley Heights RSL April Regional Final) $151
Manoj Kapoor (MAIN EVENT Bucks) $251
Anthony Karam (Play for a Cure 2012) $151
Svetlana Kasic (April Pro Open) $151
Jasmina Kasic (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $501
Peter Kassiotes ($5 Frenzy Pro Open April) $81
Daniel Keast (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $126
Jim Kekatos (Venue winner Penrith RSL – Sun Pro) $301
Tina Kennedy (Transfer) $201
Sam Kennedy (May Pro Open) $126
Hagop Keshishian (Transfer) $151
Daniel Kidd (NNB ME Satellite) $51
Barry King (April Pro Open) $101
Mala Kita (NOW Pro Series Cup) $251
Alan Lane (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $101
Frank Laoulach (Workers Parra Wed end of season) $251
Colin Lee (NOW Main Event Invitational) $201
Michael Lewis (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $251
Brad Livermore (NOW Best of the Best) $401
David Logan (APL5000 Part 2) $251
Stephen Long (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $126
Frank Lovato (MAIN EVENT Satellite) AOP
Andrew MacFarlane (NIN) $151
Harry Manikas (Venue winner Workers Sports – Tues) $301
Colleen McCloskey (August Pro Open) $301
Andrew McCracken (Davistown RSL Deepstack Series winner) $151
Robert McKim (NOW Main Event Invitational) $401
Jack Mears (NNE Region Qualifiers) $151
James Meem (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $101
Grant Meyer (NOW Main Event Invitational) $401
Dyllan Montford-Sinclair (MAIN EVENT Bucks) $151
Wendy Montford-Sinclair (MAIN EVENT Bucks) $301
Ryan Morgan (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $101
Tony Moss (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $401
John Mouawad (NIN Qualifier) $401
Lynnette Muggleton (Regional Points winner) $71
Bruce Muggleton (August Pro Open) $51
Matthew Muir (Diamond Series) $51
Kirsty Mulholland (NOW Pro Series Cup) $151
Michael Nenes (NQG Qualifier) $151
Mark Ngatuaine (Season 2 NSW State Champs) AOP
Milton Nikolaou ($135 Single Table Satellite) $401
James Nonnenmacher (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $151
Glynn Novice (March Pro Open) $101
Michael O’Connell (Season 2 NSW State Champs) AOP
Chris Paewai (APL5000 Part I) $67
George Palermo (Thursday Avg $3000) $401
Michael Pambos (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $81
Brett Pandoleon (NOW $10K Challenge – July 2012) $101
Kon Papsalis (Thursday Avg $3000) AOP
Alex Parisi ($5 Frenzy State Champs April) $151
Emmanuel Petris (Bankstown Sports Sunday Pro) $101
Brendon Pfitzner (MAIN EVENT Bucks) AOP
Theng Pham (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $251
Thanh Phan (NSW Feb Regional Final) AOP
Joseph Phillipe (NCS Qualifier) AOP
Alex Pitty (Stephen Davy Regional Final) $101
Andres Poblet (February Regionals) $251
Mario Puglisi (Transfer) AOP
William Quinn (Season 1 NSW State Champs) AOP
Peter Read (CTB NSW) $151
Robert Relph (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $301
Sam Rice (NNB Regionals) $67
Michael Richardson (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $151
Michael Rogers (NIN) $151
Gary Ross (NOW Pro Series Cup) $126
Brad Rowland (Season 1 NSW State Champs) AOP
Tom Rusnak (Venue winner Rooty Hill RSL – Fri Pro) $301
Sam Sainsbury (Venue winner Penrith RSL – Sat) $201
Tamer Salama (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $151
Alex Samarian (Monthly Deepstack winner July 2012) $126
Dora Sarantakos (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $401
John Saratsopoulos (Revesby Workers Sat $22 Pro) $201
Denis Sekuloski (Last Chance Satellite) AOP
Wayne Serasin (Rooty Hill RSL Pro Series – Friday night) $151
Mohammad Shalbaf (Venue winner Penrith Golf – Thurs) $251
Fadi Shnoudi (NIW TOC) $301
Khalil Shnoudi (Parramatta Workers Wed end of season) $126
Kushlani Sitsabesan (APL 3000 Regional Final) AOP
Shane Slack (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $251
Daniel Smith (Regional Final NGT) $301
Jacob Smith (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $201
John Snelson (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $301
Yeliz Soneak (NOW Main Event Invitational) $501
Sandra Soper (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $67
Louie Srour (Play for a Cure 2012) $301
James Stackman (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $81
Zoran Stanojevic (South West Regional Final – July) AOP
Peter Stathakis (Bankstown Sports Wed end of season) $401
Les Strezov (NNE Region Qualifiers) $401
Greg Stuart (APL3000 winner June 2012) $151
Emmanuel Svourenos (Thursday Avg $3000) $251
Vicki Sylvester (NOW Pro Series Cup) $401
Katrina Szalai (Two-person Teams Event) $401
Jeffrey Szeto (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $251
Karl Tafea (Open Regional Final – Sept 2011) $126
Tony Tavella (July Pro Open) $151
David Taylor (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $301
Henry Tran (Parra Workers High Rollers satellite) AOP
Anthony Trisley (Season 1 NSW State Champs) AOP
Kevin Tufnell (Season 2 NSW State Champs) $101
Shane Turner (Venue winner Rooty Hill RSL – Monday Pro) $101
Ross Valaire (NNE Region Qualifiers) $71
Lynn Valaire (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $151
Jeffrey Valance (NOW Qualifer) $201
Chris Vale (March Pro Open) $201
Troy Valentini (Venue winner Penrith RSL – Mon) $61
George Venianakis (June Pro Open) $71
Keith Walker (NNE Region Qualifiers) $101
Justin Watson (NOW Best of the Best) $251
Adam Watts (NOW Main Event Invitational) $101
Alex Wayne (Revesby Workers Sat $22 Pro) $101
Joel Wealands (NWW Qualifier) AOP
Daryl Westley (Last Chance Satellite) AOP
Alex White (March Pro Open) $126
James White (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $201
Paul Whitehouse (April Pro Open) $151
Callum Wilson (NNB ME Satellite) $151
Roberto Woolnough (Canley Heights RSL Apr Regional Final) $101
Kelvin Wu (NSS Qualifier) $151
Achim Wussegger (Season 1 NSW State Champs) $151
John Xuerab (NOW Best of the Best) $126
Steve Young (NIN) $151
Aaron Young (NOW Main Event Invitational) $301
Yousif Yousif (ME Satellite @ Pro Open July 2012) AOP
Dean Yuen (Play for a Cure 2012) $301


Roy Adams (NQ Champs S1 2012) $251
Cohen Adams (Qld State Finals S1) AOP
Bill Allen (CTB Qld – GC) $101
Jack Beynon (S2 Playoff) $201
Melissa Bolger (Qld State Finals) $151
Matt Cook (Queensland 10k Deepstack) $151
Barry Doyle (CTB Rocky) $251
Cody Edwards (Queensland 10k Deepstack) $201
Shaun Elliott (Mastara Monthly final June) $151
Anne Marie Friedrichs (NQ Champs S1 2012) $301
Randy Gibson (NQ Champs S2 2012) $101
Barbara Gibson (QLD State Finals) $51
Norah Greer (Qld State Finals S1) AOP
Sean Henderson (S2 Playoff) $151
Sonny Ho (Qld State Finals) $301
Glin Inmon (Qld State Finals S1) $251
Jordan Johnson (Mackay Monthly Final) $401
John Jolly (Transfer) $301
Darrell Kerr (Qld State Finals) $81
Alec Luke (Melbas end of season playoff) $251
Frank Marino (Qld State Finals) $101
Joshua Matthews (Qld State Finals) $251
Troy McMillan (Grand 5000 Season 2 ticket) $71
Craig Micallef (CTB Qld – Mackay) $151
Matt Miller (Queensland 10k Deepstack) $151
Pam Morris (NQ Champs S2 2012) $301
Ray Nagas (Qld State Finals S1) $151
Tyran Orchard (Online) $81
Narend Parsad (Qld State Finals S1) AOP
Josh Parsons (S2 Playoff) $251
Chris Raffaele (Qld State Finals S1) $151
Sabine Randall (Melbas end of season playoff) AOP
Daniel Rardon (Qld State Finals S1) $301
Andrew Ryland (NQ Champs S1 2012) $201
Deanne Ryland (NQ Champs S1 2012) $401
Jesse Shepparbottom (NQ Champs S2 2012) $151
Robert Sheridan (QLD State Finals S1) AOP
Karen Shilleto (QLD State Finals) $81
Phil Siddell (Mastara Monthly Final July) $126
Robert Simonsen (Mastara Monthly Final May) $126
David Somerville (Queensland 10k Deepstack) $81
Shane Voller (Qld State Finals) $101
Marius Wytenburg (Woodstock Promotion) AOP
Dez Zahl (Wynnum RSL Easter Monday) $126

Western Australia

Kevin Adams (WSE Regionals) $101
Larry Adams (WSW Regional Finals – March 2012) $126
Debra Armstrong (WA State Leader) $401
Dotty Bagshaw (WNE Qualifiers) AOP
Jackie Bailey (WA Pro Open – July 2012) $201
Michael Barker (WA Pro Open) $401
Peter Bright (WA Pro Open – April 2012) $401
Chris Chamoun (WNE Qualifiers) $151
Dave Curtis (WNE Qualifiers) AOP
Graeme Cutler (WA State Champs – April 2012) $126
John DeGiambatista (WNE Qualifiers) $201
Edith DeGiambatista (WNE Qualifiers) $301
Kodie Drew (WA Pro Open – April 2012) $81
Kimberly Gibbs (WNE Qualifiers) AOP
Nicholas Gribble (WSW Regional Finals – February 2012) $61
Sam Ingram (WNE Qualifiers) AOP
Sean Lim (WA Pro Open – July 2012) $251
Dave Mathieson (WSW Regional Finals – September 2011) AOP
Kevin McIlvena (WA State Champs – Jan) $151
Prospero Mukim (WNE Qualifiers) AOP
Karl-Heinz Ramolla (WSW Regional leader) $401
Damien Stanley (WSE Regionals) $201
Garry Veal (WA State Champs – April 2012) $151
John Wilson (WA State Champs – July 2012) $201
Phillip Wilson (WA Pro Series Final) $126
Jason Wright (WA State leader) $101

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