WESTERN CLASSIC: Des Anges eyes second Main Event crown

Day 1B of the Western Classic Main Event brought together Perth’s poker elite including the Lackovic brothers, Western Classic preliminary event winners John Aufdemkampe and John Delvecchio, Nino Marotta, Vesko Zmukic, Ryan Bochorsky, Bernard Beh and many others.

The 2010 Sapphire Series champ Ryan Bochorsky was the first player eliminated with Nino Marotta following soon after when his pocket 10s ran into pocket aces.

John Aufdemkampe kept his run of good cards going, playing a huge hand early on against Ben Williams. On a board of Qc 7d 4d 9c Williams and Aufdemkampe committed all of their chips. Williams showed Qd 9d but failed to fill up and bowed to Aufdemkampe’s set of 7s.

With the likes of Roger Ambrosino, Han Luu, John Delvecchio, Nik Lackovic and Pedrag Jovanovic on the rail, 2009 Western Classic Champ Vesko Zmukic gathered an impressive stack of 73,000 to take the chip lead although he finished marginally behind 2008 Western Classic champ Marc Des Anges (pictured). He showed fine form over the seven levels, accumulating chips at a rapid pace and catching some lucky cards at the right time.

Only 35 players made it through to Day 2 of the Main Event with Des Anges the overall chip leader on 88,000. It’s sure to be another action packed day in the Burswood Poker Room, with only 50 players left in the race to be crowned Western Classic Main Event champ.

$2500 Western Classic No Limit Hold’em Main Event start of day 2 chip count

Marc Des Anges 88,450
Nadeem Jahshan 83,850
Vesko Zmukic 73,350
Bernard Beh 67,175
Tom Salvarinov 66,300
Sebastian Pagana 65,225
Mat Carlsson 63,200
Dylan Honeyman 60,675
Luke Sharpe 60,400
Peter Parsons 57,825
David Lim 57,600
Teddy Nguyen 57,200
John Corr 56,750
Craig Cockburn 56,550
Robert Burns 53,675
Paul Sharbanee 53,425
Lee Hogg 43,750
Anthony Marenko 42,175
Guy Perkins 41,850
David Joseph 41,500
Alvin Cheam 40,625
Mile Krstanoski 40,425
Lorinda Johnson 39,725
Scott Howard 39,650
Maciey Rynkiewics 37,450
Steve Mathews 33,825
Joe Desantis 31,000
Luciano Monte 29,900
Con Kamaras 28,750
Stuart Ballard 28,625
Chris Mounteney 26,975
Arthur Phillips 26,925
Rodney Bohan 24,700
Steve Ilott 24,650
Ben Breadsell 23,150
Stevan Lackovic 22,600
John Aufdemkampe 22,550
Piero Mule 20,725
Laurie Gibson 20,200
Aleks Lackovic 18,525
Greg Kahl 17,800
Andrew Sparkes 17,700
Richard Larkin 17,200
Ben Warner 16,925
Hazel Kudlak 16,875
Frank Kapovic 16,650
Andrej Senic 15,900
Kevin Johnson 13,250
Tony Tartaglia 9350
Terry Langridge 8275

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