ANZPT SYDNEY: Ryall does it with style on day 1A of the Main Event

Toby Ryall (pictured left) narrowly missed the final table at last December’s Star Poker Summer Series Main Event but has stated his intentions of going one better after the opening day of the ANZ Poker Tour at The Star yesterday.

A total of 214 players took their seats for the first flight of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event in the Star Poker room, with Ryall topping the count after eight 60-minute levels on 138,500.

The chips were spread fairly evenly among the 89 survivors with in-form local and ANZPT Sydney Teams Event champion Nabil Edgtton second while Asian-based Scotsman Gordon Huntly held third spot with 121,400.

A number of players who’ve featured prominently in the results for the ANZPT Sydney preliminary events also performed well, including Tommy Yi, Jason Pritchard, Suzy Khoueis, Ben Pockett, Dale Marsland, Alan Bustany, Jackson Zheng and Martin Kozlov.

The list of notables who’ll be back for day two tomorrow also features reigning Aussie Millions champion Oliver Speidel, past ANZPT Sydney winners Michael Kanaan and Angelo Hamataj, Jim Collopy, Sam Capra, Michael O’Grady, Manny Stavropoulos, Peter Aristidou, Tony Hachem, Liam O’Rourke, Kevin Clark, Angelo Hamataj, Billy Argyros and Joel Dodds.

But it wasn’t such a successful day for the likes of Brendon Rubie, Jonathan Karamalikis, Jason Gray, Aaron Benton, Grant Levy, Andrew Hinrichsen, Daniel Neilson or Tom Grigg who were all among the day 1A casualties.

Karamalikis, in particular, will be disappointed not to still be in contention after building up a healthy stack of over 80,000 midway through the day’s play before losing a massive A-K v J-J flip and finding himself eliminated soon after. Play in day 1B of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event kicks-off at Star Poker from 12.30pm on Friday (March 23).

ANZPT Sydney Main Event day 1A chip count

Toby Ryall 138,500
Nabil Edgtton 125,100
Gordon Huntly 121,400
Rhys Gould 119,600
Toan Nguyen 118,200
Nicholas Heather 115,300
Gerhard Niess 94,900
Daniel Ibrahim 91,700
Tommy Yi 83,700
Jason Pritchard 82,000
Dean Yuen 81,700
Daniel Bang Ortmann 81,400
Jonathan Dangio 81,000
Mishel Anunu 80,600
Suzy Khoueis 78,300
Andrew Li 77,600
Benjamin Pockett 75,500
Carl Knox 74,300
Craig Blight 73,000
Oliver Speidel 70,900
Daniel Kelly 70,600
Michael Kanaan 70,200
Didier Guerin 69,000
James Collopy 68,500
Brent Taunton 67,300
Sam Capra 66,300
Paul Whitehouse 65,800
Joshua Foster 62,600
Mathew Rolfe 61,700
Michael O’Grady 57,200
Jason Hamilton 57,100
Manny Stavropoulos 55,000
Ian Parnell 54,300
Alec Smith 54,200
Peter Aristidou 52,400
Dale Marsland 51,200
Evan Martin 50,700
Rod Meneses 50,000
Tony Hachem 48,100
Christian Glissmann 47,300
Alan Bustany 46,900
George Cotaidis 45,400
David Lloyd 44,100
Darren Potts 43,100
Richard Talaber 42,700
Jing Jie 42,400
Ronnie Shabtay 41,100
Stephen Lindeblad 38,300
Daniel Laidlan 37,200
Nicholas Polias 36,900
Sean McMahon 34,900
Louie Elias Srour 34,000
Liam O’Rourke 33,300
Trent Flitcroft 33,200
Ryan Hong 33,100
John Jolly 33,100
Wei Zhu 32,000
Robert Turvey 31,900
Jeff Brian 31,300
Guang Yan Yu 29,000
Michael Fadersen 27,100
Steven Lilley 26,400
Kevin Clark 25,000
Edgar Montenegro 24,900
Trudie Sultana 24,600
Jackson Zheng 24,000
Angelo Hamataj 23,500
Billy Argyros 22,600
Jim Condylis 22,100
Nicholas Lamport 21,700
Joel Dodds 21,300
Martin Kozlov 21,000
Anthony Wright 19,700
Adam Agresta 19,600
Peter Apostoleou 19,400
Jonathan Gamerov 19,200
Michael van Vegchel 19,200
Mark Sarkis 17,200
Reza Vakili 17,000
Alan White 16,800
Luke Downers 16,600
Hun Wei Lee 16,600
Rana Wilkinson 15,700
Vince Galluccio 15,300
Alan Bertenshaw 14,600
Shaun Elliott 14,200
Daniel Iwikau 12,500
Ryan Boswell 9700
Andrew Stolz 8800

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