CASINO GAMING: Baccpo taking on the world after Aussie launch

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TCSJOHNHUXLEY (“TCSJH”) has signed a multi-year global agreement with Gaming Commerce Pty Ltd. to distribute Baccpo®, the new fast paced table game that combines the thrill of Blackjack, a simple hand ranking system similar to Baccarat, and the adversarial elements of Poker.

Baccpo will be showcased to industry professionals and land based casino operators at the upcoming G2E Asia Global Gaming Expo (May 22-24) in Macau. Game demonstrations will be running regularly throughout the two-day Expo at the TCS John Huxley trade display, booth number 1219.

Unlike traditional Baccarat, Baccpo is not governed by a tableau of fixed rules, bringing a level of skill into play; it can be spread as a casino (house) game as well as a peer-to-peer table game. Hand play is also much quicker than Blackjack, which means more excitement and enjoyment for the player, and ultimately more repeat customers for the casino.

The greatly enhanced game pace coupled with a small but positive increased house advantage for the casino version means Baccpo has provable potential to outperform traditional Baccarat in terms of hourly revenue for the casino operator. Launched at Crown Casino Melbourne in January, Baccpo has been equally popular among players seeking an alternative thrill to traditional table games currently spread in casinos worldwide.

A peer-to-peer version of the game is also available that incorporates the adversarial play of poker with hand rankings similar to Baccarat. This adaptation of Baccpo offers casino operators enormous promotional opportunities, with the potential to generate unprecedented brand awareness through large televised tournaments, to be broadcast to key audiences, and used to attract a greater share of the high roller and VIP markets.

Simon Witty, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Group Product Development Director comments, "The ability to offer Baccarat players a fast paced alternative as well as allowing expanded gameplay is a major advantage especially in this region. We believe both Baccpo and BaccPo Poker will add a whole new dimension to player enjoyment, appealing to a much wider audience than the traditional games."

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