NEWS: Plans announced for richest tournament in poker history

Plans have been announced for the world’s richest poker tournament, to be played in Macau in 2013

Reports are emerging from Macau of plans for the world’s richest poker tournament. GamingToday has announced the Macau Pro Am Open for the spring of 2013, which would be the richest poker event ever held.

William Murray, an American businessman, told GamingToday he represents one of five Chinese company industrialists sponsoring the event. He said the prize pool would be somewhere between $65 million and $100 million with a first prize of $25 million for the Main Event.

“The current goal is to have 500 participants with one-third coming from the Far East, one-third from the US, and one-third from other countries. The subscription for the seats in the Far East has already been taken,” Murray said.

An organisational meeting was held last March in Hong Kong, according to Murray, to set the infrastructure for the tournament. He did not give details, but indicated the group sponsoring the event is not affiliated with any hotel, casino, or any current organization, guild, or trade association.

Murray said current plans call for other events, ranging from Texas hold’em to baccarat, to precede the main event. There will be a guaranteed prize pool of $2 million with $1 million to the winners, Murray said.

“This spectacular event will establish Macau as the poker tournament capital of the world and hopefully will bring the world’s top players there for cash and tournament contests. Macau is already the baccarat capital of the world and now we are completing the other half of the puzzle, poker,” Murray said.

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