WPPT: Gold Coast event cracks 100 as Wang tops day 1B

The WPPT Gold Coast Main Event has surpassed the expectations of most pundits with a field of 101 confirmed for the fledgling tour’s first foray into the Australian market.

The day 1B field of 44 players (combined with the day 1A field of 57) helped create a prizepool of $323,200 meaning the winner will take home an enticing $84,032 with the top 13 finishers guaranteed at least $6464. A total of 59 players will be back for day two.

The second day one flight started in dramatic fashion when Peter Matusik and Michael O’Grady both made quads to propel them to the top of the chip count while Ryan Coombs also found quads to send Aaron Benton to the rail.

Making his major tournament debut, local Mitch Caton was next to emerge from the pack when he made a bigger full-house with Ac-Kc against an opponent’s pocket jacks on a board that fell Js-Ad-Kh-Ah-7d.

Hung-Tu Wang finished atop the chip count after a massive hand, which ended with David Steicke hitting the rail. The Hong Kong-based Aussie flopped the nuts with 10c-Jc-Qs turning his As-Kd into a straight but gave Wang (Ac-6c) the nut flush draw.

Sure enough, the 3c landed on the turn to ensure Wang would lead the field into day two, narrowly ahead of Michael O’Grady and Stephen Quon.

WPPT Gold Coast Main Event day 1B chip count

Hung-Tu Wang 191,100
Michael O’Grady 190,400
Stephen Quon 180,500
Joe Cabret 153,500
Peter Matusik 143,200
Phillip Siddell 130,300
Leo Boxell 120,400
Jackson Zheng 103,100
Mathew Turk 89,000
Didier Guerin 78,800
Duncan McKinnon 73,500
George Moussa 72,900
Mathew Rolfe 69,100
Ryan Coombs 67,400
Sean Dunwoodie 51,900
Salvatore Giuffre 51,200
Graeme Putt 43,400
Anthony Hope 43,000
Florian Langmann 39,900
Kelvin Evans 35,900
Derek Cheung 35,100
Eric Sclavos 33,200 
Paul Hockin 33,000
Terry Gardiner 31,600
Janette Phillips 30,800
Mark Eriksson 30,000
Kent Hunter 28,900
Paul Elliot 22,000
Stephen Ford 13,100
Karsten Kobbing 7600

WPPT Gold Coast Main Event prizepool

1 $84,032
2 $54,944
3 $37,168
4 $30,704
5 $24,240
6 $21,008
7 $17,778
8 $14,544
9 $11,312
10 $8080
11 $6464
12 $6464
13 $6464

• Regular updates are available on the WPPT Facebook page with day 2 kicking off at 11am today (Friday) in The Poker Room at Jupiters.

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