NEWS: PMA announces Australia’s newest poker magazine

The Real Deal is Australia’s newest poker/lifestyle publication, marking the next step in the evolution of the Poker Media Australia organisation and this website

Brought to you by the team behind magazines including Bluff Australasia and PokerNews Australasia & Pacific, The Real Deal marks the next step in Australian poker publishing via the latest in digital technology and cutting edge design.

The Real Deal will offer informal yet authoritative commentary to both recreational and serious poker players through a mix of news, features, interviews and expert strategy. And utilising a unique series of brand alignments, The Real Deal will also provide sport, sports betting, racing, lifestyle and finance content.

Publisher Sean Callander said The Real Deal showed that despite a difficult period for poker publications globally, there was still a future for such products in this region.

“The game has certainly changed in the wake of ‘Black Friday’. We’ve worked tirelessly in recent months to devise a sustainable publishing model and feel we’ve ticked all the boxes with The Real Deal,” Callander said.

“In combination with our website, The Real Deal marks the next logical step in establishing a complete poker publishing platform that already comprises the latest news, renowned writers and bloggers and tournament reporting.

“And importantly, The Real Deal will support all facets of our poker industry – from our largest events and casino poker rooms to our nation’s myriad pub poker providers, which represent the real poker heartland of Australia.”

The launch edition of The Real Deal will be available in digital format free to all PokerMedia Australia subscribers by the end of November. Edition two (and future editions) will be available in print format. Watch for more information on Australia’s newest poker magazine.

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