APL/888PL/Pub Poker – The Main Event II / Day 1 / Flight 1

Lynton leads at the end of day 1A

On one of the final hands of the day, there was massive three-way action between Paul Ridsdale (pocket sixes), Jamie Farley (7-9) and Nicole Ferrett (A-K). The board flowed 3-5-9-10-9 to make trips for Farley, sending Ridsdale on his way and putting a big dent in Ferrett’s stack.

Later this evening, we’ll post the official end of day 1A chip count but to our best estimates Ben Lynton (pictured above) is the chip leader on 196,300 followed by Russ McDonald (192,500), John Yianni (189,400) and Michael Breheny (180,300).

Three more, and we’re done

Full House Group TD Garth Kay has just issued the order to deal three more hands before the end of play on day 1A of the MAIN EVENT. There’s a big tournament feel in the Crown Poker room tonight with a huge field turning out for the $100 buy-in Thursday Thriller which kicks-off in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, the list of players KOed from the MAIN EVENT in the latter stages of the day included Mitchell Walters, Jamie-Lee Davis, Clint Woolford, James Travers, Steve Evans, Stephen Clarke and Andy Zarro.

Breheny leads into the final level 

Play has noticeably tightened up heading into the final level of the day (blinds 800/1600 with an ante of 200) with 108 of the 157 starters in contention for a start on day two.

The new chip leader is Michael Breheny (pictured above) on 120,000 – he flopped a full house with pocket nines against the A-K of Nicole Summerside after the board ran out 9-K-K-2-10.

Other big stacks belong to Ryan Hunter (115,000), Dean Goodwin (100,000), Mike Subacius (90,000), Paul Rich (90,000) and Rebecca Catterwell (80,000) while Kym Andrews has drifted back to the field on 75,000.

Andrews takes a big lead

Kym Andrews (pictured above) is a massive chip leader heading into the final 10 minutes of level nine on day 1A of the MAIN EVENT here at Crown Melbourne. Having dispatched Chris Whitmee, Andrews added the scalp of Conan Zeigeler with a rivered set of 10s against pocket aces.

Andrews holds 155,000 to be well clear of Bill Liapis on 99,600. John Yianni (84,000), Rob Campbell (78,000) and Scott Murrin (68,000) are also chipped up heading into the latter stages of the day.

Other recent eliminations have included David Storen, Ben Clarke, Brad Koelewen, Sid Bansal, Gavin Hanlon, Michael Faderson, Hans Steevens, Eimear Fahy, Alan Getly and Bill Prokhovnik.

Favourites starting to tumble

With the board showing 2d-6h-5d-4c, Kym Andrews announced all-in for about 50,000. Chris Whitmee made the call and showed 5-7 but the pocket 10s of Andrews led to the river. The Qc was no help to the highly fancied Whitmee, who attracted plenty of interest on the bookmaker.com.au market for the MAIN EVENT.

Sam Kazonis also failed to make it to the break after the last of his money was committed on a board showing Qh-10d-5s-7h. He showed Ah-Qd to trail the pocket kings of Peter Matthews, and the river K only added salt to the wound of Kazonis. Shane Zoch also departed late in level 8.

Next break coming up

The 30-minute levels tick by very quickly, and there are less than 20 minutes to go in level 8 (400/800 with an ante of 50) and the second break of the day. The steady stream of eliminations continues with Matt Stewart, Beau Hammond and Richard Parker the latest casualties.

Adam Tilbrook is also out of the event after his K-Q was overtaken on the river by the A-Q of Mick Kearin (pictured above) after the board was dealt K-7-5-9-A. Kearin, who qualified through a $120 Deepstack event in Bendigo, is up to 33,000.

Nines are just fine for Kennedy

Tasman Lawson’s MAIN EVENT dream is over after running into Pauline Kennedy’s (pictured above) set of nines. The chips were shipped after the flop of 4c-Qd-9s, with an open-ended straight draw for Lawson’s J-10 against Kennedy’s nines. The turn 3h and river 7d were no help, sending Lawson to the rail.

Thomas Sammut is also out of the tournament after the pocket sixes of Javier Luppino improved to a set on the flop against pocket 10s, while Jason Richards has also headed for the cash tables after being eliminated at the hands of Neil Evans.

Lowe on a high

Craig Lowe’s (pictured above) chips seemed to be in the centre every time we walked past table 18, with his latest shove worth just 1600. The caller came thick and fast but a re-raise from one opponent was enough to scare the others away. It was Ah-8s leading Lowe’s Qh-10h, but a 10 on the river was enough for the South Aussie to build his stack back to almost 10,000. With just a few minutes remaining in level seven, there are 139 players remaining, and blinds are about to increase to 400/800 with an ante of 50.

Bill bags a pair

In the biggest hand of the day so far, the money was in pre-flop as Chris Morris (pocket queens) and Dean Lowe (pocket jacks) needed help against the pocket aces of Bill Liapis (pictured above). The board fell 8h-6h-4c-Kh-5s to end the tournament for Morris and Lowe, while Liapis is the new chip leader on 80,000.

Song ends for Sung

South Australia’s Nicole Ferrett (pictured above) had drifted well below her starting stack in the opening two hours of play but is back in town after sending William Sung to the rail. Sung’s Qd-10h looked in fair shape on the board of 10s-As-10d-4d-6s, but Ferrett held Ad-10c for a flopped full house, sending her stack north of 47,000.

Sad to see you go

With play into level six (blinds 200/400 with an ante of 50), players eliminated so far today include Tom Flassman, Stephanie Catterwell, Dean Lowe, Paul Dunn, William Sung, Nick Bassett, Chris Morris, Les Kovacs and Ricky Kroesen.

Chip counts (midway through level 5)

Darren Schneider 72400 (pictured above)
Scott Murrin 68000
Adam Muarem 67000
Matthew Luketic 59000
Adrian Hodge 55800
Paul Rich 55000
Saviour Agius 55000
Kahle Burns 54000
Paul Sayers 53000
Rob Crombie 52000
Vic Duncan 52000
Dean Goodwin 51300
Jeremy Guiheux 47225
Craig Ivey 47000
Josh Klaer 44000
Conan Zeigeler 44000
Mark Detering 44000
William McBride 43250
Ben Lynton 43000
Phil King 43000
Dave Brownlee 42000
Geoff Eason 41500
Joshua McNaughton 41075
Ian Dalidowicz 41050
Justine Camilleri 40100
Ryan Hunter 40000
Sam Kazonis 40000
Mitch Oates 40000
Ken Skinner 40000
Michael Breheny 40000
Peter James 39000
Kym Andrews 39000
Daryl Lee 39000
Gary Waddell 38800
Bill Prokhovnik 38700
Alex Johnston 38000
Rob Campbell 38000
Stephen Smith 37000
Bill Liapis 37000
Stephen Fenton 36000
Nathan Purton 35000
Jason McDonald 35000
Clint Woolford 34850
Mike Subacius 34150
Con-Ross Gatis 34000
Clint Robinson 34000
Sergio Kacanas 33600
Rebecca Catterwell 33000
Steve Evans 33000
Matt Winter 33000
Nicole Summerside 32125
Cameron Mace 32000
Peter Lau 32000
Scott Webster 31700
Sid Bansal 31300
Tristan Pace 31000
Sonia McCabe 31000
Gary Seed 31000
Carmine De Sciscio 30000
Corey Blazely 30000
Kirsty Wisby 30000
Paul McIntyre 30000
Jason Richards 30000
Matt Free 29600
Zac Durkin 29500
Paul Kempster 29400
Stephen Gordon 29300
Alan Getly 29275
Nardia Carr 29100
Dean Lowe 29000
Michael Annells 29000
Archie Logan 29000
Gloria Tyas 29000
Matthew Presland 28625
Jason Featherstone 28600
John Yianni 28500
Tony Mosca 28300
Stephen Clarke 28000
Con Amanatidis 28000
Mark Reay 28000
Geoff Sparkes 28000
Stephen Day 27900
Anthony Pappas 27600
Dave Collins 27500
Pauline Kennedy 27500
Russ McDonald 27000
Ken Welsh 27000
Paul Ridsdale 27000
Stephen Tognolini 27000
Allan Russell 27000
Shane Peart 27000
Dean Schneider 26200
Dennis Moss 26000
Jamie-LeeDavis 26000
Phillip Hansen 26000
Joe Giaquinta 26000
Jamie Farley 26000
Justin Ghattas 26000
Eimear Fahy 26000
Jason Vandersluys 25650
James Travers 25250
Simon Fitzgerald 25000
Niki Suliman 25000
Brad Koelewen 25000
Steven Ramsey 24800
Sean Bailey 24700
Richard Parker 24600
Ross Davies 24500
Adam Berry 24400
Mick Kearin 24075
Peter Alber 24000
Robert Cvijeticanin 24000
Michael Fadersen 24000
Peter Gruyters 24000
Troy Pathon 22000
Neil Evans 22000
Thomas Sammut 22000
Tasman Lawson 21500
Andy Zarro 21325
Nicole Ferrett 21000
Hans Steevens 21000
Mandi Brient 21000
Javier Luppino 21000
Pat Dillon 20500
Adam Tilbrook 19900
Les Kovacs 19225
Deirdre Whelan 19000
Ben Clarke 18200
Tom Wing 17000
Steve Maloney 15000
Gavin Hanlon 14000
Matt Hampton 14000
William Sung 14000
Gerard Van Der Burt 14000
Paul Dunn 12500
Shane Zoch 12500
Klaa Clements 12000
Chris Whitmee 8500
Matt Stewart 7800
Beau Hammond 7600
Craig Lowe 3825

Aces the saviour for Saviour

Just across the floor from our reporting area is today’s feature table, where Klaa Clements and Saviour Agius just went to battle after a flop of 3h-10c-6s. It was aces for Agius against the kings of Clements, and the aces duly saluted to send the Victorian’s stack up to 55,000. Clements is down to 11,000. Players are just about to take their first break of the day, and after their 10-minute breather, blinds will up to 150/300 with an ante of 25.

Hodge makes the right call

Having played enough events to qualify for the MAIN EVENT in just a matter of days, poker pro Ricky Kroesen just received a timely reminder of the difficulty negotiating this field of enthusiastic amateurs. The pot grew on each street with Kroesen betting 5775 into a board that fell 10d-5c-Ad-3c-9s. Hobart qualifier Adrian Hodge made a ballsy call and flipped over A-J, which was enough to take the pot and leave Kroesen with just over 10,000.

Robinson picks off short stack

After a tough start to the day, George Georgiou elected to make his final stand early in the fourth level (100/200, ante 25) with the board showing K-6-10. He shoved for 2675 but Clint Robinson (pictured above) couldn’t wait to follow him into the pot, showing pocket aces. The board ran out 2-9 sending Georgiou to the rail.

Rich gettin’ richer

Double-ups will be few and far between in the early going, but Paul Rich (pictured above) has just bolstered his stack after committing his stack on a flop showing 7h-3d-10c. Shane Zoch made the call and flipped over pocket aces, but he needed help against the pocket 10s of Rich, which didn’t eventuate.

We also just watched Joe Giaquinta representing Doyle’s Bridge Hotel in Melbourne’s south-east nail a nine-high straight flush, taking his stack to 36,000 after taking down a nice pot.

Today’s field has been confirmed at 160 players (there were four no-shows) while 304 players are already locked in for tomorrow’s second day one flight. Five seats will also be up for grabs in tonight’s Last Chance Satellite.

Steady as she goes

Play is deep into level two (75/150) of the opening flight in the MAIN EVENT. Not surprisingly, play is fairly sedate as players wield their start stack of 30,000 with caution.

In the first MAIN EVENT, the entire field was seated for day one while this time around, it’s an extended long weekend for our visitors from Tasmania and South Australia while the Vics will be hoping be back here on Saturday for day two.

Players from NSW, Queensland and WA will take to the felt tomorrow. Adam Muarem, representing the Hoppers Club in Melbourne’s west, is the chip leader on 65,000.

Croweater grounded

It’s a case of mixed emotions for South Australia’s Stephanie Catterwell (pictured above), who earned the unwanted title of the first player to be eliminated from the MAIN EVENT after her opponent nailed a flush on the river. Steph not only takes home an X-Box 360 as the first player to be KOed, she is already assured a seat in the next MAIN EVENT after winning a ticket in last night’s MAIN EVENT satellite.

Under the radar

Amid the scores of qualifiers from the 888PL, APL and Pub Poker, there are also a smattering of players with plenty of experience in the pro ranks. Well known Queensland pro Ricky Kroesen qualified into the MAIN EVENT via a Last Chance Satellite, Tom Wing (2011 ANZPT Melbourne final table) and Kahle Burns (third in last month’s Sydney Champs Main Event) are among the players who’ll contest the MAIN EVENT. Craig Ivey, who captained the inaugural TeamAPL to the 2009 WSOP is playing today, along plenty of familiar faces who’ve run deep in recent State Champs in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

Seconds out, let’s get ready to rumble

In one of the more dramatic openings to a major tournament that you’ll witness, two horn players have escorted the first prize cheque (unsigned at this point) into the Crown Poker Room to the Theme from Rocky! Full House Group chief Brayden Haynes (pictured above) then addressed players before tournament director Garth Kay issued the order to shuffle up and deal. Cards are in the air for the 170-plus players in action today.

Countdown to the opening hand

Players are starting to nervously pace the areas adjacent to the tournament area in the Crown Poker room with the start of play in the second MAIN EVENT less than 20 minutes away. Many have donned their MAIN EVENT polo shirts while others are wearing the colours of their regions like the APL Hobart crew who are here in big numbers in their distinctive purple.

As previously mentioned, the team from bookmaker.com.au are ringside with us for the MAIN EVENT, with their overall event favourite Melissa Kronert ($31) scheduled to take her seat today. Other highly fancied runners including Jo McDonald ($41) and Pat Dillon (one of the big market movers, in from $201 to $51) are also playing in the opening flight. To have a punt, click here

What’s in store for the opening flight

In an innovation for the second edition of the MAIN EVENT, the field has been split into two opening day flights. Today’s (Thursday’s) flight consists of qualifiers from Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

According to the latest entry list as at September 4, the field will consist of 158 players (listed below). Play will start at 12.10pm in the internationally renowned Crown Poker Room, with 11 levels of 30 minutes scheduled:

Level 1: 50/100
Level 2: 75/150
Level 3: 100/200
Level 4: 100/200 (ante 25)


Level 5: 150/300 (ante 25)
Level 6: 200/400 (ante 50)
Level 7: 300/600 (ante 50)
Level 8: 400/800 (ante 75)


Level 9: 500/1000 (ante 100)
Level 10: 600/1200 (ante 100)
Level 11: 800/1600 (ante 200)

MAIN EVENT players (day 1 flight 1 list by name/how qualified/bookmaker.com odds)

South Australia

Peter Alber (ME Bucks) AOP
Con Amanatidis (SA State Champs S1) $301
Rebecca Catterwell (ME Bucks) $501
Stephanie Catterwell (ME Bucks) $501
Stephen Clarke (SA State Champs) $101
Ian Dalidowicz (SA State Champs) $301
Carmine De Sciscio (ME Bucks) $201
Nicole Ferrett (SA State Champs) $201
Con-Ross Gatis (State Champs Jan) $301
Dean Goodwin (SA State Champs S1) $251
Ryan Hunter (ME Bucks) $151
Craig Ivey (SA Last Chance Qualifier) $67
Peter James (SA Last Chance Qualifier) AOP
Sam Kazonis (SA State Champs S1) $151
Paul Kempster (SA State Champs) $81
Josh Klaer (SA State Champs S1) $101
Craig Lowe (SA State Champs S1) $151
Ben McDonald (SA Qualifier) $151
Jo McDonald (888PL Online Phase 3) $41
Russ McDonald (Morphett Arms Satellite) $301
Chris Morris (SA July Monthly Winners Final) $151
Dennis Moss (SA State Champs S1) $251
Scott Murrin (Online qualifier) $251
Troy Pathon (888PL Online Phase 3) $301
Mike Subacius (SA State Champs) $126
Nicole Summerside (888PL Online Phase 3) $151
Adam Tilbrook (SA State Champs) $201.00
Clint Woolford (SA State Champs) $151.00


Sean Bailey (Tas State Champs S2) $201
Nick Bassett (Tas Qualifier) $126
Corey Blazely (Tas Qualifier) $151
Nardia Carr (Hobart Qualifier) AOP
Ben Clarke (Tas Qualifier) $81
Klaa Clements (Tas Qualifier) $201
Rob Crombie (Hobart Qualifier) $401
Vicki Davis (Tas Qualifier) $67
Zac Durkin (Tas Qualifier) $201
Jason Featherstone (Hobart Qualifier) $401
Stephen Fenton (Tas Qualifier) AOP
Simon Fitzgerald (Hobart Qualifier) $251
Tom Flassman (Tas Qualifier) $151
Matt Free (Tas Qualifier) $251
Bryce Gale (Tas State Champs) $101
Stephen Gordon (Tas State Champs S1) $151
Gavin Hanlon (Hobart Qualifier) $126
Adrian Hodge (Hobart Qualifier) $201
Kelly Hogan (Tas State Champs S1) $151
Alex Johnston (Tas Qualifier) $61
Dean Lowe (Tas Qualifier) $71
Cameron James Mace (Hobart Qualifier) $101
Jason McDonald (Hobart Qualifier) AOP
Paul McIntyre (Hobart Qualifier) $151
Tristan Pace (Tas Qualifier) $126
Richard Parker (Tas Qualifier) $401
Matthew Presland (Tas State Champs S2) $251
Nathan Purton (CTB Tas) $301
Stephen Smith (Hobart Qualifier) $301
Matt Stewart (Tas Qualifier) $126
Jason Vandersluys (Hobart Qualifier) $151
Scott Webster (Hobart Qualifier) $151
Kirsty Wisby (Tas Qualifier) $101
Conan Zeigeler (Hobart Qualifier) $201


Saviour Agius (MAIN EVENT Monster Satellite) $81
Tony Allen (Warrnambool Qualifier) AOP
Kym Andrews (Vic State Champs S2) $101
Michael Annells (Dava Hotel Qualifier) $201
Sid Bansal (Vic State Champs S1) $101
Adam Berry (VAW Qualifier) AOP
Michael Breheny (MAIN EVENT Monster Satellite) $151
Mandi Brient (Bairnsdale S&CC Qualifier) $251.00
Dave Brownlee (Ballarat Qualifiers) AOP
Justine Camilleri (Vic State Champs S1) $81
Rob Campbell (State Champs January) $201
Dave Collins (Sale Season 2 LDB winner) AOP
Robert Cvijeticanin (Vic State Champs S2) $81
Ross Davies (Warragul S2 Promotion) $151
Jamie-Lee Davis (Dava Hotel Qualifier) AOP
Archie Davis (Tigers Club Qualifier) $101
Stephen Day (Dorset Gardens Qualifier) AOP
Mark Detering (Highways Tabaret Qualifier) $301
Pat Dillon (Vic State Champs S2) $201
Barry Dillon (Vic State Champs S1 Satellite) $101
Michael Doumani (CTB VIC – VAW) AOP
Vic Duncan (State Champs October) $151
Paul Dunn (Bundoora Bowls Qualifier) $301
Geoff Eason (Ballarat Qualifiers) AOP
Neil Evans (APL Regional Qualifier) $101
Steve Evans (June Pro Open) $126
Michael Fadersen (Vic State Champs S2) $51
Eimear Fahy (Chase the Bracelet Rebuy) $126
Jamie Farley (Peninsula Club Qualifier) $201
George Georgiou (Doyles Bridge Qualifier) $201
Alan Getly (Bendigo Regional Final) $151
Justin Ghattas (Tigers Club Qualifier) AOP
Joe Giaquinta (Doyles Bridge Qualifier) $201
Peter Gruyters (Settlement Hotel Qualifier) $301
Jeremy Guiheux (Hotel Shamrock Satellite) $101
Beau Hammond (MAIN EVENT Monster Satellite) $401
Matt Hampton (Hoppers Club Qualifier) $151
Phillip Hansen (Dorset Gardens Qualifier) $151
Melissa Hawker (Vic State Champs S1 Satellite) $301
Richard Hutchens (Doyles Bridge Qualifier) AOP
Sergio Kacanas (Highways Tabaret Qualifier) AOP
Mick Kearin ($120 Deepstack Bendigo) $251
Pauline Kennedy (Vic State Champs S1) $301
Phil King (Vic State Champs S1) $301
Brad Koelewen (Rosebud Hotel Qualifier) $101
Les Kovacs (Chase the Bracelet Rebuy) $251
Melissa Kronert (Lynbrook Qualifier) $31
Peter Lau (Warrigal Club Satellite) $126
Tasman Lawson (CTB VIC) $126
Bill Liapis (Peninsula Club Qualifier) $301
Archie Logan (Vic State Champs S1) $151
Matthew Luketic (Vic State Champs S1 Satellite) $151
Ben Lynton (City Memorial Bowls Qualifier) $251
Steve Maloney (Lynbrook Qualifier) $201
Peter Matthews (Vic State Champs S1) $251
William McBride (Morwell S2 LDB winner) AOP
Sonia McCabe (Vic State Champs S2) $151
Joshua McNaughton (Chase the Bracelet Rebuy) AOP
Tony Mosca (MAIN EVENT qualifier $60 Freezeout) $201
Adam Muarem (Hoppers Club Qualifier) AOP
Mitch Oates (VAW Qualifier) AOP
Mary Orta (MAIN EVENT qualifier $20 rebuy) $301
Anthony Pappas (Vic State Champs S2) $81
Shane Peart (Vic State Champs S1) $151
Bill Prokhovnik (Tabcorp Qualifier) AOP
Steven Ramsey (MAIN EVENT qualifier $20 rebuy) $401
Mark Reay (Crown Casino) $201
Paul Rich (MAIN EVENT Qualifier $60 Freezeout) $401
Jason Richards (MAIN EVENT Qualifier $60 Freezeout) $401
Paul Ridsdale (Lynbrook Qualifier) $251
Clint Robinson (Ballarat Qualifiers
Allan Russell (Vic State Champs S1 Satellite) $201
Majed Said (Roxburgh Park Qualifier) $201
Thomas Sammut (Morwell Club Qualifier) $201
Paul Sayers (Vic State Champs S1 Satellite) $101
Darren Schneider (Vic State Champs S2) $401
Dean Schneider (Vic State Champs S1) $401
Gary Seed Vic State Champs S1 SATELLITE $151.00
Ken Skinner (Golden Square $5 Rebuy Satellite) $81
Geoff Sparkes (Vic State Champs S2) $151
Hans Steevens (VCG Tournament of Champions) $401
David Storen (Vic State Champs S1 Satellite) $251
Niki Suliman (MAIN EVENT qualifier $20 rebuy) $251
Gavin Thorpe (Doyles Bridge Qualifier) $151
Stephen Tognolini (MAIN EVENT qualifier $20 rebuy) $251
James Travers (Vic State Champs S1 Satellite) $301
Gloria Tyas (MAIN EVENT Monster Satellite) $251
Gary Waddell (888PL Online Phase 3) $201
Mark Wallis (Vic State Champs S1 Satellite) $67
Mark Walters (Highways Tabaret Qualifier) $201
Mitchell Walters (Highways Tabaret Qualifier) $201
Ken Welsh (Highways Tabaret Qualifier) AOP
Deirdre Whelan (Peninsula Club Qualifier) $151
Chris Whitmee (Vic State Champs S1 Satellite) $201
Matt Winter (Hotel Huntly MAIN EVENT Satellite) $81
John Yianni (MAIN EVENT qualifier $20 rebuy) $151
Andy Zarro (MAIN EVENT qualifier $20 rebuy) $151
Shane Zoch (MAIN EVENT Monster Satellite) $301

It’s time for the MAIN EVENT

Welcome to PokerMedia Australia’s coverage of the MAIN EVENT, live and exclusive, from Crown Melbourne. The bar was unquestionably raised for Australian poker earlier this year when players under the Full House Group banner – representing the 888PL, APL and Pub Poker brands for the first time since they were merged – amassed at Crown Melbourne for the first running of the MAIN EVENT.

Although this was a new tournament, the MAIN EVENT carried on a proud tradition of qualification-only major events offering hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizemoney dating back to the earliest days of the industry more than six years ago.

It also marked a new standard for players to aim among the myriad games offered by the leagues – from nightly free games through to regional and special events and State Championships.

The first MAIN EVENT attracted a massive field of 559 players set off in pursuit of a slice of the $559,000 prizepool, which included a $15,000 Aussie Millions package plus a magnificent ruby-encrusted $8000 championship bracelet.

After three testing days of deep stack poker, Wollongong’s Nathan Gauci etched his place in Australian poker history as the inaugural MAIN EVENT champion.

Continuing a long line of champion poker players from Wollongong, Gauci won a $120,000 prize package that included a $15,000 TeamAUSSIEMILLIONS package plus an $8000 MAIN EVENT bracelet while Sydney grandmother Marion Fisher was more than happy to sign the payout sheet to secure her $85,000 package.

This edition of the MAIN EVENT will again offer a guaranteed prize pool of at least $100,000 for first place, and capped at 600 runners, Full House Group is once again expecting a great turnout.

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