PUB POKER: 888PL & APL players panning for Main Event gold

Ever since Willy Wonka threw open the doors of his chocolate factory to Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop and Mike Teevee, golden tickets have acquired mythical status as the keys to secrets and riches beyond our wildest dreams.

That’s certainly the hope for thousands of 888PL and APL players who, after being teased by cryptic clues on Facebook in recent weeks, now know that there are 10 such Golden Tickets up for grabs. Each is valued at $2000 and includes a $1200 Main Event seat plus $800 in cash.

The Search for the Golden Ticket is a national campaign, which will be held simultaneously at seven locations across Australia! To qualify for the Golden Ticket event you need to collect one clue card each week from the TD at your local APL or 888PL poker game throughout the four weeks of January. Use these clues to figure out the date, time and secret location of the event closest to you. The clue for Week One is now available.

To qualify for the Golden Ticket event, you must present all four “clue cards” at the event registration. Should you play more poker games in January and collect three sets of clue cards – two of these can be used as rebuys at the event.

The Main Event will be held at Crown Casino in Melbourne from February 23-26 and offers a $500,000 prize pool. For more information on the Main Event, check out

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