NZ POKER: Allan adds major title to impressive online CV

Media release

David Allan is the 2012 APPT/ANZPT/NZPT Queenstown Snowfest champion. After battling the flu all day he managed to stay focused enough to win the title worth NZD $110,600.

This is Allan’s first major live tournament victory. He has however, one of the most impressive online resumes in Australia.

When asked how he felt after the final hand he said, “I just feel very relieved, today felt like a long day for me. I usually don’t like the variance of live events so it is great to see one fall my way.”

Second place went to another Australian, Ken Demlakian who was competing in just his second major poker tournament. Ken walked away with NZD $70,400.

The heads-up battle lasted for more than two hours. When it started Demlakian had a healthy chip lead but the experience of Allan started to take its toll as the heads up dragged on. Allan moved to a 3:1 chip lead before the final hand.

It was a limp on the button from Allan, called by Demlakian. The flop of 8d-3s-7s was dealt. Both players checked and dealer peeled off the Qc. Demlakian made a raise of 50,000, which was called by Allan. The river fell Ks and Allan raised to 170,000.

The action turned to Demlakian – he announced all-in and Allan called. Demlakian had made two pair with 7h-3d but Allan held 10s-6s for a flush. The next NZPT event will be held at SKYCITY Auckland from November 21-25.

Payouts (NZD)

1 David Allan (Australia) $110,600
2 Ken Demlakian (Australia) $70,400
3 Jordan Westmorland (Thailand) $41,200
4 Rick Kroesen (Australia) $34,200
5 David Zhao (Australia) $28,200
6 Matthew Wakeman (Australia) $23,100
7 Bryan Huang (Singapore) $19,100
8 Ivan Zalac (Australia) $15,100
9 David Evans (Australia) $12,070
10 Chiu Yeung Lee (NZ) $9060
11 Stewart Ballard (Australia) $9060
12 David Wonson (Australia) $9060
13 Michael Faderson (Australia) $7050
14 Jason O’Brien (Australia) $7050
15 Tatjana Zizic (NZ) $7050

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