Deaf Poker Championships – Adelaide Casino

1am: Congratulations to Stacey Reilly, 2011 Australian Deaf Poker Champion ($1960)

DPA tournament director Landon Blackhall, Adelaide Casino poker manager david Galpin and DPA president Sokong Kim with ADPC champion Stacey Reilly

The pink hair. The wolf-like stare. The abrasive manner and the cheeky snarl as she strikes at her opponents with no mercy. However, when the final card fell here at the Adelaide Casino, we got a glimpse into the sweet nature of Stacey Reilly.

Arguably the best Deaf poker player in South Australia, if not the entire country, Reilly’s passion of the game was on show for all the world to see. From the moment the cards were in the air, she was in her element. It was also clear that she was comfortable in her surrounds, as she frequents the Adelaide Casino for their weekly tournaments.

Reilly’s victory at the SKYCITY Poker Zone was long time coming, according to her. “Normally, I finish maybe 20th place here (in the casino),” she said, “But today I finally won – I’m very, very happy!” She was then quick to get on the phone to tell her daughter the good news, but not before another warm hug with her good friend and runner-up Kathleen Odgers.

Truly, this victory was something to behold. Not because it was just a Deaf poker tournament, but because for the first time in this industry, in this part of the world, we were blessed to witness the true giving nature, the strong camaraderie and the positive reinforcement and sportsmanship amongst all the competitors which stems so naturally from the Deaf community and its culture.

Lessons were learned, friendships were forged and in the end, everyone here – the players, the staff and the spectators – have equally shared in this victory. Congratulations Stacey, enjoy every moment!

This concludes our coverage of the 2011 Australian Deaf Poker Championship. On behalf of DPA’s Sokong Kim, Tony Clews and Mark Theodossiou, SKYCITY Adelaide Casino Poker Manager David Galpin and his team, our Official Tournament Interpreter Gerry Shearim and of course Poker Media Australia, it has been an honour and a privilege to have been a part of this special event and we look forward to your company in 2012 when the Australian Deaf Poker Championship makes it way to Queensland.

Until then, may the flop be with you!

12.45pm: Kathleen Odgers eliminated in second place ($1060)

In only the second hand of heads-up play, Kathleen Odgers open-shoved from the button before the flop; Stacey Reilly almost fell out of her chair as she snap-called and the crowd jostled for position as the cards were tabled:

Reilly: Ad-Ks
Odgers: Kd-5s

And just as Daniel Bachi won his 2010 ADPC title, Reilly’s ace-high hand was enough to see her claim victory as the dealer spread the board of 3h-2c-9h-4d-Jd. The Adelaide crowd erupted, with hands furiously shaking in the air from all directions and loud applause from the surrounding players on the tables as Reilly and Odgers embraced in tears of joy!

“I’m so proud – after so long, I finally did it!” Reilly signed to the appreciative crowd before accepting her trophy and posing for her winner’s photos. All the while, Odgers was hugging her friends on the rail and looking on proudly. It was clear from her expression that it didn’t matter to her that she was runner-up, nor was she worried about the $1060 she’d just won. All that mattered was that both she and Reilly did their state proud.

12.45am: Jason Ferguson-Stewart eliminated in third place ($760)

It’s been a stellar performance for Jason Ferguson-Stewart, who has posted WA’s first-ever cash and final table appearance in an Australian Deaf Poker Championship event after bowing out in third place.

With the button on Kathleen Odgers, she limped in from the button before Ferguson-Stewart announced he was all-in from the small blind. Stacey Reilly peeked down at her cards, then snap-shoved over the top, which saw Odgers perk up with a worried look on her face.

“Sorry, I thought you were first!” Odgers signed as she timidly mucked her cards. Off to the showdown with Ferguson-Stewart showing Ac-10h and Reilly Kc-6h.

Reilly stood up out of her seat and then calmly pumped her fist as the Kh appeared in the window, trailed by the 8s and 4d to complete the flop. The 10s gave Ferguson-Stewart some hope, but the Jh on the river sealed his fate. Still, a third-place finish for $760 is nothing to be sneezed at!

Still, our focus turns back to what can only be described as an epic fairytale finish to this tournament. We’re now heads-up for the 2011 ADPC title here in the SKYCITY Poker Zone and if you thought that this being the first Deaf poker event inside an Australian casino, we are now guaranteed our first female champion and the first-ever ADPC title to remain in the host state.

12.30am: Updated chip counts

As the players head off on another 10-minute “smoko”, we were able to ptovide the latest chip counts for you:

Vanessa Ogders (South Australia) 300,000
Stacey Reilly (South Australia) 280,000
Jason Ferguson-Stewart (Western Australia) 135,000

12.20am: Matthew Phillips eliminated in fourth place ($500)

The Adelaide Jokers are now laughing all the way to the bank after they’ve scored the fifth and final Victorian scalp in the form of Matthew Phillips. Once again, all the money was in the middle pre-flop; Phillips had it good with Js-Jd, but found himself in a coin flip against the Ah-Qs of Kathleen Ogders.

Sadly, the 2011 Victorian Deaf Poker Championship runner-up was vanquished after Ogders improved to two pair on the board of As-9d-3h-Qh-2h, but Phillips was still thrilled with the result, quickly heading off to the cage to cash out $500 for fourth place.

12.10am: Rino Spadea eliminated in fifth place ($450)

The South Australians are grinning from ear-to-ear as they watch their femme fatales Stacey Reilly and Kathleen Ogders carve up the Victorians, with Rino Spadea the latest of the “Big V” contingent to fall in fifth place. Verrusio found himself all-in from the big blind with pocket threes and found two callers in Odgers and WA’s Jason Ferguson-Stewart.

Both players then checked the flop and turn of 5h-Qs-Ac-5c-10d before Odgers check-called after Ferguson-Stewart led out on the river of the Td. Ferguson-Stewart rolled up Jc-10h for two pair, which was good enough to scoop against Odgers’ Jd-9d and send Verrusio packing. At least he’ll have 450 reasons to smile now!

12am: David McKenzie eliminated in sixth place ($365)

David McKenzie was the second in chips coming into this final table, but with the blinds now cutting away huge chunks of their stacks, he’s now found himself on the rail in sixth place. Down to his last 40,000 in chips, McKenzie got them in with Kd-4d, but Stacey Reilly snap-shoved over the top with Ac-10c.

Matthew Phillips called and showed down 9c-8h and paired up after the flop of 5d-Qc-8c. The 9d on the turn put him even further ahead, but Stacey was quick to point out she was holding the nuts after the dealer peeled off the Kc on the river! Phillips’ stack was slashed back to just 95,000 and McKenzie simply shrugged as he slipped his Ray-Bans back over his eyes and walked away to pick up $365 in prize money.

11.45pm: Amanda Richardson eliminated in seventh place ($280)

It was certainly a roller-coaster ride for Amanda Richardson, whose stack swung wildly in size throughout the table, but her luck has finally run out as she now heads off to collect $280 from the cage for her seventh-place finish.

After being crippled in an earlier hand, Richardson found herself all-in on the small blind with Qs-5d, but this time, it was South Australia’s Kathleen Ogders that woke up with the Ac-Kd. With neither hand improving on the board of 10s-Js-Jh-2c-8s, Richardson finally succumbed to the call of the rail, but was quick to seek out her partner Steve Quinn, who gave her a big bear hug!

11.30pm: Bacel Dennaoui eliminated in eighth place ($225)

Not long after Daniel Bachi’s elimination, 2011 Victorian Deaf Poker Champion Bacel Dennaoui moved the lost of his money into the middle before the flop, however Rino Spadea was quick to call and the cards were tabled once again: Verrusio with Kd-Jd and Dennaoui Js-2s.

The board of J-Q-6-7-6 gave both players two pair, but with Verrusio out-kicking his comrade, Deannoui was kicked out, but he was thrilled to add his $225 payday to what has been already a stellar year for him. Well played, sir!

11.15pm: Daniel Bachi eliminated in ninth place; we’re in the money!

It was a case of “oh-so-close” for defending ADPC champion David Bachi, but he’s still all smiles after bubbling the money here at this final table. Having grinded his short stack for most of the later stages of this tournament, he found himself all in with Ks-9c, but was snapped off by Stacey Reilly who tabled Ah-Js, ahead of both Bachi and Kathleen Odgers’ As-7h.

However, the dealer spread the board to give both players two pair with a king kicker and the South Australian ladies chopped the pot, much to the delight of their railbirds. And with that, New South Wales’ stranglehold on the ADPC title is no more and will now be heading to another state for the first time ever – and perhaps now even more importantly, the remaining eight players are now guaranteed a $225 payday!

11pm: Updated chip counts

Matthew Phillips Victoria 233,000
Jason Ferguson-Stewart Western Australia 140,000
Amanda Richardson Victoria 90,000
Stacey Reilly South Australia 76,000
Kathleen Ogders South Australia 70,000
Daniel Bachi New South Wales 32,000
David McKenzie Victoria 32,000
Bacel Dennaoui Victoria 30,000
Rino Spadea Victoria 28,000

10.45pm: Peter Best eliminated in 10th place; Qld to host ADPC in 2012

A unique tradition of any major Deaf poker tournament is having the players each introduce themselves to the rail in Auslan as the interpreter translates. After they did, DPA Tournament Director Landon Blackhall announced the host state for the 2012 Australian Deaf Poker Championship – and much to the delight of the Sunshine State contingent, we can announce that next year’s host state is Queensland!

And we’re sure that we’ll see Peter Best there once again, despite the fact that it’s the second time he’s been the first out at the final table in as many years! The action folded around to David McKenzie who raised to 41,000 all-in from middle position before the flop; Best called all-in for his last 13,000 and the cards were tabled – Best: Kc-9h & McKenzie Jc-10s.

Best paired up his nine on the flop of Qh-9c-5d and kept the lead when the 3h came down on the turn. However, McKenzie spiked the 8h on the river for the straight and Best was bested, graciously bowing out in 10th place – another phenomenal effort from the lone Queenslander at this final table.

10.30pm: Barrett battered, our final 10 is set!

The final table of the 2011 Australian Deaf Poker Championship has been decided after South Australia’s Wayne “Snapperman” Barrett was sent to the rail in 11th place! With the blinds creeping up on his very short stack, Barrett moved all in with Qc-6s, but found himself trailing both the Kc-10c of fellow South Aussie Kathleen Ogders and the Ad-Kd of Daniel Bachi.

The board was spread 3s-4s-3d-Ks-Kh and with Ogders and Bachi chopping the lot, Barrett was cut out and the rail is now four-deep either side as we prepare for the business end of this tournament.

And what a cast we’ve got lined up! Last year’s defending champion Daniel Bachi is the star of the show, supported by another two of the final nine from the 2010 ADPC (Stacey Reilly and Peter Best) having made the final table. Not only that, but reigning Victorian Deaf Poker Championship Bacel Dennaoui and runner-up Matthew Phillips are here, along with fellow Victorians Rino Spadea and David McKenzie.

South Australia are also represented by Kathleen Ogders, but we cannot forget Jason Ferguson-Stewart, who has become the first Western Australian player in history to ever make an ADPC final table and also the first time that all five states that were represented here in today’s tournament have at least one player at this final table. Here’s the final table seat allocation and starting chip counts:

1 David McKenzie (Victoria) 118,000
2 Stacey Reilly (South Australia) 46,000
3 Matthew Phillips (Victoria) 151,000
4 Kathleen Ogders (South Australia) 97,000
5 Daniel Bachi (New South Wales) 38,000
6 Bacel Dennaoui (Victoria) 72,000
7 Peter Best (Queensland) 13,000
8 Jason Ferguson-Stewart (Western Australia) 71,000
9 Amanda Richardson (Victoria) 61,000
10 Rino Spadea (Victoria) 44,000

9.45pm: Down to 11 in the the 2011 ADPC

We’re now just one bust-out away from the final table after a flurry of eliminations in the early part of this post-dinner stanza. South Australia’s Tim Tutty was the first to go in 15th place when he moved all-in before the flop with 8s-8c, but lost the flip for his tournament life against the Ac-Kd after she paired up on the board of 2c-9h-Ad-4c.

She was soon followed by Isaac Taylor, who found himself calling all-in from the big blind for the last of his chips with Qc-4h after Stacey Reilly open-shoved from the button, only to grimace as she rolled up Ac-Kd, which improved on the board of 5c-Ad-6s-10d-9c and sent Taylor to the rail in 14th place.

Reilly then got aggressive again, shoving from late position with a rather creative 7h-3d, but James Hale snap-called all-in with K-J. However, Reilly’s rail went ballistic after she spiked the turn on a board of 5s-10c-6c-3h-4s and a dejected Hale departed in 13th place. The Tutty family was then reunited on the rail after Tim’s younger brother Brad open-shoved with As-Qs, but ran smack-bang into Bacel Dennaoui’s Ah-Ac, which held all the way down the 10d-10h-9c-6s-Qc board.

9.15pm: Adzaip leaves with zilch

We’re now down to 15 players and on our 30-minute dinner break, however South Australia’s Dario Adzaip will not be returning to the tables after being eliminated at the hands of reigning Victorian Deaf Poker Championship winner Bacel Dennaoui.

In a massive three-way all-in situation, Adzaip pushed the last of his very short stack in with 8h-5h, but Dennaoui called all-in with Kc-Jc. However, fellow Victorian James Hale snap-called with As-Ac and the three-deep rail crammed in closer to witness the flop which was spread 4s-6d-Js.

The dealer burned, then produced the turn of the Jd, sending Dennaoui into emphatic celebration, thumping the table with both hands as he jumped for joy. His rail erupted and started fist-bumping and high-fiving when the 5d bricked out on the river. With Hale taking the sidepot, he’s now on 31,500 and Dennaoui triples up to 41,000 as Adzaip heads out the door.

Latest chip counts

David McKenzie (Vic) 84,500
Brad Tutty (SA) 74,500
Rino Spadea (Vic) 65,000
Matthew Phillips (Vic) 64,500
Wayne Barrett (SA) 58,500
Stacey Reilly (SA) 51,000
Kathleen Ogders (SA) 48,500
Peter Best (Qld) 44,000
Bacel Dennaoui (Vic) 41,000
Amanda Richardson (Vic) 40,000
James Hale (Vic) 31,500
Daniel Bachi (NSW) 30,500
Jason Ferguson-Stewart (WA) 22,500
Tim Tutty (SA) 18,000
Isaac Taylor (SA) 12,000

8.30pm: The power and the passion (and the poker)

The 2011 Australian Deaf Poker Championship has proved to be a huge hit with the players, but the staff are also having a wonderful time. As the tournament has progressed, everyone from security to surveillance and even executive managers of the Adelaide Casino are stopping by to check out the action, beaming with pride as they watch this special event unfold.

It’s also given us a rare glimpse into Deaf culture. Despite poker being an individual game, the interstate rivalry is a prominent feature in the ADPC, with players proudly wearing their state colours. The South Australians are decked out in their red-and-blue “Adelaide Jokers” shirts, while the Sydney Deaf Poker Crew are sporting black tops with custom patches.

The Victorians are also united in navy blue and white and call themselves the “Melbourne Kings”, however Queensland and Western Australia have yet to don their own strip. Come 2012, we’re sure to see the yellow-and-black of the Sandgropers and the maroon of the Cockroaches on the felt. Regardless of who wins tonight’s event, all 70 players will be here from start to finish – in fact, many of today’s competitors have been here since 10.30 this morning and have done a roaring trade at the Grandstand Bar!

We’re now down to 16 players and among the latest to have hit the rail include South Australia’s Katie Walker, who moved all in for the last of her chips with pocket eights, but ran into her opponent’s pocket aces and failed to improve.

7.45pm: Latest chip counts

With the 32 players having just come back from their 10-minute break, we’ve managed to round up some of the latest chip counts:

Stacey Reilly (SA) 58,000
David McKenzie (Vic) 53,000
Gavin Rose-Mundy (Qld) 35,000
Rino Spadea (Vic) 32,000
Matthew Phillips (Vic) 31,000
Isaac Taylor (SA) 29,000
Daniel Bachi (NSW) 28,000
Bacel Denannoui (Vic) 16,000
Nick Gooley (Vic) 16,000
Amanda Richardson (Vic) 12,000
Tim Tutty (SA) 9500
Peter Best (Qld) 9000
James Hale (Vic) 8500
John Marsicovetere (Vic) 8000
Vanessa Hale (SA) 2500

7.30pm: “Mad Wes” minced; Hayman heisted; Petraccaro given the ol’ heave-ho

The 2011 Australian Deaf Poker Championship is now down to 39 players after the recent eliminations of 2010 ADPC third-place finisher Matthew Hayman, South Australia’s Rebecca Petraccaro and WA Deaf Poker chief Wesley “Mad Wes” Boyd.

Hayman was crippled and then felted over the space of two hands; after flopping trip aces with A-10 on a A-A-2 board, he moved all-in, however his opponent snap-called with pocket deuces for a full house, which held up and left Hayman with only 1800 in chips, which he shoved into the middle in the very next hand with K-Q. Another opponent called out of the blinds with J-6 and a six on the flop was enough to send “Big Matty” back to the Presidential Suite.

A short time later on table six, Petraccaro moved all-in after a flop of 8d-7s-As with Ad-6d, but fellow Croweater Stacey Reilly double-fist-pump snap-called with Ac-Qc, sending her friend to the rail after the turn and river ran out 2c 9c.

Then in a massive three-way all-in situation nearby, Boyd found himself committed with Kd-8d, which was ahead of Lydia Hawke’s Qc-9c, but they were both trailing John Marsicovetere’s As-8c. Marsicovetere then picked up the double KO after the dealer spread the board of 3d-Ad-Js-Kh-4c.

7pm: Turner taken out amid the carnage

Matthew Hayman is now the last remaining DPA Online Qualifier after Queenslander Scott Turner was taken out by Victoria’s James Hale. As the dealer recalled to us, Turner moved all-in before the flop with pocket eights, but was crushed after Hale snap-called with pocket queens which held up all the way.

And the coolers just keep on coming – South Australia’s Michael Maggs was also sent to the rail after he was on the wrong end of the uber-cooler, tabling pocket kings but unable to improve against his opponent’s pocket aces!

Meanwhile, DPA’s “darling couple”, Matthew Kennedy and Melanie Smith, are off to enjoy an early dinner together after they were taken out on separate tables. Smith was the first to go, losing the flip for her tournament life with Ac-Kc against Stacey Reilly’s pocket fives and then Kennedy was out only moments later, running his pocket sixes into his opponent’s pocket jacks.

6.10pm: “Snapperman” snaps ’em up!

In one of the last hands before the break, Adelaide’s Wayne “Snapperman” Barrett has scored a double KO to take the overall chip lead. All the money was in the middle on a board of 9c-Kd-Ah-Qc-Kh; Sydney’s Brad Trudgett was in for the last of it holding Q-4, but was trailing another opponent who was also all-in with his Qh-8d. However, Barrett had them both covered, pumping his fist as he snap-called with As-Kd! And with that double KO, Barrett now tops the counts with 45,000.

Sadly though, the same can’t be said for fellow Croweater Ewen Maggs, who was giving a rousing send-off by his tablemates. Maggs moved all-in with pocket nines, but was outdrawn on the board of 2d-4c-6c-10h-4h by Bacel Dennaoui’s Qc-10c.

4.50pm: Shepherd collected, Davidson’s done

It’s been a case of friendly fire in the two most recent eliminations here in the Australian Deaf Poker Championship, with Sydney’s Michael Shepherd and Melbourne’s Tania Davidson both having exited the Poker Zone, leaving us with just 60 players. Earlier, Shepherd got the last of his money into the middle after a flop of 6c-Ad-2d, having hit two pair with his As-2s, but defending ADPC champion Daniel Bachi called, but slow-rolled his Ah-Ac!

The turn and river of 3c, 7d kept Bachi ahead all the way and Shepherd was put out to pasture. He was soon joined by Davidson, who got her last 5600 in on a flop of 10h-Jh-10c after flopping trips with her 10d-8c, but reigning Victorian Deaf Poker champion Bacel Deannoui called her down with Jd-10s for the nut boat!

We’ve also just spoken to Sydney’s Kevin Smith, who was unable to score that Hollywood finish this year after moving all in for the last of his chips with 7-6, only to see his opponent make a straight by the hand’s end. He was soon joined by fellow New South Welshman Joshua Levitzke-Gray, who lost the flip for his tournament life with pocket queens after his opponent improved to two pair with his A-K.

The Adelaide Casino staff have just confirmed that the official number of entries in this year’s ADPC is 70, generating a total prize pool of $5600 – a stunning result! The top eight players will be paid, as follows:

1 $1960
2 $1060
3 $760
4 $500
5 $450
6 $365
7 $280
8 $225

4.10pm: All quiet on the Southern front

The remaining 65 players aren’t that keen to get their chips in the middle, but we did manage to catch Rebecca Petraccaro’s double-up against DPA Online Qualifier Scott Turner.

All the money was in the middle on a flop of 5d-2h-Ks; Turner had the goods with the magical As-Ad, but incredibly, Petraccaro had flopped two pair with her Kh-2c, which improved to a full house with a repeat 2d! Needing an ace to send her to the rail, the 8d bricked out on the river and Petraccaro’s run in this event continues.

Selected chip counts

Matthew Phillips (Vic) 23,500
David McKenzie (Vic) 23,500
Stacey Reilly (SA) 21,000
Daniel Bachi (NSW) 20,500
Peter Best (Qld) 15,000
Melanie Smith (NSW) 13,000
Scott Turner (Qld) 12,500
Tony Clews (NSW) 11,500
James Hale (Vic) 10,500
Matthew Hayman (NSW) 9500
Timothy Morgan (SA) 9500
Gavin Rose-Mundy (Qld) 9500
Wesley Boyd (WA) 9000
Amanda Richardson (Vic) 6500
Tim Tutty (SA) 4000
Carlos Navarro (NSW) 2500

3.40pm: Adios to El Presidente

With the players now on their first break, we’ve had five eliminations, including the 2010 ADPC runner-up and DPA President, Sokong Kim. He was all-in before the flop with Js-Jd, and found himself flipping for his tournament life against Isaac Taylor’s Ks-Qc. However, a king on the flop on a board of Kh-4h-7d-Ts-3h was enough to send Kim to the rail.

Victoria’s Clint Fuller has also been busted, getting his money in with Kd-10d on the turn with the board of 10-8d-9h-4c-9s, but David McKenzie had rivered a full house to end Fuller’s tournament life. Fellow Victorian Steve Quinn was also taken out by South Australia’s Wayne “Snapperman” Barrett, turning a full house with his pocket fours against Quinn’s pocket kings on the 6-4-Q-6-J board.

However, Queenslander Peter Best is still on song for a second consecutive ADPC final table appearance after taking out Luke Trudgett. With the money all-in on a flop of 10-10-9, Trudgett had flopped trips with his 10-5, but Best was best with his nut boat holding 10-9. The turn and river bricked out and that, as they say, was that.

3.15pm: Natalie Boyd outkicked, and outta here

In our experience, Deaf poker players tend to be relatively tight, and considering the significance of this event, the feeling among the competitors and spectators in the Poker Zone is tense. However, the dealers and floor staff are thoroughly enjoying the experience, and after having had a “crash course” in some basic Auslan, they are adjusting to it very quickly.

We’ve also had a couple of no-shows, but DPA Satellite Qualifier Giovanni (John) Marsicovetere isn’t one of them, although we were advised by his friends that he was a 50-50 chance of making it. Our Official Tournament Reporter Gerry Shearim managed to spot him at his table and with that, the unofficial count is 69 players.

Sorry, make that 68 as we’ve just had our first elimination! Western Australia’s Natalie Boyd got the last of her money into the middle on a flop of A-A-6 holding A-3, however she found herself outkicked by Queensland’s Gavin Rose-Mundy, who called with A-K.

The 10 on the turn or the queen on the river changed the outcome and Boyd is our 2011 Australian Deaf Poker Championship “wooden spooner”! However, she’ll still be around to support her husband “Mad Wes”, who’s still alive on table two.

3pm: The who’s who of Deaf Poker Australia

The Australian Deaf Poker Championship trophy awaits today’s champion

The players have been seated, the formalities are out of the way and the cards are now in the air for the 2011 Australian Deaf Poker Championship (ADPC)! We’ve taken our customary trek around the tables here in the SKYCITY Poker Zone, we’ve come across plenty of prominent Deaf poker players. They may not be household names (yet), but these will be just some of the names to keep an eye out for throughout the day.

Sydney’s Daniel Bachi, who was victorious in the 2010 edition of the ADPC in Melbourne (and is wearing his championship bracelet to prove it), has taken his seat today and is eager to defend his title. Bachi had the honour of signing the four most famous words in poker – “shuffle up and deal” – along with 2010 ADPC runner-up and DPA President Sokong Kim.

Third-place finisher Matthew “Big Matty” Hayman, who qualified for this year’s event online, is also here, as well as fellow New South Welshmen Michael Shepherd, Tony Clews, Carlos Navarro, the Trudgett brothers (Luke and Bradley), Matthew “Little Matt” Kennedy and Melanie Smith.

The South Australians are out in force, led by Tanya Morgan (fifth in last year’s event) and the fiercely competitive Stacey Reilly (seventh), who is sporting a striking pink hairdo (not unlike a certain Frenchman who ran deep in the WSOP Main Event), but other big names like Tim Tutty, Timothy Morgan, Vanessa Hale, Rebecca Petracarro and Wayne “Snapperman” Barrett are as equally determined to keep the title on home soil.

James Hale (who final tabled the inaugural ADPC in Sydney in 2009), Steve Quinn, Nick Gooley, Benita Cooper and reigning Victorian Deaf Poker champion Bacel Dennaoui and runner-up Matthew Phillips are amongst those who are flying the flag for the “Big V”. Queensland’s Peter Best, who finished in ninth, is also here, along with Gavin Rose-Mundy, who has been a key player the launch of the Deaf Home Poker Tournament network in the Sunshine State, and Scott Turner, our other DPA Online Qualifier.

We also can’t forget Western Australia’s “Mad Wes” Boyd, who has been working equally as hard with his fellow Sandgropers to develop poker in Perth. A win for either one of these “little big states” would be sure to raise the profile of poker amongst their respective Deaf communities! Each player will be starting with 10,000 in chips and playing 20-minute blinds, starting at 25/50.

1.30pm: A message from DPA Founder & President, Sokong Kim

“If last night’s Welcome Night buzz is any indication, we are in for an exciting edition of the Australian Deaf Poker Championship and it is an honour to host this tournament in the historical Adelaide Casino.

I would like to thank all the Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HOH) and Hearing Impaired (HI) players from all around the country for coming to compete. This makes it a truly Australian event with nearly every state represented. While we may end up with only one champion at the end of the day, the Deaf community are all winners this weekend, as we continue to forge new friendships and keep our interstate rivalries alive on the felt.

For me personally, 12 months of hard work with the DPA crew – Tony “007” Clews, Mark Theodossiou and Landon Blackhall – as well as David Galpin and his wonderful team at the Adelaide Casino – has paid off big time! It was great to see it all materialise and I am certain that the Deaf community will be truly appreciative of our efforts.

However, I will be temporarily “stepping down” as President from 2.15pm to take my seat as just another player and will do my best to go one better than my runner-up finish last year in Melbourne. Maybe, just maybe, I will bring the trophy home! I’d like to thank everyone for all their support and wish them the best of luck today. Let’s shuffle up and deal!”

Noon: Welcome to the 2011 Australian Deaf Poker Championship

On behalf of Deaf Poker Australia (DPA) Founder & President Sokong Kim, Treasurer Mark Theodossiou, Deaf Community Liaison Tony Clews and Tournament Director Landon Blackhall, Poker Media Australia would like to welcome you to the Adelaide Casino as we get set for the start of the 2011 Australian Deaf Poker Championship!

From all around the Land Down Under, many of the Australian Deaf community’s best and brightest poker players have made their way to the the City of Churches for this historic event – the first ADPC (and indeed, the first ever deaf poker event) to be held inside an Australian casino.

Last night’s festivities at the SA Deaf Club gave the locals and the interstate visitors a chance to let their hair down. Naturally, Deaf Sports & Recreation South Australia (DSRSA) were on hand to provide the refreshments as well as an opportunity for the players to get in some last-minute practice before today’s “big dance”.

The buzz around this event has been at fever pitch since it was announced that Adelaide Casino would be hosting the tournament more than 12 months ago and it’s also been the talk of the town in the last couple of weeks, with mainstream media coverage both in the Sunday Mail and the AdelaideNow website.

With an expected field of at least 80 players, we’re pleased to report that 48 have already registered in advance as of last night and with the buy-in for this event at $100, it’s shattered all previous DPA prize pool records before we’ve even begun! Play is set to get underway at 2.15pm local time (2.45pm AEDT) and PMA will be providing live updates throughout the day. Stay tuned!

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