2012 ANZPT Sydney – $2200 ANZPT Main Event / Day 2

12am: End of pl

That’s a wrap here at The Star on Day 2 of the ANZPT Sydney main event. After 10 long hours of play, we head now wait until tomorrow to crown a new champion with 27 players still in the hunt for the $226,812 first prize.

It has certainly been a day of high drama with plenty of ups and downs along the way and some familiar faces finishing amongst the chip leaders.

They include 2012 Aussie Millions winner Oliver Speidel who is on track to make it two majors in two months after going on a tear midway through the afternoon’s proceedings. He sits down tomorrow with 797,000.

Also in contention are Liam O’Rourke, Alec Smith, Martin Rowe, Sam Capra and Peco Stojanovski who all endured somewhat of a rollercoaster but progressed in the end.

However, they all have some work to do to catch chip leader Nick Heather who stormed home in the final two hours to build a stack of almost 1 million in chips. The key hand for him was an all-in pre-flop confrontation against Zhi Yao that saw his Jacks survive a race with Yao’s A-K.

We began Day 2 with 208 players but only 27 have made it through to the final day. Among the casualties were Lee Nelson, Gary Benson, Maria Ho, Dan Kelly, Tony Hachem, Michael O’Grady, Peter Aristidou, Michael Kanaan, Leo Boxell, Andy Lee and Mel Judah.

The complete list of chip stacks heading into Day 3 are:

Nick Heather (pictured above) – 953,500
Oliver Speidel – 797,000
James Collopy – 638,500
Alec Smith – 572,000
Liam O’Rourke – 495,000
Sam Capra – 440,000
Michel Anunu – 434,500
Jason Pritchard – 381,000
Gordon Huntly – 380,500
Lawrence Hall – 358,000
Craig Blight – 353,500
Damien Walsh – 343,000
Martin Rowe – 294,000
Luke Downers – 283,500
Stewart Ballard – 275,000
Bradley Carken – 240,000
John Parker – 203,500
Tobin Ryall – 197,000
Peco Stojanovski – 193,500
Anthony Aston – 188,000
Kristina Griffiths – 183,500
Luke Edwards – 180,000
Jason O’Brien – 166,500
Erick Stadler – 163,500
Luke Brabin – 149,500
Stephen Lindeblad – 110,000

Join us back here at 2pm tomorrow as we keep you updated with all the action as we count down to our ANZPT Sydney 2012 champion.

11.55pm: End of day eliminations

28th Nicholas Polias $4,610
29th Jim Sachinidis $4,610
30th Andy Lee $4,610
31st Wei Zhu $4,610

11.30pm: Latest eliminations

32nd Daniel Ibrahim $4,610
33rd Didier Guerin $4,610
34th Shaun Elliot $4,610
35th Zhixin Yao $4,610
36th Jason Hamilton $4,610
37th Dean Yuen $4,149

11.20pm: Who’s hot?

Nick Heather’s monster pot  shoots him way into the lead but there are still a number of players sitting above 400,000. They are:

Nick Heather – 840,000
Liam O’Rourke – 610,000
Oliver Speidel – 610,000
Alec Smith – 550,000
Sam Capra – 470,000

11:10pm: Heather wins biggest pot of the tournament

We now have a new chip leader – and by quite some way – after a massive pre-flop confrontation between Nick Heather and Zhi Yao. After Heather opened, Yao 3-bet to 50,000. Heather then 4-bet to 130,000 prompting a shove from Yao for his full 400,000 stack.

Heather thought briefly before making the call and turning over J-J to be racing against Yao’s A-K. The board ran out 7-7-2-5-Q and Heather now finds himself the clear chip leader with 840,000 in front!

Nick Heather – 840,000
Zhi Yao – Busted

10.55pm: More busts

38th Suzy Khoueis $4,149
39th Toan Nguyen $4,149
40th Paul Raseta $4,149
41st Ronnie Shabtay $4,149

10.45pm: Final Level

Yep, after nine hours of play we have reached the final level of the day! In an hour’s time we’ll bag and tag and find out exactly how many runners we have coming back tomorrow to play down to a winner. Right now there are 37 players remaining from the 208 we started with at midday. Blinds are now at 4000/8000 with a 500 ante.

10.30pm: Recent eliminations

42nd Nabil Edgtton $4,149
43rd Adam Bevis $4,149
44th Edgar Florez $4,149
45th Chad Awerbuch $4,149
46th Tony Kondevski $3,688
47th Omer Silatozija $3,688
48th Michael O’Grady $3,688
49th Nicholas Lamport $3,688
50th Guy Delahaye $3,688
51st Rhys Gould $3,688
52nd Andrew Mellado $3,688
53rd Dean McIver $3,688
54th Gerhard Niess $3,688

10.20pm: Kennedy assassinating

Our oldest player, 83-year-old Bill Kennedy, is causing heart palpitations at his table with his refusal to raise almost any hand. We just caught him hauling in a healthy pot in which he flatted pre-flop with K-K and called all three streets on a Q-x-x-J-J board. He is still going strong with 270,000.

10.05pm: Sick!

We’ve just seen two sick beats, as they say, on adjoining tables at exactly the same time that resulted in two players being sent to the rail. And did we mention that they were sick?

Hand No.1 – Nick Heather (pictured above) raised to 12,000 and was re-raised to 27,000 by Edgar Florez. A third player called before Heather shoved all-in for 300,000 with both opponents well covered. Florez tanked for a good three minutes before calling with Q-Q. The third player folded. Florez was in great shape to double with Heather turning over 6-6 but, cruelly, the board ran out 4-7-9-5-3 to give Heather running cards to the straight. He now boasts 530,000.

Hand No.2 – The chips were all in pre-flop with Chad Awerbuch holding A-A to dominate Gordon Huntley’s (pictured above) A-K. Another Ace on the flop all but sealed the deal … until the turn and river completed Huntley’s Broadway straight and sent a stunned Awerbuch packing. Huntley moves to 310,000.

9.35pm: Break it up

Players are headed out for their final 10-minute break of the evening. When they return they will have two more levels to play before we call it a day, with Level 17 giving us 2500/5000 blinds with a 500 ante.

9.35pm: Capra folds A-K pre-flop … to a min-raise!

It’s true. After raising it up with his suited A-K, Capra was min 3-bet by Bill Kennedy and folded when the action came back to him. When Kennedy showed A-10, Capra burst out laughing, proclaiming ‘That’s the first time he has raised all day – and he min-raised … I thought had had Aces!’

Capra assured us that this was the first time he has ever folded A-K suited to a min-raise in his life!

9.30pm: Livin’ on the Edgtton

Nabil Edgtton was very nearly our bubble boy half an hour ago when he won a race for his tournament life with 10s against the K-J of Rhys Gould: now he is quietly working his way back into contention with almost 200,000 while Gould has been sent to the rail. We’re now down to 50 players as the end of the 16th level approaches with some of the more significant stacks as follows:

Oliver Speidel – 650,000
Sam Capra – 500,000
Didier Guerin – 400,000
Zhi Yao – 310,000
Andy Lee – 310,000
Liam O’Rourke – 300,000
Bill Kennedy – 280,000
Gordon Huntly – 250,000
Jason Pritchard – 240,000
Alec Smith – 230,000
Nick Heather – 230,000
Nabil Edgtton – 190,000
Mishel Anunu – 170,000
Peco Stojanovski – 130,000
Lee Nelson – Busted
Rhys Gould – Busted

8.50pm: The bubble bursts!

Luis Arrilucea (with the cap) watches nervously for the board to run out while his mates watch on

And in a flash we have our bubble boy, with Luis Arrilucea the unlucky player to miss the money by a single place. Arrilucea shoved his last 30,000 holding A-K and was called by an opponent holding pocket 10s. For a moment Arrilucea breathed a sigh of relief as the dealer showed 2-K as the first two cards out of the deck but when a 10 completed the flop he was drawing very thin. The A turn gave him hope of survival but the J river ensured he goes home empty handed.

Although we predicted play would slow as the bubble approached, the opposite proved to be true with the 15 players needed to reach the money after the dinner break being sent packing in just over an hour.

8.30pm: Benton’s horses

Poker is an easy game, they say. Or at least, it is if you can let someone else do all the hard work for you. Aaron Benton didn’t make it past Day 1 of this year’s ANZPT Sydney but he did have a piece of three other players and with the bubble about to burst all three are still alive!

“Go you good thing,” Benton quipped to PokerMedia Australia with Didier Guerin, Mishel Anunu and Dean McIver all looking good to cash. He has already calculated that for a few hundred dollars he could stand to make as much as $60,000 without raising a sweat!

8.30pm: Tony so lonely

With only four eliminations to until we’re in the money, Tony Kondevski is starting to look a little nervous. Kondevski has just 75,000 in front but his real concern will be bubbling yet again – he has already been busted on the bubble not once but twice this tournament series after falling just short in both the 6-max and the Omaha events. Another bubble in the main would no doubt send him insane!

8.15pm: Speidel spinning his web

Oliver Speidel has been on quite a run of late, with Tam Truong the latest to fall at the hands of the reigning Aussie Millions champion. The pair engaged in a raising war with Truong opening, Speidel 3-betting, Truong 4-betting and Speidel shipping.

Truong committed the rest of his 120,000 stack with A-Q but was up against the A-K of Speidel and when no Queen arrived he was on his way. Speidel is now our tournament chip leader and with his knowledge of winning major events will be a real force.

Oliver Speidel – 600,000
Tam Truong – Busted

8.05pm: Monsters, monsters everywhere

We’ve just seen two huge hands play out on Table 3 here in the Oasis Lounge, with Mishel Anunu (pictured above) and James Collopy the beneficiaries. The first saw Anunu make a stunning call for his tournament life in a flop that saw him 3-bet pre-flop with K-Q and flat Theodor Lothman’s 4-bet before seeing a J-J-6 flop.

Lothman then shipped for well over 100,000 with Anunu tanking then making the call to see his K-Q was well ahead of Lothman’s 10-8. The turn and river bricked and Anunu moved up to 310,000.

A few hands later James Collopy got it all-in with Jacks against Aces and spiked a J on the flop in one of the biggest hands of the tournament. He now sits behind more than 400,000 and is in great shape to make a deep run.

7.55pm: Payouts

With the bubble looming we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone what they are playing for – namely the impressive $226,812 first prize.

1st $226,812
2nd $144,754
3rd $80,214
4th $62,696
5th $48,405
6th $39,185
7th $29,965
8th $23,511
9th $17,518
10-12th $11,525
13-15th $9,220
16-18th $7,837
19-21st $6,454
22-24th $5,532
25-27th $5,071
28-36th $4,610
37-45th $4,149
46-54th $3,688

7.45pm: We’re back

The dinner break is over and play has resumed with four levels remaining in the day’s play. Having started the day with 208 players, we have lost 139 over the first six levels – leaving us with 69 as we head towards the business end of the tournament.

We’re not just 15 places from the money and there is no doubt that players will now be keeping one eye on the tournament clock as we near our final 54. Blinds are now at 2000/4000 with a 400 ante.

6.55pm: Dinner break!

We’ve reached the end of the sixth level of play for the day, Level 14, and the players are now on a 40-minute dinner break. The money bubble is now looming large in the minds of all those still at the tables with 54 players cashing for a minimum of $3,688.

When we return there will be four more levels for the evening as we try and cut the field down as close to the final table as possible. Early predictions are that we will come back tomorrow with a little less than three tables remaining to play down to our winner. See you back here soon!

6.45pm: Fishin’ chips

A scan of the remaining 70 players has revealed the following prominent stacks:

Tam Truong (pictured above) – 310,000
Gordon Huntly – 298,000
Sam Capra – 280,000
Michael O’Grady – 270,000
Liam O’Rourke – 270,000
Zhi Yao – 235,000
Oliver Speidel – 210,000
Theodor Lothman – 200,000
Lee Nelson – 170,000
Andy Lee – 170,000
Nick Heather – 170,000
Alec Smith – 170,000
Bill Kennedy – 160,000
Nick Polias – 145,000
Suzy Khouies – 125,000
Tobin Ryall – 110,000
Daniel Ibrahim – 110,000
Peco Stojanovski – 100,000
Maria Ho – 37,000

6pm: Gone bust

Raemin Alexander, Graeme Putt, Manny Stavropoulos and 2010 ANZPT Sydney champion Angelo Hamataj are among the players to bust recently. We’re down to 88! We’ve just started our sixth level of the day’s play, which means that in an hour’s time we’ll be taking a 40-minute dinner break. Blinds are now at 1500/3000 with a 300 ante.

5.55pm: O’Grady flying

Michael O’Grady has just made a huge call to eliminate an opponent and soar to almost 300,000 in chips. After Luke Edwards opened in middle position, another player 3-bet to 12,000 before O’Grady 4-bet to 25,000 with 10s.

Edwards folded and his opponent called. Both players checked the 3c-4c-5s flop as the dealer turned the Kc. This time the player led for 21,500 and O’Grady called to see a fourth club (Q) hit the river. O’Grady’s opponent quickly shipped in his remaining 82,000 with O’Grady looking him up and down before announcing call.

His opponent immediately said ‘You’ve got it’ and mucked as O’Grady pumped his fist and stacked up a mountain of chips.

Michael O’Grady – 280,000

5.25pm: Girls gone wild

It’s been a good few minutes for some of the prominent ladies in the tournament with both Maria Ho (pictured above) and Kristina Griffiths scoring double-ups. Ho has battled a short stack all day but has just doubled up twice in consecutive hands to move to 48,000.

Meanwhile, Griffiths (aka Jenney) got her last 25,000 in holding 9-9 against the 5s of Oliver Speidel. The Aussie Millions champ was on the verge of sending her to the rail when he spiked a 5 on the turn, but the river 9 provided the miracle she needed to fight another day.

Maria Ho – 48,000
Kristina Griffiths – 50,000

5.15pm: Camera call

We’ve just had quite a commotion in the Oasis Lounge with a dispute over whether or not 83-year-old Bill Kennedy (pictured above) called an opponent’s river shove. With the board reading 3c-Ac-Jc-5s-Ah, Jing Jie shoved holding A-Q and was apparently called by Kennedy who held 10c-4c for the flush.

However, Jie insisted that Kennedy had not announced call and had thrown his cards in face down. Kennedy refuted this and the tournament directors were summoned to check the video. In the meantime, Jie was quite irate with staff having to tell him to settle down and stay away from Kennedy’s cards as he attempted to reenact what had occurred. Even now we can still hear him off to our left screaming at ANZPT director Danny McDonagh who is doing his best to be civil.

The cameras showed that Kennedy had in-fact shown his cards face-up and he was awarded the pot with Jie sent to the rail. Kennedy made a good point in the midst of the ruckus when he said to us “Does he really think I would fold a flush there?” Either way, Kennedy is up to 180,000.

Bill Kennedy – 180,000
Jing Jie – Busted

5pm: Level up!

Players have just returned from a 10-minute break with just 94 remaining. They are now facing blinds of 1200/2400 with a 300 ante.

It was only two months ago that Oliver Speidel (pictured above) was celebrating the biggest win of his poker career after taking down the Aussie Millions for $1.6 million. Now the 26-year-old looks set for another deep run after storming his way towards the top of the leader board following a huge clash with former chip leader Tobin Ryall.

On the very last hand before a 10-minute break, both Ryall and Speidel called a mid-position open to see a flop of Ks-Jc-3d. It was checked to Ryall who led out with Speidel making the call and the original raiser folding. Speidel called again on the 10s turn before the Ad came on the river.

With that, Ryall bet 20,000 – prompting Speidel to shove his remaining 85,000 in the middle. Ryall called and Speidel quickly turned over the nuts: Kd-Jd. Ryall muched without showing.

Oliver Speidel – 270,000
Tobin Ryall – 120,000

4.40pm: Old mates re-united

An interesting exchange just took place between Michael O’Grady (pictured above) and the winner of this event back in 2010 – Angelo Hamataj. If you recall, O’Grady finished fourth in that event (for $60,656) after he shoved over the top of Hamataj’s open holding 3-5 and was called by the eventual champion with A-6.

O’Grady just won a flip to eliminate a player and immediately shifted his attention to Hamataj, saying “Angelo, next time I’m trying to look at a guy and you’re not in the hand, shut up. I’m trying to get a read on the guy, I don’t need you gibbering on for him.”

Hamataj replied that he should have called O’Grady’s shove a few hands earlier in which the latter showed Q-Q.

“I wanted you to call,” O’Grady fired back. “I shoved because I know you can call with any two. I’ve seen you do it before with your A-6. You did it two years ago. Why don’t you do it again, mate?”

It’s good to see old acquaintances reminiscing on the old days.

4.10pm: Another toughie

We’ve just spotted another tough table that has formed in the main poker room. Seated together are Lee Nelson, Martin Kozlov, Mexican online pro Angel Guillen, Jason Pritchard and 2010 APPT Sydney fourth-place finisher Peco Stojanovski.

3.50pm: Nelson rides the rush

Lee Nelson (pictured above) was down as low as 13,000 at one stage earlier today and even quipped to PokerMedia Australia before the start of play that he didn’t expect to last too long. Happily, the 2006 Aussie Millions champion was wrong as he now sits behind a very healthy stack of 150,000 thanks largely to a hand he just played.

Nelson was facing a raise and a re-raise before action got to him and he was quick to ship his remaining 52,000 into the middle holding K-K. The original raiser folded, later revealing he held Q-Q, with the other player making the call with A-K.

The board bricked, leaving always dangerous Nelson in good shape and thankful the first player folded given that a Queen landed on the river!

Lee Nelson – 150,000

3.50pm: Blinds are up!

We’re into our fourth level of the day with blinds up to 1000/2000 with a 200 ante. The field has been cut from 208 to 115 over the first three levels.

3.30pm: Tough tables

With tables continually being broken as the field narrows, players are regularly being moved to new tables which makes for some interesting match-ups. One such table here in the Oasis Lounge has just seen both Oliver Speidel and our former chip leader Tobin Ryall take their seats to the right of Dan Kelly.

We feel for the recently married Kristina Griffiths – formerly known as Kristina Jenney – who finds herself stuck right in the middle with Speidel on one side and Kelly on the other.

Tobin Ryall – 230,000
Oliver Speidel – 74,000
Kristina Griffiths – 60,000
Dan Kelly – 65,000

3.10pm: Ljubicic serves an ace

Mario Ljubicic (pictured above) was among our chip leaders for much of yesterday’s play but he has had a rough time of it today and is now nursing a short stack. His luck may well be changing however after pushing all-in for his last 12,500 with 6-7 and finding a caller with A-Q.

Ljubicic needed help to stay alive and the poker Gods were kind as they delivered a perfect 5-8-9 flop to give him the nut straight. Next hand he shoved again and this time forced folds from the table. He is back up to 27,000 but still in dire straits.

3.00pm: Speidel spinning

Our reigning Aussie Millions champion Oliver Speidel has just taken a hit after clashing with Ben Pockett (pictured above). Speidel called Pockett’s button raise from the big blind and then check-raised his 12,000 continuation bet to 30,500 on a K-J-6 flop.

Pockett smooth called to see a Q land on the turn. Speidel checked to Pockett who put out a small 10,000 bet – enough to force the fold from our latest million dollar man. With that, Speidel slips to well under 100,000.

Ben Pockett – 136,000
Oliver Speidel – 70,000

2.45pm: And they’re back

We lost a total of 66 players during the first two levels of the day’s play which means just 142 remain. They still have some way to go to reach the money, however, with 54 players set to show a profit.

2.35pm: Break time

Players are now on a 10-minute break. When they return we will have reached Level 11 which will see blinds at 800/1600 with a 200 ante.

2.30pm: The view from up top

The fast and furious action during the opening stages today has seen us lose quite a number of players, however it has also resulted in a number of players cracking the 200,000 chip barrier. They are:

Tobin Ryall – 280,000
Daniel Ibrahim – 245,000
Zhi Yao – 235,000

Ibrahim’s presence amongst the chip leaders is significant given he has recently been appointed to run marketing for The Star’s new flagship nightclub Marquee. He also enjoyed a deep run in the inaugural Star Summer Series last December.

2pm: Around the grounds

We’re midway through Level 10 (600/1200, ante 100) and we have already lost almost 50 players today with 159 of the 208 that started the day out the door. Some of those remaining are listed below.

Daniel Ibrahim – 240,000
Jason Pritchard – 115,000
Sheldon Mayer – 110,000
Dan Kelly – 95,000
Oliver Speidel – 95,000
Peter Aristidou – 93,000
Peco Stojanovski – 90,000
Luke Edwards – 90,000
Tony Hachem – 80,000
Michael O’Grady – 65,000
Rhys Gould – 56,000
Liam O’Rourke – 50,000
Leo Boxell – 50,000
Alec Smith – 50,000
Ciaran Sharp – 47,000
Michael Kanaan – 32,000
Gary Benson – 23,000
Lee Nelson – 20,000
Dennis Huntly – Busted

1.30pm: Kelly climbing

It looks like being a tough day for Table 4 in the Oasis Lounge today with Dan djk123 Kelly (pictured above) sitting in Seat 7. Kelly, of course, is renowned as one of the world’s top tournament players and owns a WSOP bracelet after winning the $25,000 NLHE Six-Handed Event in 2010 for $1.3 million.

He is already flexing his muscle on Day 2. In a recent hand he 3-bet out of the big blind after three players called a mid-position raise, then shipped when the button decided to come back over the top. Very next hand Kelly eliminated a player after flopping a set of 9s and getting it all-in on the turn against K-Q as the board ran out Q-3-9-A-10. He is up to 95,000.

Dan Kelly – 95,000

1.10pm: New chip leader as big stacks clash

Daniel Ibrahim (pictured above) has soared to the top of the chip counts after a huge clash with Day 1b chip leader Tam Truong. After a pre-flop raising war, the rest of the chops found their way into the middle on a 2h-4s-9s flop with Ibrahim holding As-Ad and Truong pocket 8s.

The 6s on the turn meant Truong was drawing to just one out and repeat 4 on the river didn’t help his cause.

He suddenly finds himself short-stacked while Ibrahim is now our dominant chip leader with 191,000.

Daniel Ibrahim – 191,000
Tam Truong – 20,000

1pm: Please press Hach after the flop

Tony Hachem (pictured above) has just doubled through to 80,000 after picking up Kings. We caught up with the action on the 9-5-5 flop with Hachem announcing he was all-in and his opponent snap-calling. It was Kings v Jacks and when the turn and river came 6-5 the two-time ANZPT player of the year rocketed up the leader board.

12.45pm: 10 levels today

Poker room manager Stephen Ibrahim has just informed us that we will play 10 levels today unless we reach the final table earlier. With 208 players remaining, that seems extremely unlikely, so 10 levels it is! With 10 minute breaks at the end of every second level and a 40-minute dinner break after the sixth, that should see us through to around midnight.

12.40pm: Kozlov doubles

It took just three minutes for 2010 ANZPT Melbourne champion Martin Kozlov to score a big double-up at the expense of Jason Pritchard. The pair got it all in pre-flop with Kozlov 4-bet shipping his Q-Q and Pritchard calling with A-K to send us to the races. The board proved kind to Kozlov, running out 7-J-6-8-8 to push him up to 56,000 and in a much better position than he was at the start of play.

12.30: Day 2 set to begin

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia for our coverage of Day 2 of ANZPT Sydney. It’s been a big few days here at The Star with a massive field of 461 runners making this the second biggest ANZPT event of all time behind only the inaugural ANZPT Sydney back in 2009 (which attracted 493 starters).

A total of 208 players will return to The Star today in the hope of claiming the $226,812 first prize although with such big numbers poker room manager Stephen Ibrahim is yet to decide what the cut-off figure will be to end the day’s play. At this stage it is likely that we will call a half to the action with either 36 or 27 players remaining, depending on the tournament’s progress, with the rest returning on Sunday to battle down to a champion.

This year’s ANZPT Sydney has attracted a star studded field including a distinct international flavour in the form of well-known American pro Mario Ho, Dan ‘djk123’ Kelly, and Mexico’s Angel Guillen, while the local contingent has included the likes of Tony Hachem, Lee Nelson, Leo Boxell, Gary Benson, Mel Judah, Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros and 2012 Aussie Millions winner Oliver Speidel.

All of those have progressed through to Day 2.

Among those eliminated during the two Day 1 flights were Jonathan Karamalikis, Brendon Rubie, Andrew Hinrichsen, Jason Gray, Grant Levy, Aaron Benton, Daniel Neilson, David Gorr and Tom Grigg.

The chip leader heading into Day 2 is Toby Ryall with 138,500 who is one of 10 players sitting on over 100,000 in chips.

Stay tuned to PokerMedia Australia today as we bring you all the action of ANZPT Sydney live from The Star.

Top 10 chip counts:

Toby Ryall, chip leader at the start of Day 2

Ryall Toby 138500
Edgtton Nabil 125100
Huntly Gordon 121400
Gould Rhys 119600
Nguyen Toan 118200
Truong Tam 115700
Heather Nicholas 115300
Cohen Justin 110625
Kennedy Willaim 108775
Marando George 104950

Seating assignments and chip counts for play today:

Last Name First Name Table Seat Chip Count
Agresta Adam 16 2 19600
Alexander Raemin 8 3 55050
Angelakis Con 10 9 33000
Antonios Alexander 13 3 21675
Anunu Mishel 3 6 80600
Apostoleou Peter 24 4 19400
Argyros Vasilios 22 4 22600
Aristidou Petros 14 1 52400
Arrilucea Luis 12 4 54075
Aston Anthony 2 2 39350
August David 3 4 47775
Awerbuch Chad 14 7 55450
Ayoub Chris 9 8 43500
Ballard Stewart 24 5 53000
Bang Ortmann Daniel 8 5 81400
Beard Sarah 1 6 32100
Bechara Robert 15 4 14050
Bekhaled Kamel 5 7 21850
Benson Gary 13 2 36375
Bertenshaw Alan 3 7 14600
Bevis Adam 4 3 86775
Bilenky Matviy 4 4 56925
Blight Craig 25 2 73000
Boobekov Nurlan 5 1 27800
Boswell Ryan 4 2 9700
Boustani Charbel 2 4 60150
Boxell Leo 14 2 45700
Brabin Luke 13 4 58875
Brian Jeff 4 1 31300
Brown Adam 1 2 17650
Buckley Kevin 22 8 15775
Bustany Alan 4 5 46900
Cafios Gabriel 8 2 31250
Campbell David 9 3 45050
Capra Sam 13 8 66300
Chevalier Daniel 6 3 33775
Citerne Ludovic 11 8 85150
Clark Kevin 13 6 25000
Cohen Justin 3 5 110625
Collopy James 3 1 68500
Comer Michael 17 1 17275
Condylis Jim 10 2 22100
Cotaidis George 22 2 45400
Dangio Jonathan 17 2 81000
Daphne Brett 21 3 53500
Delahaye Guy 15 8 18850
Dodds Joel 18 2 21300
Downers Luke 21 4 16600
Drewe Martin 3 3 39550
Eastley Shane 21 6 18750
Edgtton Nabil 3 2 125100
Edwards Luke 5 8 85150
Elliot Paul 14 3 23425
Elliott Shaun 2 1 14200
Fadersen Michael 3 9 27100
Flitcroft Trent 23 7 33200
Fong Victor 7 7 22650
Fontes Stephane 17 8 47550
Foster Joshua 12 2 62600
Galluccio Vince 4 9 15300
Gamerov Jonathan 2 5 19200
Georgoulas Nicolaos 16 7 47700
Glissmann Christian 18 3 47300
Gould Rhys 10 1 119600
Griffiths Kristina 4 6 42150
Griffiths Mark 25 7 65350
Grigaux Eric 22 5 24775
Guerin Didier 11 9 69000
Guillen Angel 12 6 23475
Hachem Tony 23 6 48100
Hall Laurence 14 5 24925
Hamataj Angelo 8 8 23500
Hamilton Jason 8 1 57100
Hansimikali Manuel 10 6 34550
Heather Nicholas 24 8 115300
Hiruwai Phillip 15 7 27900
Ho Maria 6 6 13800
Holmes Jarrod 13 5 29475
Hong Ryan 12 3 33100
Hulum David 18 7 17300
Huntly Gordon 17 4 121400
Huntly Dennis 23 5 19650
Huynh Brandon 14 9 16875
Ibrahim Daniel 22 6 91700
Iwikau Daniel 17 3 12500
Jeremy Simon 22 7 22375
Jie Jing 2 7 42400
Jolly John 1 1 33100
Judah Melvyn 11 1 19925
Kanaan Michael 10 7 70200
Kelly Daniel 4 7 70600
Kennedy Willaim 6 7 108775
Khoueis Suzy 18 9 78300
Knox Carl 16 5 74300
Kondevski Todor 13 9 49250
Kozlov Martin 16 6 21000
Laidlan Daniel 24 6 37200
Lamport Nicholas 9 2 21700
Lancken Bradley 23 1 42050
Le Nam 23 2 75900
Lee Hun Wei 14 6 16600
Li Andrew 9 7 77600
Lilley Steven 11 2 26400
Lim Aaron 24 2 9675
Lindeblad Stephen 10 5 38300
Ljubicic Mario 5 6 69250
Lloyd David S 1 3 44100
Lothman Theodor 3 8 54775
Louskos Peter 24 9 15025
Marando George 7 9 104950
Marsland Dale 18 5 51200
Martin Evan 15 2 50700
Matusik Peter 7 1 7125
Mayar Michael 18 6 22650
Mciver Dean 22 1 42125
Mcmahon Sean 15 6 34900
Mellado Andrew 23 4 33725
Meneses Rod 17 6 50000
Montenegro Edgar 12 5 24900
Moore Travis 12 8 11475
Moshi Simon 9 1 11125
Moutzouris Christopher 8 9 29650
Naderi Sefehr 18 8 11400
Namrood Rined 12 7 30425
Nasab Seyed 10 3 64050
Nelson Lee 16 4 14875
Nguyen Minh Hau 7 5 35650
Nguyen Quoc 8 7 71750
Nguyen Toan 25 4 118200
Niess Gerhard 1 9 94900
O’brien Jason 21 8 64625
O’grady Michael 24 7 57200
O’rourke Liam 1 8 33300
Pagana Sebastian 12 9 29675
Parker John 11 7 40150
Parnell Ian 1 4 54300
Pedersen Paul 16 8 11150
Pockett Benjamin 2 3 75500
Polias Nicholas 18 1 36900
Post Stefan 18 4 31175
Potts Darren 22 3 43100
Poytress Martyn 21 7 44350
Pritchard Jason 16 9 82000
Putt Graeme 15 1 32625
Raseta Paul 6 1 71350
Retallick Sandy 5 2 11200
Retallick Gary 11 6 28900
Ricotta Scott 16 3 43750
Rodrigues Manuel 25 9 9400
Rolfe Mathew 23 8 61700
Rowe Martin 8 4 43575
Ryall Toby 11 4 138500
Sachinidis Jim 9 9 35200
Sama Tony 6 4 39050
Sarkis Mark 13 7 17200
Saunders Trevor 1 5 19300
Scaravilli Gaetano 17 9 27100
Schiffer Michael 16 1 26300
Sclavos Eric 2 9 38800
Shabtay Aharon (ronnie) 21 9 41100
Sharpe Ciaran 24 3 72325
Sheldon Mayer 7 4 99300
Silatozija Omer 4 8 38150
Skouteris Peter 2 8 21375
Smith Alec 23 3 54200
Sova Robert 7 2 35675
Speidel Oliver 2 6 70900
Srour Louie Elias 23 9 34000
Stadler Erich 10 8 47025
Stavropoulos Manny 9 5 55000
Stenlake Aaron 25 8 11475
Stojanovski Peco 6 2 44275
Stolz Andrew 11 5 8800
Sultana Trudie 24 1 24600
Talaber Richard 14 8 42700
Taunton Brent 12 1 67300
Thomson John 9 6 36750
Truong Tam 22 9 115700
Turvey Robert 21 1 31900
Unknown Unknown 1 10 81225
Unknown Unknown 5 3 51875
Unknown Unknown 5 4 27250
Unknown Unknown 5 5 7250
Unknown Unknown 6 5 32450
Unknown Unknown 6 8 33400
Unknown Unknown 7 3 4650
Unknown Unknown 7 6 53425
Unknown Unknown 7 8 38425
Vakili Reza 15 9 17000
van Vegchel Michael 25 5 19200
Vandersluis Roy 5 9 27775
Walsh Damien 15 3 69075
Wang Hung Tu 21 5 26175
White Alan 17 5 16800
Whitehouse Paul 13 1 65800
Wilkinson Rana 9 4 15700
Wright Anthony 8 6 19700
Wu Xiaobo 11 3 17075
Xu Qi 25 3 26550
Yao Zhixin 6 9 99150
Yates Matthew 10 4 42350
Yi Tommy 21 2 83700
Yu Guang Yan 14 4 29000
Yuen Dean 25 1 81700
Zabawa Gregory 1 7 25125
Zheng Jackson 15 5 24000
Zhu Wei 25 6 32000
Zmukic Vesko 17 7 49000

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