STAR POKER: McKay flying high into Opening Event final table

Will McKay heads into the final table of the Star Poker Summer Series Opening Event as a hot favourite holding twice as many chips as his nearest challenger after the day two field was slashed from 96 to nine.

It didn’t take long for the money bubble to burst with Star Poker ambassador Aaron Benton sneaking into the money in 56th while the players who dominated the day one flights, Nabil Edgtton and Alex Antonios placed 38th and 24th respectively.

With 15 players remaining, Adam Ratten staked his claim for the title after bolting to 1.2 million in chips after flopping trip kings against an opponent’s pocket jacks. But McKay acquired a slab of those chips when, on a board of J-J-10, Ratten called Mc Kay’s four-bet all-in. McKay showed Q-J while Ratten held A-10 and failed to improve.

The final 10 players converged to a single table where Con Angelakis became the 10th placed finisher in a hand as reported by Star Poker’s Shane Fernie – “with blinds at 15k/30k/3k, Angelakis held 659,000 and McKay 1.5 million with the table average just under 600. Con raised from late position for 165,000and Will smooth called from the BB. The flop came K-Q-J (rainbow). Will checked to Con who shoved all-in for 494,000, Will thought for a short time before calling. Con turned over J-5. Will showed K-J. The miracle wasn’t forthcoming and Con was left pondering what had just transpired.”

The final table kicked off at 4pm in the Oasis, where all final tables will be played during the course of the Star Poker Summer Series.

Star Poker Summer Series Event 1: $330 Opening Event No Limit Hold’em (583 players; 57 players paid; total prizepool $174,900) – final table chip counts

Seat 1: Mladen Avramovski 787,000
Seat 2: Tri Nguyen 514,000
Seat 3: Adam Ratten 388,000
Seat 4: Kenney Troung 898,000
Seat 5: Will McKay 1,812,000
Seat 6: Vlastimil Kral 210,000
Seat 7: Alan Bustany 666,000
Seat 8: Matviy Bilenky 251,000
Seat 9: Matt Cauchi 458,000

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