AUTUMN CLASSIC: Lepro leads Main Event field into day 2

After four day one flights, the field has been finalised for day two of the $550 Autumn Classic Main Event in the SKYCITY Poker Zone at Adelaide Casino.

Under the innovative format of this tournament, players could enter as many flights as they like. Ross Lepro and Joe Sandaev survived more than one flight, meaning they will take their largest stack through to day two and ‘cash out’ their extra stack for $1100.

In addition, all players who return for day two are assured a minimum payout of $1510 so Lepro and Sandaev, who lead the field into day two, will actually cash twice in the tournament! Triple Chance NLHE winner Long Tran and Jonathan Karamalikis will also return to the felt today.

Across the four flights, there were 177 buy-ins creating a total prizepool of $88,500. The winner will take home $22,210. Play starts at noon today. Later today (2.15pm), a $235 No Limit Hold’em Terminator event is also scheduled.

$550 Autumn Classic Main Event end of day 1 chip count

Ross Lepro 420,500
Joe Sandaev 333,500
John George 326,500
Long Tran 270,000
Patrick Healy 265,500
Ryan Boswell 261,000
Matthew Pearson 238,500
Frank Tripodi 226,000
Matthew Guillaume 221,000
Craig Ivey 217,000
Simon Beshara 207,000
Peter Antoniou 202,000
Jonathan Karamalikis 202,000
Omid Samimi 201,500
Piyush Gupta 164,000
Tony di Salvio 113,500
Eddie Schwertd 111,500
Robert Odlum 108,500
Adam Cusanza 82,000
Sandy Retallick 54,500
Ben Lee-Wright 15,000


1 $22,210
2 $13,590
3 $7770
4 $5830
5 $4960
6 $4100
7 $3240
8 $2800
9 $2370
10 $1940
11-14 $1730
15-21 $1510

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