Aussie Hold’em Poker Spring Championships – $100+$10 No Limit Hold’em MAIN EVENT ($5000 Guarantee) day 1

Bag ’em and tag ’em – that’s it for the night (12am)

After a marathon day of poker at Club Macquarie, 11 very tired players are heading home for a well-deserved rest after day 1 of the Aussie Hold’em Spring Poker Championships. The overnight chip counts were:

Tony Reay 219,000
Matt Young 198,000
Danny Young 173,000
Sid Janik 168,000
Ryan Morris 140,000
Linda Wooster 102,000
David Haas 91,000
Shane Pearce 90,000
Trevor Speering 69,000
Delma Hope 51,000
Jason Corbett 22,000

No room for slow playing in this frenzy (11.15pm)

Matt Young joins the chip leaders as he punishes a player for trying to slow play AQ against his pocket tens by checking an Ace-high flop which allowed Matt to find another ten on the turn for free!

Bang, gone (11:10pm)

Two players exit in quick succession – down to 14 players.

Bring on the carnage until Midnight! (11.05pm)

There are 16 players left so we’ve reached the final two tables. The players have asked to continue until midnight so the cards are in the air with the blinds on 1500/3000. Sid Janik, Ryan Morris and Linda Wooster (pictured) have increased their stacks and are shaping up to be the ones to beat.

Main Event down to 3 tables at dinner break (8:25pm)

Players are now on their dinner break with 23 players left. Some of the big movers are Ryan Morris (winner of 2009 Newcastle Poker Championships ‘Player of the Series’) who has a little over 150,000 in chips and Linda Wooster (yes, Marty’s wife) who is slowly shedding her form of torture on players and building her stack gradually to over 100,000.

The chip leader is Sid Janik (pictured above) on 157,000 who took out Ken Curry (winner of the 2010 Newcastle Poker Championships Main Event) just before the break.

With the blinds at 700/1400, Ken raised to 3200 with pocket 5’s and Sid flat-called. The flop was 664 so Ken, not seeing any harm and not believing Sid would make the call with a 6, moved all-in. Sid threw over pocket jacks to send Ken home early.

With the Main Event having the potential to finish in one day, organiser Marty Wooster is looking on the bright side – the $550 High Roller Event is scheduled to start tomorrow (Sunday 9 October at 2:00pm) and many of the Main Event players wanted to play but were worried about having to make a decision if they were still in on day 2 – maybe an easy decision to make now!

Perhaps organisers have changed Main Event to a Speed Poker Event (8:05pm)

The Main Event of the Spring Poker Championships is a few minutes away from the dinner break but is already down to 24 players on 3 tables! If play continues at this rate we may crown a winner on day 1!

Cautious start to the Main Event (4.28pm)

A total of 66 players have registered to play the Main Event. With only a few minutes left for late registration, the prize pool stands at $6,600. 4 players have already hit the rail but the majority of players are being cautious with 4x raises enough to take down pots pre-flop.

Newcastle Spring Poker Championships $110 MAIN EVENT is underway (3pm)

The cards are in the air as the Main Event kicks off with 64 runners (some pictured above) and late registration open for another 90 minutes. Many of the final table players from events 1 – 3 are here looking to increase their prize money including Tameeka Jones who is hoping to get a better run of cards than she did towards the end of Event 3.

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