NZ POKER: Aussies dominate Queenstown final table; Ken Demlakian leads

The final table has been decided for the APPT/ANZPT/NZPT Queenstown Snowfest Main Event with Sydney’s Ken Demlakian (pictured left, with thanks to Kenneth Lim) leading the pack. The structural engineer holds a stack of 529,000 as he chases the first major cash of his tournament career.

Demlakian also sent the field into the money after former ANZPT Sydney winner Michael Kanaan committed his short stack on the bubble. Kanaan’s A-J improved to two-pair on the flop but a six on the river made Demlakian’s set.

Close behind Demlakian are Thai-based American Jordan Westmorland and Aussie David Zhao. Sponsored player Bryan Huang (Singapore) is making his first ANZPT/NZPT final table appearance while Aussies occupy the other five spots – Dave Allan, Ricky Kroesen, Matt Wakeman, David Evans and Ivan Zalac.

APPT/ANZPT/NZPT Queenstown Snowfest (end of day 3 chip count)

Ken Demlakian (Australia) 529,500
Jordan Westmorland (Thailand) 523,500
David Zhao (Australia) 511,000
David Allan (Australia) 393,500
Bryan Huang (Singapore) 263,500
Ricky Kroesen (Australia) 191,000
Matthew Wakeman (Australia) 165,000
David Evans (Australia) 95,000
Ivan Zalac (Australia) 92,500

Payouts (NZD)

1 $110,600
2 $70,400
3 $41,200
4 $34,200
5 $28,200
6 $23,100
7 $19,100
8 $15,100
9 $12,070
10 Chiu Yeung Lee (NZ) $9060
11 Stewart Ballard (Australia) $9060
12 David Wonson (Australia) $9060
13 Michael Faderson (Australia) $7050
14 Jason O’Brien (Australia) $7050
15 Tatjana Zizic (NZ) $7050

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