NZ POKER: Tournament first-timer wins Auckland Deep Stack title

Sometimes, it’s an easy game, as tournament debutant Jun Li will attest after his victory in the SKYCITY Auckland Deep Stack Series Main Event.

Li outlasted a field of 153 players and his heads-up opponent Matt Carter to earn the first prize of NZD $22,370 in the first ever poker tournament he’d entered.

After three day one flights, the 153 starters had been reduced to 78 who returned to decide the title on day two. Play was halted once the final table was decided where blinds were wound back to 600/1200 (an average of 40 big blinds).

One of NZ’s premier players Cole Swannack, who was runner-up in the 2010 APPT Macau and 2010 NZ Poker Champs main events, bowed out in third leaving Li and Carter to battle for the title.

It didn’t last long with Li holding a big lead and Carter’s chips committed with Ad-2d. Li held Qd-9h, which improved to a straight to confirm his victory.

SKYCITY Auckland Deep Stack Series Main Event results

1 Jun Li $22,370
2 Matt Carter $14,540
3 Cole Swannack $8570
4 Eric Chang $6890
5 Damon Smith $5740
6 Paul Reid $3520
7 Lee Yeung $2910
8 Chao Pang $2370
9 Sam Ruha $1990
10 Brandon Naidu $1840
11 Anthony Corin $1530
12 Lean King $1150
13 Mike Tyler $770
14 John Harman $770
15 Nick Hood $770
16 Leilani Vaughn $770

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