NPL 500III 2012 – Day 2 / Final Table

Victor Teng wins NPL500 III!!!

It’s taken two long days and some 31 Levels of poker but finally the NPL500 III has reached its conclusion with Victor Teng out-lasting 259 players to be crowned 2012 champion.

Teng, a qualifier from Marickville, had lingered around the top stacks for much of the event but had to overcome a rollercoaster ride at the final table. At one stage he faced  a4:1 chip deficit in heads-up play against Errolyn Strang but he gradually clawed his way back and after taking the chip lead in a big pre-flop confrontation holding A-K against J-9 he finished the job soon afterwards.

Teng becomes the third NPL500 champion and takes home $102,000, an Audi A4 and a $3000 NPLWT Manila ticket for his efforts.

It’s been a fantastic two days here at The Star with 259 players sitting down early Saturday morning for their shot at glory.

Among them were some of Australasian poker’s biggest names including Brendon Rubie, Bryan Huang, Grant Levy, Daniel Neilson, Aaron Benton, Jesse McKenzie and Dave Allan but the vast majority were simply NPL regulars who had won their way through to what for many was the biggest tournament they had ever played.

Sadly, for most the dream came to an early end with just 54 making it through to Day 2, but for the 25 players that reached the money it was certainly a memorable occasion.

The unique nature of the event has made for a wonderfully relaxed and friendly environment at the tables – even as the tournament reached its conclusion in the wee hours of Monday morning.

We thank all the people from NPL for running such an enjoyable tournament and of course our friends at The Star for making their wonderful venue available across the weekend.

More importantly, congratulations to Victor Teng – our latest NPL500 champion!

1.30am: Errolyn Strang eliminated in 2nd ($77,000 + $3,000 Manila ticket)

Having been left short just a few hands earlier when she open-shipped J-9 and ran into Teng’s A-K, Errolyn Strang got the rest of her chips in holding 7-9 on a J-4-6 flop. Teng called holding 8-6 and after a nervous sweat as the 2 and 8 were dealt he yelled in triumph as his friends rushed in to embrace him.

12.30am: Strang takes stranglehold

Errolyn Strang has just won a big pot to take control of this heads-up battle. Stacks were near level when the two remaining combatants took a J-10-4 flop.

Strang check-called a 165,000 bet from Teng then led for 290,000 when the 4 repeated on the turn. Teng called.

When a King landed on the river, Strang bet 350,000 but Teng re-raised to 775,000. Strang thought for a good minute before making the call with 9-10 which was good to take down the pot against Teng’s A-9.

Strang is up to 4 million and Teng down to 1.1 million

12.05am: Heads-Up starting stacks

3,500,000 – Errolyn Strang
1,900,000 – Victor Teng

12.00am: Julius Tupua eliminated in 3rd ($47,000 + $3,000 Manila ticket)

Julius Tupua opened for 250,000 from the button and Strang called from the blinds. The flop came 9-6-9 and when Strang checked to Tupua he shoved for his remaining 325,000.

Strang thought briefly before calling with 7-6.

“Nice call,” Tupua said as he flipped over A-Q. He still had outs but running 7s gave Strang a boat and sent us to heads up play.

11.55pm: Joshua Kelty eliminated in 4th ($27,000 + $3,000 Manila ticket)

Just moments after Kari’s elimination, a monster pot developed between Joshua Kelty and Errolyn Strang that resulted in the former’s elimination from the tournament.

It began with Strang flatting Kelty’s open in the blinds and the pair seeing a 5c-9d-10d flop. Strang open shipped her big stack in and Kelty thought briefly before making the call for his remaining 900,000.

Surprisingly, his Ad-4d was already ahead of Strang’s J-8, but when an off-suit K and an 8 came on the turn and river, Strang had spiked a pair and hauled in the monster 2.3 million pot!

Strang is now a big chip leader with 2.8 million to Victor Teng’s 1.9 million and Tupua’s 575,000.

11.45pm: Saul Kari eliminated in 5th ($17,000 + $3,000 Manila ticket)

It didn’t take long for the action to heat up once play resumed with Saul Kari the first to bite the dust. Kari opened to 175,000 from the cut-off and Victor Teng 3-bet from the button.

Kari shrugged and shoved his remaining 600,000 with Teng making the call.

It was Kari’s K-J in trouble against Teng’s K-Q and when the board ran out A-8-6-9-10, the elder statesman of the final table was eliminated.

11.40pm: A done deal

A deal has finally been done and although that remains for the players to divulge at a later date if they wish, the good news is that we are back underway and looking to play down to our winner!

10.50pm: Deal or no deal?

There is a bit of a hold-up at the moment while players discuss the prospects of a deal. In the meantime, here are the current chip counts of the remaining five players:

1,430,000 – Errolyn Strang
1,130,000 – Victor Teng
1,060,000 – Joshua Kelty
895,000 – Saul Kari
670,000 – Julius Tupua

10.20pm: Blinds are up

Players have just returned from a 15-minute break with blinds now at 40,000/80,000. The average stack is just over 1 million although only Errolyn Strang and Joshua Kelty sit above that mark.

9.45pm: Zion Chan eliminated in 6th ($14,500 + $3,000 Manila ticket)

Zion Chan is the latest player to hit the rail and again it has taken a rotten piece of luck on the river to end his tournament.

Chan opened the action with a raise to 125,000 and Errolyn Strang called from the small blind. The flop came 3-A-Q and both players checked. The turn brought a 7 and Strang led out for 275,000.

Chan thought briefly, asked the NPL staff for the payout list, then announced ‘Okay I’m all-in’ and put his last 475,000 in the middle. Strang eventually called the extra 200,000 and turned over K-Q – well behind Chan’s A-6.

Chan looked good for a big double-up but the river brought a King and Strang’s two-pair saw Chan headed to the cage.

Strang moves back up to 1.6 million.

9.45pm: Laurence Hall eliminated in 7th ($12,000 + $3,000 Manila ticket)

An hour after we lost our last player, Laurence Hall has just joined the rail after copping a disastrous river. Victor Teng shoved from middle position and Hall insta-called with pocket Js.

Teng needed plenty of help with Q-J and was in trouble as the board came out 8-7-4-9, but the Q cruelly spiked on the river to end Hall’s great run.

9.30pm: Kelty doubles, passes 1 million

Joshua Kelty has just won a crucial pot at the expense of a very unlucky Victory Teng.

Kelty shoved for 555,000 from UTG and was snap-called by Teng on the button. Julius Tupua then tank-folded A-K and the cards were shown. Teng held Q-Q and Kelty Ac-Kc.

The 5s-2c-10s flop was safe for Teng but the 5c turn and 4c river gave Kelty the nut flush as he moves to around 1.2 million.

Teng is left clinging to life with just 200,000.

8.45pm: Sarah Singleton eliminated in 8th ($10,500 + $3,000 Manila ticket)

The very next hand after losing that big pot to Chan, Singleton was all-in holding A-Q but up against it when Errolyn Strang called with A-K.

The board ran out K-Q-8-J-J and Singleton’s tournament is cruelly over in a flash.

8.40pm: Chan doubles

Zion Chan shoved for 310,000 from the small blind with Q-5 and was called by Sarah Singleton’s A-K. Cruelly for Singleton, the board ran out Q-Q-10-8-5 and Chan makes a boat to double through and move to 620,000.

Singleton is down to 500,000.

8.15pm: Terry Gillespie eliminated in 9th ($9,500)

Moments after Ruiz left the building, Terry Gillespie shoved his short stack into the middle holding J-J but ran into the Q-Q of Saul Kari.

No Jack came to extend Gillespie’s stay and he is our ninth-place finisher.

8.10pm: Ray Ruiz eliminated in 10th ($7,500)

Ray Ruiz has just been eliminated in extraordinary circumstances. Errolyn Strang shoved from early position for 585,000 and for the second time today Ruiz announced call from the small blind – unaware that Strang had shoved before him.

When he realised his error his head sunk into his hands as he sheepishly turned over 5-8. His cards were live against Strang’s A-K but the 7-A-K-7-3 board ended his run.

Strang has now jumped into the chip lead as she cracks the 1 million mark!

7.55pm: And we’re off!

The final table is underway! When the final table bubble burst and we went on our dinner break there were just a few minutes of Level 24 remaining so the coming increase will see blinds rise to 20,000/40,000.

7.50pm: Final table seating and chips

Seat 1: Errolyn Strang – 500,000
Seat 2: Julius Tupua – 160,000
Seat 3: Laurence Hall – 720,000
Seat 4: Joshua Kelty – 500,000
Seat 5: Terry Gillespie – 260,000
Seat 6: Zion Chan – 230,000
Seat 7: Ray Ruiz – 390,000
Seat 8: Sarah Singleton – 800,000
Seat 9: Saul Kari – 700,000
Seat 10: Victor Teng – 480,000

7.00pm: We have our final table!

It has been a rollercoaster of a ride for Jason Pritchard today but luck deserted him at the most crucial times today and he is our final table bubble boy.

Pritchard was crippled when he went head to head with Joshua Kelty pre-flop – Kelty’s 6-6 well ahead of Pritchard’s A-5.

No Ace fell and Pritchard was down to less than 100,000.

The next hand it was Kelty looking for the killer blow with Ah-6h to Pritchard’s 6-2.

A 2 on the flop gave Pritchard the lead but running hearts ended a torturous day and he exits in 11th spot, taking home $6,500 for his efforts.

Players are now on a 45-minute dinner break. We’ll be back at 7.45 with our final table chip counts and seating plan.

6.40pm: Final table bubble

NPL staff have just decided that we’ll have a 10-player final table rather than the originally planned 9-player table which means that we are now on the final table bubble! After the next bust-out we will be going on a 45-minute dinner break.

6.10pm: Chip leaders

With 11 players remaining, the chip stacks are as follows:

970,000 – Victor Teng
900,000 – Sarah Singleton
570,000 – Jason Pritchard
560,000 – Laurence Hall
440,000 – Saul Kari
330,000 – Ray Ruiz
315,000 – Errolyn Strang
240,000 – Terry Gillespie
230,000 – Joshua Kelty
220,000 – Zion Chan
140,000 – Julius Tupua

5.40pm: Chip leaders

860,000 – Sarah Singleton
740,000 – Victor Teng
630,000 – Laurence Hall
460,000 – Jason Pritchard
460,000 – Saul Kari

5.20pm: A stunning hand

Former chip leader Jason Pritchard has endured a tough run of late, having lost a series of flips to slip down to around 200,000, so he wasn’t impressed when he shipped with 8-8 and ran into the Aces of Terry Gillespie.

But the drama was only just beginning.

The A-8-9 flop gave both players a set and left Pritchard shaking his head at the rotten luck that had befallen him when it mattered most. The turned J changed nothing but as Pritchard stood to leave the dealer burned and turned the case 8 to give Pritchard quads and shoot him back up to 450,000.

Gillespie has now rejoined the short stacks.

5.10pm: Marton marooned

Having lost a big flip to Victor Teng shortly before the break, Daniel Marton shipped his remaining 200,000 with A-K but ran smack-bang into the A-A of Saul Kari. He is eliminated in 17th place – good for a $4,000 pay day.

Notably, the blinds are now at 10,000/20,000 so the pressure is on!

4.50pm: Break it up

Players are on their second 15-minute break of the day. From the 54 players that returned this afternoon, just 17 remain! We expect to reach our final table during the next two-hour stint.

4.45pm: Teng hangs Tens

Victor Teng has just scored a bug double-up to move up to 600,000 in chips. It was all pretty standard pre-flop: Teng raised in late position and Daniel Marton shoved over the top holding 10-10. Teng called with A-K and liked what he saw as the dealer spread 4-K-8-Q-3.

Marton is down to 210,000 with that hit.

4.35pm: Singleton for gold

On Table 3, Sarah Singleton has been quietly chipping away and after recently eliminating Michael Mayar is now sitting just behind chip leader Laurence Hall with around 650,000.

Hall is looking ominous with 680,000.

4.30pm: Two tables remain!

A flurry of eliminations has the NPL staff scurrying to keep up with the demand for payouts! It’s certainly been a busy time since the bubble burst, with the latest table breakdown meaning we’ve reached our final two tables with 17 players remaining.

The next two players eliminated will receive $4,000 for their efforts and then we’ll be onto a pay jump for each elimination thereafter as we close in on the final table!

4.10pm: Level up

We’re approaching our sixth level of the day which will see blinds rise to 8,000/16,000. There are now 20 players remaining.

3.45pm: Top stacks

500,000 – Jason Pritchard
450,000 – Daniel Marton
360,000 – Sarah Singleton
340,000 – Laurence Hall
315,000 – Saul Kari

3.35pm: The bubble bursts – Oakley not so sunny.

And in a flash the bubble bursts. Ron Oakley (pictured) started the day as one of the top five chip stacks but he found his tournament life at risk when he shoved his remaining stack with 10s and was called by Jason Pritchard’s A-Q.

The board ran out A-6-K-8-J and Oakley is our unlucky bubble boy while Pritchard has stolen the chip lead back with around 500,000.

Incredibly, hand for hand play lasted just one hand!

3.30pm: On the bubble!

Daniel Marton has just won a huge pot to eliminate Jimmy Ghobrial and get us to our money bubble. The action was all pre-flop Ghobrial shoving over the top for 180,000 and Marton making the call with 6-6.

The J-9-5 flop gave Ghobrial plenty of outs but the 6 turn left him needing a 10 and when a 7 arrived instead he was out the door.

Marton is now chip leader with 450,000.

3.15pm: Bubble approaching

With 29 players remaining, we’re rapidly approaching the money bubble with 25 players set to be paid today. Interestingly, play hasn’t slowed down at all with regular cries of ‘All-in … call’ still coming every minute or so.

Play will resort to hand for hand once we reach 26 players.

3.00pm: Big stacks no more

Just minutes after the break, we have lost Ashleigh Quach which means that our two monster chip leaders at the start of today’s play have now both been eliminated.

But it was an unfortunate turn of events for Quach in this instance as she shoved for her last 50,000 and was accidentally called by Ray Ruiz (pictured) who didn’t hear her announce all-in and thought he was completing from the small blind.

Ruiz looked devastated at his mistake and put his head in his hands as he turned over K-4. Ironically, he was actually ahead of Quach’s Q-J and when a King landed on the flop, Quac was out the door.

2.40pm: Break

Players are now on a 15-minute break. We’ve lost 22 players over our first two-hour stint with 32 players still in the hunt. Blinds will move to 5,000/10,000 when we return.

2.25pm: V is for Victor

Victor Teng has been on a tear this afternoon and has just emerged as our new chip leader after an opponent shoved into his Aces holding Q-J on a J-8-5 flop.

Teng’s Aces held and he now sits behind around 430,000.

2.10pm: Russell exits the building

Cameron Russell came into today’s play as the overall chip leader with 272,500 in chips but after a horrible morning in which very little went his way he has just been eliminated.

Having recently lost a race with A-K against 4s, Russell shoved his last 80,000 holding A-J and was called by Saul Kari holding 10s.

The board ran out Q-7-8-8-9 and Russel falls short of the cash.

1.55pm: New Level

We’re coming to the end of our second level of the day, Level 17, with blinds about to rise to 4,000/8,000. We currently have 39 players remaining.

1.40pm: Our top 5

There have been some massive pots played today with our two overnight chip leaders, Cameron Russell and Ashleigh Quach, both dropping well down the leaderboard. After around 60 minutes of play today, our new top 5 chip leaders are:

350,000 – Laurence Hall
260,000 – Daniel Marton
225,000 – Victor Teng
220,000 – Jason Pritchard
200,000 – Geoff Budd

1.20pm: Level Up

We’ve just started our second level of the day with blinds now at 3,000/6,000.

1.15pm: Hall rockets past 300

Having started the day with less than 60,000 chips in play, Laurence Hall has been on quite the heater during this first level of the afternoon and after doubling up once with Aces, he has just scooped another huge pot to become the first player to cross the 300,000 mark.

Former big stack Ashleigh Quach was the victim this time. After Quach opened from early position, Hall flatted and they saw a flop of 8-4-5. Quach bet out, Hall re-raised and Quach shoved.

Once again it was Hall holding the goods with K-K against Quach’s J-J and when the board blanked he was up to 330,000. Quach is down to 80,000 after that hand.

1.05pm: Chip leader crushed

Our chip leader heading into today has been crippled after a monster hand against Daniel Marton. The action all went down on a 9-9-2 flop with Marton leading out and Cameron Russell shoving over the top.

Marton snap-called and was way ahead with Kings against Russell’s 7-7.

The turn Ace and river 6 changed nothing and Marton scooped in a whopping 220,000 pot while Russell slips way back down to 70,000 after starting the day with 272,500.

12.45pm: Hall all business

Laurence Hall was telling us how he desperately needed a double-up just as Jack Haigh opened to 17,000 from UTG. Hall peered down at his own cards on the button and immediately shoved over the top for his last 70,000.

Haigh called and flipped over A-K but was stunned to see Hall’s Aces which held on a 4-5-K-Q-6 board.

Hall had Haigh out-chipped by the narrowest of margins as he rockets into contention with a touch over 140,000.

12.30pm: Day 2 about to kick-off

After a good night’s sleep and a later start than yesterday’s early morning kick-off, the 54 remaining players are back at The Star and ready to fight it out for the title of NPL500 III champion.

There was a whole heap of action late last night as the final few levels were played out and although Ashleigh Quach stormed to the chip lead with around an hour left to play, it was Cameron Russell (pictured, right) that came out on top once the final stacks were counted with a whopping 272,500. Quach remains only just behind with 264,000 while Geoff Budd is the only other player over 200,000 in chips with 218,500.

While we will be playing all the way down until we crown our champion later this evening, the first goal of those remaining today will be to make the money and a minimum $2,500 pay day with the top 25 set to cash.

Our winner will drive away in a brand new Audi A4 along with $102,000 in cash while our top eight finishers will also win a ticket to the NPL World Tour event in Manila.

However, there is plenty of work to be done before that and with blinds starting at 2,500/5,000 we expect the short stacks will be looking for some early double-ups.

Stay tuned to PokerMedia Australia today as we bring you live updates all the way through to the crowning of our latest NPL500 champion.

Day 2 Chip Counts:

Cameron Russell – 272,500
Ashleigh Quach – 264,000
Geoff  Budd – 218,500
Ron Oakley – 175,500
Dale Chapman – 161,000
Tty Ly – 161,000
Jason Pritchard – 156,000
Peter Oakes – 154,000
Terry Gillespie – 152,000
Zion Chan – 150,000
Jimmy Ghobrial – 142,500
David O’Dea – 141,000
Victor Teng – 133,500
Daniel Marton – 122,500
Josh Kelty – 122,000
Saul Kari – 118,500
Rohit Bhasin – 112,500
Errolyn Strang – 112,000
Christian Paolini – 110,000
Alex  Brember – 107,500
Michael Mayar – 106,000
Francois Harb – 98,000
Sarah Singleton – 96,000
John Maroulis – 86,000
Jiman Park – 85,000
Julius Tupua – 79,500
Luke  Downes – 77,000
Alan Casas – 76,000
Ray Ruiz – 75,000
Michael Kahale – 74,000
Jack Haigh – 73,500
Nadia Hemmond – 73,000
Isaac Lennon – 71,000
Chris Paelsai – 69,000
Alison Wade – 66,000
David Harrison – 65,000
Lindsay Beach – 63,500
Jill Binns – 63,500
Kerry Williams – 60,500
Wayne Carlson – 58,500
Julie Gould – 58,000
Laurence Hall – 57,800
John Zwaine – 53,500
Tony Saha – 51,000
Blake Minty – 49,000
Ling Liu Estera – 47,500
Maudeen Mita – 47,500
Charles Jenner – 44,000
Rahul Nath – 43,500
Jim Baxter – 43,000
John Faaoloii – 35,500
Mark Kellett – 33,000
Moe Tamir – 27,000
Con Rekes – 23,000

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