STATE CHAMPS: “V” for victory for Vic Duncan in Victoria

Victorian State Champs winner Vic Duncan

The final event in the first round of State Championships under the combined banner of the 888Poker League and Australian Poker League drew a huge field of 404 players to the Dingley International in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs. After 11 hours of play, Vic Duncan was crowned Victorian State Champion after a dominant display at the final table.

Such was the size of the field that the main tournament area was completely full and tables needed to be set-up elsewhere in the complex. It wasn’t long until a handful of players established themselves at the head of the chip count and, surprisingly, most were still there at the business end of proceedings.

Daniel Simonetta and Rob Cvijrticanin swapped the chip lead back and forth for much of the afternoon and they were at the head of the pack when the line-up for the final table was decided, comprising:

Daniel Simonetta 850,000
Warren Halverson 565,000
Rob Cvijrticanin 560,000
Craig Becker 545,000
Glen Gunn 410,000
Keryl Ford 300,000
Drew Bailey 230,000
Vic Duncan 220,000
Brian Whittaker 195,000
Cam Downing 115,000

With the winds in his sails, Duncan quickly stamped himself as the player to watch after claiming two of the first four scalps but the key hand of the tournament came six-handed when his pocket aces sent Gunn and Whittaker to the rail.

Simonetta picked up the next two eliminations, including the final female player Drew Bailey, to take a slight chip lead into the heads-up battle with Duncan.

Neither player looked likely to take their foot off the pedal and all the chips were soon in the middle. Duncan shoved all-in pre-flop with As-10c, and Simonetta (Qc-8d) called. The board was spread 6h-10s-7s-Ac-Jh, giving Duncan two-pair and the title of the first Victorian State Champion under the new banner of the APL & 888PL.

Results: $25,000 APL/888PL Victorian State Championships

1 Vic Duncan $4000 + ME seat
2 Daniel Simonetta $2200 + ME seat
3 Warren Halverson $1300 + ME seat
4 Drew Bailey $1000 + ME seat
5 Glen Gunn $800 + ME seat
6 Brian Whittaker $700 + ME seat
7 Rob Cvijrticanin $600 + ME seat
8 Keryl Ford $500 + ME seat
9 Craig Becker $500
10 Cam Downing $400
11 Stratos Tourogiannis $400
12 Daniel Venner $300
13 Steve Evans $300
14 Peter Gretgrix $200
15 Maree Wilson $200
16 Gary Thorne $150
17 Michael Vine $150
18 Tim Brown $150
19 Patrick Jackson $125
20 Matthew Conway $125
21 Ryan McLaughlin $125
22 Wayne Jemcke $125
23 Lynne Harley $125
24 Greg White $125
25 John McNeil $100
26 Shane Charles $100
27 Mark Wallis $100
28 Reece Cordeux $100
29 Ben Dimarco $100
30 James Bartholomeusz $100
31 Mario Lanza $100
32 Bill Prokhovnik $100

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