THE MAIN EVENT: Ehlers leads massive field into day two

Crown Casino is going to provide a haven for the remaining 325 players in The MAIN EVENT today with the temperature expected to soar to 38 degrees in Melbourne today.

But despite the air-conditioned comfort of the Crown Poker Room, there’ll still be plenty of sweating as players refocus their aims towards surviving day two for a shot at one of the top 60 spots in the money.

Yesterday was a historic day for Full House Group. A massive field of 559 players took their seats for the first edition of Australia’s newest – and biggest – pub poker tournament.

Credit goes to the players who qualified for The MAIN EVENT from around the country via the 888PL, APL and Pub Poker for a determined and gritty display of deep stack poker; a form of the game with which many of the players have little experience.

The field are playing for a slice of a $559,000 prizepool, with at least 60 players guaranteed a minimum payout of $1800 while the winner will take home a package of cash and prizes to the value of $120,000.

Due to the relatively high number of players who survived the day, Crown Poker officials elected not to redraw the field, with players returning to the exact seats they departed yesterday.

Richard Ehlers from Melbourne’s south-east is the official day one chip leader on 168,600 with NSW’s Terrance Waterhouse (153,600), Donald Davies form Western Australia (150,100), NSW’s Veronica Barwick (147,300) and Queenslander Jason Hamilton (145,800) filling out the top five.

We’d like to thanks to Australian pub poker community for the overwhelming support we’ve received in the past two days and can’t wait to be back at Crown from 12.10pm tomorrow for day two of The MAIN EVENT. Nine 40-minute levels (up form 30 minutes on day one) are scheduled for day two.

The MAIN EVENT official day 1 chip count (top 25)

Richard Ehlers (VIC) 168,600
Terrance Waterhouse (NSW) 153,600
Donald Davies (WA) 150,100
Veronica Barwick (NSW) 147,300
Jason Hamilton (QLD) 145,800
Graham Hein (VIC) 145,100
Phil Davis (VIC) 141,500
Jay Macapagal (NSW) 140,800
Rick Nayar (VIC) 125,500
Josh Clinton (NSW) 122,300
Jason Steindl (QLD) 116,800
John Jolly (QLD) 115,900
Paul Sayers (VIC) 115,500
Charles Im (NSW) 114,100
Shivan Abdine (NSW) 113,700
Joe Giaquinta (VIC) 110,900
Steven Perich (WA) 107,200
Lara Hildebrand (SA) 105,500
Rachel Beard (WA) 104,200
John Habour (VIC) 102,500
Joe Cisca (NSW) 100,500
Gary Byrnes (VIC) 100,000
Nathan Gauci (NSW) 99,300
Clint Robinson (VIC) 98,900
Abraham Daoud (NSW) 95,500

For the rest of the end of day 1 chip count:

MAIN EVENT structure (day 2)

Level 13: 1000/2000 (ante 200)
Level 14: 1200/2400 (ante 300)
Level 15: 1500/3000 (ante 300)
Level 16: 2000/4000 (ante 400)
Level 17: 2500/5000 (ante 500)
Level 18: 3000/6000 (ante 500)
Level 19: 4000/8000 (ante 500)
Level 20: 5000/10000 (ante 1000)
Level 21: 6000/12,000 (ante 1000)


1 $120,000 (inc. $15,000 Team AUSSIEMILLIONS package)
2 $85,000 (inc. $15,000 Team AUSSIEMILLIONS package)
3 $55,000 (inc. $15,000 Team AUSSIEMILLIONS package)
4 $40,000 (inc. $15,000 Team AUSSIEMILLIONS package)
5 $25,000 (inc. $2000 AM Opening Event package)
6 $22,000 (inc. $2000 AM Opening Event package)
7 $19,000 (inc. $2000 AM Opening Event package)
8 $16,000 (inc. $2000 AM Opening Event package)
9 $14,000 (inc. $2000 AM Opening Event package)
10 $12,000 (inc. $2000 AM Opening Event package)
11-13 $8000
14-16 $6000
17-20 $4250
21-30 $3000
31-40 $2400
41-50 $2000
51-60 $1800

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