NZ POKER: Allan leads after completion of day one in Queenstown

It may not be the best of ski seasons in the Southern Alps, but that hasn’t stopped a field of 149 players amassing in Queenstown over three day one flights in pursuit of the only PokerStars title on offer in New Zealand this year.

A total of 87 players will return to SKYCITY Queenstown for a pair of day two flights. Day 1A chip leader David Allan retained his spot at the head of the count heading into day two while Nurlan Boobekov (pictured left with sponsored player Roy Bhasin, thanks to Kenneth Lim), who led the day 1C field of 49, is seventh overall.

The list of players returning for day two also includes James Honeybone, Kristian Lunardi, Aaron Benton, Jarred Graham, Bryan Huang, Cole Swannack, Billy Argyros, Matt Wakeman, Leo Boxell, Roy Bhasin, Liam O’Rourke, Ben Barclay and past champion Danny Chevalier.

APPT/ANZPT/NZPT Queenstown Snowfest (end of day one chip count)

David Allan (Australia) 98,200
David Wonson (Australia) 92,575
Michael Kanaan (Australia) 88,350
Laurynas Levinskas (Lithuania) 84,625
Antonin Duda (Czech Republic) 79,450
Ken Demlakian (Australia) 70,750
Nurlan Boobekov (Australia) 69,200
Fergus Spary (New Zealand) 67,250
James Honeybone (New Zealand) 60,875
Gary Retallick (Australia) 55,650
Ivan Zalac (Australia) 53,350
Corey Kempson (Australia) 52,475
Jonathan Dangio (New Caledonia) 51,450
Greg Familton (New Zealand) 51,325
John Shin (Australia) 47,825
Bobby Zhang (Australia) 47,700
Kristian Lunardi (Australia) 47,600
Mark Thompson (New Zealand) 45,700
Ricky Kroesen (Australia) 45,525
Aaron Benton (Australia) 44,050
Craig Blight (Australia) 43,625
Jarred Graham (Australia) 40,775
Bryan Huang (Singapore) 39,925
Yvo Molin (Thailand) 38,950
Cole Swannack (New Zealand) 37,950
Ben McLean (Australia) 37,650
Richard Lancaster (New Zealand) 35,700
Jason O’Brien (Australia) 35,175
Stuart Youngson (Australia) 34,800
Mark Wittkopf (Germany) 34,650
Fono Sosene (New Zealand) 34,600
Ernie Pelecudis (New Zealand) 34,200
Ryan Boswell (Australia) 33,275
Billy Argyros (Australia) 32,675
Justin Huege de Serville (New Zealand) 30,275
Seang-hai Ching (New Zealand) 30,200
Erich Stadler (New Zealand) 29,275
Justin Smith (Australia) 29,225
Alicia Saele (New Zealand) 29,050
Chiu Yeung Lee (New Zealand) 28,150
Hyun Dong Jin (South Korea) 26,500
Jordan Westmorland (Thailand) 26,425
Anthony Aston (Australia) 25,450
Matthew Wakeman (Australia) 24,925
Bruce Hall (Australia) 24,375
Hung-sheng Lin (Taiwan) 22,925
Carl Knox (New Zealand) 22,500
Adam Bevis (Australia) 22,075
David Bonham (New Zealand) 21,600
Ray McCarthy (New Zealand) 21,575
Leo Boxell (Australia) 21,300
Andrew Hinrichsen (Australia) 20,575
Ryan Hong (Australia) 20,300
Roy Bhasin (Australia) 19,100
Stewart Ballard (Australia) 19,000
Murray Watkins (Australia) 18,800
Mark Zhu (New Zealand) 18,725
David Zhao (Australia) 18,675
Tarek Elsaka (New Zealand) 18,500
Liam O’Rourke (Australia) 18,375
Glenn Maiden (New Zealand) 18,275
Stefan Stojkovic (Australia) 17,400
Cory Fransham (New Zealand) 17,150
Amichai Tzvi Barer (Canada) 17,150
David Evans (Australia) 17,000
Gregory Coleman (New Zealand) 16,950
AJ Bertenshaw (New Zealand) 16,750
Jack Efaraimo (New Zealand) 16,025
Sandy Retallick (Australia) 15,925
Ben Barclay (Australia) 15,850
Hamish Sharma (New Zealand) 15,500
Tatjana Zizic (New Zealand) 15,300
Joel Feldman (Australia) 15,075
Michael Fadersen (Australia) 14,900
Danny Chevalier (Australia) 14,050
Rikki Papesch (Australia) 13,975
Piotr Kardas (Poland) 13,350
Ben Richardson (Australia) 13,075
Patrick Edmonds (New Zealand) 12,600
Denis Jankovic (Australia) 12,075
Mark Griffiths (Australia) 11,675
Nathan Gray (New Zealand) 11,475
Cecil Driver (New Zealand) 11,250
Luke Edwards (Australia) 9225
Gregory Zabawa (New Zealand) 8775
Jonathan Lister-Smith (Australia) 7700
Kristina Griffiths (Australia) 6950

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