2012 Newcastle Poker Championships – $66 H.O.P. Teams Event ($22 each per team of 3, $1500 Guarantee)

Stallions saddle up for Team Event victory

Team Stallions – comprising Daniel Davis, Brad Docherty and Jamie Redding – shared the first prize of $1500 in the Newcastle Poker Champs Teams Event after a highly competitive and entertaining night at Club Macquarie.

Battling the imaginatively named Beiber’s Fan Club for the title, the end came on an Omaha hand with Jamie (9c-Qc-10h-8h) and Alan (6s-10s-Kc-As) when the chips were committed pre-flop. The board fell 8c-2s-6d-5s-9d, and two-pair was enough for Jamie to scoop the pot and the win for Team Stallions. Beiber’s Fan Club collected $780 for second.

Earlier Davis had ensured Stallions a spot in the last two when he looked down to find A-K after Ryan Hanna from 2 1/3 Midgets had shoved with 8-4. Aces on the flop and river sent the pot to Stallions.

SCT finished in fourth-place ($280) when the pocket aces of Jacob Watson improved to a full house on a board of 8s-Ks-Kc-3d-Ad against the Qc-9h of SCT’s Tom Micevski.

Lucky Hope took the first spot in the money ($160) after Stallions’ Jamie Redding (Ad-Ac-5d-3d) called the all-in of Lucky Hope’s Aaron Bolton (Qd-3s-Ah-Qs). After the board flowed 10c-9h-6h-10d-8c, Redding’s aces played sending Lucky Hope to the rail.


1 Stallions $1500
2 Beiber’s Fan Club $780
3 2 1/3 Midgets $400
4 SCT $280
5 Lucky Hope $160
6 Pointers
7 Why You No Call
8 Woo-May-Muz
9 Big Buddies
10 2 Seconds
11 We Da Boss
12 Ram Ron

Blows sunk by Muzenda’s boat

A full range of poker skills are on display in the NPC teams event as shown by the recent battle between Alex Muzenda and Jamie Blows in the Pineapple round.

Muzenda raised to 150, Blows called and they saw a flop of Ad-10d-Kh. Blows bets 350, Muzenda raised to 625 and Blows called. Blows checked the 2d on the turn, Muzenda then bet 625 and Blows called.

The river came 10c – Muzenda bet 1600, Blows shoved all-in to a snap call from Muzenda. Blows showed Kd-Jd for a flush but Muzenda took the pot with Ah-10d for a rivered full-house.

A teams event with a difference

Monday, June 11 (7.30pm) Event 5: $66 Mixed Games Teams Event ($1500 guarantee; starting stack 5000 per team member)

The Aussie Hold’em team have also devised an intriguing bent on the traditional teams event format as part of the Newcastle Poker Champs.

Event 5 is a three-man teams event featuring No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Pineapple. All team members will play the first three levels then after the first break, the stacks will be combined and players will switch every 20-minute blind level.

Among the early movers was the team featuring Kate Smith after Kira Pearson ran A-Q into her pocket aces. The board was revealed Ad-8d-6h-8h-10d making Smith a full-house and eliminating Pearson’s stack from play.

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