2012 Sydney Championships – Main Event ($1650) NLHE / Day 3 / Final Table


Place Name Prize
1 Dean Yuen $127,133
2 David Borg $80,374
3 Kahle Burns $44,989
4 Stephen Buchanan $34,880
5 Bryan Huang $28,560
6 Ismail Ismail $23,253
7 Suzy Khoueis $18,450
8 David Allen $13,901
9 Jimmy Ghobrial $10,616
10 Yal Kaya $7,079
11 Luis Arrilucea $7,079
12 Mitch Macedo $7,079
13 Tony Kondevski $5,813
14 Aaron Benton $5,813
15 Michael Kanaan $5,813
16 David Tam $5,308
17 Jimmy Tran $5,308
18 Ronnie Shabtay $5,308
19 Andrew Davis $4,802
20 Luca Borreggine $4,802
21 George Daskalakis $4,802
22 Chris Bridle $4,297
23 Laurence Hall $4,297
24 Narbeh Hovsepian $4,297
25 Cale Maclean $3,791
26 Con Angelakis $3,791
27 Ramy Tadros $3,791
28 Yvstinvs Karib $3,285
29 Loan D. Lazar $3,285
30 Edgar Florez Montenegro $3,285
31 Steve Yibo Zhou $3,033
32 Peter Dykes $3,033
33 Michael Levy $3,033
34 Sefehr Naderi $2,780
35 John Caridad $2,780
36 Fred Alam $2,780
37 Phillip Georgiou $2,780

8.40pm: Dean Yuen wins Sydney Championships  ($127,133)

After four thrilling days at The Star, Dean Yuen (pictured above) is our new Sydney Championships main event winner! Yuen outlasted a healthy field of 337 players and a stacked final table that boasted the likes of David Borg, Bryan Huang and David Allan to claim his first major title and the $127,133 first prize.

Playing controlled poker with selected bouts of aggression, Yuen came into the final day as one of 12 remaining hopefuls and by the time we reached our final table he sat quietly in fifth spot on the leader-board. However, as the short stacks began to fall and the pressure rose, it was Yuen that showed the greatest composure.

Although he entered heads-up play facing a near 2:1 deficit to eventual runner-up David Borg, he quickly clawed his way into the chip lead before all but sealing victory when he turned the bigger boat with A-10 v Borg’s 4-4 on an A-10-4-10-2 board.

It’s been a wonderful series here at The Star with the cream of the Australian poker crop taking part but in the end it is Dean Yuen that deserves all the adulation after a memorable run that sees him join Jarred Graham, Andrew Capelin and Errolyn Strang on the list if Sydney Championships champions!

We congratulate Dean and look forward to seeing him defend his title in 12 months’ time.

8.30pm: David Borg eliminated in 2nd ($80,374)

David Borg (pictured above) has been eliminated following a massive cooler that saw both players turn a full house.

Both players checked the A-10-4 flop but when a repeat 10 landed on the turn the action really heated up. Yuen led for 125,000 and Borg re-raised to 400,000. Borg called.

When a 2 landed on the river Yuen led for 400,000 more and Borg raised to 2 million. Yuen shoved and Borg snap-called. Borg showed 4-4 for 4s over 10s but Yuen held A-10 and took down a massive 6.5 million pot. Borg was left with just 200,000 in front and it was all over next hand when his K-5 out-did Borg’s A-K on a 2-9-10-5-2 board.

This is Borg’s second second-place finish in a matter of months after his deep run in Event 56 of the WSOP.

8.10pm: Blinds are up

Blinds are up to 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante.

7.55pm: Yuen pulls clear

Dean Yuen has hauled in Borg’s chip lead and taken a handy lead following an interesting pot that saw Yuen’s 8-4 out-flop Borg’s K-J. Borg re-raised the turn to 150,000 and led out for 350,000 on the river but Yuen wouldn’t budge.

David Borg – 2,600,000
Dean Yuen – 4,100,000

7.40pm: Heads-Up!

We’re now heads up for the title with David Borg the chip leader and Dean Yuen creeping up behind. The sheer aggression of Borg and the measured play of Yuen should make for an interesting battle.

David Borg – 4,100,000
Dean Yuen – 2,700,000

7.30pm: Kahle Burns eliminated in 3rd ($44,989)

Kahle Burns (pictured above) had stolen a few blinds with his short stack but after shoving over David Borg’s button open for his remaining 650,000 he was called by Dean Yuen.

“I was making a move” Burns said as he tabled 10d-7d.

Yuen showed pocket Js and was well ahead but the flop delivered a horror A-7-10 to give Burns two pair.

The turn 5 ensured Burns remained in the lead but alas the river paired the Ace and Burns was eliminated in third spot after a tremendous run.

Dean Yuen – 2,700,000
Kahle Burns – Busted

7.10pm: Cards are in the air

We’re back! Blinds are now at 20,000/40,000 with a 4,000 ante.

6.25pm: Dinner!

The players are off on a 45-minute dinner break. Play will resume at around 7.10pm.

6.15pm: Borg applying the blowtorch

David Borg is starting to apply real pressure to his opponents. On a J-9-4 flop, Borg bet out for 75,000 and was called by Burns. When an Ace landed on the turn, Borg check-raised Burns’ 135,000 bet to 300,000. Burns called.

The pair checked down the river with Borg showing a winning A-Q and Burns A-10.

Burns is down to 600,000.

5.55pm: Stephen Buchanan eliminated in 4th ($34,880)

Stephen Buchanan (pictured above) has been the chip leader for most of the afternoon but after being pushed off a hand by Kahle Burns a few minutes ago he has just been sent to the rail after a massive pre-flop confrontation with David Borg.

Buchanan opened from the cut-off  to 70,000 and was 3-bet by Borg to 170,000. Buchanan quickly shoved for another 775,000 on top and Borg tanked for about two minutes before making a great call with A-Q to be dominating Buchanan’s A-10.

The board ran out 8-5-4-6-J and Borg is now the dominant chip leader.

David Borg – 3,660,000
Stephen Buchanan – Busted

5.45pm: Burns in recovery mode

Kahle Burns is hauling himself back from the brink and just won a tidy pot from Stephen Buchanan. Buchanan opened from the button to 70,000 and Burns 3-bet to 161,000.

Buchanan re-raised to 360,000 prompting Burns to immediately announce he was all-in.

Buchanan thought briefly before eventually mucking as Burns moves to 1.4 million.

5.20pm: Blind rise

Blinds are up to 15,000/30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

5.10pm: Yuen making his move

After Dean Yuen called Stephen Buchanan’s 3-bet, the pair saw a 6-9-10 flop. Yuen led for 125,000 and Buchanan made the call.

Yuen then checked the 9 turn with Buchanan betting 265,000. Yuen tanked before raising to 600,000 – leaving himself less than 300,000 behind. It didn’t matter – Buchanan folded and Yuen is edging over 1.3 million.

4.45pm: Tough times for Burns

Kahle Burns is having a rough trot at the moment. After David Borg opened the button once again to 60,000, Burns 3-bet to 154,000. Dean Yuen then came over the top for 575,000, Burns again tanking before showing 10s as he folded. Yuen flashed A-K and scooped the pot. Yuen is up to 1,260,000 while Burns drops further to 740,000.

4.30pm: The Borg bluff

The always entertaining David Borg (pictured above) has just pulled off a spectacular bluff at the expense of Kahle Burns. After opening the button and being called by Burns in the small blind, Borg re-raised Burns’ 65,000 lead to 200,000 on a K-Q-2 flop. Burns called.

The turn brought an Ace and Burns check-called a bet of 250,000.

The river was a 3 and Borg bet 450,000 – sending Burns deep into the tank.

“This could make or break my tournament,” Burns said as he put his head in his hands.

Eventually he threw his cards into the muck with Borg turning over 10-5 for complete air!

He is up to 2.3 million while Burns has dropped back to 800,000.

4.20pm: Counts

The chip counts of our four remaining players are:

2,750,000 – Stephen Buchanan
1,900,000 – David Borg
1,200,000 – Kahle Burns
900,000 – Dean Yuen

4.15pm: Break time

With eight players already eliminated today, our final four are enjoying their first 10-minute break of the day. When they return blinds will be at 12,000/24,000 with a 3,000 ante.

4.00pm: Bryan Huang eliminated in 5th ($28,560)

We can barely keep up with the action, such has been the rate of eliminations, with Bryan Huang (pictured above) shown the door by David Borg on the very next hand after Ismail Ismail’s elimination.

It was another pre-flop confrontation with Huang’s A-8 up against Borg’s 6-6.

The board ran out 4-J-K-10-5 to offer no help to the Team Asia pro.

David Borg – 1,950,000
Bryan Huang – Busted

3.55pm: Ismail Ismail eliminated in 6th ($23,253)

Ismail Ismail (pictured above) has just been eliminated after losing a race against Dean Yuen. Yuen raised to 40,000 from UTG with Ismail shoving with 3-3. Yuen made the call and showed A-J, the 10-4-8-8-A board enough to cut the field to five.

Dean Yuen – 900,000
Ismail Ismail – Busted

3.45pm: Suzy Khoueis eliminated in 7th ($18,450)

Suzy Khoueis (pictured above) is out latest elimination, shoving her short stack into the middle with K-10 and finding a call from Dean Yuen. The board blanked 7-4-7-5-5 and Yuen chips up to 700,000.

Dean Yuen – 700,000
Suzy Khoueis – Busted

3.40pm: David Allan eliminated in 8th ($13,901)

Our recent Queenstown Snowfest champion Dave Allan (pictured above) couldn’t get much going today and he has just been eliminated after shoving his last 180,000 from the cut-off with 10-8 and finding a call from Bryan Huang’s A-9.

The J-J-9 flop was an interesting one – giving him up and down outs as well as the 10 – but the 5 and 6 on the turn and river didn’t help.

Bryan Huang – 475,000
David Allan – Busted

3.35pm: Jimmy Ghobrial eliminated in 9th ($10,616)

The very next hand after Stephen Buchanan crippled Huang with Aces, Jimmy G (pictured above) shoved for his last 150,000 and was called by Buchanan who woke up with Kings this time around. Ghobrial showed A-6 and couldn’t improve as the board ran out 10-8-Q-J-9 to give Buchanan the K-high straight.

Stephen Buchanan – 2,400,000
Jimmy Ghobrial – Busted

3.25pm: Buchanan wins monster, Huang crippled

Stephen Buchanan has just won a massive pot from Bryan Huang to leave the Team Asia pro on life support with around 180,000 in front.

It began when Haung opened to 45,000 and Buchanan 3-bet from the blinds to 112,000. Haung responded with a 4-bet to 360,000 with Buchanan calling.

Both players checked the 7-3-7 flop with Buchanan leading for 175,000 when the Q landed on the turn. Huang called.

The river brought a King and this time Buchanan bet 325,000. Huang called but mucked when Buchanan showed Aces.

Buchanan is now over 2 million in chips.

3.15pm: Ismail doubles

Ismail Ismail was all-in for his last 100,000 with A-9 and needing help against Dave Allan’s J-J. The board ran out K-2-8-5-A with the river keeping him alive in the tournament.

3.05pm: Level Up

We’re about to enter our second level of the day with blinds at 10,000/20,000 and an ante of 2,000. We lost three players in the first hour to reach our official final table.

2.55pm: Borg gets some back

David Borg has just won a handy pot after 3-betting Stephen Buchanan’s open pre-flop. Buchanan called the 95,000, then check-called Borg’s bet of 100,000 on a 10-2-6 flop. When the King landed on the turn, Buchanan checked to Borg who shoved all-in for his last 550,000.

Buchanan took his time before eventually mucking. Borg is back over the 1 million chip mark.

2.45pm: Final table starting stacks

The final table has just begun with the following seating draw and chip counts:

Seat 1: Ismail Ismail – 245,000
Seat 2: David Allan – 390,000
Seat 3: Jimmy G – 145,000
Seat 4: Bryan Huang – 1,000,000
Seat 5: Kahle Burns – 1,450,000
Seat 6: Suzy Khoueis – 99,000
Seat 7: Dean Yuen – 550,000
Seat 8: Stephen Buchanan – 1,880,000
Seat 9: David Borg – 810,000

2.35pm: Yal Kaya eliminated in 10th ($7,079)

Yal Kaya (pictured above) had just doubled his extremely short stack but the very next hand he was all in again for his last 95,000 and this time he wasn’t so lucky.

Called by both Stephen Buchanan and Jimmy Ghobrial, the dealer spread a 3s-7s-5c flop with both Buchanan and Ghobrial checking it through. The turn 5s saw Buchanan shove with Ghobrial folding.

The cards were turned over and Kaya was still ahead with the Ah-9d but Buchanan had a tonne of outs with Ks-Qd. The 9s on the river gave Buchanan the King-high flush and Kaya’s great run comes to an end.

We’ll now take a short break for the final table redraw.

Stephen Buchanan – 1.88 million
Yal Kaya – Busted

2.30pm: Buchanan chipping away

Stephen Buchanan has been applying pressure with his big stack and just raked in a nice little pot to around 1.3 million.

Jimmy Ghobrial opened UTG to 35,000 and was called by both Borg and Buchanan. The flop came A-Q-Q and Buchanan checked to Ghobrial who bet 60,000. Borg folded and Buchanan raised to 150,000 – forcing Ghobrial to fold his 9s face up.

2.10pm: Luis Arrilucea eliminated in 11th ($7,079)

And just like that Luis Arrilucea (pictured above) is also gone – the victim of a classic cooler.

Arrilucea shoved his last 320,000 with Q-Q but ran into the Kings of Kahle Burns. The board spread 2-3-J-6-6 and Arrilucea heads to the rail in 12th.

Kahle Burns – 1,430,000
Luis Arrilucea – Busted

2.10pm: Mitch Macedo eliminated in 12th ($7,079)

It took less than 10 minutes to lose our first player of the day with Mitch Macedo (pictured above) the unlucky victim of a classic cooler.

Arrilucea shoved his last 200,000 with A-K and was called by Bryan Huang with 8-8. The board blanked and Macedo was headed to the payout desk.

Bryan Huang – 940,000
Mitch Macedo – Busted

2.00pm: Off and racing!

So here we go. After three long says of poker we’ve arrived for the final day of the 2012 Sydney Championships.

We’re not quite at our final table yet. After starting yesterday’s Day 2 with 140 players remaining we called it quits a little after 2am with 12 players remaining, which means we need three more eliminations this afternoon before we officially start our final table.

The starting chips stacks today are as follows:

1,270,000 – David Borg
1,103,000 – Kahle Burns
1,103,000 – Stephen Buchanan
722,000 – Bryan Huang
700,000 – Dean Yuen
432,000 – David Allan
373,000 – Jimmy Ghobrial
300,000 – Ismail Ismail
322,000 – Luis Arrilucea
206,000 – Mitch Macedo
155,000 – Suzy Khoueis
105,000 – Yal Kaya

The winner of this year’s Sydney Championships main event will pocket a tidy $127,133 so there is plenty of incentive for the remaining 12 to fight for the top prize.

The remaining payouts are:

1st: $127,133
2nd: $80,374
3rd: $44,989
4th: $34,880
5th: $28,560
6th: $23,253
7th: $18,450
8th: $13,901
9th: $10,616
10th-12th: $7,079

Stay tuned to PokerMedia Australia today as we bring you all the action from the 2012 Sydney Championships main event final table!

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