AUSSIE MILLIONS: Music blogger hits right note in Shootout

The Aussie Millions stage is all about elite performance but it was a standout in another field who stole the spotlight in the third event of the 2012 series.

Sandeep Pulusani is best known for his work on the music blog Vibe Addict but can add Aussie Millions champions to his CV after his victory in the $1100 No Limit Hold’em Shootout.

The event attracted a maximum field of 150 players, with the 15 table winners then spread across two tables until the final table was decided, with the chip counts as follows:

Oliver Speidel 384,500
Ash Gupta 270,000
Jackie Glazier 204,500
Joey Lawrence 135,000
Sandeep Pulusani 128,000
Mario Ljubicic 95,500
Mark Segal 94,500
Salman Behbehani 79,500
Matthew Pearson 74,000
Eric Sclavos 34,000

Pulusani was the short stack three-handed against Speidel (who won the $1000 NLHE rebuy title at last year’s Aussie Millions) and Ashish Gupta, but fought back to defeat Speidel heads-up.

A horror run of cards at the final table ended Jackie Glazier’s hopes of victory although she still marked her second cash of the 2012 Aussie Millions as did Matthew Pearson, Mario Ljubicic, McLean Karr and Gregory Ronaldson.

2012 Aussie Millions Event 3: $1100 No Limit Hold’em Shootout (150 players; total prizepool AUD $150,000; 15 players paid) results

1 Sandeep Pulusani (USA) $37,500
2 Oliver Speidel $24,750
3 Ashish Gupta $17,250
4 Matthew Pearson $13,500
5 Mario Ljubicic $11,250
6 Jackie Glazier $9750
7 Joey Lawrence $8250
8 Salman Behbehani (Kuwait) $6750
9 Eric Sclavos $5250
10 Mark Segal (UK) $3750
11 James Whittet $2400
12 McLean Karr (USA) $2400
13 Elizabeth Montizanti (USA) $2400
14 Christopher Brammer (UK) $2400
15 Gregory Ronaldson South Africa $2400

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