MAIN EVENT: Lynton leads the way after day 1A

After a stunning debut back in February, the second MAIN EVENT kicked off at Crown Melbourne today. Qualifiers from across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia packed the Crown Poker room to begin pursuit of a guaranteed first prize package of $100,000.

A total of 157 players heard welcomes from Full House Group’s Brayden Haynes and Garth Kay before the opening hand was dealt. After 11 levels of 30 minutes, the field had been reduced to just 90.

The field included scores of qualifiers from the 888PL, APL and Pub Poker, along with a handful of professional players, but it was an unheralded qualifier from the City Memorial Bowls Club in Victorian regional centre of Warrnambool who topped the chip count.

Ben Lynton (pictured) finished day 1A with 196,300 in chips, to lead narrowly from South Australia’s Russ McDonald (192,500) and Victorian duo John Yianni (189,400) and Michael Breheny (180,300). Breheny led for much of the afternoon after inheriting the lead from Kym Andrews, who set the early pace.

On day 1B we’re expecting almost double the number as qualifiers compared to day 1A as players from New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia take to the felt.

The line-up will include the two players who filled the top placing in the first MAIN EVENT – Nathan Gauci and Marion Fisher. Play starts at 12.10pm.

MAIN EVENT end of day 1A chip count

Ben Lynton 196300
Russ McDonald 192500
John Yianni 189400
Michael Breheny 180300
Ryan Hunter 128600
Matthew Luketic 110900
Paul Rich 107600
Dean Goodwin 105500
Saviour Agius 105400
Craig Ivey 103100
Geoff Eason 97100
Con Gatis 84300
Vic Duncan 83100
Stephen Day 76100
Ian Dalidowicz 75700
Rebecca Catterwell 74700
Jamie Farley 72000
Ken Skinner 71700
Corey Blazely 69700
Neil Evans 67900
Darren Schneider 67500
Sonia McCabe 64700
Adrian Hodge 63600
Justine Camilleri 63200
Paul Sayers 63000
Joshua McNaughton 61000
Mick Kearin 60600
Adam Muarem 60600
Matt Winter 59100
Jason McDonald 58800
Tristan Pace 58300
Jason Featherstone 57100
Paul McIntyre 57000
Kahle Burns 56500
William McBride 55700
Mary Orta 54700
Nicole Ferrett 52000
Archie Logan 50000
Richard Hutchens 48400
Dave Brownlee 45900
Jeremy Guiheux 45600
Dave Collins 45200
Peter Matthews 45100
Gavin Thorpe 42900
Peter James 42200
Michael Annells 41200
Gloria Tyas 41200
Ross Davies 41000
Majed Said 40800
Nicole Summerside 39900
Rob Campbell 38800
Allan Russell 38300
Matthew Presland 37400
Phil King 35400
Stephen Smith 33200
Pauline Kennedy 32900
Stephen Tognolini 32100
Nathan Purton 31900
Peter Gruyters 31200
Scott Murrin 30900
Mike Subacius 30400
Mitch Oates 30200
Matt Hampton 29300
James Mace 27300
Daryl Lee 26800
Troy Pathon 26100
Peter Alber 25700
Matt Free 24600
Mark Detering 24300
Carmine De Sciscio 23200
Dean Schneider 23000
Zac Durkin 22200
Gary Waddell 21900
Josh Klaer 21600
Mandi Brient 20500
Kirsty Wisby 19700
Sergio Kacanas 19100
Joe Giaquinta 18200
Mark Reay 15500
Phillip Hansen 13700
Adam Berry 13400
Tony Allen 13000
Pat Dillon 12900
Stephen Gordon 12700
Geoff Sparkes 11100
Steven Ramsey 10000
Tony Mosca 9900
Shane Peart 9900

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